HTC Vision is Viewed

First off, Happy Fourth of July!  Now, let’s get this started.  Everything after this point should be placed in the RUMOR folder.  You might remember talks of a new HTC Android phone with a full QWERTY keyboard when we were all going crazy over Project Emerald.  We said then that the rumored device was called the HTC Vision.  Back to present day, a picture of the so called HTC Vision has surfaced.  They say that this phone has a 3.7-inch display powered by a 1GHz processor (Snapdragon?) and Android 2.1 with Sense (but that doesn’t look like the current Sense UI).  Now, those don’t match up with the Superphone specs that we heard about in the past.  We will just need to wait and see what HTC brings to good ol’ Magenta in the future.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • raymond

    yawns newguy when you bash others for their opinions it shows what little a mind you have -_- if you can’t handle peoples opinions without name calling i fear for you in the real world -_-

  • Myg1

    I come here back and forth and still see complains..peoples still haven’t grown up this phone is not even a finished product look at the pic for god sakes…go enjoy your 4th of july!

  • mj

    typical complaints about tmo regardless of what they do…it’s like complaining about the wife. you aint goin anywhere….

  • SoonerSaint12

    T-mobile, too little, too late. Lackluster as usual here.

    • GregP

      What would you propose to improve?

  • Serotheo

    the keyboard has a slight bump on the top.. maybe it’ll be able to tilt the screen? I like the phone, stop complaining guys, its ON PAR with other superphones hardware wise.. its incredible with a keyboard more closely tbh since is 3.7in screen. Anyways PROTOTYPE.. just like a TV Episode.. “to be continued..” It’ll probably rise back up in a few months.

    • Mr. T

      Specs are okay, but the device is definitely not as cool. Have you held an Aria? or an Incredible? Look at them real close, everything about them is purposeful and meticulously crafted with elegance in mind.

      Sorry the whole bottom of the device looks lame..and the track pad is not anywhere as elegant as the Aria track pad.

      And the keyboard? Get real looks like a tweeny bopper text centric Gravity 3 keyboard….

      Why can’t we just get good looking devices on T-Mobile! I know a lot of poor/bad credit people use T-Mobile, and for whatever reason they like phones that look like that (no joke you so a hillbilly a highlight or a Droid and they like the look of the highlight mind explodes everytime!) But some people like T-Mobile because they are responsible with their money and purposely choose a discounted carrier for financial reasons, not to mention T-Mobile offers great customer service.

      So please T-Mobile, stop catering exclusively to the idiots!!!

      And no, the myTouch Slide also looks stupid T-Mobile, we aren’t 12!!!

      • TMOprophet

        I agree, its not on par with recent HTC releases. That causes me to speculate that their is no way this could be coming to us in that form, it would be a total fail…cause its plain boring and ugly, Also keep in mind that Sprint was on the verge of dying and somehow managed to get the whats TMO’s excuse.

      • Dale Murphy

        well, their credit must be somewhat decent otherwise the customers you are flaming could only get prepaid. tmobile does do credit checks.

      • Black Hawk Solidus

        I like the look of the highlight more than the droid. But then again, I like the MyTouch phones over most other android offerings. I would love to see more phones with the specs of the droid on T-Mo, but the droid looks like a confussed rectangle to me.

  • Mr. T

    Yup, this is definitely a legit picture that proves without a doubt this is coming to T-Mobile? How do I know this? Because this is a POS looking phone, and T-Mobile always gets the crappy looking ones :)

    If this looked cool like the Aria, or the Droid Incredible, I would be all “WTF FAKEE!!!!”

    [/rant about how I am fed up with T-Mobile getting boring looking devices]

    • 2FR35H

      Aria doesn’t look cool lmao!

  • newmexican


    I am surprised that TMO cannot get any “superphone”. They started the Android success for Google and HTC with the G1 (I got mine in the first pre-order). Why can’t they set the pace again. Also we G1 early adopters need some respect (in form of a good replacement of our G1s). While I do not ask for the best in all categories I am very disappointed right now. In the Galaxy S family only the Sprint variety (Galaxy S Pro) can be considered a likely successor of the G1 and if I look at this HTC Vision shot, the keyboard is an embarrassment compared to the old G1 keyboard. SO if anybody at TMO reads this: I am willing to pay a good price for a worthy G1 replacement that picks up where the G1 was in October 2008 (setting the pace among smartphones)!
    End of Rant

    • Thanh

      My last hope was the HTC Vision. I was also one of the early adopter G1 Pre-Orders, and have been waiting for a phone worthy to replace my G1. Sadly although this is better than my G1, it still doesn’t get me excited. I had alot of hopes for the Vibrant but if its not a HSPA+ phone then I’m definitely not getting it…. This leak of the Vision has confirmed for me that tomorrow or Wednesday I will be going to AT&T and ordering an Iphone4g since I’ve been out of contract w/ Tmobile for a few months now….. I really liked the Verizon and Sprint android phones but the Iphone has much better battery life than any of the HTC phones. Sorry Magenta, my family plan still consists of 4 other phones that are still in contract but as I go, so will my wife & kids phones as they expire. Sorry, I tried to stick it w/ Magenta for as long as I could…. but us G1 guys took a chance w/ HTC/Android before they were anything and now we feel like a forgotten market.

      • going_home

        I was also one of the original G1 pre-orders and got tired of waiting on TMO.Just go buy a MyTouch 3G off Craigslist used (got mine for $100.00). Then go to and put Swype on it and bam, you have a better phone than the G1. And the MT3G is going to get 2.2 Froyo ! Then just hang out till TMO comes up with a phone to knock our socks off. Thats what I did.

  • soon2TMO

    i dont care about this phone, im getting the vibrant!! and will be with me for at least a year or year 1/2 , then ill get a better one.. FFC, dual processor, scropion whatever, so on so forth..

    why does this phone reminds me of the MT3G slide?? so this phone will have a keyboard, and the dual core processor will have a kewboard as well… so is tmo into collecting these type of phones?? i doubt the dual core will have a keyboard anyway.. i bet it wont!

    PS.. the EVO does not look sexy at all, the HD2 looks sooo much better..
    evo is overrated… blecch hehe LOL

  • female_fone-geek

    All you guys are idiots if you were to read you can clearly see that it says rumor to be a bunch of morons

    • Bobomo

      You don’t understand. The posters here, like many sites on the internet comment based on the tried-and-true “THIS IS PROOF OF WHAT I ALREADY BELIEVE IN!!!” theorem.

      The fact that this is clearly a rumor doesn’t matter. Nor does the fact that it is clearly test hardware. And the fact that this is just a couple pictures and the word of someone we’ve never heard of? Doesn’t mean a damn, because “I ALREADY HAVE AN OPINION AND I CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO CHANGE IT I JUST REPEAT IT ALL DAY LONG AS LOUDLY AND WITH AS MUCH VULGARITY AS POSSIBLE!!”

      Critical thinking is hard, so why bother?

    • 2FR35H

      Samsung Galaxy S was a rumour and became true even worse they cut it down and didn’t even want to add hspa+ or something else to replace the Navigation button or the FFC.

      T-Mobile is constantly messing up. Sure this could be a rumour and it could also not be. I hope it is a rumour and not a fact because we will have just been had again. What happened to Dual-Core Goodness and 4.3 inch screen with a qwerty keyboard and Android 3.0? If this is the HTC Vision then I will pass on it and just get the Samsung Vibrant now.

      • J-Hop2o6

        it NEVER HAD HSPA+ to begin with.

      • Davidohio

        You do understand that just because the vibrant is not hspa+ dedicated that it will still use the hspa+ network for enhanced speeds right? 7.2mbps max but that is still really fast with the 1ghz processor. I do not even care at ALL that it is not hspa+ dedicated. It will still be blazing fast! Google it.

  • Matt

    You can say that the EVO is overrated, and it may even look worse than the HD2, but Windows Mobile is a complete fail…I’ve had the HD2 for two weeks and was planning on keeping it until Christmas when some new phones hopefully drop, but I’m wishing more and more I had just returned it, and leaning more towards taking a loss and getting the Vibrant when it comes out.

    • TMOprophet

      Android is almost ready for the HD2, hold on to it…Im thinking about getting it if they can get a stable rom ready, they already have a test build available for download, but its not the final version.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’m definitely with you on getting rod of the HD2. I have been through sheer turmoil with mine. Only problem I am running into is that in my opinion, Tmo doesn’t have a good enough phone to replace it with. The Vibrant to me is a stripped down mess so I have to wait longer.

  • Matt

    Yeah back on topic…I’d totally take this phone right now if it was being released. The biggest problem I see is that by the time T-Mobile actually releases this phone, once again all other carriers will have something nicer and T-Mobile will pump up this phone even though it is once again inferior to competitor’s products.

  • Matt

    I’ve been watching the development of Android for the HD2, and its definitely progressing, but I still don’t know that it will ever get to the point where it is as usable as an Android phone. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how good the Vibrant is in comparison and decide if its worth spending the difference to get it. I’d love to see Android on the HD2 though, it is the nicest phone I’ve owned in terms of hardware and design. Also love the hardware buttons as opposed to the touch sensitive ones on the Vibrant and some other newer phones.

    • TMOprophet

      That HD2 is pure sex…I love it, if they get froyo rocking on it, that might be my next phone, but right now they only are getting 2.1 almost working on it, so we will see. The HD2 is better looking than the EVO, but dont get me wrong I like the EVO too, some say that kickstand is stupid, but once you realize just how functional it is, you cant imagine it without.

  • TheLight

    1st of all Happy 4th everryone, even though its past 12 central… I think we still have to remember that T-Mobile is rebooting their strategy to compete with other major 3 carriers.. buuuuuuut

    They continue to win the best customer service award

    They continue to change and customize their rate plans so that they can fit everyone for a low price

    Even though they are mid range, low range, and non-superphones Magenta is beefing up the phone lineup. Note: The Vibrant is great phone (Im not getting it, waitng on a superphone with 1ghz and 5 row qwerty and the rumor mill is hot for a superphone coming so Im not given up hope :)

    BUT, T-Mobile I have an issue with you holding ota updates, taking so long to get a superhone, taking away my faves, letting everyone else pass us in the Android Google game, and over dramatizing the release of the Vibrant(a phone every other carrier has)…lol..

    Lets be patient people…Come on with superphone and ota updates Magenta….

    Have a goodnight everyone

  • Barry

    I think Freddie Sanchez hit the nail on the head I remember a while back at&t supposedly getting a slider phone and I remember it being called HTC Vision and that keyboard wrecks at&t looks just like my tilt kb. I was gonna ask if anyone thinks this is a legit pic.

  • ebatr8

    this phone looks good if they made it all black id buy how it is already there is not one phone out yet on any carrier with full keyboard and snapdragon but hopefully they polish it more and release soon. to everyone here ranting about tmobile GTFO nobody here cares if you leave tmobile or if your dissapointed in them you dont run a business so stop thinking you know whats right for them to do and whats not they cater to there customers the mytouch slide is great its an easy to use phone for the public other android devices arent as easy to use for people getting there first smartphone if your dissapointed go get yourself a phone on another carrier pay vzw’s expensive rates, get sprints crappy customer service or drop calls on at&t with the jesus phone. Lastly no company cares about the needs of the more techy customers which is why apple designs the iphone for the mass public making it a closed source, android is mainly for google to get its services to everyone and the other carriers pick android up because it competes with the iphone but they dont care that you want 4.3″ screens or dual processors end of story

  • Marcus Armstrong

    the scorpion processor everyone is talkin about is gonna be on the HTC HD3. Unfortunately, its not gon be android. its a Windows Phone 7 OS phone. even a 486GHz GorillaHULKZebra processor w/ 5TB of Ram and 680,680,686GB of On board storage w/ a 101.1MP camera w/ tripple xeon gamma ray flash w/ 458G data speeds cant make Windows Mobile phones betta than even Android 1.5, let alone Android 2.2 LMFAO..and ppl its jus a prototype. i’ll give it 2 weeks and another prototype will be on here thats better

    • James L

      because wp7 will run exactly the same as 6.5…. friggin idiot

    • TMOprophet

      I think they proved that HD3 rumor to be a fake. Just read about it yesterday or the day before that.

      • En2Mente

        I think they only proved the picture that’d floating around as fake, but the specs are still debatable.

      • En2Mente

        I think they only proved the picture that’s floating around as fake, but the specs are still debatable.

  • TMOprophet

    New thoughts, I dont think we need to worry about this being what we get as a EVO like phone, TMO has been making changes lately and I firmly believe that they have something in store for us later in the year. WHile this phone may come to fruitation as more compact high powered phone, I dont think that this is what TMO’s answer to the EVO and Droid X will be, Im pretty sure that the HTC rep that ran his mouth in seattle was indeed spilling some beans for a dual core, 4.3in android. Most likely to offset sales on the Vibrant. So Im not worried, I still think that we will get our super phone eventually. This is more or less either going to AT&T or coming to us as a prototype of a HTC Incredible rival for TMO. But that still leaves an empty slot for the dubbed superphone. DOnt worry everyone I still think theres a pot o gold at the end of our rainbow.

  • 2FR35H

    Personally I don’t really see this crap becoming a flagship Android 3.0 device its so lame!

    • Marcus Armstrong

      the same ppl who sayin this is a crap device is gonna drool ova it if it comes to tmo. i think this phone is sexy as a prototype. imagine how its gonna b when it comes out more sleek and polished. hopefully it will rival the Verizon Droid 2. 3.7 in screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of Ram, 5MP cam w/ Flash, Android 2.1 w/ future ota for 2.2. hopefully they will add a d-pad to the keyboard like the motocliq. This will me a perfect phone marketable for power users like us as well as reg Android users. Could turn Tmo in the right direction jus like the Droid did for veriozon and the G1 did for tmo. If we get it, please be sumthin we can afford like 179.99 or 199.99

      • 2FR35H

        Hmmm the same people would include me correct? because if I am then you sir are far from right you are left.

        However, if this phone is with the past rumoured specs then I can look past the hideous looks of this phone prototype.

        as far as looks go and this prototype Droid>Prototype.

        HTC better come with the dual core goodness that was said to be because once this is released in october it will definitely won’t be competing with something new seeing as it looks as if Dual Core and 2ghz processors are the New 1ghz of next year.

        Of course if T-Mobile prices this right it will sell. I would at most pay $129 on contract at the most for this. because with those specs its not worth $200 contract.

  • Jason

    Well this is, I feel, their best Android effort IF this were to be a Tmo phone. But, I am not a physical keyboard phone and look towards Sprint and Verizone with envy as they get the phones that are basically all face. That is all I truly want out of Tmo, a phone with all face, not one where a quarter of the front is taken up by bezel.

    …But if this is the best I could get my hands on in a couple months I would take it, as opposed to that Samsung junk which I feel no desire for.

  • drmosh

    whoever took the pictures needs to be shot… fuzzy, flash reflection… my only concern is the 4 line keyboard… not as good as the G1s keyboard…

  • Magnus

    this HTC Visson look suck.. cuz it’s only have 4 row keys… Galaxy S Pro have 5 row.. it’s better than Vision..

    I don’t understand why HTC make 4 row keys??? SMH

  • Eric

    Ya… pretty much everything about it turned out to be not true.

    4.3? screen – no.
    Dual core processor – no.
    Gingerbread – no.

    Only the QWERTY keyboard survives. ;)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      eric, This is a rumor.

  • raymond

    t mobile look what you hath left and your path of destruction

  • Davidohio

    What a surprise…the complainers are out in force again. Really guys just switch carriers already and get the phone you want for this month because most of us are sick and tired of all the complaining.

  • timdawg919

    Guess I’ll be staying with my nexus one as this seems to be a nexus one with a keyboard

  • lanenadebk

    Hopefully it’ll replace my hopes and dreams of what I had for the HTC HD2. And the keyboard is a GREAT addition!!

  • Barry

    I agree with tmoprohet I don’t think this is our vision. Tmo knows this doesn’t rival the Droid X, Evo, or Incredible. So I’m taking this for what its worth…a grainy pic of a at&t slider that was rumored a while back.

    • TMOprophet

      Even if this is the VIsion, I still think we will get a better device this year. Way back when the first VIsion rumors popped up, they said that it would be a desire or nexus like device with a keybaord, now this thing looks a lot like that desciption. So in any event I still think that 4.3 dual core will show up this year, and hopefully the form factor is like the evo or HD2

  • Barry

    Reeks* (from my first post lol)

    Maybe the pic above is another prototype of this

    • Dale Murphy

      nice find, Barry.

    • J-Hop2o6

      these are TWO different phones (and its obvious).. that AT&T phone has arrow keys.. “Vision” does not.. AT&T uses FN key–which shows in that picture.. T-Mobile uses ALT key–which shows in the “Vision” picture.. also the trackpad is different.

      I wonder what those dotted keys on the bottom of the “Vision” are.

  • TonyJohns

    What I don’t understand is if you are unhappy with T-Mobile’s phone selection, then why are you still with T-Mobile? If you want a phone like the Evo? Well by gosh golly go on over to Sprint to scoop one up! Problem Solved.

    Same goes for the other phones. Want a phone like the Droid X, well I’m sure Verizon’s door is open. How about that iphone? AT&T should be open, waltz over there and get it!

    T-Mobile WILL NOT listen to your bitching and complaining. Money talks, and if you are not satisfied with T-Mobile, take your wallet to another carrier, then and only then will T-Mobile open their eyes.

    • Logic

      Maybe because we’re locked in contracts?

    • Fordude

      I couldn’t agree with TonyJohns more! Seems like basic deductive reasoning to me. If harware > customerservice and great coverage than why would you stay with TMO???

      Money talks, BS walks!

      Sent from what most would call a sub par Mytouch3G Slide on what most would consider a lack luster network.

      Happy TMO customer since 2001!

  • Barry

    I know the bitching is annoying and I said before Tmo customers are like us eagles fans everything is jump off the Ben Franklin bad or super bowl championship good lol but I feel the reason for this beef is the name, if this was the nexus two or the desire pro I don’t think it would be like this. the fact that the name “vision” is linked to this image ppl are getting bent outta shape because of the rumored specs we’ve read about months ago. Personally I’m getting the vibrant to hold me over until something big comes which should be soon.

  • Mlynch01

    This will be Tmo’s answer to the Droid 2. The Vision will be a whole other beast, and you people are crazy because everyone was asking for a 1ghz phone with keyboard. You get one and now your complaining? Come on people you should be happy that this will possibly be an option on Tmo’s lineup. It will be a great addition, you people will never be satisfied.

  • IneedAG1Replacement

    The only problem with this phone is that it is not available today. By the time it lunches, other carriers will have something better. That’s what drives all the complaints

  • IneedAG1Replacement

    The only problem with this phone is that it is not available today. By the time it lunches, other carriers will have something better. That’s what drives all the complaints

  • mailman13877

    Once again TMO FAILS..NO FFC or dual core on the NEXT GREAT PHONE.TMO is just known to hype and then FAIl.Im 90% sure im going to another company after the 28th…they better do something real fast to convince me.QWERTY is out of style now imo..less bulk is better..smfh

  • david

    Wow it seems like a nice phone but still not what I really want.

  • Red

    And this is supposed to be the project emerald, next iteration of the sidekick?

  • JoshL

    that keyboard is fugly. haahahaa.

  • phonegeek

    Why is everyone so pissed …1. This phone is a prototype the finished design 2. I believe this is the 1ghz qwerty phone people wanted an yet you all complain 3. you wanted a nexus one device an they gave you the vibrant…now look its not enough..honestly I was one of the complainers until I realized what tmo is doing……they are answering or wishes they are listening and since they are a business they are trying their best with what they can an they are doing good so either get a mts since you wanted a 2.1 phone anyway or settle for that new nexus one like phone we all been fussing over our you can get that qwerty phone that’s coming out an wait for their project emerald beat phone you been waiting for an when that congress your gonna complain some more saying I want a 3 ghz processor, qwerty,with ffc, with a 5′ screen that can read my a bed time story cook n tuck me in and fly me to hawaii an pull a chic by the name of sheryl an win me a mansion with a ferrari aston martin an bmw……

    • IneedAG1Replacement

      No one would be pissed, if it was available today. Everyone is complaining because by the time it comes out, other carriers will have something better. Just like the Vibrant.

      • phonegeek

        Fair enough but thats technology there’s always something better

  • phonegeek

    Why is everyone so pissed …1. This phone is a prototype the finished design 2. I believe this is the 1ghz qwerty phone people wanted an yet you all complain 3. you wanted a nexus one device an they gave you the vibrant…now look its not enough..honestly I was one of the complainers until I realized what tmo is doing……they are answering our wishes they are listening and since they are a business they are trying their best with what they can an they are doing good so either get a mts since you wanted a 2.1 phone anyway or settle for that new nexus one like phone we all been fussing over our you can get that qwerty phone that’s coming out an wait for their project emerald beat phone you been waiting for an when that congress your gonna complain some more saying I want a 3 ghz processor, qwerty,with ffc, with a 5′ screen that can read my a bed time story cook n tuck me in and fly me to hawaii an pull a chic by the name of sheryl an win me a mansion with a ferrari aston martin an bmw……

  • phonegeek

    Sorry for the double post

    • phonegeek

      An I meant prototype is NOT the finished design

  • Dale Murphy

    There is no way this is ‘project emerald’ and it also looks like this phone is going to ATT.

  • jmts80

    I’m sold! :)

  • alex

    guys it’s a prototype, and it looks pretty cool for one :D, im getting me a slide 2mm

  • LoSo

    i don’t think this is the next superphone tmobile was talkin maybe the vision..but who knows this might not be what is supposed to be the next sidekick..honestly im a lil dissapointed and on the fence..i’ll give it more time as i know i’ll be waiting for a more clearer announcement from tmob or a leaker that will say when the REAL sidekick is coming!!

  • heywhoa

    It’s an early mock up of the phone. It will be T-mo’s first HSPA+ handset!

  • chris


    • J-Hop2o6

      im black, and i find this offensive.. what does white ppl have to do anything with this? trolling?

    • TMOprophet

      Im white and find that offensive, christ you know how much of an uproar it would make if I came in here and said F’n Black people “” “” “”” ” ” “”
      Your a dumbass, racist should leave this blog

      Dave you should boot this racist dude.

      • Dale Murphy

        prophet, you are assuming that chris is black. he may not be. maybe he just wants to start a race war. let’s just say it is offensive and that he/she should be booted.

  • Barry

    the vision was said to be a nexus one like device with a slide out keyboard…lol idk idc either when the superphones come I’ll grab it. oh and there’s already a rumored galaxy s 2 with a 2ghz processor blah blah…there always something bigger and better coming. It’ll be ok ppl.

    • TMOprophet

      yeah I saw that new galaxy s2, or whatever, looks sweet, aside from the samsung name on it, but I agree the future is looking brighter

  • LoSo

    yea there seems to always be a race for something..i remember back in the early 00’s how cpu were the thing to get but at the same time it would become obsolete in a matter of it seems it has taken hold of the mobile industry and theres a race for the faster most powerful phone…how far does it have to go until they can’t go any higher???it’ll stop eventually but i guess…

  • Marcus Armstrong

    for the last time….for the all the bitchin complainers,if u dont like T-Mobile that much but u locked in a contract, goto college u f*ckin droppout, get a degree, become a HTC engineer and design yo own f*ckin phone since nothin pleases u. they r tryna please our requests w/ a 1GHz Android qwerty device but they cant if we always got spoiled ass t*tty suckers that complain about everything little thing, Then for the ppl who complain about every RUMOR to come out complainin about how Sprint and Verizons phones that build u a island w/ cheesecake fruit growing out the sidewalks vs our phones. Mann if our phones r giving u menstrual cramps that bad then get sum more hrs at wrk, take yo cheap ass to the bank, get 200 and Pay the Early termination fee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…simnple and plain. OMG ppl is a f*ckin PROTOTYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz go get midol bcuz we r tired of u complainers about ur menstrual crams

  • brigini

    The pic looks fake. The keyboard doesnt have dedicated number keys, and look at the edges…where/how does it slide. I think the Vision will be more than this article suggests, theyve already been talking about dual processors and such for it. I’m just saying, I DEFINITLEY think this pic is fake, just some parts put together and taken a picture of.