Samsung Behold II Update Rolling Out OTA Style

Behold 2 fans, this is a moment you have been waiting for, an OTA update to your beloved Samsung Behold 2. It may not be all that you have wanted, nor all that you asked for but Samsung is making good with at least a number of the additions some of you requested. With Google Maps, Google Voice Search, Swype and a host of bug fixes and “usability updates,” it just might breathe some new life into your phone. Perhaps we can call off the lawsuits now?


  • shane

    WHO CARES????????????

    • wack mode

      ur mom does she has 1 remember hahahha

      • Dashi

        LOL True Story My Dads Girl Has The Behold 1 XD

  • K. Ray

    Let us know about the good Froyo phone then you will get our attention….

  • DannOfThurs

    I’d be happy with this if I had a BH2 – but then again, I was also quick to not buy one ;)

  • vinny

    Maybe now that Samsung took care of the old T-Mobile customers and made them happy, they can role out the new Samsung power phone we have been foaming at the mouth for, I know I have been. Come on T-Mobile show us some love, spread your wings on the new Samsung.

    • pimpstrong

      I don’t think this made anyone happy. Maybe some people more mad though.

      • tommh

        i know 2 people who had this device a used it to get out of there contracts early a switched to the evo and im still stuck with this crap there update is exactly the same as one of the roms released too bad we cant get a Rom past 1.6 due to samsung not releasing the kernel or drivers

  • Billl

    What is the point of this update other than google maps navigation? I already have voice search, swype and a better media player. Lawsuit should continue until we get the real upgrades we were promised.

    • kilari

      The only other benefit that I saw with my G1 moving from 1.5 to 1.6 was “Gesture Search.” So really only App Compatability.

  • mike

    Where was this screenshot taken? Please do tell. I won’t believe this until I see it with my own eyes.

    • God

      Ted Mosby – employee # 97510486 took this at 38°57’7.00″N, 77° 8’45.37″W

      • Really?

        Ted Mosby….the architect or renown film star?

  • Mike

    Where was this screenshot taken? I won’t believe this until I see it with my own eyes. Thanks!

    • cekryb

      That is an internal network on T-Mobile called Streamline. It’s legit…

    • covert

      Looks legit.

  • keele8

    Does this seem like a lack luster attempt from Samsung to try and ease the minds of many of us who are hesitant to buy a SGS because they left the Behold II in the dust? Am I suppose to have all my concerns go away about future updates now that they are doing this? I don’t know, seems like a real “convienent” time for Samsung to be rolling out this update. Especially when most of the negative posts about the SGS are about future update worries. Do we give them brownie points for trying? Or is it going to take a lawsuit in the future to get an update on the SGS as well?

    • Dale Murphy

      good points regarding the SGS. potential customers don’t trust Samsung mobile and they may be trying to allay our fears.

  • Listen&learn

    Voice search is already on the b2 who are they kidding?!

  • El Guapo

    Why is this being treated as GOOD news? We KNEW this update was coming and this is NOT the update we were PROMISED.

  • Marcelo L

    And what are these “several known issues” ? Why couldn’t someone click on that link and post the screenshot of those issues ?

    Phone not sleeping ? Check!
    Battery lasting a pittance ? Check !
    Random freezes during a call ? Double Check !
    Reception that’s worse than a lonely cell tower in Antarctica ? Definitely, check !

    • wack mode

      BUYING A CASE FOR IT $19.99


  • 2FR35H

    Right you want us to settle for less? I say who ever has a lawsuit go through with it

  • http://tmonews Toni

    ok i tried to check for a software update and no luck!!!!

  • Happyman x0

    So how the hell do you do this update anyone

    • john

      When you get it, you will get a message that says congratulations, it will come to you.

  • watbetch

    Well this isn’t supposed to happen, Samsung doesn’t update anything!!!!!!

    And all of you fools.. it takes time to get a good firmware update pushed out, not over a couple of weeks and due to bad press.

  • manny

    if i wouldn’t of spend hundred for my beholdII i would throw out of my car window while driving on the freeway. Hate the phone!

    • kilari

      Try buying a Mytouch3G on ebay, then resell your Behold2 on ebay. You should make out ok. Behold2s are still like $170 for ones in ok-good condition. And Mytouch3Gs are the same price, but the MT3Gs will get a 2.1 or 2.2 upgrade. You’re not stuck with the problem. You’re only stuck if you accept it. You might be out $50 in the long run, but then again if you are so broke $50 is hard to come by you really shouldn’t have that smartphone plan every month. Don’t get me wrong, I feel for you Behold2 owners and I still think you should do a class-action lawsuit against Samsung/Tmo. I just think insted of dealing with a phone you hate so much, sell it. That way it causes you less grief.

      I still would be interested in picking up a Behold2 for $100 just to play with it, use it for a couple weeks then throw it in a drawer right next to my G1. Which might end up bring the same grave that my Cliq XT goes to if I can get a Milestone XT720 on ebay for a reasonable price. Cus unlike everyone else in the world I like Motoblur.

      • dolphin

        Behold 2 is better than mytouch. Also mytouch 3d without 3.5mm audio jack does not have enough ram for android 2.0 and above.

  • Rick

    And still…The G1 gets no more love. :|

    • JoshL

      I know! I want an update for my G1!!! Whatever happened to T-Mobile saying they weren’t going to leave any of their phones behind? (And I don’t believe any of the crap that people are saying about the G1 not being able to handle certain elements of 2.1. Give us a partial upgrade then! As the first adopters, we deserve it!)

      • NeXus

        I agree with you 100%, seeing you were the ones to start making the andriod product what it is today. you helped lay the ground work by using the product… and you get nothing for it. I am a behold user and wish that they would have done more with it. spec wise it was supposed to be a great phone. but the useless cube and the fact that they didn’t push the phone the way they should have doomed the phone from the start. they say no phone left behind.what they mean is that no phone that they like will be left behold, I mean behind….

  • Unhappy samsung owner

    We want Samsung to upgrade us to android 2.xx

    • dolphin

      I bet you will be VERY unhappy with 2.1.
      All it will do it take up more memory, slow your phone to a craw, and more freeze prone.
      Other than side app drawer, there really isn’t that much difference between behold2,cliq xt, and nexus.

      With android 1.6, you can have Home++ so you can say goodbye to side drawer.

  • Bradley

    1.6 isnt all that special, the behold 2 will suck with or without it. I might be wrong but the b2 is the last tmo phone to get 1.6. Its pretty lame how samsucks fix for the whole 2.x update is to give us a obsolete upgrade. Only another 19 months until my b2 can be thrown in the garbage…

    • covert

      You mean you bought one of these just 3 months ago? Dumbest move ever.

      • NeXus

        hey In beadleys defense we all thought it was going to get the update 3 months ago. but yeah it’s a big disappointment.

    • kilari

      Actually the Cliq and Cliq XT still are running 1.5. So the Cliqs are still behind the Behold2 at being the last handsets running 1.5. Although they are getting the 2.1 update in July which will leave the B2 behind. It’s very sad to see nice hardware crapped on my Samsung. Cus if the B2 had an up to date version I would have bought that insted of the Cliq XT. I bought the CXT cus I trusted Moto to come through with their promised 2.1 update, I knew better than to trust Samsung with an update. They’ve always sucked at providing support post-sale. Although the Samsung Moment did get it’s 2.1 update, which blew my mind. Still this 1.6 update just reinforces my dislike of Samsung, I’ll only by Moto or HTC when it comes to Android phones.

  • FILA

    Welcome to august 2009

  • Behold2User

    Any Behold 2 users in here that knows if the update is working? I’m a bit confused on how and when to get it…

    • TMOprophet

      it will be ota, just have to wait for it, oh and back up your info and pull your sd card out before doing it, the update will wipe your phone clean, someone will surely forget to do this, and be very mad afterwards……

      • Behold2User

        hahaha, I remember this happening before with one of my phones. Thanks for the tip!

    • Jason

      I got the 1.6 OTA update and now have been graced with many force close errors on things like messaging and maps. I’m considering doing a reset to see if that fixes it. I rarely had a force closer error and if I did it was on a marketplace app. I’ve never had one on a core part of the OS. This is just a little disconcerting.

  • going_home

    I want the Froyo released for my Mytouch 3G now !
    Heave ho lets go heave ho lets go !


    • dolphin

      If you have 3.5mm jack, you have chance. If you don’t, not enough ram.

  • derrickps3

    lol samsung doesn’t know that many of us used custom roms with those add ons already included. this is a shame, glad i jumped ship

  • Aztec

    i called tmobile and its OTA(over the air)
    so just wait and you’ll hopefully get it soon. so far nothing for me? anyone else have any luck??? I heard from other users that you must have 3G on and using standard TouchWiz not anything else like Openhome, pandahome, ect

  • Aztec

    also everyone There is an online petition going on t demand fair treament from samnsung. Basically 2.x update. a full refund or asamsung phone that will have 2.x running on it

    leave ur comments and name. at the end it will ask for a donation. just close the window and ur name will still be addedon the petition. spread the word!!!

  • TMOprophet

    Well I have yet to see an update notification, so I say double FAIL, one for a crap update, and 2 for not even giving it when you say its available, I suppose I will get it on the very last day it being aired…about my luck

  • JCHang

    Anyone got the update yet?

  • AndyA

    Can you get the update through Wifi if you don’t have the data plan?

  • Aztec

    Representative said no… but how many times have they failed to know the correct iformation.

  • Alejandro

    I have a question. Do I really have to back up my info because it will wipe my phone? Idk, It feels like I’ve done so much for my phone only to have it wiped…

    • dolphin

      You don’t have to backup. Android saves contacts on internet. Lots apps saves things in sd card.
      You will need to load apps again anyway though it would save few min of download time if you have it on sd card.

  • Jason

    I got the 1.6 OTA update and now have been graced with many force close errors on things like messaging and maps. I’m considering doing a reset to see if that fixes it. I rarely had a force closer error and if I did it was on a marketplace app. I’ve never had one on a core part of the OS. This is just a little disconcerting.

    Other errors I’ve noticed is that phone is slow to ring or won’t ring at all. My bluetooth headset will start ringing and maybe a couple of seconds later the phone itself will ring. There’s something else it started doing but I can’t remember right now what it was.

    • TMOprophet

      I’m not sure I want this update now, after reading that last post.. right now my phone works alright, I wonder if the update really messes it up, could you use that as an excuse to get a new phone?

  • Mark

    There are two extremely important requirements for recieving the update:

    1.) You MUST be running TouchWiz. IE, no home replacement, no OpenHome, PandaHome, DxTop, GDE, aHome, or anything else can be running.

    2.) You MUST have received the earlier firmware update to receive the 1.6 upgrade.

    Since I still have not received the firmware update, I probably will not get the 1.6 upgrade…. not sure what to do about this other than wait a few days and then complain to T-Mobile. Amusingly enough, even if they offered me a free Galaxy S, I wouldn’t be interested.

  • Mark

    Also, your phone cannot be rooted. So if any of those 3 things apply to you, no update will be coming your way.

    I just did a factory reset on my phone to make it more likely to receive the update. God TouchWiz is ugly after having OpenHome + Hero theme, + Beautiful Widgets.

    • Alejandro

      After I heard about the TouchWiz thing I Made it my default home again. just till After the update. However I still HAVE openhome on my device. Will simply having it affect the update or am i fine just USING Touchwiz for a while?

      • Mark

        Good question. The statement from T-Mobile implied that you simply had to be running TouchWiz… so it wouldn’t matter what else you had installed.

        That makes sense, not that that’s worth a whole lot with this phone.

  • Wunako

    I just got my update last night around 2am, so fr the phone doesn’t seem to different. It has swype as it’s main test input but i already had it, they threw in a couple of wallpapers, and other then what tehy said (improve google maps, etc) i havn’t noticed too much. Ill let you know as I keep using it through out the day if i get any problems like the previous post did.

    • BrutalHoney

      Where are you located? City or rural area? I’m just curious because it seems like the bulk of Behold 2 users haven’t received the update yet.

      • Behold2User

        I second BrutalHoney’s question towards Wunako. I’m in east coast and it’s really annoying to wait for the update.

    • Wunako

      I live in outer city of houston texas, yea ive notticed that i have friend who has behold and he hasnt recieved it either… So far update isnt anything major i havnt notticed anything bad but its only been a day,

  • Behold2User

    Oh I got another question. I heard that in order for the behold 2 to get updated into 1.6, I was suppose to get the “latest” update it has where the phone can get the “Where’s Waldo” game… Anyone knows how I can get that update?

  • NeXus

    still waiting for it, maybe I might not get it with tmobile and sammys track record. we will see what happens.

    • Mark

      I had a really long discussion with a T-Mobile rep trying to get him to answer that question. Basically he said that I just had to wait, and it might show up sometime in the next month, or it might not.

      I wanted to know how if my phone had been skipped for the initial firmware or if I might still receive it, but he was totally useless.

      Seemed to think that since the G1 had been upgraded to 1.6 that my behold was already on it.


  • TMOprophet

    still waiting…this is a total fail….seriously only 2 people so far got it…..this is total crap

    • NeXus

      STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!
      will we ever get the upgrade?????

  • TMO Orginal

    I recived my update, new keyboard with swpie, the phone seems a little faster. Nothing SPECIAL.

  • Alejandro

    I still Haven’t Got it….

  • Wunako

    Samsung got something else coming if they think this is going to make every one happy, im sure some will be even more mad then before

    • Behold2User

      I haven’t even got it yet… I’m mad at them now. Probably will get worse if t-mobile won’t solve it. Stayed up all night last night to check for the update and yet I get none…

      • NeXus

        yeah I am not a happy customer either. still waiting as well. I don’t think t-mobile is treating it’s customers with the respect it should. the customer should be the number one priority. I feel that none of them really care about us. sammy nor t-mobile. which sucks because I love the service, maybe they might make us behold users some what happy.

  • sickofTmobile

    Wunako im in Houston,TX too but have not received the update ugh “sign”

  • TMOprophet

    THIS IS CRAP NO UPDATE YET..WTF…..Its now the 26th..whatever screw em, Im calling a lawyer and making tmobile give me my money back, or give me a diff phone

  • lunie

    Its the 26th and still no 1.6 update. This phone is crap. Im sick of t mob and the lies.

    • Behold2User

      I just called Tmobile Customer Service. The guy who answered my question regarding to the Behold 2 update told me that the update isn’t out yet. Weird because I thought it’s being brought out this week… He also told me that the date when it’s going to be released isn’t known… Now I don’t know who to listen: the news that it Kyle put on the Tmobile FAQs or the person who I just spoke with.

  • Bryan

    It’s June 26th and still no 1.6 update from Samsung or T-mobile. I called today and they said it should be coming out soon and that Andriod is the one who puts it! Damn clowns that don’t know thier a** from thier elbows! I want my damn money back or another phone that will run the 2.x!

  • JCHang

    I just called Tmobile as well, and the customer service lady was telling me that once you installed home replacement (i.e. aHome, Panda home, GDE, etc) Not only you have to uninstall it and RESTORE TO THE FACTORY SETTING. I know its suck a pain to go through all that, but I would rather receive the 1.6 update from the manufacture now, then rooting it. (SIGH), so yea, I restored it to the factory setting. The lady said that i should receive 1.6 update within 72 hours. I will let you guys know if I have the luck from now on.

    • TMOprophet

      F@ck that sh&t, All they said was that you had to run touch wiz, so my question is if I unnistall and do a factory reset, does that erase my firmware update from February thus making it so I cant get the 1.6 update anyway???????????? WHat the hell, does TMO and Sammy know what WTF they are even doing????? Anyway can someone answer that question does a factory reset get rid of the Feb. firware update? cause if so then what?

      • NeXus

        I just spoke with a t-mobile rep that basically told me that I was lying about the 2.X update. that it was never said it would support anything higher then 1.6, and also I read that the update was rolling out from june 21 – 25. that was the time frame we were all supposed to get the update. the rep told me to wait until monday because that is when the push out the update if you didn’t get it, they do it at midnight.

  • Behold2User

    Why the bloody *e11 are they pushing this @ midnight? Don’t they know that everybody is sleeping??? I’ve been staying awake at the time they told me when they’re going to hand it out (11-6am Pacific Time) and it’s been 5 days over and still there’s nothing! Dam it T-mobile, I love your phones/services, but sometimes, you can be such an a$$ you know…

  • Aztec

    Hey everyone so once again i talked to tmo representative and this time they made me update my IMEI or i wouldn’t get the updates and now i have to wait from 2 days to 2 weeks in order to get the The First update then the newest one. yeah this sucks. i’m close to ecanceling all 5 of my lines. maybe that’ll scare them into giving me a better phone.

  • TMOprophet

    they dont give a crap if it takes 2 more days or 2 more years, they suck! I say all willing BH2 owners organize a paticular day where we all march into our TMO stores and make a big stink..maybe if they get bombarded all at once on the same day at the same time..they will frickin notice.. who’s in with me? cause as is stands we are pretty powerless here. hit me back and we can work on setting something up.

    • NeXus

      I wish someone with time would actually go forward with some type of suit. the person would have to have the time to dedicate to an actual lawsuit, which a lot of us don’t have. and they know this, so they do what they want because nobody will do anything. I am tired of being called a liar. I just want what I was promised.

  • Bluto

    Yea, I just read today about 1.6 being available (I was fed up with constantly checking, that’s why I’m late).

    I also had OpenHome on my B2 so I haven’t gotten the initial update or the upgrade.

    Anything I can do to get the initial update in order to get the upgrade?

    I already switched back to the crappy TouchWiz after readiing these posts.

  • yoda

    I have not been given the update yet. I would like to know if anyone has the update.

    • yoyo

      not too many ppl have