myTouch 3G HD Coming To T-Mobile?

Our week of surprising news continues this time thanks to the guys at Android Central who dropped a little bit of a shocker with the first image and basically first reporting of the myTouch 3G HD. Yesterday we “discovered” the existence of a holding page for the first HSPA+ T-Mobile phone which we thought had just been posted that day. Turns out we all were about a week behind as Phonescoop reported on the page a little over a week ago. I’m honestly not sure how almost all of us missed it but hey, it’s out there now and our attention turns to discovering just what phone are we waiting for. Thanks to you guys, our readers who right away went to work on the source code for the webpage discovered the word “Vanguard” tucked away. That brings us back to the Vision/G1/Blaze rumors, which supposedly, if rumors are true are one and the same as the Vanguard.

Now comes word of the myTouch 3G HD, clearly a welcome addition to the T-Mobile lineup, as the “HD” certainly sounds promising. Is this the mysterious HSPA+ phone that is silhouetted on the holding page? That we can’t say for sure, but the existence of the Genius button along with the myTouch branding certainly gives us all the hope in the world for a T-Mobile arrival. Now that we know this phone exists, we’re going to get to work on discovering everything we can and hopefully, maybe, this phone will grace us with HSPA+ and will be one of many to do so.

Larger image after the jump!


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  • Pierre L

    This is going to be a interest look for the mytouch franchise! Looks awesome too

  • Dan

    Is that a ffc just to the right of the speaker ?

  • pimpstrong

    OH SNAP!!

  • poochilau1

    I hope it’s not a plastic built phone like the original mytouches….or the slide

    • tortionist

      The Slide doesn’t feel plasticy and feels very solid,as wellas heavy.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Great news for some. Still a 3.7 inch screen so no thanks. Must be 4+ for me.

  • ThisGuy

    Judging by the size of the genius button and the trackpad….this screen is AT LEAST 4.3in….that thing looks MIGHTY and i WANT IT NOWWWW

    • Wilma Flintstone

      if it is indeed 4.3 inches then I want it especially seeing as how it has a ffc too but I’ve seen them say it’s 3.7 inches so who to believe? Hmmm…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Also, that’s ALOT of headroom up top for that to be 4.3 inches though. Looks more like 3.7 to me but I hope it’s 4.3.

    • Izzy

      I doubt 4.3…id say 3.7 tops!…I’ll stay with my vibreezy!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        that’s what I’m thinking, but umm not with my vibreezy. Haaa!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    so is this the Vanguard? or another Tmo phone? cuhz i thought Vanguard was the HTC Vision.. and if u look closer, that looks like an FFC (which i don’t really care for).

    • J-Hop2o6

      *on the right side of the ear speaker.

  • Barry

    David you sir are the man lol

  • alex

    i would give up the slide for this!!!!! please be real,i hope it has

    *1ghz snapdragon the 3rd gen because it might be HSPA+
    *Android 2.2
    *Comes in white, red, and black
    *Loads of accessories
    *Includes 8/16gb micro SD card expandable to 32gb
    *8g/16gb internal storage
    *HSPA+ Device
    *3.5mm audio jack
    *Camera/video takes 1080p HD resolution
    *Xenon Flash
    *Very slim
    * default on-screen keyboard is swype with no physical keyboard
    *My modes
    *Faves Gallery
    *Mini HDMI output
    *more features

    • Wilma Flintstone

      HIGHLY doubtful but hey, we can dream

    • jose

      good luck but let me welcome you back to reality. most likely 5mp cam with 720p video and fat chance on the xenon flash i dont think HTC has ever used one and i pray to god your wrong about swype i hate that crap lol.

      • J

        Phones that come with Swype allow you to set the keyboard to either Android or Swype. Its no biggie.

      • tortionist

        Of course, because you like to type slowly on a boring keyboard.

    • tortionist

      Alex, I second that motion, except for Android 2.2 give it Gingerbread(3.0). Not that they will, but one can dream.Oh, and a GB of RAM and ROM.

    • ibustcherries

      I am laughing hysterically!!! Not in 2010 my friend, that is a $400 phone subsidized

  • Namo

    Oh man, I wish it came with 13″ screen, dang I have to wait.

    • Wilma Flintstone


    • pimpstrong

      Deal breaker.

  • NolaDude

    Looks very interesting. At least from that pic, it appears to be a tablet without a qwerty, which is pretty much what I have been waiting for. As far as it being an HSPA+ device, the name Mytouch3G wouldn’t make much sense…although the “3G” doesn’t appear in the pic, so we can hope and assume that it isn’t actually part of the name.

    Could be getting close to putting the Slide on ebay! :D

  • Ansel

    On Androidguys they’re saying it might have a FFC…

    • Marc

      It looks like it does have one

  • jose

    that looks nice but i wish tmobile would get a nice moto phone like verizon gets. and i wish theyd stop releasing these damn android phones with crap like Expresso and Blur.

    • ThisGuyJohn

      Agh, I can’t stand Moto phones :/ They’re the ones putting BLUR on the Droid X.

      • tortionist

        Moto phones suck compared to HTC phones. Like i’ve said before,”HTC is the Rolex of smartphones.”

  • whodat

    T-Mobile is playing with my head!
    I can’t take it.

  • alex

    please let it be true!!!!

  • Perry

    If only it did not have expresso ui… I hate that weird version of sense.

  • NiiDiddy

    Looks like a 3.7″ screen there, with what looks like a FFC. I am sure it’ll have flash like the Slide. For me, it looks thick—but dont see any signs of physical keyboard. I wonder though, what really makes this HD…maybe now added is the ability to shoot in HD??? OR HD could mean something else?? Good for the MT3G Franchise T-Mobile had going for them [like VZ and their Driod selections…only Droids have been a few steps ahead it seems]. I have warmed up to the idea of FFC and I’d actually use it a whole lot. Might be hard, but depending on the specs of this phone…most importantly the screen size and processor…will determine if i sell my Vibrant for this…or just buy this in addition…!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Surely you just, come now, The HD clearly stands for HEAVY DUTY. Clearly this things a mammoth and nothing can break the diamond screen it packs.

      • NiiDiddy

        LOL – You got me there, Wilma :).

      • ThatGuyYouLove

        Hahahahahahahahahaha u said duty!!!!!

  • JaylanPHNX

    I’m hoping it’s everything the slide is plus hspa+, larger screen, faster processor, and minus keyboard. Price it at less than the Vibrant and that = win.

    • davidohio

      Price it LESS than the Vibrant? Good luck with that, no way with those specs!

  • barman

    Might as well call this Mytouch3g slide XT

  • ThisGuyJohn

    It actually looks nice for a myTouch phone.. I hope it has normal Sense UI over Expresso though.

  • FloridaGuy

    Vibrant, Vanguard, Mytouch HD, Emerald…. wow…Tmo is cranking it up. options, options and more options…and more decisions. Well, its saving me money too by playing the waiting game ;)

    • Danny P.

      For some reason I think this is the Vanguard. They mentioned it on android Central. There is no way that there are 3 separate phones. This has to be the vanguard , large touch screen, no physical keyboard; while the emerald is what we saw a couple days ago, nexus like – lookin’ with a 4 row qwerty keyboard. The leaked roadmap doesn’t show any other htc devices except for the shubert which is winmo7. Besides from a business standpoint, it makes sense for tmobile to sell the MTS with a keyboard and then another phone without a keyboard, similar to verizon with the Droid and then the Incredible, or the Droid X and the soon to come Droid 2. Its always best to hit all the demographics.

    • rizzo

      This is going to be a great christmas for a new tmo phone. you’ll have a nice crop to pick from.

  • david

    damn i just got my slide like… a month ago :( these things are coming out to fast… but i like it =D


    please be more than 3.7in please be more than 3.7in

  • alex

    i think this is the 1st HSPAvplus phone it resembles the picture

    If you notice the camera button is popping out on the slide,and on the mystery device

  • OH BOY!

    Wow it most definetly looks promising. Once T-mobile drops this with ffc,their already low price plans and hspa+ (which is faster than Sprint 4G), i see Sprint being in 4th place! EVO WHO!!!!!

  • Tmobile4life


    • Digitalthug

      Wow what a tongue u got there. Goddamn…

    • NiiDiddy

      explain…you can’t just pop up here and say what you just said without explaining why you think it’s a “WTF!!!! ANOTHER FAIL…”

      we’d all like you know..

  • FloridaGuy

    I dont know whether Vanguard and this phone are the same but i noticed one small thing, may be its nothing. If you see on the right edge of the phone, there is this small thingy coming out (a camera button, or button to pop out card) and if you see the silhouette of the new HSPA+ phone on the tmo website, there is a similar kind of protrusion ofcourse on the other edge though :). so just guessing.

    • FloridaGuy

      alex beat me to it :)

  • Dan

    Its two different phones….

  • alex

    Some guys also compared it with photoshop

    • OH BOY!

      @Alex, thats what i was thinking….I hope its not a photoshop of a mytouch slide stretched out!

    • WTF
      That image is a fake, The MyTouch sign is backwards, the genius button is on the wrong side, I will kill T-mobile if this phone is the Vanguard, vision, emerald, etc. Somebody, MyTOUCH!! KILL THAT BRAND

      • http://tmonews karl

        if you are serious…the “G” button is on the right side of phone!!!! but photo shopped…yes it does look like a stretched MTslide with a qwerty slide out, its sooo obivous the phone is split right down the side….hellllooo

    • gmoney

      That pic is close, but the button is on the other side of the phone…

    • pimpstrong

      Obviously its “fake”. It was shopped to show the resemblence.

      My guess is that the tmo site pic of the hspa phone is showing the back side which would put the cam button in that spot.

  • Hi, I’m 12 and what is this?

    Looks decent. Sleek, industrial, small… I can only hope it has a decent MTBC – mean time between charges.

    I don’t wanna be like “Yo doood, check it out, I can calculate the last digit of pi in 3 seconds while playing Crysis, and then download the internets in 2 minutes.” and have it shut off 30 seconds after unplugging.

    Hint, the iPhone has a battery life that runs laps around smartphones:

    • Perry

      There is no last digit to pi and how can you download the internet?

    • Perry

      Oh and something else. The iphone will never have the best battery life. Not until we can put extended batteries on it. Like the one I have on my N1 right now give me literally 2-3 days without needing a charge.

  • Marc

    Guess, I will try to wait for the other rumored phone, after I get the specs on this though.

  • karlc

    perhaps HD = HSPA+ Device????
    and yes i agree i think its the same image in the TMO site silhouette. theres a small bump in the lower left side corner of the image at the HSPA site. and this new MT3GHD has a button on the lower right which, if flipped would match the image….
    and to me it appears to have a qwerty slide out. the phone looks like it is split down the middle, the upper half looks to be laying on top of the bottom..i’d say a MT3G slide phone. however, could this image of the MT3GHD be photo shopped?? it looks stretched. it looks like some editing tools in the upper part of the pictures…… i dunno just saying….

  • Jose Medina

    Ummm im still rocking with hd2 with custom roms and been stable so I doubt this might make me want to change. I want something that will blow maybe iphone 4 wouldnt be bad if they dont change the pricing or a nexus 2 even thought the wont happen or a nokia n8 camera looks amazing

  • karlc

    a xenon flash and a “G” button would make the Vibrant the best in the land!!!!!

  • Carl

    Taking back my Vibrant today in hops that that this will be better. If its not, I can always go and get the Vibrant again…

  • mike

    looks good so far, ill wait to say more when the specs come out

  • K. Ray

    I signed up for the HPSA+ email notification and have not received anything. Has anybody received a notice after doing that?

  • AndroidMan

    What if the HTC Vision and HTC Vanguard is 2 different Phones?
    Its possible.
    Yeah HTC makes name for their devices like the HTC Dream, etc. Why would they call the same phone HTC Vision and HTC Vanguard. I believe they are different phones.

    • Perry

      One could be a codename and one could be the real one, as in the one it will be released as.

  • Ninjawarrior

    The vanguard is the first hspa+ phone and that is not it.

  • threetee14

    I’m hoping this phone is a variant of the NexusOne/Desire/DroidIncredible trio. Like a myTouch-ified version. 1ghz, 3.7inch screen, trackpad… I think those three phones were the perfect size for a smartPHONE where i can hold it with one hand.

    look at the iphone with a measly 3.5incher… and that works just fine!

  • Miguel

    I don’t like the myTouch Slide too much. The buttons are hard to press, it feels plasticky, it’s bulkier than the G1, and the custom UI with the square app icons and the confusing contact management turned me off. I’m a Nexus One owner, and I simply enjoy plain ole Froyo. Maybe the Slide have grown on me if I had it for a few more weeks.

    So if this phone has a 1Ghz processor, better and bigger screen along with a FFC and better build quality than the Slide… then this might be a possible Nexus One replacement, if I can disable Sense.

  • joshuakprice1

    I’m going to have to say fake. Holding my own slide up to the picture, it looks WAY too stretched. It’s not wide enough to be 4 or 4.3 inches, but its too long to be 3.7. And 99% of the phone is exactly the same as the slide. They wouldn’t have had to change much. Plus, there are editing tools in the top corners. Even if we didn’t see that, we KNOW its photoshopped because nobody is holding it. It’s obviously a digital mock-up, so it’s no strech to say that its a fake digital mock-up. No, its vanguard/vision in september, and emerald in november.

  • mingkee

    So this is a reason why T-Mobile doesn’t carry Nexus One, right?
    Does it have 8GB or more internal storage?
    Does it have 3.75G?
    Does it have larger than nexus one screen?
    Does it have 2.2 with mobile hotspot supported?

  • tortionist

    You guys need to see what a my Touch slide looks like. Considering I own one, and it’s nice. You guys that mention it being a My Touch Slide are idiots. All of the buttons are in the right place. The my touch slide doesn’t say My Touch on it. The front just says My in the white circle. The button next to the home button on the slide has 3 solid lines, not broken up like in the above photo. The bottom edge has a lip in the photo, the slide does not. Get a clue. The top of the screen is different from the slide and the speaker on the top is wider on the slide. You guys and your speculation.

  • Jeff

    Def is not a good phone…pos

    • Galen20K

      more like pos commenter.

  • ibustcherries

    The screen looks like a 4 incher to me! T-mobile FTW!!

    • Yyevo

      That’s NOT what she said!

  • alex

    i have the slide if this phone is real then i am ditching the slide,it looks like a bigger slide,with no keyboard(yes),front facing camera,i always wanted a power house mytouch because of the accesories,etc.Hopefully it comes out with 2.2 and if it is HSPA plus it will have the 3rd gen processor,just hope it has like 8gb/16gb of internal storage since htc seems to be making phones with a lot of storage which is good i am already running out of space on my slide :(

  • Red_slide

    Omg. i just got a red slide and now they came out with this.. i am jealous. lol this one looks very slick and thin and looks sexy !

  • Ninjawarrior

    Some of you are confused about the naming so here is how it works. A t-mobile phone will have 3 names. The first (Vision) is the Htc branded name. The second (Vanguard) is the T-mobile project name. The third (G1 blaze or etc) is the T-mobile brand name which it is marketed under.

  • Red_slide

    All ya pppl talkin S*** bout the slide its a great phone if your complaning bout the ui just root it like i did im runnin slideme version 4 final and its fast and better then the stock ui now i cant complanin about my slide. its awesome i doubt that this will come out why would they make this though it looks exactly like the slide im sure tmobile would do something to change it my slide is perfect its not bulkier then the g1 as said above.. i came from a g1 and the slide is a good phone.. but if this so called mytouch comes out with dual proccesors or specs as awesome as the vibrant i will definetly get this. but who knows maybe something better then this crap will come out.

    • tortionist

      Hey Red_Slide, can you point me in the right direction for rooting my black slide? it rocks, but from what I hear the simple ROM extends the battery life by about 30% and frees up 20 or so megs of RAM.

    • Yyevo

      You’re not running Swype, are you?