HTC Vision Appears With T-Mobile Branding?

The boys at Engadget have gotten a hold of an alleged spy shot claiming to the T-Mobile HTC Vision, dubbed the “G1 Blaze.” From what we can tell, the G1 Blaze sounds right on the money though we must admit, we’ve also heard it dubbed as the “G2 Blaze.” Either way, it looks like T-Mobile of the USA should be looking at this device coming sometime in September if the previously leaked roadmap comes true. What may be even more interesting and I’m purely speculating here is that there is some belief among our sources that this device may actually be the HSPA+ device that T-Mobile has begun referencing on their twitter account. Looks like the stars are lining up for a very good September indeed for T-Mobile Android fans.


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  • tmopro

    I find it funny how everyone is commenting on this phone like they seen it and used it before. So I guess if I say it has android 3.0 you believe it???

  • 1shot1kill

    a nexus one with a qwerty pad, lol… still not leaving my nexus one….thinking about rooting it for the hell of it, not used to having an unrooted phone

    • Will

      Root it, dude. It’s SO worth it. CM6 is BEASTLY fast on the N1.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    screen size please?

    • 4ty-phive


      • Wilma Flintstone

        Thanks. So basically it’s an upgraded Touch Pro 2 with a downgraded keyboard. No thanks. At least it’s not Windows Mobile. After dealing with this HD2’s software problems, I ain’t going back to WinMo. I’m just going to wait on Emerald. I’ve been spoiled by this HD2’s screen so anything below 4 inches seems too small for me now. November’s not that far away.

  • jazzmanmonty

    the g1 is ugly, but it has all the features and i’ve owned it since day one, still use it. Since g1 release, there has always been talk of a g2…if this is the g2, i hope a all the features are there which many of you are already saying they are not. but again its ugly. i’m not being picky, but come one give as a beefed up phone that is aesthetically beautiful…idk is ugly better?

    • SwizzleStix

      The G1 is ugly (former user), but I didn’t care. This, however, is NOT ugly.

    • Battman

      G2 Is owned by gatorade……… Legally there is no G2…….. The my touch would have been the G2

      • Mytouch81

        the mytouch isn’t the G2 and G2 isnt owned by Gatorade…. it’s a brand! There is a G2 and its only in the UK.

      • Izzy

        G2 is a trademark, just need a licence to use it.

      • HamNCheese

        Um…. Case in point:

        Motorola Droid *

        * Droid is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Used Under License.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    let me guess, Sprint is getting the HTC Sight that comes with froyo, flash and night mode, ffc, HDMI port and dual core processors and running 4g am I right? Will Sprint be 1uping us again?

    • FlowMotion

      that is hilarious….dont forget sprints will also a kickstand and android 5.0

      • Ray

        sweet. lol.

      • David Thomas

        Along with 5.1 Dolby output, a 4.3-in screen, 200GB of storage, two USB 3.0 ports, and a partridge in a pear tree.

    • watbetch

      They get one phone without Android 1.5 and suddenly they’re ahead of the curve forever? Give me a freakin’ break.

      • watbetch

        worth the time that didn’t launch without -> Android 1.5

        The 2.1 updates for the Hero and Moment is PATHETIC.. don’t even start on the Intercept. WOW what a piece of crap.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Oh I think we can arrange giving you a “break” alright. Flagpole, front of the school, 4 o’ clock, be there or be square.

        Seriously though, watbetch, why is it that you took that comment so hard? It was obviously a joke. Unless you felt it was some truth to it and felt you had to defend Tmobile. I guess I need to make my jokes more obvious next time.

      • Davidohio

        Watbetch is one serious… Well I can’t tell from his avatar photo if it is male or female but whatever it is it sho is ugly! Like Celi from the color purple! Lmao!

    • kidbadassdestroyer

      On a serious note, Nokia is coming out with a phone that records in 720p with Dolby Digital Plus, has a 12mp camera with flash, and DOES have an HDMI port, and Flash(nokia has been playing in-browser flash vids for a while though). No joke, though it kind of sounds like one. It’ll be the first phone with symbian^3 which looks impressive. Though I’ve always been a nokia symbian fan, I definitely prefer Android(and usually HTC). Cannot wait until an Android phone delivers all of this.

  • Seamus

    I was honestly thinking this was going to be the new SideKick re-launch; I’m kind of disappointed to find (realize?) it dubbed as a “G2″…

  • TruFactz

    Nope. U Forgot, our internet is still faster… rather have my slow ass motorola cliq beat a evo in music downloading anyday

    Anyway, HTC is really steppin out the box when it comes to their phones nowadays, i cant wait to see what new “HD” is supposed to be replacing the HD2 since it was deemed “more defective than they knew…..”

    • Charles Xavier

      The Cliq’s processor is so slow and its firmware are so dated that all the bandwidth speed in the world doesn’t change the fact that it still sucks.

      • David Thomas

        Agreed. I hate how slow this thing is. Don’t even get me started on Motorola’s “Q2” Android 2.1 release.

  • Mr MN

    It looks live I just found my next phone (if it comes to our T-Mobile).

  • drivethruboy168

    From what I’ve heard… This phone is the HSPA+ phone and will be running the latest version of android. This phone is supposed to be a killer and what everyone has been waiting for! I’m diggin it!

  • Cassie

    Think people, they can’t simply call it the “G2” there’s a sports drink with that name….LAWSUIT. So they must add to it.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      what about, ” The Tmobile G-TOO”?

    • SwizzleStix

      Yyyyyeah, oooohkay…. apparently you don’t really understand how copyright and naming laws really work. Nice try though.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        man, you and watbetch seriously don’t know what a joke looks like do you?

      • Captain Obvious

        Wilma, I think he was replying to the same post you were…

      • HamNCheese

        Case in point:

        Motorola Droid *

        * Droid is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Used Under License.

    • WXman

      Sports drinks and phones are two completely different categories. They can call this G2 if they want. There are lots of products on the market with the same name as other products in completely different categories.

  • JP

    Just looks weird…

  • mingkee

    The name should be: MyTouch Slide HD.
    If it comes with Android 2.2 with functional mobile hotspot utilizing smartphone internet, I’ll pass on Vibrant and get this one!
    32GB microSD is around $100-$150, not bad.

  • wunako

    cant wait to see more info on this phone looks nice might of jus found my next cell

  • Joshuakprice1

    Holding out for the dual core emerald, no reason to invest in something so close to november. In november everyone is going to say that they should have waited, and I’m not going to risk not getting gingerbread.

    • David Thomas

      The joy of having a December contract is getting to see all the holiday releases (which are usually the best-of-the-best) before making a decision. By December, I’ll know which phones are still running strong, including Emerald. :D

  • NiiDiddy

    definitely a nexus one with an ugly keyboard. very innovative though, and i’m sure it’ll sell like hot cakes…anyone has spec info?

  • Chu

    It looks better than the picture posted before. I’m kind of digging it now.

  • Daddy

    From am actual source I have at HTC. This is the g2, it will be hspa+, and it actually is going to be the first gingerbread device. And T-Mobile is officially going to announce this baby shortly. I know tons of you will call bull, but this is the true G1 successor everyone has been waiting for. And it is sweet.

    • 4ty-phive

      Sorry, but I think gingerbread is for “high” end devices. This is not one of them

      • Perry

        I bet he meant froyo, Gingerbread wont be out until the end of the year. It would make sense if it is coming out in Sept and had froyo.

  • 2FR35H

    Lol at the idiots claiming this is a Nexus One with a keyboard. Lol for some nexus one owners you must not know much of your device.

    Either way the N1 is trash now anyways. Every new high end android device beats the N1.

    This includes all of the Samsung Galaxy S series devices and the New Motorola and HTC Droid Devices.

    get over your outdated device please and thank you.

    • 4ty-phive

      You are wrong, my friend. The N1 has one thing going for it that all those other phones don’t. It’s directly from Google. So, while all those other devices will be stuck on 2.1 for a couple of years, the N1 will be enjoying updates galore.

      • Alex V

        you, my friend, are wrong. Updates come from the manufacturer. Which in this case is HTC

      • Will

        That’s actually correct.

        And I have no idea what 2FR35H is talking about, but no, every “new high end android device” does NOT beat the N1; if that were the case, they’d all be running Froyo already which exactly NONE of them are.

        The Galaxy S series does have a better screen (Super AMOLED) and the graphics processor is great. A good friend of mine has one and it’s an impressive device; I can see the advantages of having it… I can also see the disadvantages it has that the N1 doesn’t have (i.e. I GUARENTEE the N1 or some unreleased HTC handset will see Gingerbread before the Galaxy or any other device). Plus I’d rather have regular old vanilla Android over TouchWiz in any form, any day. In fact, the only thing I’m honestly jealous of about the Vibrant is the placement of the power/settings controls on the pull down menu. The Captivate is crippled just like all the AT&T Android devices are. Only the Sprint version with the front-facing camera and QWERTY is any kind of step forward, but there’s also THIS: I don’t care what anyone says, after the way Samsung handled the Behold II, there’s no way I’d risk spending money on another Android device for them. Sure they’re expected to get Froyo in the next couple of months, but Gingerbread is scheduled to drop in Q4… what do you think the delay will be between Google pushing it out to the N1 and Samsung/T-Mobile releasing it to the Galaxy S?

        The Droid X beats the N1? Surely you jest; you must not be familiar with that whole e-Fuse thing that keeps developers from making custom ROMs for it. Hardware-wise it has a larger screen but… what are the other advantages? Ninjablur? Please.

        The Desire didn’t even have a single advantage over the N1 (unless you consider Sense an advantage, in which case, plenty of developers have ported it to the N1); the only possible advantage it has it recently acquired due to the AMOLED shortage. Now Desire’s are being manufactured with SLCD’s, and the jury’s still out on whether that’s an advantage or not.

        That leaves what device that the N1 could be compared to… oh that’s right, there aren’t any.

  • lolo


  • Patrick

    I wouldn’t get this phone….and here are my reasons……well, I can sum it up into 1:

    It’s a slide with a snapdragon, and a .3″ bigger screen. No thanks lol

    Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE the slide, and if on launch day I had a choice between this and a slide I’d probably go with this….BUT……..this is far from “revolutionary”. I’ll stick with my vibrant lol

    • rinklighter

      Are you enjoying the Vibrant so far? I played around with it in the store yesterday and am considering taking the leap. I can always sell it until the latest and greatest comes around at the end of the year.

      • Matador

        wife and I like ours…I cant wait for froyo to see how this baby responds. But overall the units works well.

  • bob

    Phone showed up on friday for a beta tester in our store. I must say it looked sharp and i was impressed.


      screen size please

      • eddy

        For the love of god how have you not seen the countless comments that reiterate over and over that it is a 3.7″ screen

    • Perry

      Is it amoled or what? And would you recommend it over the vibrant?

    • Joe The Phone Guy

      If you saw that phone I then saw God.
      Do you want me to say hello to him for you too?

      I don’t know wtf you guys are talking about this being G2 or trademark and N1…you are going totally off topic.

      This clearly looks like cheap phone, even chinese could do better!
      I mean come on look at the freaking keyboard what it’s made of and how it looks. As to t-mobile logo at the top it’s off so it might be a sticker

      …freaking idiots who look at the picture for 1 second, I hate…

      Whatever the name of this phone is, it’s not going to be HSPA+ enabled or “new revolutionary phone”.

      First of all if you compare the image T-Mobile has on it’s website you can see the button on the side , this phone does not have one so it’s clearly not going to be “the smartphone” and who the f*** makes smartphones with keyboard now days? There is software called Swype :)

      If this phone or any close to this phone is going to be the new T-Mobile “smartphone” then no freaking wonder we are in stone age with all phones. While all carriers allow Mobile Access Point aka HotSpot – Tmobile is only one that does not.


  • Tmoguy89

    2 handset launches this september , 22nd and 2nd week!

  • DannOfThurs

    I like this phone a LOT but it’s just a Cliq replacement ATM…love the HSPA+ speeds but I was hoping for a nicer screen. I’ll just have to see how it works out vs. vibrant, still king of the hill :)

    /me would still love a TMO phone with FFC, but at this rate it’s probably going to be Iphone4…yuck :(

  • Barry

    the specs I keep seeing suggest this is a 3.7 inch screen but this new pic compared to that butt ugly one a month ago, the phone itself looks better and the screen looks bigger. maybe if we had something to use as a scale… If the screen is 4″ and hspa+ this will be a Droid 2 and Epic killer especially if it comes with froyo or gingerbread.

  • Quikzilver

    Aren’t phones with screen size of under 4 inches not gingerbread compatible?

  • Barry

    No it was 3.7 but that was a rumor according to Google

  • Zorro

    I’ve had my G1 for what seems like ages, and it has been far and away the best phone I have owned. The guys over at said it looks like a Droid Incredible with a qwerty. If so, I am game. Since I’m reading a lot of people still regard the Incredible as Verizon’s best phone. I’m not sure I am ready to part with my qwerty just yet. This may in fact be the phone I am waiting for.

  • BitBit

    Will this phone have the led notifications like the G1?

  • CD

    Can we get a 5 row keyboard, some of us USE numbers when typing ….

    *Alt Button Hater*

    • Dale Murphy


  • Bobby

    It looks nice but are there any specs on it yet?

  • iFloss™

    It pisses me off we have to see crap 4-row QWERTY keyboards from HTC after we saw the glorious 5-row QWERTY keyboard on the TouchPro2

    That’s just me though. I’m not really an android fan-boy but I’m probably going to be after I receive my Nexus One on sometime this week. They gotta step it up with these hardware releases. That phone looks like a MyTouch Slide for christ’s sakes

    • mj

      haha so typical. telling HTC to fix a phone you haven’t even seen and no next to nothing about. welcome to the tmo news “comments”. lol

  • CD

    Thanks iFloss, exactly what I thought about the look of the phone…like to the T!

    Even the 5 row on my G1 is the BEST QWERTY i have ever had.

  • K Bear

    I would sell my Bold 9700 for this puppy in a heartbeat. This looks like one sweet phone. Can’t wait until it goes on sale!

  • K. Ray

    With the ruling on the law suit to day, we will see how this affects the apple app store and the Android app store. This phone could be a viable chose for those who want a keyboard

    • Jason Bonham

      Viable CHOICE

  • LinaBeana

    I would most surely get this phone, loving the big screen and physical keyboard and that little optical pad. But.. This phone has to come packed with atleast 3 megapixels and FLASH!! If not, then I couldn’t get this. I hope this phone comes out in the earlier part of september I can’t wait :)

  • Jason Bonham

    What is the consensus on display technology on this one? Options would be Regular LCD, Super LCD (IPS), Regular AMOLED, or Super AMOLED. My preference would be AMOLED or Super AMOLED, which are clearly superior technologies for the contrast ratios alone. I have a feeling, however, that AMOLED supply can not meet demand for any larger launches like this and that HTC will go with Super LCD, which they’ve already started substituting in the Desire and Nexus One in foreign markets. I guess if we are stuck with LCD, IPS wouldn’t be so bad.

  • MT3GS

    Why does everybody keep treating the slide like it’s radioactive?? I bought my slide a week before the Vibrant came out and haven’t looked back since. I had an iPhone and hated virtual keyboards! IMHO a 600Mhz processor does 98% of what I need and for the remaining 2% I would rather either use my PC or wait the extra few seconds it takes to get something done – the most important thing though is that T-Mobile US actually is starting to get their heads out of their rear ends and is actually giving us decent devices. I wanted a decent slider, even though I’m a power user, the slide works very well for me; and when the Emerald comes out, I will actually buy one. The Vision is definitely for ppl that have G1s that have reached EOL… By the time it comes out, a good deal of ppl that originally bought the G1 are going to be out of contract and on the move; smart move for HTC/T-Mo – even though it took forever…

    • Jason Bonham

      You will find that the opinion of the subset of users on this forum does not in any way reflect the reality of T-Mobile’s customer base and demographics. The Slide is a perfectly good HTC Sense Android 2.1 handset that is selling quite well. And one of the few Qwerty Androids available I might add. This forum represents the state of America’s youth more than anything else or anything real. You will find poor grammar, bad spelling, hystrionics, and a short attention span where everything is inevitably compared to the latest Android flagship handset, whatever that is perceived to be. Don’t take it as any real criticism of the Slide.

      • ryan thill

        I agree. My slide is amazing. It is the most economical smartphone on the market. I’ll probably buy a Vision, but until then the slide fills my needs. There are far too many idiots making rash judgements because of the specs on paper.

        I’m a power user who didn’t buy the slide to watch blu-rays… i bought a ps3 for that.

  • Will

    So uh…

    What do we have to do to get a frickin’ Android device on T-Mobile with a front-facing camera? SHEESH… all that HSPA+ speedy goodness and no video-chat? C’mon T-Mobile/HTC… this should have been included on the Vibrant, honestly.

  • Anthony

    It also has flex capictor so you can go back to the future. You just need 3.3 gigawatts.

    • You mean …

      1.21 jigawatts …

  • Perry

    Would HSPA+ eat up more battery than current 3G technology?

  • l3wish

    Emulators +1. HSPA+ +2

  • NokiaN900User

    This is a successor to G1 which will be called G1 Blaze or HTC Blaze. I dont think people realized the reason why it is a 4row keyborad instead of 5. It is done this way to prevent the phone from being too long with keyboard open (notice screen size is 3.7″). I have a nokia N900 with cramped 3 row keyboard and believe me, it is a dream to use once I got used to it. Now 4 row keyboard will be perfect for me. Even the next nokia N9 has a 4 row keyboard.

    Sidenote: This phone will have flash but no FFC. Watch people start complaining that it doesnt have FFC when it comes out.

    So far, HTC Emerald looks like it wont have a keyboard

  • Barry

    Don’t forget there’s already a G2 on T-Mobile UK the G2 Hero do I don’t think the name will be a big deal if it were to be called the G2 which I doubt.

  • Mikail

    This phone is crap b/c of that f. slide keyboard…if it was just full touch screen it would be perfect

  • LinaBeana

    Why would you put off a touch slider? What happens when the touch screen part gets broken? The physical keypad is a great plan b. Think about it.

  • Barry

    This phone seems really nice especially if it’s 4″ but this optical track pad idk if I like those too much I’d rather have a trackball

  • nain77

    funny how people always judge from PICURES, when i first got my G1 on launch day it was alot smaller then i thought, when i got my HD2 on launch day i was like “wow that screen is amazing” pictures should give u a general idea of the phone. Not lookin at the picture once and going “naahh ill pass the keyboard is only 4 rows” people are pathetic on here man -_-

    • da9th_one

      call it what you will, but i will judge a phone on the keyboard…i need a fully functional tp2 like keyboard for the type of work i do on the phone…different strokes for different folks chief…

  • TmoRepInAL

    As a Nexus One owner, it makes me laugh when people come on here and trash the N1 when they more than likely have never even seen or used one in person. Like the G1 before it, the development community behind the N1 will keep it going for years to come. I’ll be enjoying Gingerbread with way before Samsung or Motorola. Count on it

  • powerspoonz


  • steven

    looks pretty cool, and i’m eligible for an upgrade in september. too bad i’ve sworn off smart phones