(Updated: Likely a non-issue) Samsung Vibrant Experiencing Reception Issues Similar To iPhone 4?

Update: After speaking with a  number of Vibrant owners, none of whom can replicate this issue we’re chalking this up either to gripping the handset so tightly its smothering or simply a fluke. Enjoy your phone and don’t worry about the iPhone 4 drama.

After today’s official launch of the Samsung Vibrant, we’ve been receiving a good amount of complaints from Vibrant owners regarding reception degradation. Vibrant owners seem to be experiencing issues similar to the iPhone 4’s infamous “Death Grip”. As demonstrated in the video above, tightly gripping the handset results in signal loss and often negatively affects data speeds. We’re not sure if this is a hardware or software related issue, but we’re hoping it’s the latter. Any Vibrant owners out there experiencing this issue? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Sal

    I also have all these reception problems but I am going to wait for TMobile/Samsung to come out with a patch to fix this.

    I have a greater problem which I think requires me to return the phone within my 14-days. After setting up my connection to my Apple wireless station, the connection takes hold and it says so on the Setup page. However, when I go back to my application the wireless symbol does not appear on the top bar on the notification line. My regular cell connections are there but NOT the wireless one. I do not mind having the Edge network in my house as it works perfectly for making calls. However, when I download stuff it does NOT go through WiFi and therefore takes longer and costs more in battery usage.

    Does everyone see the WiFi symbol on the top bar? If yes, what should I do with my phone: return it or wait?

    TIA, Sal

    • Randy

      Yes this is a problem, if you guys ould like to do a test hold your phone in your hand and bridge the left side corner together and watch as you signal fades… Pretty ridiculous….. I highly doubt its a software issue.

  • MobDragon

    I don’t have any issues with my Vibrant, it works great… verify if the weather change in your area when you get yours…

  • Barry

    I think this is a network issue my internet has been acting up for about 2 wks now. only edge worked when using data every time 3G came on I would immediately lose a signal. My 3G works now but when I do a speed test as I said before it barely went over 3mbs and that was once and that was inside. outside is just as bad. I ran it on my friends G1 last night same thing and the funny thing is we tested it about 3 times and all 3 tests his upload was faster than his download.
    Idk just throwing my experiences out there.

  • http://www.onehei.com Alex

    Hey buddy,

    I tried 3 Vibrants, and I couldn’t reproduce your issue. Like how tight are you holding it? unnaturally tight because I can’t reproduce your claim at all.

    The reason the iphone 4 dropped bars when holding it a certain tight but natural way was because the antenna was literally outside the phone where your hand touches it.

    Applying logic to it, any phone you squeeze tightly to the point you are solidly covering the antenna will reduce the signal connectivity, but not a noticeable reduction. You must be somewhere where there is barely any signal, so thats why you notice the reduction. If you do it with any other phone, it will probably do the same thing. its logic. Same logic applies when going down in the basement of your house… Less signal due to walls, etc.

    The Apple iPhone reduction was dramatically different. Test it for yourself. Stop claiming its the same because its definitely not

  • YJ

    I returned mine today because I loaded it up with songs and a movie and when you do a restart it takes the phone forever to load up. It will scan each song, picture,movie etc… It took 30 minutes for the phone to load.

    • watbetch

      It only scans when it notices new media on the phone.

    • http://www.falsetamusic.com leo

      your phone could also have a memory card issue. you may have some media in a memory card and the phone keeps unmounting the card and mounting it back in. anyway, go ahead with a master clear… it can only help. also try to refrain from downloading too many low rating apps. that will also help!

  • Dustin

    I can DEFINETLY repeat the signal reduction problem. If I hold the phone at the top, signal is great, if I hold the phone at the bottom, signal will completely fall off. It does not matter if it is a two finger hold or my entire hand. Waiting up until the 14 day window to retunr the phone, for a fix. I REALLY hope they can find a fix as I love this phone, but won’t deal with the reception problems.

  • TMOprophet

    this is a real problem, I was able to reproduce it at the TMO store..not hating..just saying..

    • watbetch

      Not hating? Please. Failure

      It’s not a problem, the only problem with the phone is that the bars are inaccurate.

      • TMOprophet

        I was actually being serious this time, in either case, its still an issue that needs resolved. A lot of people paid big money for this phone, it should work normally for them, not half way working, with inaccurate signal strength indicators, they should be accurate, they wanna charge 500-600 for a phone then the thing should work as it should.

      • watbetch

        Ok I take it back, I fail

  • TMOprophet

    Well if you guys dont like the phone dont get it….okay…i do thats why i got it. if you decide to wait do a little search on windows phone 7 on youtube. looks promising.

    Stop copying my sn. You fail you imposter. what r u like 40?

    • TMOprophet

      LOL..you crack me up lately, everyone knows who I am, but your persistent doggin is funny.

    • TMOprophet

      And no I’m not 40, I’m 28, what are you? 16….

    • TMOprophet

      I heard those 16 year olds will like that Moto Charm..you should go get one

    • TMOprophet

      And I think you have had a Moto Cliq already Mr. TMOprophet..or shall I say Watbetch, so ya that charm should be right up your alley :)

      • watbetch

        Ok you got me, I’m an idiot and I am sorry and I finally admit the Vibrant sucks, and my avatar is super ugly

      • watbetch

        “DavidOhio” needs to get a life

      • watbetch

        So stop asking, I WILL NOT change my super ugly avatar pic, your just jealous and wish you had one this cool

  • myVibrant)

    I have the Vibrant and i too have this issue. I also am seeing alot of market data connection errors i have also received data connection lost errors in maps.

    Though, today i did notice that when i was downtown (i live in the suburbs of chicago) i did not have the issue, so this leads me to believe that this is partially a software and network issue, but i’m not professional, just my educated guess :)

  • watbetch

    Ok so I have started having the problems with the signal, I didnt think they were bad at first but now they are getting terrible, wtf, man I am starting to not like samsung, they need to fix this

  • taaars

    I read that the European models have the same issue and it varied depending on network, I also have two MT3Gs, rooted, one with 2.2 and another 2.1, the 2.2 has signal issues, goes up and down quickly while the 2.1 is very stable, so it maybe software issue, and dependent on how strong the signal is in the are you live..not sure.

  • JR

    Well I stopped by a Tmo store to talk to someone there about the reception issue. The gentleman that helped me also owned the Vibrant and he told me an interesting story that while it sounds good I have my reservations. This is what he said.

    Samsung does it different than anyone else in the industry. The way they show bars is this. When you are on the fringe of a 3G area but have coverage, it will say 3G but you won’t have any bars or only one, BUT you will have all bars on Edge but it just doesn’t show it, unless you get a call and the 3G drops. That explains why I’ve had no bars but 3G is showing and when I make or receive a call it jumps to 4 bars but it shows Edge.

    I don’t know why Sammy chose to implement the signal status this way but I told the guy that T-Mobile better make some sort of notification officially about this because they are going to receive a lot of returns.

    Now that doesn’t answer the loss of signal with the death grip, that it because of the placement of the antenna and attenuation.

  • http://www.twitter.com/stepinmyworld Eric

    hey im the original poster of the video again with an update:
    i Just called t-mobile and reported the issues with the software lagging going from app to app or scrolling from screen to screen when there are widgets on them. I also reported the reception issue. While I have good reception in my house, the bars went completely down but never lost connection to the network but as seen in this thread, a few people do lose connectivity and that’s not acceptable on a 500 dollar phone. PLEASE JUST CALL IN AND REPORT THE ISSUE TO TMOBILE SO THEY CAN SEE PEOPLE ARE ANNOYED BY THIS AND A POSSIBLE UPDATE CAN ROLL OUT TO EVERYONE.

    MUCH LOVE :)

  • http://none Swoosh

    Anyone able to surf the net and make a phone call? It seems that whenever I get a phone call my internet drops…. I believe I was able to do this on my G1…

    • http://www.twitter.com/stepinmyworld Eric

      i haven’t tried this yet but I will today when I try the phone out again. That’s the perk of tmobile’s 3g… u can talk and use the net over it. I hope that isn’t another #fail by samsung

      • Raul

        Please make sure to comment back regarding the surf the net and be on a call as I can do that on my G1 right now and would hate to not be able to do this on the Vibrant!

      • ray

        I always do internet and phone calls at the same time take ur phone back and u gotta have 3g to do this

    • JR

      I just tried this and my internet didn’t drop. I had one bar on 3G.

    • http://magicbluesmoke.org longcat

      Yes you can use data while on a call at the same time, however you MUST be in a 3G coverage area. Try again in an area with better coverage – your phone may have dropped you from 3G to GSM while on a call, and if that happens, you will have to disconnect your call and let the phone go back to 3G mode before you can use data/voice at the same time. It will transfer a call from UMTS to GSM, but not from GSM to UMTS (in my experience).

    • Caramel_mimi

      No known problems with my vibrant phone so far but, can anyone see their updated video subscriptions on youtube when logged in? I just see the main videos on the homepage.

  • bobbydigital

    i am experiencing a battery issue, i took my phone off the charger this morning at about 9am, i got to work and now my phone just died, it lost all batter life in about 4 hours. with little to no use, just some texting and thats it. no calls or movies or games. i felt the back cover get extremely hot during this very fast draining, so idk whats going on. anyone else experiencing this?

    • http://none Swoosh

      I have no battery issues. This thing is way better than my G1

    • JR

      Yo might want to check what is running in the background.

    • ray

      Whem u first get a phone let the battery die first then put in your charger when ur phone shuts dowm never never never put ur charger in soon as you open ur phone…u did that and thats why ur battery sucks my vibrant clocked in 13 hours yesterday without dieng and I did everythimg heavy except calls ..

  • JR

    Well I was watching a video of the AT&T version, the Captivate. Check out the link and go to the the 2:38 mark. Very interesting and the first video I’ve seen this mentioned. I wonder if AT&T already knew of issues with reception.

  • bigmike

    Love the phone, but lucky to get an edge connection where my G1 would be 3g

  • Sunny

    Anyone try to contact samsung for the problem? I have contact t-mobile online chat seems like they don’t know crap and try to blame everything on samsung.

    I believe it’s both t-mobile’s and samsung’s problem.

    I am calling samsung to see what they say now.

  • Jazz

    Does anyone else have a problem with GPS, mine basically is not working.

  • CC

    I’ll be calling t-mobile later today. I love the phone, but this is ridiculous. I’m having nothing but bad connection and lost signals. My signal strength ranges all over and I’m lucky to even get 1 bar on Edge. The bars jump all over the place even when I’m in a same location. I don’t even receive a signal in certain areas of my home, whereas I did before with my G1. Come on t-mobile! Tired of 2 years of frustration…

  • analog spirit

    My old BB 8320 (old Curve) finally “gave up the ghost” after about 2.5 years (phone radio just stopped working entirely), so I picked up the Samsung Vibrant on 16 July, and so far it’s been OK; I haven’t had any problems with the antenna at all, so far. My only problems have been with battery life (and that’s with the the screen brightness turned down all the way, Task Manager killing all unused apps in the background, and 3G and Wi-Fi turned off as well). Reception has so far been so-so; it really depends on where I am. Coverage in my area tends to be spotty (tho it has been improving lately); it’s constantly switching back and forth between Edge and 3G whenever I have 3G turned on, tho it appears to be accomplishing the hand-off pretty smoothly, with no dropped or failed calls thus far. Sound quality has greatly varied between good (tho not great) and poor, tho even when it’s poor I can usually still understand what the caller is saying, and they can usually hear me OK. It’s still better sound quality than my BB 8320 was…
    Overall, it’s a good, solid phone, and the best phone T-Mo has released in years; the 4-inch Super AMOLED screen is magnificent. Outdoor visibility (even in sunlight) has been OK. For some reason, tho, YouTube videos look terrible on this thing; I hope that can be resolved soon (does anyone know if there are any settings I need to change? So far I haven’t found any). It appears to be an issue with just the YouTube app itself, as the other video playback functions otherwise look great; Avatar looks startlingly crisp and clear, especially for such a small screen, which is just amazing on a phone. I haven’t been experiencing any significant issues with lagging and sluggishness, that some other Vibrant users and reviewers have been reporting…
    The only other issues I can think of are the lack of a flash (tho it isn’t THAT big a deal), and the lack of any ability to put the phone into a dock for charging and/or syncing, as there are no inputs, outputs or charging terminals on the bottom of the device. I had underestimated the importance and practicality of being able to just drop the phone into a dock at night for charging, as I had done for years with my BB 8320. I find the touchscreen keyboard surprisingly easy to type on (especially Swype)…
    So, I’m going to see how the Vibrant holds up over the next week as I continue to familiarize myself with Android (this being my 1st-ever Android device) and then decide whether it’s a keeper or not. So far, I’m cautiously optimistic…

    • analog spirit

      Update: I returned the Vibrant yesterday, because it has insufficient battery life (even with the screen brightness turned down all the way), and it has no ability to cut, copy, or paste from an e-mail, and that’s important to me as I use my phone more as an e-mail device than a phone anyway. This appears to be an issue with all touchscreen Android phones (if anyone knows of a work-around for this besides writing the links down on a pice of paper and them manually typing them into Google’s search bar, I’d love to know). A basic function that was effortless to do with my ancient BB 8320 isn’t even possible with Samsung’s latest high-end smartphone. In 2010. Unbelievable…
      But to get back on topic, I never had any antenna/reception issues at all, ever. But I did have to keep 3G and WiFi turned off so that the battery would last the whole day, and even then it just barely made it. So, the Vibrant is great as a phone (at least for me it was, in my area), and as a fun multimedia device (even tho the YouTube app failed miserably on my phone, and constantly made the phone freeze up while trying to load a video). But as an e-mailing device, it leaves a lot to be desired; I’ll wait til later versions of Android fix this issue. I hope 2.2 Froyo fixes it…

      • http://Tmonews JD

        You can cut copy and paste, just push and hold on the screen for a second or two ,a window should pop up that says select text, press that, then highlight the text you want, then another window pops up that gives you the option to cut copy or paste.

      • analog spirit

        It can copy & paste in the browser fine; just not in the e-mail or Gmail app. There’s not even an option to click on anything, such as “Select Text” in the e-mail app. I tried that numerous times, unless there’s some way around this that I’m not aware of.
        I’ve noticed that several other types of Android phones have this same problem as well. The only solution I can think of would be to go into my e-mail or Gmail thru the web browser instead of the dedicated e-mail apps.

  • darkknight49

    I put my hand in the same spot. My signal went up. And does anyone really know where the antenna is on the phone?

  • Claude

    Like analog spirit, I also had an 8320 Curve and picked up the Samsung Vibrant on 16 July. So far, reception has been better than my old Curve, but the user interface takes some getting use to and the battery life is not a lot less than I expected.

    • analog spirit

      Yeah, my reception was generally pretty good, even when it was down to 1 or 2 bars on Edge, I never lost a signal and I could still hear the person I was speaking with just fine. And I could hold the Vibrant any way I wanted, and still could not get the signal to drop noticeably. But battery life was horrendous, tho it wasn’t as bad as the HD2, which I also returned. That’s the price we pay for having such big screens on our phones nowadays; my old Curve could make it thru 1.5 to 2 days of moderate use, but my Vibrant could barely make it to the end of 1 day, and that was with 3G & WiFi turned off, plus screen brightness turned down all the way. That screen consumes more battery power than everything else put together. So it’s a trade off…

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/?spref=gb K. Ray

    Even though this phone is not for me it is a step in the right direction. Phonedog has processor test very fast. I also give kudos to the ability to charge the battery separately in the optional accessories.

  • Matador

    Ok, just got my two units today. been messing work the grip issue, I have noticed the bars fluctuate at times, but data connectivity and voice calls seem unaffected. I’ll be taking it into the field with my mt3g tomorrow and see how that goes. But so far I have yet to loose 3g signal. The only crappy thing is that my other unit had a bad screen.

  • Sambomacpro

    I have both iphone4 and Vibrant and this whole, “deathgrip” issue is ridiculous…. I have have just as many dropped calls with my vibrant than I had with iphone4……….needless to say, if tmobile had the iPhone or any other carrier at that did, this wouldn’t be a issue, only due to the fact that everyone is obviously trying to compete with the iPhone.


    • Matador


    • taaars

      That made no sense…..

  • yosef

    Why do you need to try to reproduce this in any phone does anyone really hold their phone that tight when making a call? i mean really.

  • http://www.apple.com/iphone lol @ it’s a non-issue

    I like how it’s a non-issue other handsets but when it’s about the iPhone, IT’S AN ISSUE! LOL.

  • ray

    First off I have had no problems signal wize with my vibrant I think its tmobile thing to be honest there coverage.sucks…the iphome attena is in direct contact with the human flesh thats why its signal drops bad.get a phone call with ur vibrant and hold ot where ever u guys say ur death grip is at and see if it drops the call like the iphone does. It wont the signal bars display the wrong signal strength thats on all smartphones.

  • Skip

    Having both GPS and phone signal problems. Grant you that I am in marginal signal areas, however, regarding these two issues never had a problem with the G1. Checking signal strength in the status menu shows the Vibrant to be half or less of the G1 setting on a table (no death grip) in my tests. Much improved “computer” experience over the G1, but as a phone I may have to return the Vibrant.

  • http://none Swoosh

    Off subject here… but does anyone know any information on the home cradle?

  • meanmcclean

    I have had my Vibrant for 2 days now. I have not seen the issue where “death gripping” (I guess is the term now) causes my signal to drop. I have noticed however that even if my display shows 0 bars of 3G coverage I can still web browse, receive email, make calls etc. I understand that if there is no 3G coverage, your phone will auto drop to edge however my indicator does not update as such and I don’t see degradation in speed. There is definitely something wrong with the logic used to calculate and display the signal on the device, which needs to and hopefully will be fixed in a software upgrade. For me, the phone actually works better in my house where I usually only receive 2 bars of edge or no signal at all. I am a happy owner, with the exception there was no pouch included.

  • Sunny

    I have returned the phone. I gave me drop calls(twice) where my G1 never did.
    That’s something.

  • mjc987

    ITS not that I dislike the vibrant, it’s just that I think HTC have better to bring this year.

  • jv

    Well, I’ve been following this thread and yes, the bars calculation is definitely incorrect. However, the problem is real, although not that bad. Meaning, you do lose some dB but still able to make a call and data seems fine.

    Also, I went by the t-mo store and picked up silicone case which is actually not bad looking. Slapped it on and it makes the bars drop quick. Ran into the store with it on and it lost connection and switched to Edge. After stepping back outside, it switched to 3G again.

    What does this mean? Reception could be definitely be better. As long as you have a lock on the signal, I think you’re okay. For now, I’m going to keep it and test it some more. If the reception continues to be shoddy I’ll probably end up returning it.

    Oh yeah, if you switched to 2G only, reception is great and bars stay up pretty good. So, I in the opinion it’s both a combination of t-mo and the vibrant.

    • jv

      BTW, I’m actually monitoring the dBs by going into debug as suggested by dialing *#*#19736840#*#* and not just looking at the bars to see how much gain is lost.

  • http://www.partnerup.com Brian

    I got mine on the 15th after over 6 years of dedicated Blackberry use. While I LOVE the interface and the apps, the GPS is garbage. WHEN it finds a signal, it typically says I’m 1000’s of meters from where I am, and the majority of the time, it simply can’t find me at all and Google Maps says I’m in China (and Foursquare)

    Battery life is suspect, but a simple download and utilization of the power management widget seems to cure that, and in marginal 3G signal areas simply restricting the phone to 2G networks prevents any and all reception issues I could find.

    Overall a great phone, but a smart phone with an inoperable GPS MAY just be a deal breaker for me.
    Any one heard of a software update yet to address?

    • taaars

      there is a fix coming, I tested the GPS signal against my MT3G…it seems to get all the sattelites ( I used GPS status to compare)…just not getting a fix…I also read on xda that there are some quick fixes going o. haven’t tried any yet, but I may this weekend.

  • Sunny

    Its for sure weaker reception. I am looking forward for the new HTC now. Samsung is not up there yet with smartphones.

  • john

    I just ordered the Vibrant today cause I haven’t been happy with the g1. My data signal on the g1 keeps flippin fromg 3g to e to G? What is g I have no clue. After reading these posts has me worried the Vibrant is going to be a lot worse. Now I was told when ordering the vibrant that the data service for the vibrant is different then the G1. I’m wondering if the problems you guys are receiving has to do with not being switched to the right data network. Just a thought. Glad I’m in calif. We get 30 days return law on the books so I can test it out long enough to either keep or send back.

    • jv

      They now charge $30 for an “Android” data plan. Data is data so there is no difference. What ever you were paying for unlimited data, just call customer loyalty and they’ll switch you back to that rate.

      And not to worry you, my home key seems to be having problems now. I have to really mash it for it to work. Guess that’s the the pains of buying the latest and greatest. I’m going to go exchange it tomorrow and see how it does.

      Was really loving the phone at first but after only a few days, the honeymoon is already over.

  • JR

    Just got back from the AT&T store to check out the Captivate (Galaxy S) and no matter how I held it, it showed full strength 3G and only lost maybe one bar here and there. They have an antenna extender on the back plate. Interesting they did this and Tmo didn’t.

  • Daniel

    Has anyone tried using the Invisible Shield and seeing if that helps this issue?

  • Sean

    I’ve tried holding the vibrant and all ways possibles and didn’t see any signal drops

  • Terrell

    On day 6 with this phone and still have none of the problems anyone has complained about with it. Battery life. Just as good as my G1 under power management tools. All buttons work. Screen isn’t jittery, zero lag. Yes my signal strength indicator is incorrect but I have no problems with calls or clarity. Doing the GPS fix later but that im sure will be fixed in a software update. All and all I still rate the device exceedingly high and almost everyone I know has an Android device now and it stacks up with and surpasses in many ways theirs. Just have the lucky Vibrant I guess.

  • Barry

    I sure hope it’s not an issue, I notice the signal indcator on my Vibrant was all over the place going from 5 bars to zero and back when My N1 was stable at 4 (full), but I had no problems connecting. The signal strength doesn’t seem to be influenced by how I hold it (it’ll do it just sitting on my desk)

    However, My wife just told me she dropped a call 4 times yesterday, in an area where my N1 works fine. I see what happens over the week and if it continues I’ll have to give Samsung a call for an exchange.

  • Christophilthy

    Hey guys, as stated above with the 3G vs. EDGE, if you go into your Settings>Wireless & Network>Mobile networks

    You can change the phone to only access 2G networks. When this is done, my phone appears to have 4 bars all the time now, even when I hold the phone in my hand or hold it tightly, whereas before when I did this on the 3G setting, it would display only 1 or 2 bars.

    • analog spirit

      This is true; when I went into Settings and switched off my 3G, my reception rarely fell below 3 or 4 bars, plus my battery life increased somewhat; I was actually (but just barely) able to make it thru the whole day without recharging. Sound quality was the same, whether in 2G or 3G.
      But with 3G on, reception rarely got above 2 bars in my area, and battery life suffered greatly. Turning your screen brightness down and WiFi off helps extend battery life as well.

  • JV

    My last post on this subject. For some reason, my vibrant seems to be holding a stronger signal today, going by the bars and the debug readout. Been holding the phone in a way where the bars would drop and it’s not doing it now. This leads me to believe that they are doing something with their 3G network and it’s not entirely the phone that’s the problem.

  • ocguy71

    My Vibrant losses signal when just laying there. I’ve gone to the status menu and under signal strength and watched it changed again just laying there. If I death grip it I got the signal to go to 0. Also the battery meter is overexagerated.

  • Jenny

    I’ve had the phone for 3 days now, and the signal fade is a problem. The only way I can avoid signal fade is by holding it at the top and bottom of the phone. It feels awkward to hold it like that :(

    I don’t grip it hard at all. I just place it on my hand and it still fades. It’s a shame cause I really like this phone, but none of the cool features matter if it can’t hold a simple call.

  • mike mikha

    How come these stupid cell makers getting it right anymore.The stupid signla bars are all over the place but the stupid phone still gets calls when it has 0 bars. Whats the deal? i have a hard time getting internet connection because of this

  • JV

    So, I lied and the previous post was not my last one. Found something interesting if anyone would care to try this. I just tried it. While the reception in regards to -dB doesn’t really change that much, the bars seem to be more accurate. I’m seeing 3 to full bars now when “holding it wrong”. This just tells me that the software is a little buggy.

    Problems with my vibrant: -slow 3g -couldn’t get calls or text messages for a couple of hours. -calls where very choppy and sometimes dropped. -every time i put my hands on the phone signal bars dropped -gps was always off and took minutes to locate me, even with use gps towers to locate turned off. Problem with wife’s vibrant: -gps was always off and took minutes to locate, even with use gps towers to locate turned off. How i Fixed these problems: go to settings ->wireless & networks->mobile networks->uncheck data roaming and if you have not done this yet go to settings ->location and security->uncheck use wireless networks Now cycle the power on your phone and it should work fine. I no longer have any issues with anything listed above. I personally have no idea why turning off data roaming would fix any of these issues but it did. Maybe someone who is an expert could give there opinion. If this does not fix you problem i would suggest returning it for another one. .

  • toki

    My signal does not drop, no matter how I hold it and I have not had any problems what so ever with this device. If your having a problem maybe its just your phone that is defective otherwise you should have a smooth experience with this gorgeous mobile device.