What We Think June 19th Is, But What Do You Want It To Be?


Just over one week ago, the guys over at Engadget got their hands on a some myTouch Slide documents containing all sorts of goodies about the device. However, one piece of information contained within these documents set off a mystery. On June 19th, it was stated “STAY TUNED – THIS WILL BE BIG.” Well, we didn’t think anything of it really other than it would be a myTouch Slide promotional effort until we got word later that day that T-Mobile retail stores across the country would be opening two hours early that day. So naturally, we asked the hamster in our brain to start working a little harder and have spent quite a bit of time since then trying to figure out what exactly would case T-Mobile stores to open nationwide.

Now lets just get this out of the way, the information itself was contained within an myTouch Slide informational packet. Some of our astute blog commenter’s  are playing connect the dots with information and have come up with the theory its absolutely going to be the iPhone. What else they say, could make T-Mobile open early that day? Well, lets just spoil this rumor right now, there is ZERO indication of an iPhone launch on T-Mobile. We’re not saying its not possible, anything’s possible, but the odds are so astronomically low and yet some of you continue to theorize it’s the only possibility. So I ask those of you who seem to be so good at predicting the future, can you tell me why my beloved Chicago Cubbies will win the world series?

So what do we think this promotion is? Actually we believe and all our info current points to a BIG promotion as stated in T-Mobile’s own words.  Some of the more prevalent rumors are a big fathers day promotional sale, “No More Ties For Dad.” This promotion, if true would see a number of free phones, including smartphones that would go free for new line customers. Possibility of this rumor? Big big maybe. We’ve also heard this promotion will be “better than the BOGO.” That’s not hard, two free phones is better than one free phone. Simple.

Recapping: Its a promotion but not the iPhone. It likely involves the myTouch Slide, not the iPhone. The Cubs need to win a world series, the iPhone doesn’t.

What do you want it to be? If you say iPhone, I’ll let that go, if you say you think its the iPhone, I’m going to scream.

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  • Tmoloyal

    Bottom line is, Tmobile needs something to compete with other carriers. The SGS is not going to compete because of the track record Samsung has. The Nexus one maybe would only if they release it with 2.2. Tmobile would probably be wise to wait until the 4th quarter of the year to announce a top of the line phone.

  • Freaky_Friday

    Personally I hope it’s the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or the Samsung Galaxy S.

  • ejdroid

    Possible HSDPA+ turn on + Mytouch Slide ? Maybe nexus 1 ? i doubt the iphone but maybe

    • Nokia N900USER

      Sorry. NO iPhone

  • damien

    Well we knew it wasnt going to be the iphone, it was always going to be a promotion of sorts. It even said that on the collateral. There was always nothing stated about a phone launch… But it did say sale…So it will probally be get any android for free with upgrade or new activation on June 19th only. Thats what we are all thinking it will be in the stores

  • Travis

    I was told my the manager of my local store that the Mytouch Slide with be buy one get one on June 16th….did he get the date wrong?

    • CO_Yeti

      No he did not, Tmo is planning to have plenty of slides in stock by the 16th so it will be part of the BOGO offer. Right now it is only the “buy one” part because they are worried about running low on inventory.

      • Travis

        well I was in there to buy 2 MTS for my 2 extra lines on my account at full price, and he said to wait until then and i can get one, then get the 2nd one free.

      • TMoEmployee

        We received about 20 or so today!

  • androidking

    well not officially the iPhone but the new iphone uses quadband networkin so if ur willing to pay the unlocked price u can get it on tmo… oh wait it uses microsim tough luck iphone enthusiast

    • Vinhchenzo

      Umm… all you need is scissors and the micro-sim situation is taken care of.

    • Jonathan

      You’re only partially right. Yes, it is quadband but unfortunately (for some) the new iPhone doesn’t use T-Mobile’s 3G bands.

      • CO_Yeti

        I just read from engadget that the iphone 4 has PENTABAND 3G, so bands I/II/III/IV/V which takes care of every 3g band in the world except japan.

      • J-Hop2o6

        nope.. no Band IV (aka AWS aka Tmobile 3G)

  • Rilesman

    While sticking to the HSPA+ media marketing with phone deals…..what about the possibility that this might be a coming out party for Dell? Besides AT&T which is not a strong carrier for Android…T-Mobile is a good place to go for a new family of phones/tablets. With all the leaked phones that aren’t expected for quite some time…..could this be a Dell Phone blitz ore the beginning? Haven’t seen any posts about devices through FCC except the Streak which does have T-Mobile capability…..soooooo…..thoughts?

    Perhaps an HSPA+ with Dell Streak?

    • Tmoloyal

      But nobodys really hyped up about the Streak. I don’t know, the more and more i think about it the more I think its going to be a lame promotional deal that won’t really help anyone out that much. We saw this on a corporate timeline which is probably just something to pump up all the employees about selling phones. My hopes for something awesome are decreasing each day.

  • swoosh042507

    im going to stay put with tmobile and be patient they have great customer service and their data speeds are the top in the market. i confide in tmobile to release a phone that will shut up the doubters . again t-mobile came a long way from what it was. be patient everyone !!!!!!!

  • Randy

    my sources has the 19th as the BIG SURPRISE to be BIG. what is something that is big. 1ghz processor and android loaded. what in the world could it be. this phone has to out of this world to make such a commotion. ok ok my sources tell me it is none other than the phone most have been waiting for…. SSGS

    • soon2TMO

      …it could be the soft launch of the galaxy s, but july will be the official major lunch? i hope!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      OK Randy… your comment is worthless without telling us who your sources are.

      Everyone in here says they have a great source but no one even gives a hint.

      So sing like a canary and tell us who told you that.

      And what is the SSGS? I hope that’s not what your source told you because I have not heard of an SSGS. LOL.

      On the plus side of what you said, that would be great if it was the SGS, but I don’t see Samsung and T-Mobile not doing some really big promotion for the SGS. By that I mean heavy marketing for about a month, leading up to a July launch.

      But then again, other than the “free phone extravaganza” I mentioned, only a fantastic phone could steal Apple’s thunder.

      And T-Mobile does respond to every iPhone launch. One year they simply offered a super cheap phone plan (I think it was 1000 minutes for $40, back when that was normally $60).

      And let’s not forget Herr Humm. He is not the type to simply have TMOUS sit on the sidelines watching his competitors having all the fun.

      As I said before, I suspect he told TMOUS to get the damn SGS on the store shelved, now… not later on its planned debut date. This is because anyone who takes over the top job at a company starts “fixing things” immediately.

      No way Humm is sitting at a café gulping down espressos until next year when he officially takes the TMOUS helm. TMOUS is in trouble NOW and that’s a lit of quarters for TMOUS to suffer even more damage.

      So it’s a long shot, but the SGS would be uber cool to see debut sooner rather than later.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Excuse all the typos and grammar errors, was in a hurry and did not proofread. I’m a mental slob at times, deal with it.

        Sidenote: Don’t be wondering what a “lit of quarters” is, I meant “lot.” :)

    • jake

      SGS is going to be a waste of money, dont bother, samsung doesnt support or update their phones……….Behold 2….end of story, anyone getting the SGS who is getting it in part because of the Android OS are better off waiting for a more trustworthy manufacturer. It would be different if the SGS were launching with Bada, because in that case samsung would probably support it for a short time.

      • Comicaze

        Will you guys quit crying about the Behold II! The reason they aren’t updating it to 2.2 is because its a suck, mid-range phone. Same reason they aren’t upgrading the G1 to 2.2. IT CAN’T SUPPORT IT. Are you going to stop buying HTC? Its like saying you have a commodore 64, and you’re pissed because it won’t run windows XP.

    • RockTripod

      You are a liar. Its a sales promotion. There’s nothing else to it. Your sources are barbituates and hallucinogenics. Actually, I bet your source is just a rep. Which, no offense to him, means he knows jack. Actually, less than jack. If you have your eyes open, you can put together what this promo is pretty easily.

  • bman

    you know what tmobile should do… since the people under contract with the iphone is getting their contract raised so that they could get the new one, tmobile should do the same with the mytouch3g and G1 customers. Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

    • CO_Yeti

      Slow down, we are talking about June 19th not Oct 19th when Tmo will follow At&t’s lead on data packages! People will still lining up for the iphone even with the increased monthly bill and Tmo always seems to adopt At&t ridiculous changes instead of using them as a tool to gain more customers.

    • john

      No it would not from a business stand point. Why give a device away to some under contract with a non t-mobile device??? Also why give free upgrades??? Quit your begging!! Also iPhone is a toy and we do not want it

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/ K. Ray

    The new Iphone is cool. If I had to choose today I would choose the EVO. I will still have to see what happens on the 19th to make my final decision…..

  • Randy

    ok so why give up a source and risk a job or worse, even so a source could be wrong, however and i am hoping greatly, my source is correct. besides if u go back and read the slide that dates everything going down in June, yes it goes into detail about the MTS, however, for the 19th, it says nothing about a promo. read it again, cause i just did. that is all speculation. thats all any of us can do. we r 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999% sure its not the Iphone, and why open doors early for a promo, doesn’t make sense. so to say this, it will be something BIG. it will probably be a combo of a phone launch(not the slide since that is already launched) and a super promo, now that would be BIG. but seriously to all those that say it is just gonna be a promo, go back and look again. the 19th mentions nothing of a promotion going that day!!!!!!!!

    • RockTripod

      Your source is amazingly wrong. No handset launch, sorry. Sales promo, that’s all. Again, can’t reiterate this enough, no phone launching that day. We’re launching the Slide officially on the 16th, why would we launch something else to steal its thunder 3 days later?

  • oo7

    Well we know one thing for sure…
    No iphone for you…lol

  • Babycakes :)

    They could be making a sidekick plan to run on this device (since it seems like it’s taking the sidekick’s place)
    That would be pretty big, && I’m sure it would steal many customers from AT&T, Virgin, and other companies :D
    It wouldn’t be that un-realistic, I don’t think.
    Sidekick plans have been going on for years, and slowly but surely, T-mobile is losing many of those customers.
    Even though many love the plan’s rates, they get bored of the same old phone… kids on the sidekick plan haven’t had a phone upgrade compatible with the plan in almost 2 years.
    Since the sidekick line looks like it’s dead, maybe June 19th we will find what rises from the ashes?
    PS: June 19th is my cat’s birthday, even though she has passed away. :(

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have two cats and a dog. Have had many pets pass too. So I feel your pain, literally. Sorry for your loss.

      But when they die they go to Heaven where we will meet up with them some day. And I hear that there’s no messy litter boxes up there, so that’s cool, eh.

      (Sorry iPhone fanboys, no iPhones in Heaven. I am told that iPhones are the favored electronic “down there,” if you know what I mean. So make sure to pack your iPhone on the express train to hell.)

  • The Dude

    i walked into my local t-mobile store today to try and get more info on the 19th and see if i should just buy the mts or wait. i went to the woman working there and started talking about the mts. i asked her if i should buy 2 today (for me and brother) or wait untill the 19th. she then said “HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE 19TH? my boss literally just called 5 mins ago and told me about that.” i told her i saw something on a website about it. so then she told me to definitely wait untill the 19th. i then asked her if its worth it and will there be anough of whatever it is on the 19th, like would i have to wait in line and maybe not be able to get one. she then said oh dont worry we have plentyyy for everyone. she said thats all of the info that she could tell me. so judging by this im guessing that it will be some type of phone giveaway. if its a new phone or previous phones im not sure but it sounds like physical items will be given away.

    • jake

      I went to my tmo store yesterday and they didnt know what was going to happen on the 19th, they had a lot of speculation, but said that they had not been told yet the details. They didnt think it was going to be a new phone, mainly because they often need training on a device before it launches so that they can effectively sell them. However they did indicate that once in a while phones do show up with little or no warning, but they didnt think this was the case. I hope it is a phone, something from HTC with a huge screen and android. something equal or better than the EVO. And no SGS please…boycott samsung phones.

      • Tmoloyal

        I’m with you on the samsung boycott. I’ve had 3 phones from them and they all were complete crap hardware and software wise.

    • Taaars

      If its bogo on slide, and they say this will be BIG, then the day they ever get a super android phone they will compare that to the big bang theory I gather…cause bogo on the slide, although nice for some, is not BIG news, just nice.

  • Negtne

    Accidentally put this post in the wrong section but what’s your thoughts?

    I was fixing an issue with my fiancés mytouch slide and I was trying to get what the 19th is out of them and he would not say he said he is not aloud to talk about it and all he can say is “yes” I was like what the hell does that mean? Yes to a new phone cause that was the question I was asking but he said that’s all he can say. So they are being secretive about something. I said promo and he said promo for the slide will be on the 16th. A little curious he said that he can say we will get the iPhone in nov-dec for Christmas time! I asked how the hell is that possible with the iPhone 4 not having tmobile USA bands he said that only certain bands were hooked up for FCC approval! I was like ok whatever fixed my fiancés email (q.com sucks for android devices) and left a little more puzzled then when I got on the phone. So I take it bogo for mytouch slide 16th new handset 19th and who the hell knows after that!!!!!

  • Dallamar

    Free Nexus Ones on contract, that inventory has to go somehere

    google has to get rid of all the ones HTC made for their launch, so they might as well give them away and jam the market even more full of android phones (not that that is a bad thing ;) )

  • Khamikaze

    Well, it seems iPhone is not exclusive anymore:

    iPhone 4 hits T-Mobile Germany in June, three Canadian carriers in July

    So iPhone , yes, it could be it…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The iPhone has been for sale by T-Mobile a few months after it debuted in the U. S.


      That’s because carrier handset exclusivity agreements in Europe are mostly illegal.

    • Taaars

      I believe iphone has always been on Tmobile Eurpoe network, no att there

    • Comicaze

      Iphone has always been offered on Tmobile in Europe.

  • Mardenator

    what do i want it to be? a killer Sense phone with a huge touchscreen *cough* Evo *cough* or at least a greater Android phone than the Slide or Galaxy S.. what do i think it is? i have no frickin’ clue. but it’s probably some kind of promotional deal for Fathers’ Day.. sadly

    • soon2TMO

      for your information, there is no phone yet that is greater then the galaxy S spec-wise .. it is the most powerful phone right now.. if you think that the EVO is greater than galaxy S, then you should do your research and find out.
      scorpion or 1.+ ghz cpus have not been released yet nor have they been made, not until Q4 i think..

      and no im not a samsung fanatic, just being objective about it..

      • soon2TMO

        evo does have sme nice features that the SGS is lacking on..
        multiple wifi hotspot
        led flash

        it’s a nice phone

      • Tmoloyal

        I think the EVO has an 8 megapixel camera and the SGS only has a 5.

    • analog spirit

      @Mardenator: You’re probably right about that; last week when I went to T-Mo to pay my bill, I asked about it and was told that on the 19th they’re having a Father’s Day promotional deal of some sort, and that was all they knew about it. So we’ll find out soon enough…
      As for the Samsung Galaxy S, I didn’t know that about the lack of a flash. Call me nitpicky, but that’s a deal-breaker for me, as I’m one of those weird people who actually uses the flash on my phone sometimes. Plus, Samsung’s track record hasn’t been the best lately. Why they wouldn’t make the Behold 2 upgradeable beyond 1.6 (or even put a flash on their Galaxy S) is beyond me…

  • Negtne

    Would anybody actually buy a samsung phone after what they did to everyone? So no to samsung they will say it can’t go past 2.1 so if 2.2 ever comes out your screwed!!!

    • soon2TMO

      don’t worry, the sources for the device is out already, it’s only a matter of time this beast gets rooted! LOL

      anad it will be updated definitely!

  • Tim

    T-mobile is an epic failure at this point. I want to smash my G1 into the ground everyday. How about making a commercial or announcing your big “secret” instead of hiding and losing customers? The last thing any of us want is that stupid mytouch slide. I seriously thought they were just kidding with that. FAIL

    • the guy

      u have a mytouch slide in my hands right now. it is awesome, the swype keyboard alone blows away the swype on the hd2. its fast. and the keyboard feels a whole lot better than the one on the g1. i’ve been using a g1 since i got rid of my hd2.

  • adam west

    cant believe people still think its an iphone, pathetic..grow up, smell the roses…it would have been leaked already especially here on tmonews, someone would have gotten the FCC paperwork, screenshots or when the i4 was picked up at a bar…IT WOULD HAVE HAD A TMO SIM CARD!! as people said b4, early opening, separate lines for activations, they r given tickets… if it was the iphone tmo would have banners, commercials, radio, blimps, airplanes superman with a T on his chest! all for this amazing day where u can get a 4G iphone fully unlimited for 79.99 no contract!!!!!!


    but its not, its been said already fathers day special, most likely BOGO on slide with a few free ones?? thats why there are tickets…


    p.s. blackberry rules htc drools, windows OS freeze all day..microSOFT just went to 3rd place in the US in revenue and blackberry is now the #1 smartphone in the US! hooray!

  • 007

    According to my source iPhone on tomobile network will never happen…

  • MM

    Everyone is reading into the hype way to much. Consider what day the “Promotion” is. It will be nothing more than a Fathers Day promo to push existing inventory. It has already been stated that Samsung & Tmo have something slated for July (probably Galaxy S) and who cares if they dont support it past 2.1 (which they will) 99% of everyone on here will be looking for their next upgrade or fix in a year. Not many people keep a phone past 2 years anymore. I’m in the same boat as everyone else, my BlackBerry is going on 3 years old and i want Android but Tmo hasn’t answered the call, lets keep our fingers crossed.

  • hectic

    I work for tmobile and its been confirmed thru my market managers boss that june 19 has nothing to do wit a phone launch. Its only gonna b a promotion, not a phone launch. As an employee i am a little disappointed but hey i guess tmo likes bein in 4th place

    • WhatdoIknow

      So they’re going to open 2 hours early for a promotion? Must be one hell of a promotion…

      I assume, though, that your market managers boss probably doesn’t even know what’s going to happen on the 19th, just like everyone else… speculation.

      • CO_Yeti

        Funny! At this point STORE managers know what’s up…

  • swilkers808

    Unless TMobile get their act together with the Android hardware, it won’t matter what they charge for data. There will only be Blackberry people with them.

  • Nokia N900USER

    So now we know which speculations are wrong.
    iPhone – Not anytime soon
    SGS – July ending
    Nexus One – still possible but I dont see it happening (30%)
    Promotion on plans only – 45%
    Promotion on free HSPA smartphones that is better than BOGO – 80%
    Percentage of people that will be dissappointed if there’s no new Super Android phone launched on 19th – 99.9999%

    • Green Robot

      That about sums it up.
      Somebody please fire Dotson on the spot.

      • T-mobbin!

        he “step down” already lol

  • kast

    So I decided to go to the Tmobile store today to investigate. Here is the conversation I had:

    Me: So what is the deal with June 19? I hear something big is coming?
    Rep: Sort of.
    Me: Any details?
    Rep: I’m not at liberty to say.
    Me: Is it anything that will keep me from switching to the EVO on Sprint?
    (Rep gives a long pause followed by disheartened look.)
    Rep: Probably not… but I’m not at liberty to say.
    Me: Thanks.

    Take this with a grain of salt. I’ll still remain loyal at least until the 19th, but I think I’m also going to be in the 99.99999% group of disappointed customers. Oh well, c’est la vie…

    • Green Robot

      Interesting, even TMO rep admits to not being able to compete with other carriers. I would say that this should be a clear signal to T-Mobile management that they are definitely on a wrong path and need to fix their strategy. But who am I to say anything. Dotson knows best…

  • nope

    we now know that magenta will be getting the sgs on the 21st of july…the only other android monster phone that tmobile will be getting is the sidekick twist…which does compete with the iphone 4g/hd and the evo…could it be we are getting the twist…could it get pushed through the fcc in 3 days, prior to it’s launch? i’m hoping so…otherwise i’m going to be stuck with my g1 for a while…

    • WhatdoIknow

      It could happen. The iphone 4hd (or whatever they are calling it) was not released by the FCC until yesterday when Apple announced it. Maybe HTC employees are a little less careless about leaving their prototype phones at the local watering hole (no leak but highly unlikely).

  • http://myspace.com JEsus

    Whats wrong with the site ? its always down now-a-days. Also Phonedog and Droid Dog. It says database error or something like that ..

  • T-mobbin!

    I doubt any new phone… garmin is 9th of june… MTS is 16th of may… HD2 here already… I suspect that itll be HSPA+ related

  • Nokia N900USER

    here’s another thing that came to mind:

    1.) The event on this June 19th might be a test to see if Tmobile employees including top managers can keep details without leaking it. 11 more days to see if they will pass.

    2. ) If they indeed pass, this will set the level of management that will have future info on upcoming releases.

  • Lenexarep23

    Jim Alling was at the Lenexa call center today and the question was asked about 6/19 but he stated he wasn’t able to say exactly what was going on as “all the pieces weren’t together yet” but did mention it is a one day promotion and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with a phone launch

  • LNG

    I guess with Froyo being announced for the MT3G, this won’t be a “trade in your MT3G for free” promo

  • udnknw s hit

    1 day promo to get as many switchers from other carriers to come over. TMO will pay your early termination fees if the come over and sign up for 2 years with a smartphone and required unlimited data feature. ALL smartphones will be free. To make it worthwhile for TMO, this promo is good for 2 lines or more ONLY.

    • Robert

      Any love for current TMO subscribers?

  • Cecilia

    sorry, i didn’t go through all the comments above…

    is it possible that june 19 is a plan promotion with the purchase of a SGS (that is if the SGS is launched on T-mobile)

    • Barker

      See comments above…

      • Cecilia

        barker, don’t be a jerk. some of us don’t have the time to read every single comment. do you?

  • newbiemn

    If they really are opening early, shouldn’t they officially tell, um, the customers? Cause we’re the ones that need to plan to show up early. So the latest we could learn what it is would be the 18th? I for sure am not going to wake up early on the 19th and go to a store without knowing why.

  • kast

    In light of these news, I think I have to work on my “It’s not you, it’s me…” break-up speech to Tmobile. Tmobile has been great, but without a flagship product (available to me at a subsidized cost, and the N1 is not) I may have to switch.

    Sprint is not too bad in the Chicago area and they DO offer a new phone, which shall go unnamed. Maybe in the future, I may return, but for now, it looks like I must say good-bye to Tmo…

  • Travis

    BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Once again, tmo drops the ball for existing customer. time to start exploring other options.

  • Jon239

    Anyone talking smack about the Mytouch Slide hasn’t used one. If you get it at wal-mart on a two year upgrade, (it’s $140, but they’ll usually just charge you the $130 like they did to me), the deal CANNOT be beat. Look around at the reviews and what the people who own one are saying online… the thing operates as smooth as silk with multiple apps running AND it has a physical keyboard. I have NEVER seen anyone type as fast as I can with a touchscreen (had a BB for the last three years) on a physical keyboard… OR you can dictate and the dragon dictation on the Slide is simply the best there is. Couple that with the now confirmed froyo update plus even more updates to the Slide’s sense interface like more genius capabilities, the fact that for $35 you get unlimited data, texting, tethering (using pdanet, w/2.2 wifi hotspot!), AND gps capabilities and it blows the iPhone out of the water.

    For the same services on AT&T, I have to pay $25 for the first 2 gigs (easy to go over 2 gigs with pandora and tethering), $10 for gps, another TWENTY DOLLARS (that is the most insane part on AT&T, not the data) for unlimited texting and, finally, another TWENTY DOLLARS for the tethering… say I use 2.2 gigs in a month and have to pay the extra $10 for the extra gig and we’re at SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS for the same services that I get on the mytouch slide, not to mention you’ll likely have a surcharge for 4g speed (although that may cancel out the data limitations). My ENTIRE BILL is $75 with myfaves 300 (much better than Evenmore 500 at the same price, kept my old plan) and they want that just for all the same data capabilities as Tmo.

    I really cannot say enough about this phone… it is a slam dunk and Tmo should know it. I have an itouch that I’m getting rid of now… this is my first android phone and to me, the iPhone OS is boring in comparison to android’s much richer user interface, widgets, homescreens, etc.

  • http://phonedog Luiccini

    the tmobile rep i was trying to get to spill the beans, told me to get there on the 19th early, because what ever it is they are doing may run out. So i said, it is phones you are giving them away. She looked at me like, how does this guy know?? She didnt admit to it but said it would be good. Whatever it is she said its only on the 19th but the promotion would go through the weekend. She did say some new stuff (Sounded like phones) would be available but did not say what.

  • http://phonedog Luiccini

    the tmobile rep i was trying to get to spill the beans, told me to get there on the 19th early, because what ever it is they are doing may run out. So i said, it is phones you are giving them away. She looked at me like, how does this guy know?? She didnt admit to it but said it would be good. Whatever it is she said its only on the 19th but the promotion would go through the weekend. She did say some new stuff (Sounded like phones) would be available but did not say what.

  • Dan

    It’s going to be the Nokia N8

  • http://soapboxuniverse.blogspot.com/ K. Ray

    I was at a T-Mobile mall location today. It was interesting that a District manager was there and indicated that he did not know what it was and it must be big. They tried to sell me a mytouch slide, not feeling it. I like TMO and just want them to step up on the phones. At this point it would be nice if it was a Iphone, but I think it is something else. I honestly feel it is the Nexus one with some upgrades.
    Yes technically adding the Iphone to TMO’s network would be easier I just don’t think it will be happening this quick. I plan on being at the mall early….

  • thetruth

    i like the idea of free phones with activation….gets people to the store.

    I am also wondering if its the release of the HTC Sidekick Twist?

  • http://t-mobile.com eddie

    Ok I have been digging into this mystery, I was wondering what the big fuzz was about and seen some material that came to my manager dated June 19th. I took a peak and seen the. Sprint tmobile sign kinda like in a swirly figuring like they were merging into one and tmobile/sprint new logo appeared I was shocked but not really since rumors about the merge were under way ps I took a picture wanted to show everyone how do I get it in here

    • Robert

      Haha, a Sprint/TMO merge? Would one network get scrapped? If Sprint was, sorry EVO users!

    • Mike

      LMAO!!!!! How much pot did you smoke before seeing that!!! LMAO!!!!