• Ramsey

    Hey T-Mobile! Guess what? We are tired of the games! They are stupid and we are not five. Why is it that at&t can simply announce things like they did today. That’s right… they are getting a Galaxy S of their own too. Officially announced today, by them and Samsung. Please just give us a reason to stay. I have had a G1 since they very first day they came out. Nothing has come out to replace this phone yet. The Nexus One I returned last week only works with 3G when held in your left hand held sideways. (doesn’t work when held like a phone) Please give us people that love technology something to brag about again…

    • j007w

      OMG You’re so right! I’m also still searching for a phone, a top of the line Android phone, that is worth replacing my G1 with. I’ve been with TMO since the VoiceStream days but the past week or so I’ve been thinking of switching carriers.

    • April

      Hmm…interesting considering the my touch slide is being toted as a g1 replacement. Updated android, check. Full keyboard, check. Just because you don’t personally like the options don’t say nothing has come out.

      • Scott

        The MyTouch Slide would have been an awesome G1 replacement last year. This year multiple Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T phones already smoke it. The MT Slide is supposed to be T-Mobile’s flagship phone, yet it’s middle of the pack and falling fast.

        So, no, T-Mobile has not come out with something that’s much better than the G1. It’s really hurting them. Personally, f I don’t have a G1 replacement by August, I’m switching.

        How on earth did you give up the Android lead so completely T-Mobile?

    • Jim

      April, just because T-Mobile touts a phone as a replacement doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Think about all the features you hear about with other company’s latest Android phones: Sprint’s EVO 4G is a great example. Then compare that to the MyTouch 3G Slide. A rather paltry comparison, in my opinion.

      j007w wants – and I echo this sentiment – a phone “worth replacing my G1 with”. I, too, want T-Mobile to give me a reason to stay – a good one.

  • Kurtis

    This has got to be Project Emerald. It most definitely has to be! But is it a phone? What is it! Could it be the Samsung Galaxy S? Or the Sidekick HTC Android phone that was rumored not too long ago? So many possibilities. They just need to hurry up and tell us!

  • Nick

    May be small sim card mini sim like iphone has and iphone with it ???????????/

    • Bigs12

      thats a good one

  • jake

    emerald all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!, no doubt about it, bring on more clues, ps we dont like these guessing games, just tell us already and launch the damn thing

  • Ahh Yo!

    Cellphone/smartphone or whatever you want to call it today, is not worth playing any kind of game(s) on it. Of course it sucks up too much battery when you get into more graphical games. And the screen is way too small to enjoy the full effect. The only game I would play/use is suduko or card games, when I feel bored, and that even too takes much battery usage.

  • mpv

    I love how they can’t even get the hashtag thing right (with that hyphen) – and they’ve used it several times now!

  • Barry

    This is a heated topic very entertaining… so much anger rage and frustration i love it and I do understand it… but people it would be bad got business to announce a huge device right before they’re fathers daddy promo right? Pretty sure things will clear up after Saturday. So if project emerald turns out to be a rate plan anyone going on suicide watch lol jk i feel the pain. This site should be http://www.tmonews/ therapy.com

  • Negtne
    • Phenomenon

      I posted that link already, its from 2009

    • April

      They are not referring to the release of a sims game. They are simply pointing out that there is a common link between something in the sims and the big announcement. I am also going with project emerald on this one just don’t what the heck that means yet.

      • April

        sorry just read your other posts :)

  • Negtne

    My first impression was ooh big deal! But then I was messing around on google and put in emerald sims 3, you collect gems and Emerald cut is one of them. I still think it’s a plan and not a phone 3000 em+ plan probably!!!!

  • Negtne

    I didn’t mean to post that link I copied it and accidentally put it in.

  • Iamright

    Oh snap. The bg of the sims logo is an emerald

  • http://twitter.com/jamesj0 jamesj0

    #T-MobileClue Answer: The Sims logo includes an emerald. This is project emerald, which some suspect will be the Samsung Galaxy S.


  • A_O

    Here’s what i think, the Sims game has a little diomond shape design on the logo right? well hello .. a diomond shape emerald.. project emerald!

  • 2FR35H

    Project Emerald is Galaxy S

  • Negtne

    I sure the hell hope not, i have a friend who is a big dog at clearwire, out here in washington and his buddy works for tmobile corporate here in bellvue and yes he is testing a galaxy but he said he played with it and it feels plasticy, worse than my fiancés mytouch slide he played with a few weeks ago. He said it had a very nice screen but he didn’t like the touchscreen feel of it, he said it felt fake and is not something he would leave his evo for. Now me personally I will take his word for it, and after reading engadgets review I have made up my mind no samsung galaxy for me. But the icing on the cake was the announcement of AT&T’s version and sprints version. Anyone else feel like were getting leftovers for dinner?

    • Negtne

      And this isn’t meant to crush anybody or anyones hopes, just what I was told, and I have a massive amount of respect for him and trust his judgement so take it for what its worth.

      • tmo-emp

        i’ve seen some test phones in person. you can opt in for testing these sometimes. so it’s not uncommon to see crappy looking/feeling test phones. i’ve seen some where the housing is not the same as the released to market product. i’ve also seen some where the housing is the same as the released to market product. i.e., the casing is dull and prototype-ish. god i hope it’s the former.

  • Goomba2010

    Well the best selling PC game of all time is Starcraft. And with the launch of Starcraft 2 coming up here really soon I am sure that there may be a coincidence here.

    • David

      I don’t know why on earth you are staying its Starcraft especially after we’ve already said it The Sims. The image contains a dead on clue its related to The Sims and yet you think its related to Starcraft?

    • Negtne

      The Sims (16 million shipped)[152]
      The Sims 2 (13 million)[153]
      The Sims 2: Pets [expansion pack] (5.6 million)[154]
      The Sims 2: Seasons [expansion pack] (1 million)[154]
      World of Warcraft (11.5 million subscribers)[155]
      World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade [expansion pack] (3.5 million)[156]
      World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King [expansion pack] (4 million)[155]
      StarCraft (11 million)[157]
      Half-Life (9.3 million,[21][22] may include PS2 version)
      Half-Life: Opposing Force [expansion pack] (1.1 million)[21][22]
      Half-Life 2 (6.5 million,[21][22] may include Xbox version but does not include Steam sales)
      Guild Wars (6 million in North America, Europe, and Asia; includes Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North)[158]
      Myst (6 million)[159]
      Doom (5 million)[160]
      Counter-Strike (4.2 million[21][22])

      • tmo-emp

        guys, this is referred to as, pulling one’s leg.

  • soon2TMO

    umm sims is a fun and cool game , people like the game because it’s fun to play?

    so the same with tmobile being a customer oriented carrier?

    maybe it has something to do with rate plans, plans that will make every customers happy? and connect, communicate? etc, blah blah..
    cheaper/better plans?

    who knows.. LOL

  • soon2TMO

    i doubt this is about a phone… what is the connection of the sims with a device anyway? so it has the emerald thingy so this makes it “poject emerald”??
    or maybe it is the project emerald regarding new rate plans? better coverage? better minutes? something like that..

    LOL dont know.. just guessing here..

    when something comes on tmonews everybody on here always think it’s about a phone or a phone.. or some phone.. LOL

    • Negtne

      Lol not gonna lie, I got caught up in the hype but now I have given up hope. I love my rates only reason I am not leaving…….FOR NOW.

  • Barry

    I don’t see the relation between an emerald and the galaxy s idk if its a phone or not but I doubt it has to do with the galaxy.

    • tmo-emp

      emerald birthstone last date is july 21st or something to that effect. not too sure about all that astology/jesus/magic type stuff but i believe it’s in reference to the dates of birthstones.

  • sikkboy

    It’s obviously the iPhone. I mean come on people, who doesn’t get that easy clue??? ;-)

  • alex32

    i hope project emerald is that htc twist, and not that galaxy s.’nough said.

  • old.g1.user.needs.new.phone

    The sims was released in 22 countries. And the iphone was realeased in 22 countries to begin with. Does anybody know if it is more now? I hope if it is the iphone they at least get an android phone that can compete (not the sgs please. I need a flash for the camera) it has to be something big. With a new ceo coming in. A buddy who is a manager at a corprate store said that there is going to be some crazy changes made but wouldn’t tell me and since when does tmo use clues before announcements? Ddidnt do it for my faves or the hd2 it has to be the beginning of a new way tmo is going to work or else I’m out. And hello good phones on other networks!

  • beastly

    I know y’all are all excited about new phones, but I’d lay money on it being about rate plans. In the Sims, you can have up to 8 Sims in one house. My guess is family plans are getting bumped up to a maximum of 8 lines. That would be pretty cool (got a couple of family members griping about AT&T who would love unlimited everything for $55 a month) but it’s not huge. (My bet is that if I’m right, you will see all the other carriers following suit in the next 3-6 months.)

    Maybe the addition of a 3000 minute plan is part of it too, although I don’t see the tie-in with the Sims. Still, 8 lines sharing 3000 minutes, where you’re only paying $5 to add each additional line is a pretty good deal. Figure $70 for the first two lines, $20 for text, and $5 each for the next 6 lines, for a total of $120. That’s $15 per line for unlimited nights, weekends, mobile-to-mobile, and texting, and an average of 375 whenever minutes per line. Wouldn’t work for my family (we have some talkers) but it would be a good deal for some people.

    Probably there are some other tie-ins too.

    As for phones, I’m sure we’ll see a couple more good ones before the end of the summer, but I can’t imagine the Sidekick Twist being part of it. The Twist is supposed to be Android, right? But they just released a full-QWERTY Android: the Slide. Why would they recommission the same phone from HTC in a bulkier package with a twist-off screen?

    Don’t get me wrong: I liked the Sidekick. Fit well in your hands for texting, and had a really simple and easy-to-use interface. But if you make the ‘kick Android, you lose that interface, or else you skin and ruin Android. And if you keep the original form, people will look to choose between the big blocky ‘kick and the slim, sleek Slide, and ignore the ‘kick altogether. Unless I’m mistaken, the whole Sidekick Twist thing will probably remain just a rumor.

  • Brent

    New clue, super slim but full of muscle – probably an oyster – probably BB Pearl.

  • Garret

    Well…Clue #2 is out – “It’s super slim and full of muscle.” Sounds more like a phone/”thing” than a plan/service.

    microSIM is super slim…and i guess you could argue “full of muscle” – maybe?

    Galaxy S has been noted to be very thin in almost all reviews – and it certainly is “full of muscle” – 1GHz Hummingbird.

  • Maverick128

    You know the first thing I thought of was what I thought was obvious. T-Mobile phones, being GSM, use “sim” cards. lol. Not much of a clue then.

    I guess the Project Emerald theory is cooler.

  • Soup_daddy

    what if it’s the galaxy s or the sidekick twist preloaded with the sims 3.

  • wm

    The answer is, it’s about keeping people connected.

  • Joaquin

    It means that the phone can be personalize, cause in the game the Sim2 you can personalize everything. So that also means that cell will run Android OS.

  • PlaiduhPus

    I’ve been with T-Mobile since I was in high school. I’m 25 now so we’ve had a pretty good run. I’ve wanted to leave. Many times. But the prices keep me coming back. And after having dabbled a bit in AT&T and Verizon (because of my now husband’s past service providers) I’m glad I stayed. I keep holding out believing that T-Mobile will catch up to the larger providers. From a software AND hardware standpoint, the iPhone isn’t that great. Eventually it’ll become just another phone option and lose steam, just as the MacBook did a few years after it came on the market. Hype can only keep a run of the mill product going for so long. I think T-Mobile knows this and is banking on it. And I also think they are prepared to take over when the world finally does weary of the iPhone and AT&T’s dictatorship.

    Here’s my take: if you really hate T-Mobile so much, leave. Just go. If the grass is greener, go eat it. Don’t piss and moan about bad service (T-Mobile’s DEFINITELY got its share of issues) if you’re not willing to do something about it. Plain and simple. No one is forcing you to stay with T-Mobile. This is your choice. Stop threatening to leave and just do it already. Go to Verizon or AT&T or Sprint and realize that EVERYONE b*tches about their cell phone service and service provider no matter who provides it.

    Lastly, I like the little games and hints. I think it’s cute. I don’t want another AT&T/Apple that treats everything like a freakin’ government secret and then BLAMMO! there it is in front of you. I think the teasing and hinting is fun. Our society and culture is too obsessed with “Gimme Gimme NOW!!!”. Have a little patience…

    or leave.

    The end.

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