Samsung Vibrant Live On

Update: For those of you picking up the Vibrant today, we want to see pictures of your new baby, make it a funny shot and perhaps it’ll get posted to the blog!!! Send pictures to
The wait is over! Arguably one of the most powerful and fastest Android handsets to date, the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant is now available for sale on Boasting a stunning 4 inch Super AMOLED display powered by a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, the Vibrant comes preloaded with T-Mobile Sims 3 Collector’s Edition from EA, James Cameron’s Avatar, Access to GOGO Inflight & Slacker Radio, and compatibility with Amazon’s Kindle for Android and MobiTV. Just as we anticipated, the Samsung Vibrant will run you $199.99 with a 2-year agreement, and $499.99 sans contract.

For those of you still undecided, be sure to check out our Samsung Vibrant Meta-Review which will hopefully make your decision a bit easier. So how many of you are actually getting one/have already ordered one?Anyone planning on camping outside a T-Mobile store? Let us know in the comments!

T-Mobile – Get yours now, if you want that is!

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  • Myg1

    Doesn’t he have a life? He answers to everyone s post he’s pissed cuz he can’t get a good plan with tmobile even tho he claimed that he’s been with tmobile since voice stream n just jealous hearing all the good things..just got mines today n this phone is amazing my nephew s been playing games on this huge phone..blending fast browser n hspda in my area love the phone…you won’t regret!

    • mailman13877

      your right i been with them since 2001 which is actually around the time their phones started saying TMO on it an not voicestream.After all these years the best they can offer me after taxes is unlimited plan for $95??i see people saying they have the unlimited plan for $75 b4 taxes so TMO is not bein fair but im also being honest when i say the Evo is better..You guys act like i haven’t said the vibrant is good and TMO best phone..i said that after holding it today but i dont want the best TMO phone cuzz i wanna brag an i want one of the best 3 phones overall.the vibrant isn’t making the list of top phones overall..Evo,Droid X n Iphone 4 are the top 3 even if you hate the iphone.i could live with the vibrant if TMO offered me that unlimited plan for $75 like that other person commented b4 and i wanted TMO best phone but no i want the best so excuse me for not SETTLING

      • mailman13877

        meant $75 after taxes

      • Dashi

        “Can’t wait until mailman shows up to smear his bleeding vag all over this topic” WAIT….

      • joel

        Get real. “Excuse me for not SETTLING?” The Samsung Vibrant IS a top phone, the differences between the other phones you listed are extremely minor and a matter of personal taste. All this “SETTLING” BS talk is you not living in the real world. There IS no truly unlimited smartphone plan for $75 even before taxes- no matter HOW tenured you are. Probably some schmuck has EM+ unlimited talk and smartphone web(and no messaging) for $75(or maybe even unlimited everything but with a Nokia Nuron), misreported what they had, and you’re believing a myth and being a whiny baby about it. Grow up, live in the real world, and either go to another carrier for their phones that you covet so much or stay here and save money with a phone that’s just as awesome. Sheesh.

      • Cassie

        OMG ganother complainer? Get over it and switch carriers if you’re sooooo no happy. Because seriously, no one wants to hear or read your wining complaining comments about phones. We want to hear good things and read good things. Ugh take an anti-depressant or something and go chill in a corner for 30 minutes to it can soak in.

  • Jimbo

    Wow slow day I thought this phone would sell better through care

  • xgerman

    looks like the Vibrant is going at Costco for $99 with new activation / upgrade…

    • Ashish

      is it true ? is it confirmed news or just speculation ?

  • mailman13877

    LMFAO thats the vibrator night mode and it’s not even dark youtube the evo in complete night time atmosphere..the flash definitely helps along with the 8MP

    • joel

      Sprint’s waiting for you with open arms.

      • Dashi

        And Wants To Lick “His Bleeding Vag All Over This Topic”

    • asparagus

      I’m not gonna lie…I started coming here more because mailman makes me feel better about myself…thanks for the self-esteem boost mailman! I sleep better at night, knowing I’m not you!

  • wasup

    just got mine, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :D, the screen oh my the screen, will get back to you :D

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The Samsung site has lots of info, and answers many questions. For example, here is what comes in the box:

    Travel Adapter (ETA0U60JBE)

    1500 mAh Standard Battery (EB575152VA)

    Battery Cover – “Poka-dot Black”

    Battery Cover – “Checkered Red”

    3.5mm Stereo Ear Bud – Single action button; Additional gel cups

    Mirco USB Data Cable (ECC1DU2BBE)

    2GB microSD card

    Preloaded with Avatar

    SD Adapter included

    Printed Material

    Health, Safety, & Warranty Guide (English & Spanish)

    Start Here Guide (English)

    Galaxy S Accessory Guide

    T-Mobile Terms & Conditions, Return Policy, Limited Warranty Booklet

  • stang95

    Stopped by a TMO store to look at one. Looked great but didn’t get to play with it due to another customer. Ordered through Costco online. $99.99 upgrade plus free case, earbud, car cord, bluetooth ear piece and free two day shipping. I’ll be waiting impatiently for it to arrive. Talked with customer service during the order. Said they were taking lots of orders and would probably take 72 hours to process. Wednesday seems so far away. LOL

  • Cassie

    I bought it for my fiance today, and I fell in love with it myself. He loves the phone to, it’s awesome. I will be buying myself one her in 2 or 3 weeks. The phone is kick ass!!!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Apps preloaded with your phone:

    Amazon MP3 A digital music store owned and operated by You may download DRM-Free MP3 formatted songs and albums.

    Audio Postcard Take a picture, frame it, and add a voice recording that can be sent via MMS.

    Calculator Contains basic arithmetic functions and some scientific functions.

    Daily Briefing Allows monitoring of the weather, news, financial, and your scheduling information in one location.

    GMail- A web based service offerred by Google. Depending on your sync settings, the account may be synced to the phone.

    GoGo – Powered by Aircell, allows in-flight connecting over WiFi to check mail, access a VPN, instant message and more.

    Kindle – Allows the download of books through the program with no annual contracts or monthly fees. Require a 3G connection.

    Layar – Based on Augmented Reality technology, Layar uses a combination of inputs to display real time digital information in the real world by means of a camera.

    Maps – Allows you to track your current location, view real-time traffic information, and view detailed destination information. Also included is a search tool to help locate places of interest or address.

    Media Hub – Media Hub is currently unavailable to be used at this time. Allows you to rent or purchase digital content and watch from the convenience of anywhere.

    Memo – Allows you to create short memos.

    Mini Diary – Allows you to create a small diary that can support photos. It can also be shared with friends.

    MobiTV – A subscription based services that allows you to watch TV shows on the phone.

    Music Player – Allows playback of audio content.

    Slacker Radio – Offers free Internet radio. Note: You must register and create a free account before using.

    Talk – Allows instant message communications with other people connected to Google Talk on the phone or the web.

    TeleNav GPS – A driving GPS aid that uses both visual and audible notifications.

    ThinkFree Office – Allows the opening and editing of Microsoft Office compatiable files while offerring a place for managing the information online or offline.

    Video Player – Allows the playback of video files.

    Visual Voicemail – Enables users to view a list of people who left a voicemail message and the ability to listen to a specific message without going in chronological order.

    Voice Dialer – Uses voice recognition technology to assist in accessing or performing certain commands on the phone.

    Voice Recorder – Allows for voice recording.

    Voice Search – Uses voice search technology to assist in location information whether resident on the handset or located on the Internet.

    Web – A Browser to surf the web.

    Write and Go – Uses Usefull for jotting down an idea and if you choose to send it through various communications methods.

    YouTube – A video sharing website where people may upload videos and view them in MPEG4 format.

    Default Content:

    Avatar (DRM Protected) – The full length motion picture movie.

    Default Games:

    The Sims 3 -A game that takes place online where you can customize the appearance and personality of your characters in an interactive environment.


  • currator

    mailman go bleed over some sprint blog no one wabts to hear you cramps talk. go do something more with your life. your like that kid everybody grows up with always talking about getting something but never rocks it. the evo is yesterdays news. ohh and go to sprint cuz they are on their last leg its bad when the ceo says he could see a merger. d.t. does not see it that way why merger when you can wait for them to crash. then buy the company at a really cheap price ohh and for anybody wondering. somebody brought up that sprint sold there network will this is easy fix for the new 50 mil cust leave in place the current sprint crap and covert everybody over in under two years tell that company to chock on those cdma towers and by then collect billions in money from those 50 mil or so cust and have new highspeed data and clear voice towers up in place by then so sprint cust see you soon dont worrie your evo will only work for a little bit

  • Ashish

    And I picked up mine are the benefits I got:

    – I got waived $18 activation fee
    – I got $25 android data plan with 400 sms
    – I also got $40 Corporate discount – hence the phone cost me only $160 + applicable taxes
    – Also I got EIP so my payment was spread over 4 months.

    When I saw the Avatar movie even outside in the park, they jaws dropped & forgot to ask even is this better than Iphone ?? :-)

    I am loving SGS Vibrant.. more reviews once I play with it more..

    • Ashish

      I meant when I showed Avatar movie to my colleagues, their jaws dropped :-)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Samsung’s Official Statement – On getting Android 2.2. Sounds good to me:

    “When & How Can I Receive The Latest Official Android OS Updates For My SGH-t959 (Vibrant) Phone?

    Currently, the device is operating on Android 2.1 + update one (JFD).

    There are no available software updates available for the product.

    When an update is made available, this page will contain information on how to obtain the update.

    In the future, the device should be upgradeable to Android Froyo 2.2.

    Important Notice: Samsung Customer Care has no knowledge of when/if a release will be made available prior to official release.” (Interpretation: quit calling our customer care about Android 2.2. :) )

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Update: When I went into the T-Mobile store today (to get a special case for my HD2) I asked if I would be getting a $50 rebate like others are getting (I am on Even More + and last night paid $500 for my Vibrant).

    Alas, those in here who said we Even More + people don’t get the rebate, you are right. They said the $50 rebate is ONLY for all of you upgrading. :(

    Sidenote: The store was abuzz with energy because of the excitement over the Vibrant launch.

  • Sanger

    loyalty department let me switch from em+ to em plan and got the phone for $150 with free expedited shipping. it would have been nice if they allowed me to switch when they had the free phone day, but i feel like i got a pretty good deal so no real complaints

  • DonJuan

    CS offered $150 and 1yr contract. Decent offer but what has everyone else been offered for the vibrant, thinking the costco offer is better

  • stephan brubaker

    I ordered mine through costco. Got it for $99 upgrade so $106 but I got next day air so $131 total

  • DonJuan

    Stephan was that a 2yr contract?

  • treydaddy

    I bought the vibrant and put a case on it. Nice hold to it with the case. I had my wife take a picture of me with her iphone4 and it totally overexposed me. My picture of her in night mode was dark yes, but came out pretty good. Now I could sit here and tell you this phone is tons better than any phone out there but what I will say is that for me, THIS PHONE IS GREAT. I don’t know about any other phones, so don’t jump down my throat about Evos or droids or whatever, but I love it. So let me enjoy your phone just like my wife loves her iphone4. I aint mad at ya.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Bonus Tip: Why bother with MobiTV, I say. Go to Android Market and search Download the free app and install it.

    TV.Com for Android is owned by CBS Broadcasting. For FREE you get TV clips and other video on your Android phone!

    You can be watching free TV in one minute.

    It’s not live TV, but there’s some cool stuff you can watch on you beautiful new Vibrant (obviously 3G is required).

    The lineup:

    CBS Entertainment (Soaps, CSI:NY full episodes,

    CW network (Vampire Diaries – Scenes)

    Showtime (preview clips)

    CBS News (clips, stories)

    CBS Sports


    Classic TV (Full episodes Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Melrose Place)

    ET (Story clips)

    Game Spot (reviews of games)

    Web Shows (Dorm Life, etc.

    Chow (Cooking tips)

    • Deaconclgi

      I couldn’t find TV.Com on my Android 2.2 Market. Is it only for Android 1.1? I am using a N900. I am very interested in TV.Com. We canceled MobiTv for my wifes HD2 so I am open to all options.

      Thank you.

      • Deaconclgi

        I meant to type Android 2.1.

  • William Bourlier

    I called loyalty department threatening to cancel because I have three lines no contract and said ATT has cheaper data plans and why should I pay $199 for something that has missing features of the evo and the iphone almost identical specs. They offered me the phone for $99 after they gave me an instant $100 rebate and $50 mail in-rebate and got the data plan for $20, but the thing that kills me is the tax I paid because I live in California $48 :( I can not wait for this phone played around with it in the store and love it.

  • bakalao

    The people who did the upgrade thru Costco, how many months did you have left on your contract? I’m 12 months thru a 2-year commitment and T-mobile’s Loyalty department said the best price they can give me is $279.

  • Chris





    • David

      Chris, this isn’t really the kind of setting for you to receive “legal” advice regarding this matter. Its an internal issue. Please don’t post it on every blog post otherwise I’m deleting it.

      • Chris

        Sorry David i posted it on the first 4 blogs and since tmw was my last day i was looking for a quick ans. Its not that im worried about legal action im just pretty sure im right and wanted verification since i know there are other mytouch champions on here.

      • Chris

        And ive been getting the run around from every dept. I could care less about the phone since the vibrant is on its way but its the principle of the matter because there are employees that have not had to give their phones up and were terminated while i put in a full two weeks.

  • Deaconclgi

    The Vibrant shows in my MyTmobile account for $164.99 on a 2 year contract. Anyone else see the Vibrant for less than $199?

    • Carolyn

      I got mine for $164.99 online with 4 mos. left on a 2 yr. contract. In the store they said I’d have to pay $282 for it. I’m hearing the $165 was a pricing error, though.

      • Deaconclgi

        Fantastic! Congratulations!

  • Akeel

    finally ! a dream come true….

  • phillip

    i hope i can get it….

  • cnote

    ondered mine online at T-mo yesterday and it’s out for delivery today…hurry up UPS…

  • MHT

    Thank you I just ordered mine @ for $99.99,Free Shipping,Free Accessory bundle,free activation and a competitive monthly plan.{I was eligible for an upgrade having been with T-Mobile since July 2008.I can’t wait.

  • MHT

    When on the site Call their customer service line to help guide you thru the whole process.They are really,really helpful.

  • bakalao

    I called Customer Loyalty back (after 3 unsuccessful attempts to get a good deal) and I was offered the same $279 price for the phone with a $100 credit if I keep the phone for 14 days. The upgrade fee was waived and I had to pay taxes based on the $279 price. I chose the 5-6 day shipping which cost $4.99. The total for everything was around $212. I’m 12 months into the contract BTW.

  • cnote

    UPS just came!!! This phone is amazing!!!!

  • Abdul

    Now there is a samsung G.S on every carrier the can do a speed test on T-Mobile Haspa+ and Sprint Wimax for the last time even if TMobile is going to win.

  • Mike74

    So If I order online from Costco can I still keep my Total Internet data plan (that I pay $20/mo now and will it work with android phone) and just pay $99+tax on the phone?

    Or will Tmobile force me to get the Android data plan for $30/mo after a few days of using my old data plan? I read somewhere that those that didn’t switch to the Android plan had their internet stop after a few days (when using the old data plan on an android phone) and informed them they must switch to Android plan?

    What is the opinion here?

  • gobulis

    this news is orgasmic!!!!

  • blake

    im going to threaten customer service the they will probably give this phone to me for a low price.

  • cankster

    all this good news is
    aking me hungry going to grab some chips lol

  • chellayh

    WTF????? My contract expired last month. Website says price without extension is $499 & price with 2-yr extension is $449??????? WHY would anyone commit to a 2-yr contract for a 10% price break???

    • james

      that’s probably a glitch on the site, mine showed the same and when I called CS they told me I had full upgrade on all my lines, picked mine up at the t-mobile corp store for 199.99 after rebate as well as one for my wife.

      • chellayh

        Unfortunately, the closest store is 2 hours away! I guess I’ll have to wait & drive when I have time, or order online!

  • Charles Xavier

    When is Tmobile getting a quality phone like the Nexus one? Samsung is terrible.

  • John G.

    Congratulations to all you new Vibrant owners!
    Mine won’t be here until Monday, but I did manage to get mine for free. That was the result of running into a few glitches during the Fathers Day sale while trying to upgrade my 2 lines through customer loyalty. I’m getting a MTS too. T-mobile’s been good to me. I know it’s been about 30 days, but it worked out in my favor. Enjoy those Vibrants!!

  • MHT

    In their praise of the Samsung Vibrant,the Washington Post was euphoric.I have ordered a Krusell 95462 Hector leather case.a Zagg Invisible shield Screen protector and have sent 3 Emails to Otterbox for suitable case protection.Thank you for a $99.99 price tag.The Samsung Vibrant Rocks!!

  • Filomena Boardley

    Just bought a Mythic for myself and will likely be receiving one particular for my wife quickly! It has just the correct mix of capabilities. just short of the total smartphone. I’m preserving an eye for the Captivate for any prospective future cellphone..
    .costs are way as well high when released. I’ve been in substantial tech for 20+ many years and in essence hack every little thing I personal to generate it greater laptops, GPS, auto navigation techniques, etc. and yes cell phones too. From the number of days I’ve owned the telephone I’ve currently set up Opera Mini, Bolt 2.1, freecaddie, Google Maps w/GPS functionality, deleted all locked useless apps following backing them up and absolutely modified the menu system to my exact needs with no all useless apps.

  • Yaniv C

    Got my vibrant on thursday and let me tel you…its amazing. Its so day its rediculous. I’ve had every android phone yet including the droid on verizon and I can readily tel you its the fastest. The screen is gorgeous. Words cannot justify how beautiful this let’sscreen is. Your finger just slides across it as if you were anolympic ice skate champ. Love it. And once froyo comes out, and apps are on sd card allowing for bigger file sizes, the gamin on this is gonna be sick. But I will miss having a track ball or at least a d pad. Otherwise its almost perfect.

  • michaeldrew

    I am not a Phone tech nor have I ever been. I purchased this phone and it will be arriving next week. I am currently still using my old Sony Erikson phone and I actually still have my phone b4 that which is the gold phone that weighs as much as my car. That is my preface to the following question that may dumb–but I just don’t know.
    Anyway, I have a subscription to MLB. My question is: can I view live games on the Vibrant or does MLB have to offer an app specifically designed for the Android family?

  • qberry

    I called costcos and they said they were selling it for 199 not 99

  • Fresh android

    I baught one,and an UPS.
    amazing phone.I LIKE IT!!!!

  • Telyta


    i got this phone a month ago from walmart store where i work at. the phone only cost me 99 bucks plus tax was 108 with my two year up grade.(from a blackberry 8100) I still have my myfaves installed+300 min plan+android data plan+unlimited messaging. my bill really is supposed to be 85 bucks , but since i work at walmart i get 15% discount on my monthly bill until i leave or get fired from my job so my bill is somewhere around 70-75 bucks a month. (lovin it) i really love this phone its quick, easy, in with the modern world, and i have been accesorizing it with skins, cases, and covers, extra batteries, chargers, screen protectors from ebay. the only thing i have a problem with is when using this phone as much as i do the battery life drains like clock work so i always have to bring my charger when at work and my car charger when driving. hope this helps some people out. tootles

  • Mpocurullstein

    Have had mine for two months, already on my second. It’s awful. My husband’s as well and T-Mobile will not honor the fact that it’s defective.