Samsung Galaxy S Passes Through FCC

Well, what do we have here?  Courtesy of the FCC, word comes that the Samsung Galaxy S is on its way to the good ole US of A.  The quirky thing is that the FCC report (and maybe I am just reading this wrong as I don’t pretend to have any idea what these reports say) shows AWS 1900.  However, its ONLY AWS 1900 which means, in any case, a second band is missing no matter what carrier this is heading for.  However, the other interesting highlight is that it passed under the model number T959.  For those of you who are not yet familiar with Samsung’s naming system, anything that ends in xx9 is usually headed the T-Mobile way.  We’re still running with our rumored July 21st launch date for this bad boy but all things should be answered on June 29th at Samsung’s press unveiling.

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  • badaphooko01

    Can we expect a $199 price tag on this phone? If so how? when the MTS is $179 and the Samsung is a much superior phone.

    • Dashi

      Yes Samsung Is Just Doing SO Great With The Behold 2 Customers -.-

  • Nick

    This is T-Mo’s answer to Sprint and AT&T? What a joke..

    I’m stuck with T-mo till march, 2011.


  • derrickps3

    if you ask me it look like the behold, this should have been the behold 2 >:(

  • diddley

    So is this 1900 band the hspa band? If it is wouldn’t this mean the iphone would work on hspa?

  • TonyJohns

    It’s a bummer this phone doesn’t come with a flash or LED indicator. That is a deal breaker for me. When I am taking pictures at the club, I need a flash! And a led indicator is just a necessity for me. Coming from a blackberry, I come to be able to look at my phone, and know exactly what kind of notification is waiting for me w/o even turning on the phone.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I didn’t know that strip “clubs” allowed you to take pics.

      Slip an extra $20 in the g-string and tell the ladies to slow down. That should solve your needing a camera flash.

      (I know, I know, you can’t pay me enough for this kind of advice. For sure, my advice is a bargain at twice the price you are going to pay me.)

      • TonyJohns

        *Takes a look at his previous message*

        I don’t see any mention of a strip club. Let me check again, Yeah, nope, not a mention.

        Nice try.

  • TheAnalyst

    This website states that TMo is getting Galaxy S. But it could simply be based on the hype.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That site was mentioning “rumors” as the basis for saying what is said.

      The rumors was the story that TMoNews posted way back that mentioned Howard Chiu’s YouTube tour of the SGS (that he pulled down, but that I reposted) and where TMoNews also posted the screen shots I took that evidenced T-Mobile apps on the phone Chiu was talking about.

      Actually that TMoNews posting was famous in that many sites posted a link to David’s “exclusive” on this Site. Many sites even posted the screen shots he included. It was interesting that many sites also posted to Howard’s YouTube video, but on clicking to view on the link each site provided they got a message “Removed by Author.” I digress, forgive me.

  • sopa

    Why do we get the Samsung Galaxy S but Sprint gets the Samsung Galaxy S Pro? I want the Pro one cos it has the physical keyboard, that’s what i prefer. I don’t want to go to Sprint though, not yet anyways. Maybe when my boyfriend moves here and if he will let me jump on his plan then I will go to Sprint. I need to be on a family plan cos I don’t talk much, I’m more of a texter. I use about 100 minutes a month and about 4000 texts a month. I would rather stay with Tmobile though, my contract is up so I don’t have to stay on but I’m on my sister’s plan & she doesn’t wanna leave. Give me atleast 3.7″ screen, physical keyboard, front & back camera, 2.1 or 2.2, a fast processor and whatever comes with the newer high end android phones. I kinda want the Pro but not too sure about Samsung though.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Patience Padawan… no one has said who is getting what yet, much less when. All we have is circumstantial evidence that MAYBE the SGS is coming to T-Mobile (albeit it’s strong evidence) and a couple of leaked pics of the SGSP showing Sprint branding. This is kind of flimsy info upon which to rant that T-Mobile won’t be getting the SGSP.

      Do what I do… hope.

      See above, IMHO T-Mobile will be getting the SGSP since Samsung is not giving the exclusive to any carrier on the SGS. I assume that will include all iterations of the SGS, including the Pro.

      But really the big downer on all this is that there’s going to be some great phones coming out in Sept.-Nov. (dual core, 1.5 MHz, HDMI port, dedicated graphics, 1080p HD recording, SAMOLED, etc.) With that in the works, I am going to have to resist picking up an SGS or SGSP, unless I will buy it, then sell it on eBay in November.

      • jason

        Won’t happen. A qwerty slider on TMO would be counterintuitive. It would compete directly with the MTS which is new and bears TMO’s beloved “MyTouch” franchise. It would basically render the MTS obsolete within a month of launching it and would be a sever self-inflicted failure of an in house franchise device.

    • DannOfThurs

      I was teetering on Sprint too when I saw the GalaxyS Pro (keyboard needed for work stuff). I was willing to even eat an extra $10 fee per month if it needed one. Friends with Sprint told me that customer service there has improved a ton.

      Everything’s great, no voice+data on 3G, works on 4G. HOWEVER – big issue for me – 4G will WORK BADLY OR NOT AT ALL IN BUILDINGS. Seen, verified. WiMax’s signal is not cleared / licensed / strong enough to go pass through walls. Since WiMax is 4G…that pretty much killed that for me.

      So now, I’m kinda like the second child who knows that on Christmas all he’s really going to get are hand me downs from the older brothers…great TMO service, great TMO technology, phones are getting better but we’re still not where we need to be :)

      //happy yet frustrated G1 user

    • Mardenator

      actually, i think we’ll get both.. i posted on Twitter yesterday that i would love it if the Pro came to Tmo. Tmobile_USA (Tmobile’s official twitter account) later replied, saying only “Stay Tuned.. see for yourself:

  • soon2TMO

    i doubt that tmobile will get the Pro version, why will they get it when they already have the keyboard-less one?

    if that leaked photo is indeed the gaalaxy S PRO on sprint (it could be anyway coz it says at the back of the device “galaxyS”) , then it could also mean that sprint may not get the non-keyboard version galaxy… it’s one or the other, but can’t have both.. i think…?

  • soon2TMO

    if they altered the design of the galaxy S on the Pro version, this could mean that they might change the US version of the galaxy S as well.. who knows, samsung might add an LED flash! and if they change the front buttons to the way the Pro looks like, i’ll be stoked!… someone else mentioned that TMO’s version might have the home,search,back,menu button and that will be great.. :)

    can’t tmo release it sooner?????

  • Eldon

    No flash? Touchwiz? No software updates from Samsung? Don’t even think about it.

  • soon2TMO

    is it possible that the galaxy S version in the US will look like this??×540.png

    • J-Hop2o6

      Thats the Galaxy S Pro (w/ a slide-out keyboard).. so i doubt it.. but we’ll find out once Samsung reveals the US version(s) at their event at the end of June.

      • soon2TMO

        and i wish that the Tmobile version would like look like that minus the keyboard! samsung could add an LED flash with that, i honestly would prefer the one with LED flash for night clubbing photos you know what i mean…

        ya i wish the phone would look like that!

      • J-Hop2o6

        yea i hope the SGS Pro (WITH KB!) will come to Tmo also.. its a real nice keyboard that looks like it will compete with the TP2 keyboard (which i use currently).. and yea, i know wutchu mean.. its better to have LED than not to have so u can atleast see SOMETHING.

  • soon2TMO

    from boygenius report..

    824.20 – 848.80 mhz (GSM 850) = voice/edge
    1850.20 – 1909.80 mhz (GSM 1900)= voice/edge
    1712.4 – 1752.5 mhz (AWS WCDMA) = tmobile 3G
    1852.4 – 1907.6 mhz (UMTS II) = att 3G

    does this mean that when this phone is unlocked, 3G could be used on both carriers?
    or this test is simultaneously done for both tmobile and att??

    and if the looks of the US version is different than the unbranded version, then it could have LED flash!

    ya ya ya im just excited to get this phone so bare with me.. LOL

  • ShadowFoxBiH

    well check this out for all you galaxy s lover;
    “Samsung VP marketing said at a press conference in new Delhi that galaxy s won’t be updated to Android 2.2.”


    • ObsceneJesster

      Thanks for the link…I got to see that the Galaxy S will be updated to 2.2 and that they are currently working on it. Looks like he updated his twitter from saying it won’t to it will.

  • ObsceneJesster

    Oh and in regards to him saying it won’t be updated to 2.2 was either a mistype or he just heard wrong but what was really said at the conference in New Delhi was that the Galaxy S will not ship with 2.2

  • Vlad

    Is anyone else but me extremely repelled by the TouchWiz UI?

    Am a former user.

    • Green Robot

      Not all TouchWiz’s been created the same. You probably used some old TouchWiz. Read the engadget review/preview from today – they are usually critical of such things but actually seemed to like this version and found that it adds functionality while remaining fairly unobtrusive. In short, don’t be afraid to TouchWiz….

      • jason

        i think i just TouchWizzed my pants. A little.

  • tony

    i’ve been with tmobile for many many years and im tired of only seeing the tailights of the other carriers year after year. tmobile is not as ambitious as the other carriers.its time for me to make the switch. samsung galaxy s or no s(too little too late) ! contract over in october and lots of new better and powerfull smartphones coming out for christmas season. time to just watch and see who has the top dawg ! i live in a place were all 4 top carriers coverage is just fine.

  • wtf

    @ tony you should’ve left a long time ago if phones are your #1 concern. This is actually the first top notch phone that tmo has had since the 1st android phone (g1)

    • Mr Know It All

      First top notch *Android* phone on T-mo since the G1 that is.
      T-mo still has the best current WinMo phone, and as far as Blackberries, the Bold is the one to have.
      I don’t care if YOU or anyone else doesn’t care about WinMo and BB, the point is that if someone is looking for a BB, T-mo isn’t ‘lacking’. If you’re in the small minority like me, who actually doesn’t mind WinMo and knows how to use a WinMo phone well, then T-mo is still the carrier of choice.

      Yes, I get that everyone is all about Android and iPhone (former Android user here) and in that aspect, T-mo is still behind. But that doesn’t mean every single phone they have sucks, just their Android phones.

      With WinPho7 around the corner and iphone rumors, I’m thinking T-mo is just making a slow build up to something greater near the end of 2010, beginning of 2011.

  • sami

    hey everybody, go to and go to the specifications page for the samsung galaxy s. At the top, they recently added this:

    “Also known as Samsung T959 Galaxy S for T-Mobile USA”

    The galaxy s is so close to being official that i can almost taste it. its like 99.99%

  • tony

    wtf…i agree. this is the first top notch phone since th G1. THATS THE PROBLEM AND MY POINT. i got the G1 when it first came out..still got it (its getting a bit long in the tooth wouldnt you agree?). two top notch phones in the past 3 years? wooohoooo t-mobile way to lead !. wtf cell phones are my #1 concern? isnt that what the carriers exist for, what else is there to this? carriers is nothing more than 1. reception 2. price ,other than that its all about the phones. but hey….when dissapointed with t-mobile phones or mobile entertainment experience just say to yourself “well atleast t-mobile has friendly service” heh heh. seriously tell me you dont really envy the otherside of the fence?

    • Mr Know It All

      Your point of view makes you a whore/slave to contracts for the rest of you life. Enjoy.

    • Mr Know It All

      Actually, no, I’ll expand here.

      At&t has great signal everywhere… for a price… and for a customer service group who are notoriously a bunch of assholes.

      Sprint, where I live, has horrible signal quality and every single person I’ve ever met on Sprint STILL, TODAY, have to ‘go outside to get a signal’. What good is a “super phone” if you can’t use the f****g thing?

      Verizon is the only possible option in my city I’d ever consider. Now what does VZW have that I want? NOTHING.

  • alex32

    amazing camera with no flash?? no thanks

    • Green Robot

      Interestingly, lack of flash has not been a problem and has not been complained about for the past 3 years and suddenly, now that iPhone 4 has an LED flash, it becomes a huge problem. It would be nice to have to make people feel better but LED flash is only marginally useful and most reviews of phones with LED flash that I’ve read point this fact out. Now if it had an honest to god xenon flash, it would be whole different story. Perhaps we should all forget this “lack of LED flash” BS complain and start the real complaint: Galaxy S does not have a xenon flash – that really sucks!

      • TheAnalyst

        I agree Green Robot. As I said before, I have a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash now on my current phone and honestly, the flash sucks! If you want good photos with a flash, use a real camera. Cell phones are not meant to take professional photos.

  • Ag

    Why is it that tmobile is so far behind I’m the “super phone” game? I have my eyes on that Motorola Droid X monstrosity or whatever it’s going to be called. Tmo hasn’t even mentioned anything regarding the Nexus One being in stores. How long am I supposed to wait?

  • Negtne

    You think it will be priced from $700 to $1000 like they say?

    • Green Robot

      This is one thing that I am worried a bit about. T-Mobile is pricing their mid-range devices in the upper price range compared to other carriers so I suspect that they’ll want about $300 with 2-year plan for this thing. Still substantially cheaper than the $529 I would have to pay for N1 though.

    • ag

      If it’s priced that high, I am definitely going to bite he bullet and get iphone4!

  • catsigh

    Looks like the Galaxy is going to AT&T – T-Mobile NEEDS to get a great phone. They took on the first Android phones but are being left behind by the other carriers.

  • The Southland Hustla

    I swear to God if T-Mobile doesn’t get their act together by this 4ths quarter I’m going back to Verizon, yes i said back, because I came from them to T-Mobile, well actually because of the G1 which I still have, and don’t get me wrong it’s a great device, but when I keep getting the icon in my upper left telling me my phone is running low on memory, and i have to uninstall some of old my apps (which mind you I use ALL my apps) so that a new one will work, COME ON! Yeah the G1 was the innovator but time progresses, lets get something solid, powerful and above all useful, I wish T-Mobile was getting the Dell Streak, but again maybe that’s just wishful thinking, I’m real happy with T-Mobile and have been for the past 4 years but this could be the deal breaker for me, if I can’t get a worth while device I’m just going to have to jump ship. I am a loyal customer and should be rewarded (not really I’m paying for it) with a good useful device.

  • Bubbles

    Yeah looks like AT&T just announced their version of the galaxy s. I hope Tmobile_usa puts some info out soon.

  • Marcel

    Phone dog is reporting that att and samsung have announced a deal to bring this phone to att- not tmo.

    • David

      Guys, its NOT just for ATT, it didn’t say exclusive! The Galaxy S IS coming to T-Mobile, I assure you.

    • TheAnalyst

      AT&T is getting a different version of the phone. Samsung has created several versions for multiple carriers. It is pretty definite that TMo is getting the Galaxy S, as so many sites (tech news sites) are now saying it without a doubt.

      • Sami

        so wait….does that mean t-mobile is getting the original version (the one shown in the picture above)? i sure do hope so because out of all the versions of this phone that i’ve seen so far, this one is by far the nicest.

  • TheAnalyst

    Yes, it looks like I TMo is getting the one in the image for this post.

  • soon2TMO

    ..and will we see a leak or something about the tmobile version? or tmo will get the original version? bring out the leak … i wanna see it already lol

  • tony


  • soon2TMO

    ^^ im lost.. LOL

  • Bubbles

    I hope tmobile_usa gives some info soon. My contract is up and I going to stick around to see when it gets released. The droid x looks good on verizon, but i really dont want to switch.