Samsung Vibrant Live On

Update: For those of you picking up the Vibrant today, we want to see pictures of your new baby, make it a funny shot and perhaps it’ll get posted to the blog!!! Send pictures to
The wait is over! Arguably one of the most powerful and fastest Android handsets to date, the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant is now available for sale on Boasting a stunning 4 inch Super AMOLED display powered by a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, the Vibrant comes preloaded with T-Mobile Sims 3 Collector’s Edition from EA, James Cameron’s Avatar, Access to GOGO Inflight & Slacker Radio, and compatibility with Amazon’s Kindle for Android and MobiTV. Just as we anticipated, the Samsung Vibrant will run you $199.99 with a 2-year agreement, and $499.99 sans contract.

For those of you still undecided, be sure to check out our Samsung Vibrant Meta-Review which will hopefully make your decision a bit easier. So how many of you are actually getting one/have already ordered one?Anyone planning on camping outside a T-Mobile store? Let us know in the comments!

T-Mobile – Get yours now, if you want that is!

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  • whodat


  • booyaka

    so if you speak to customer loyalty , you’re likely to get the full discounted price? how do you ask to get transferred to them?

    • Jasder

      When asked by the computer tell it u want to cancel ur contract, u get transferred to the Loyalty dept. right away.

  • Versedout

    That’s crazy that my account is showing a price of $499 when I’m out of contract with T-Mobile but yet I can get the phone at Wirefly for $149.99 plus $25.00 cashback from Bing. Magenta, are you serious?

    • Tim

      Just give them a call. I just ordered mine over the phone with the full discount even though I still had to wait another month or two to be out of my contract.

    • Vinchenzo

      Are you on an Even More Plus Plan? Have you upgraded and then returned the phone to revert your contract back to its previous status since you were eligible? If you have answered yes to any of these questions than you are still eligible but you have to call customer care or go to a corporate store.

      • Versedout

        Thanks Vinchenzo,

        I realized I’m on the myFaves 600 plan. I’m not sure what’s the next thing I would do, most likely call Cust Care and see if they can upgrade me.

    • rob

      You know what you’re the same person that will buy from somewhere else who will over promise and under deliver then run into an actual store kicking and screaming if and when something goes wrong. You probably don’t want to have to pay for $30 data feature either will complain all day long that its unfair and you shouldn’t have to. You know what, don’t buy an airplane if you don’t plane on flying it.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Spot on Rob.

        Sidenote: I know you did not intend it, but “…if you don’e PLANE on flying it” is kind of a cool play on words.

        “Plane on flying it…” as a private pilot I will have to remember that one. I gotta use it somewhere.

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Well,I just picked mine up this morning, and I’ve total say this phone is no joke! Ill give you guys a small review once I play with it a little more.

  • 007

    Whoa! I just called customer loyality back and told them about costco’s 99$ deal and the representative said I also get a 50$ mail in rebate in the box…

    So the vibrant is mine for 70$!!

  • Steven

    Anybody seen any cases for the Vibrant? I picked up my Vibrant this morning and they had no shells or cases. I have not even seen any online anywhere. I am worried that the silver around the phone will scratch.

    • JustMike

      EBay has a few.. search for Galaxy S cases if you don’t see anything for Vibrant. Since the T-Mobile flavor kept the original body from the European Galaxy S, any of those cases/shells/skins should work for the Vibrant.

      • Shannon

        I’m waiting for the epik case. I have one for my myTouch and it’s great. You can find them on eBay (not yet for the Vibrant though) or here…

    • Brad

      This phone is tough – I think I’m skipping the case this time.

  • i so fly

    people beg for super phones ten want it for free lol

    • Flgirll_99

      LOL! true

    • Steve

      No concept of the fact that TMobile is a business and needs profit to stick around. It’s hard to grasp, I know.

  • Maddy

    007 – Did you purchase the phone for $199 and then call CSR? I am debating what to do. I plan on going to the store shortly.

    • 007

      I called tmo and said I was canceling my service. At first the rep offered me the phone for 165$. I then told him I could get it on wirefly or at radio shack for 149$.

      His lowest offer was for 117$

      After I ordered it I called back after hearing about the costco pricing at 99$ with the rebate. He said he would credit me after 14 days to make sure I kept the phone but after he realized I already had that pricing with the new contract fee. He said he will not have to do the pricing exception because a 50$ rebate will come with the phone. I confirmed with him 3 times that I will get the vibrant for 70$ with the rebate. I also had him note it in my account in case of any pushback.

      Or you can just walk into costco and make it easy on yourself

      I would have gladly paid 200$ for this sweet device if I had too but its my duty as a consumer to find the best deal possible lol!! Its a good day:)

      • Bimmerz

        You got very lucky, CS loyalty wouldn’t budge on a good deal for me. Offered it to me for $199.00, and no $50.00 rebate – said that price is including the rebate. *rolls eyes*

        Guess I’ll be waiting until the holiday phones come out. :)

    • J.C.


      With out the $50 rebate it is $250.00; it’s on the T-MO website. I ordered mine this morning through Customer Loyalty and received the same deal: $199.00 with the rebate processed through them (no need to fill out that stinking rebate form). I’m sure I could have received a better price but I was still under contract and I’m grateful that T-MO reset my contract to qualify.

      • Bimmerz

        J.C. – Been out of contract for over a year, and with T-Mo for about 7-8 years. I was hoping to pick this up as a backup phone, as I really want what’s rumored to come out in Nov. But would have used this phone until then, as my current phone is on its last leg. lol

        May do the deal through Costco for $99.00, as that is more reasonable for a backup phone, than $199.00 is. So we’ll see – if all else fails, and my current phone dies, I could always go back to using my old RAZR phone (*cringe*) to hold me over for a few months. :)

  • boast

    so can anyone confirm the $439 price point from the Tmobile store that was quoted yesterday?

  • richard

    $499 is too much, sure is slight cheaper than galaxy s unlock version, but usually carrier phone is more lag than unlock one, due to junk their installed like the hd2. i would just wait for price to drop in crainglist around 300.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Richard… as I have said elsewhere in here and all over the Net, the $500 “suggested retail” is a price point to motivate people to extend contracts or if a new customer to sign up to a two year deal.

      It’s NOT set at that price because T-Mobile expects anyone to pay it (except us on the Even More Plus plan. But for us the $500 is OK because we can pay for it over 20 months, making the payments $25 monthly in my case).

      Also, with a high suggested retail the customer goes away super happy feeling he/she got a great deal.

      T-Mobile’s pricing gimmicks are no different than what all retailers do. (E.g. it’s $199.99, not $200; it’s $499.99, not $500.)

      So I don’t see anything wrong with what T-Mobile has done, albeit I would have liked the phone to be priced at $399.99 or $449.99.

  • http://none Swoosh

    100 Samsung Vibrant! Too bad I couldn’t get it to work. Here it is guys!

  • kooni

    Just ordered 3 Vibrants for $342.72 for all three (through customer loyalty). I guess it pays to be with magenta for 8 years!

    • Maddy

      Did you have to get a contract or is this without one?

      • kooni

        with contract

  • Flgirll_99

    Mine says $164.99 (not including tax, etc.) like some other people have mentioned before. I’m undecided on it after trying it in the store though…It’s nice but I’m not sure if I should wait for something better around the holidays. What to do, what to do?

    • swehes

      Get it. Then in the holidays sell it on ebay. Buy new phone for full price minus what you got for the Vibrant on Ebay. :) You may have to dish out another $100 dollars for the new phone.

      • Flgirll_99

        Hmm…good idea. I just might do that. Plus, I feel like I got lucky based with the pricing after reading some of these posts! $499? Yikes!!

  • Yu

    looks like they removed the docking station from samsung website….replaced with pictures instead on the flash ad

  • Tipsofme

    Tmo had a streamline update come out over a month ago stating we will NOT be matching online or CS pricing in store for ANY reason. Two totaly different sides of the company. Btw you pay more in store because you get it that day AND any phone you guys order online MUST be exchanged or returned by mail. It’s worth the extra cash than to deal with mailing in your phone if there is some thing wrong with in the 14 days. And to all N1 users. It may not have a flash or that pretty white head at the bottom of the phone but you can at least in store warranty exchanges on the vibrant and anything else you need! Got a warranty issue with your N1? Have fun shipping it back to google and waiting… Lame. The end!

    • MxPxFan

      Your logic is dumb seeing how its $125 more at the store. I’ll gladly mail my phone back if it breaks and save $125.

  • NiiDiddy

    Got my Vibrant!!!! Love it. I was also able to do the bogo and selected the Slide as my free phone…might sell Slide on ebay.

  • quikzilver

    Wow T-mobile is getting raped. No wonder we can’t get superphones, nobody wants to pay for them.

    • Steve

      No doubt. I can understand getting a good deal, but telling everyone on the message board to ask for loyalty to strip the company of any profit is dumb. People ask why TMo remains in 4th…one major factor is cheap customers. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t get a good deal, but I am saying that threatening to cancel (when you really don’t intend to) is dishonest and hurts the company you “love” so much.

      • dee

        thats true also but look at the smartphones t-mobile releases and than look at there comparators, your paying 200 dollars for a phone with lesser specs than the completion thats mainly why i believe people call customer loyalty(service).

      • dee

        opps *competition

  • booyaka

    so everyone that is ordering the phone over CS, did you guys have to pay the full amount up front or were you able to just add the price of the phone to your phone bill?

    • kooni

      the way it worked over CS was full price with the difference made up as a credit. Apparently they post at the same time so its essentially the reduced price. The CS rep told me it would show up on my regular phone bill.

      • Maddy

        I thought you said you signed a contract so I’m confused with your comment about “full price”. Are you referring about the $199?

      • booyaka

        so lets say your phone was $200 . that’s getting added to your bill? or did you have to pay with a credit card up front?

        where i’m getting at is if you had to pay anything towards the phone when you made the purchase

      • kooni

        The CS rep informed me that they usually have “forms” that allow them to apply a lower price directly, but since the Vibrant is so new they dont have one yet and they have to apply their discounts as a credit. So the credit was applied for the $50 mail in rebate, no activation fee, and another $100 discount for a total of $99.99 per phone not including tax. I did not provide a credit card number to purchase the phones the rep told me it would show up on my next bill.

  • ObsceneJesster

    Radio Shack would not let me purchase the phone for the retail price. They told me you have to do a upgrade or a new activation. Needless to say, I walked out of Radio Shack and went to the T-Mobile store where they had 50 of them in stock. They let me purchase the phone for the retail price of $499.

    I haven’t put this phone down since I got it. This thing is lightning fast and I have not experienced any lag whatsoever.

  • Macknifetx

    Just called my local Tmo Store and was told they 40 in stock, but would not let me reserve one. Might just have to go and get it at lunch instead of waiting until after work. That way I can start charging it while I am working ans then play with it this evening.

  • YR11

    So loyal customers can get the phone for $100 through the loyalty department?

  • papawu

    Can anyone verify that the vibrant has video output via the 3.5mm jack?? The option should be in the Sounds and Display settings.

    • ObsceneJesster

      Yes, the option is there for either video out the 3.5mm or DLNA.

      • Scott

        I just picked up this amazing phone and when I verified it had a TV Out option under Settings _ Sound and Display _ TV out and a check box to enable it and choose between PAL and NTSC. This is in addition to the “All Share” (DLNA) for hooking up to other DLNA devices.

        My next stop was Radio Shack to pickup the 3.5mm out to TV cable. Before I left the store I wanted to try it first so they let me take it out of the package and hook it up to one of their tv displays.

        Unfortunately… it did NOT work. So not sure if there is a brand specific cable or what but the one I used was 3.5mm out to video + Audio L&R. If anyone else finds a cable that works please let me know where.

      • J-Hop2o6

        were u on the right AUX channel?

      • Scott

        Yes so hoping it was the brand or type of cable that it didn’t have to correct recess. I got back to my office to look it up and found this one…

        If anyone finds one that works let me know. I’m leaving to drive cross country tomorrow so don’t have time to order and get it in time.

      • underdog378

        Many people have stated that the colors on the plugs are switched around. Try plugging in the red plug to video and yellow and white for audio.

  • John G.

    Success Story: I called loyalty on June 19th to get in on the fathers day promo and upgrade both my lines. I was trying to order an HD2 and a MTS. Since I had an old Suncom plan they had issues finishing my order. My rate plan was scheduled to change on July 2nd so they couldn’t order the phones until my plan changed. The phones were never sent to me so I called back last week to see what was up. They apologized for the confusion and asked me if I wanted to wait for the SGS launch and of course I said hell yeah. So after about 4 calls to customer loyalty, a couple of glitches, and the MTS being out of stock, I finally have placed my order. I got a SGS and a MTS(4 wifey) for FREE. No shipping, upgrade fees, or any other costs incurred. UPS will deliver them on Monday. BTW, I went from a razr back to a Moto V190 flip which my friends call “SAVAGE”. Long overdue right? No more “SAVAGE” phones for me.

    • Cybersedan

      Very nice story… it’s this kind of stuff that keeps T-Mobile heads and shoulders above the competition when it comes to going all out for the customer.

    • NiiDiddy

      Good for you.

  • Mikac

    Why’s the retail so high at $499? Anyone know if T-Mobile would decrease the retail price down the line?

  • Matt Smith

    Walmart ( has it for $99.99 now:

    Samsung Vibrant
    Product Price $399.99
    $250 LetsTalk instant discount -$250.00
    Free Car Charger $8.99 FREE
    Free Overnight Shipping
    Shipping FREE
    Price Today:: only $149.99
    $50 LetsTalk mail-in rebate -$50.00
    Your Price: only $99.99

    • NiiDiddy


      • Matt Smith

        No, just new lines :-(

        Wirefly is now up to $50 Bing Cash Back though. Free ship, no tax. $150-$50=$99 there for Upgrades

      • NiiDiddy

        @Matt – it’s all good though. Sweet deal.

  • Deana

    Love this phone. It’s amazing

  • Manny

    Nice to gear about the costco deal. I was about to pick one up for my wife at the store. I thought the $99.00 after bill credit that customer loyalty offered me was good. Well have to investigate this.

  • bubbles

    I have to get used to the vibrant coming from my Nokia n900. I really like it. Samsung did a great job. Next up rooting time lol

  • Phaelenx

    The only thing is if you pull out the 2GB card Avatar will not be found…

    • J-Hop2o6

      so save it to your computer and put in on the SD card u want it to be on.

  • souggie

    got mine this morning, downloaded 2 movies to it, excellent fone, i think the $500 is worth it, for what it is…its impressive and definitely a competitor, and its ultra fast…

  • monkeyboy

    Anyone successfully get the $35 activation taken off their account?

  • Reder

    I got mine this morning, but I can’t download anything from the market, I keep getting “Download Unsuccessful”

    Might have to go back to the store on lunch.

  • ScooterG

    I just tried to order through CS and was told they didn’t have any. I was then instructed to go through the website to order (at a higher price)… :/

  • Nmansell

    I got mine! I was only @ 14 months fulfilled contract and they gave me a full upgrade @ the store! It’s really an awesome screen I know you keep hearing it but it is!

  • Erivera989

    Just went to buy the phone, at full price. They told me I have to upgrade my “unlimited everything you can imagine plan” by another $10 just for Android service. I called customer service, they told me that I have to upgrade to the smartphone plan. I told them I had everything working with my HD2 that I had for two weeks, with the same plan. Then the service person changed it and said for the Android Market internet. What’s the deal? I have been with the company since Powertel, then Voicestream, and now T-Mobile. Pay full price and pay more for my plan. No wonder T-mobile is going down hill. Might have to switch providers.

    • jeff

      ask to speak with the loyalty department. i didn’t beleive it until i did it. make s huge difference. if they can’t change your plan then im sure they can give you a much better deal on the full price of the phone. they reward their loyal customers they just don’t advertise it. i know that now. i have been with them since 1999.

  • Bimmerz

    Ok, what am I mossing here – I am seeing some of you say, that you were able to get this phone for $99.00 (Costco) + will get the $50.00 main in rebate (in the box) and will get the phone for = $70.00…

    But isn’t $99 – $50 = $49.00? What is the extra 21$ fee equaling $70.00? What am I missing here? lol

    If I can get this phone for $49 (or even $70), I’ll consider getting it for now, to hold me over until the holidays, when the new line of phones is launched. And keep this one as a backup phone. :)

    • http://tmonews karl

      i think you are combining blogs. i also read one got it for $70, but also said that he got it at “cost” which i think he said was $117 + MIR , actual price $67 or $70ish. but yeah i agree i’ve been reading all kinds of customer loyality pricing. makes me want one even more at those prices!! even though im still wavering on waiting for tmo-clause this NOV/DEC.!!

      • Bimmerz

        lol Karl – I just caught that, I went back to re-read that guys post, he got it for $119 with CS, and with the T-Mo $50 rebate, will be $69/$70.00. I think I need more coffee! :)

        On a side note; yep – still eager to see what TmoSanta brings! But I am using such an old phone now, that I am not sure it will last until the holidays. So I might consider getting this for now, then use as a backup phone – if I get something better at the holidays.

        Go T-Mo!!! :)

  • Flgirll_99

    So the people that have it already, what do you think?! Love or Like?

    • laphoneuser

      Only been using it for a little while, but so far, it’s fantastic.

    • NiiDiddy

      LOVE IT…So far so good! And for those wondering about the video out – oooh yea, baby!!!!

      • Scott

        what cable are you using or do you have a DLNA enabled TV?

      • NiiDiddy

        i don’t think i have a dlna enabled tv. i have to look to be sure…else that’ll make my life a whole lot more easier. i do have a 3.5mm audio/video adapter that hooks into a component cable for the tv. that’s how i tried it. you have to enable the feature under the settings of the phone though to make it work.

    • Mike

      I upgraded from a G1 to the Vibrant. All I can say is WOW. From the second you see the screen come on all you can say is “WOW that’s amazing!” It’s amazingly zippy, but what isn’t compaired to the G1. Haven’t had the chance to play with it much but loving what I’m seeing so far.

  • OpenSesame

    Just picked up my Vibrant at the local TMO store. As an Android (and smartphone) newbie, can you recommend websites that will get me up to speed on the system/UI/Apps? Any recommended apps? I’ve heard that there are many apps that have annoyances like ads. I know I’d like to try out Mint for personal finance. Any good golf apps out there?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well I paid $500 last night on my Even More Plus plan. That’s the number that came up when I went to My T-Mobile, so that’s what I paid.

    Some people are calling cancellations (loyalty) and getting a lower price, but I don’t feel like faking like I am going to cancel or begging to save $50 to $100.

    Another reason I paid that price: I am taking advantage of the EIP (“equipment installment plan”) that EM+ customers can use. My monthly payments are $25 for 20 months. That’s not bad. Besides, I will possibly be selling the phone in November, so this all does not matter.

  • Arun

    I called up Tmo customer care for a BOGO and i wanted Vibrant and Slide but they said Vibrant is not in BOGO and you have to get 2 of the same phone for BOGO.
    my contract ends next month and i am eligible for a full upgrade.
    i told them i heard this news on tmonews but they say they dont see on their screen for Vibrant as part of BOGO.

    can anyone confirm this?

  • John

    Love the phone. Tmobile needed something like this in their lineup. Typing on it now to send this message.

    Does anyone with the phone know how to set up RSS feeds with it? Like maybe in the “daily briefing” section. I use to like reading news on the motorola cliq easily with a nice RSS news widget. thanks in advance.

  • Allen

    I went to the TMo store today and was told with my contract, I could get it for $360 (approx). I won’t be able to get the full upgrade price until December. I passed for now and will use an unlocked iPhone that my wife got for free from her brother.

    Even though I really wanted this phone, I’m hoping the rumored fall/winter phones will make my decision a good one.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good call Allen. Sometimes the best buying decision is to say NO.

      The full upgrade price results in a $300 savings. That’s substantial.

      Although T-Mobile, as well as all carriers, set its “suggested retail” prices artificially high so to motivate people to select the two year upgrade pricing, the $500 is what it is. I was stuck paying it because I am on EM+.

  • Jeff

    Does the quality of the youtube player change, based on signal quality? So far, I am unimpressed with the video quality when checking out youtube videos. It looks comparable to what was on my G1. Could it be that it adjusts to my signal strength or wifi, etc? Otherwise, I am loving this beast!

  • daffy

    ended up getting mine for even less than i thought.. 250 with the mailin rebate. pumped!

  • Web

    Just used one over at the T-Mobile store. A bit bigger but hey it is a 4″ screen. Nice and thin and light. Awesome display, snappy UI – top notch all around.

    • Web

      Oh and btw, a Samsung rep was in the store at the time. He was mostly talking over the phone features with the t-mobile reps but did ask me if I had any questions as well.

  • asudave

    Wow. Went into a store here in Phoenix. There were a few people already waiting outside. Store was supposed to open at 9, the employees didn’t get there until 9:30 and they didn’t open until about 9:45. Inside the store, if you didn’t already know they had this phone, you’d have no idea. No displays, no ads, nothing.

    You’d think for a phone this big to drop for TmoUS, they’d make a bigger deal of it. Wonder if it was just this particular store or if its TmoUS in general?

    • hecg55

      What store did you go to dave? I go to the one on camelback and 16st

      • Macknifetx

        I will be going to the store at Indian School and 51st Ave in just a few to see if I want to get the phone. I called earlier and they said they had over 40 in stock, but would not let me reserve one.

      • asudave

        Went to the store at 33rd Ave and Indian School.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Does anyone know, is the mail in rebate being applied to ANY Vibrant purchase, during the launch, or is it only for people getting the upgrade pricing?

    If it applies to any Vibrant purchase guess I need to head to a T-Mobile store to get the rebate coupon.

    • NiiDiddy

      @ItsMichaelNotMike – just for upgrade pricing only.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Dang… thanks NiiDiddy.

  • hecg55

    See guys I wasn’t lying I got it for 100 aswell as others here… But I had a legit reason for getting my discounts though. And do you think screen protectors will be good for it? Or just mess with the awesome screen?

    • Macknifetx

      In my experience the screen protectors are worthless. Of course I use a case for my phones, so they do not get scratched up like the ones people put in their pockets.

      • hecg55

        By case do u mean like the kind you hang on your belt?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Here is what I posted yesterday:

      Best Skins Ever is a plastic film/skin that adheres with water. If you remove it, it does not leave a residue.

      I have used Best Skins Ever since my Pearl days in 2006.

      Lately, however, I have not used it. On my HD2 the screen is glass and cannot be scratched that easily. So there’s no need for it.

      And the HD2 case is rubberized. BSE does not work that well on rubberized cases.

      If the SGS has a plastic screen then I will get a BSE skin for the display. And will put BSE on the case too, because the skin provides a good gripping surface on the SGS’s smooth surface.

      My T-Mobile Slide is slicker than my dog getting a bath and trying to escape the tub. So I have to put BSE on that handset too.

      Here is BSE:

  • John G.

    I can’t wait to try out the DLNA feature. I have a PS3, which is a DLNA certified device, with tons of movies, shows,and pictures on it. If you’re not familiar with DLNA here’s the link to their site. DLNA is the way to go Tmo fans.

  • Rich

    Just placed my order for the Vibrant. I currently had the first mytouch 3g and was 12 months into my 24 month contract. My online price said $499.99, store price was $349.00 but finally was able to get a nice lady on the phone who got me the phone for $279.00. Just have to wait until Tuesday to get it in the mail but it’s worth the wait. Will try to get the wife the same phone at Costco for the $99 later today. That’s a hell of a deal if it does work. It seemed to have been working online but will try the actual store first.

    • Maddy

      So the $279 was for the phone “without” a contract or with one?

      • Maddy

        I just got ripped off if you got it w/o one since i got the phone for $99 after a $50 rebate + taxes. I called Loyalty service 3 times today and the last time i threatened to cancel the service and he let me do it for $100 like most ppl already have.

      • Rich

        It was with a contract extension. it was the best they could do as I still had another year left on my contract. However, my wife called later that day and let them know she would be going to att for the iphone since her contract was over and told them costco and walmart both had it for lower price and he gave her the phone for $99 plus tax. Real cool guy. I then took over the phone and spoke to him about the order that I had placed earlier for myself for $279 and told them about my years with them etc.. he put me on hold and came back and gave me a $100 credit. So I ended up getting the phone for $179 while not qualifying for a full upgrade and still having a year left in my contract. Always liked T-Mobile customer service.