Is This A Real Leaked T-Mobile Roadmap?

The guys over at Androidspin claim to have been sent, via one of their sources, a leaked T-Mobile roadmap showing off 16 devices coming the Magenta way. Let me just say right now, I don’t know if this is real, it most certainly doesn’t look like the roadmaps I have seen in the past…that’s not to say it’s fake, just saying I’m suspicious of its validity. Which means, for those of you who will inevitably manage to skip over this sentence in the post, these dates, phones, codenames and pretty much everything seen above is subject to change and/or confirmation. I will say this, it’s been made very clear to me that LG is in the T-Mobile game this year and will showcase a number of devices by years end and this roadmap shows only two devices coming at years end, so I’m skeptical at the moment.

Let me tell you what I know is coming, I was planning on doing a separate post regarding this but I’ll tell you what we believe is coming up. The HTC Vanguard is scheduled for sometime in September, so that lines up well. As well as the single BlackBerry launch scheduled for this year and we hear this one is “worth the wait.” Whatever that means, I have no idea but it better be something that gives BlackBerry the swift kick in the rear it so desperately needs. The true successor to the G1 is scheduled for launch before November, aka G1 V2 for those of you who remember back that far that was the originally rumored name. Well we don’t know if that’s the case anymore but we hear that the phone itself does exist and will be releasing sometime on, or before, November. In fact, let’s go a little further and say that the HTC Vision and the G1 V2 might indeed be the same device

Along with the phone release dates, the myTouch 3G, Cliq and Cliq XT look to be getting their Éclair updates sometime in August. That’s just under a month away but long enough to likely not calm the masses already screaming at Motorola for the lack of information regarding future updates.

The HTC Emerald, which conjures up ideas of our first leaked Project Emerald story is slated for November 5th. Also slated for a November launch is the Motorola Jordan and the Begonia and then HTC has the Schubert planned for November 17th.

So far, we can verify some of this sounds pretty accurate but the image itself just looks far off from the typical roadmap. We’ll chalk this up firmly in the rumored but hopeful category for now and work our own sources to confirm.


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  • Eric

    T-mObile to sink in 2011? I am sure the rumor has been around a bit but now the cell carrier shares the spot with blockbuster and others. The only worth while carriers in the US are AT&T and Verizon is what the article mentions. I would think that most on here are huge T-mo fans so am sure there will be doubt with “concrete” reasons why they wont but what does everyone think.

    For me, it is always about phones, and if it was just based on just that, I forsee them going down the toilet.

    • 3g rules

      just because some yahoo writes it does not mean it’s true.

  • BBSwany

    So.. Where’s the Dell Lightning on this roadmap?

  • Exec4Future

    LOL. T-Mobile will never disappear. Not in the U.S. anyway. Whether you love them or hate them, they have the best network, the cheapest plans and the best customer service. Personally, I am starting to hate T-Mobile but as an actual analyst with an actual degree (unlike the moron who predicted T-mobile’s 2011 demise), I can assure you that if anything, T-mobile will soon knock SPrint out of 3rd place. Sprint= terrible customer service, limited coverage, mostly awful phones(except the evo). that of course does not spell good news for sprint. Then there is Verizon: Decent network, mediocre customer service, but the absolute worst selection of phones. Noone has more depressing phones except maybe US Cellular. The only decent phone on Verizon is the Droid and Droid X and lets be honest: not the greatest Android phones on the market. And lets not forget AT&T who has basically no customer service, spotty and congested network, and has one decent phone, the iphone(which is most likely headed to T-Mobile anyway). it does not take a genius to do the math on this one. The most promising network right now is T-mobile. Dont believe me? check the stocks right now. They arent going anywhere. If anything, they will be absorbing Sprint within the next 4 years.

  • http://None Martin

    T-Mobile is spending money launching HSPA+ cities across the nation, why would they do that if they intend to dump it one piece at a time, that just doesn’t make sense. The only massive change T-Mobile is going to undertake in 2011 is a changing of the guard, Phillip Humm will become the CEO. Do you think Sprint could even afford T-Mobile? I would wager they could not.

  • willie1

    Sprint does not have enough to buy tmobile. What seems likely for 2011 is a merger/joint venture with a company lookin to get in the wireless game. Phillip Humm is bringing merger experience from his latest stint with Tmo. Europe.

    If this happens, TMobile will be a REAL player in the industry

  • Abcd

    yeah theyd be a real player and lots of people would get fired…good smarts