myTouch3G Users, Your Wish Is About To Come True

So many of you have written in, asked on Twitter or really just begged for information regarding the possibility of future myTouch3G updates. While HTC has been pretty clear regarding Android updates for phones released this year, myTouch3G users have been left wondering. Well wonder no more as the above screen shot gives you all the answers you want. You may now rest assured that Android 2.2 aka Froyo is coming your way. It was just early May when T-Mobile’s VP of Product Innovation Andrew Sherrard gave hope for a 2.1 update. Guess that idea went right out the window as you are getting 2.2!

Lets just recap before the questions flow where it specifically says “Coming soon,” which means we don’t have an official date but we’ll keep you updated as we hear more!


  • Jonathan

    I had a dream and I was buying the HTC Desire on June 19th from a Tmobile Store.

    • Jared

      You won’t be”buying”anything on the 19th. All phones are free with a family plan. No desire til the earliest july.

  • Dodanafoneium

    will there be htc sense involved, becuz i am a die hard fan for sense. 2.2 FTW!

    • D.C.

      I love my slide its great but do we get live wallpapers I love that stuff even though it sucks battery

  • Richard

    Wow, since when did folks on here get so snide with each other. Take a breather folks, it’s a blog, not a Doctorate Thesis.

  • K, K

    What about the G1 users? Will they get any update ever? Yes, T-Mobile forgets its existing customers and that is the fact.

    • john

      G1 is dead, move on

      • Dashi

        The G1 Will Be Around For 5 More Years Easy Since People Like To “Hack” It LONG LIVE THE G1!!!

    • soriggs

      you can root your g1 to 2.2 but your warrenty is gone if you do that,just upgrade to the mytouch instead

    • D.C.

      To me they don’t well I suggest don’t get a contract at the rate the market is going with theses new phones but I do annual payments and I get a new phone evry year tmo been good to me and sorry but g1 can’t support it ,that’s like puttin water in you fuel tank the poor thing would choke everytime

  • richard

    its about time cause im about ready to throw mine on the ground and jump up and down on it till its shattered into little bits, iv had nothing but trouble with it for last few weeks, this up date will at least be a little something to make it worth the money im spending, and thats the dang truth,

  • Charles


    • D.C.

      What you can do is purchase the slide at your nearby tmo store for anything between 30 and 60 dollars and the rest go to your bill 22:50 a month for twenty months I paid 54$ and that was the lovely deal I got and I’m happy with this baby its so powerful

  • joji

    I loveeee my mytouch slide =]

  • Adi

    Really hope that this is happening because they were supposed to relies 2.1 update first Q. LETS HOPE

  • harrisc2h

    Im just a little made that t-mobile was the last one to get a 2.0 or better i thought they started it all with the G1 people say that 2.0 is now big deal but why is everyone that has a 2.0 love it just feel left behind.

  • LSxChevelle

    Well that image is from the first page of the Summer 2010 T-Mobile Android guide now named “100% you.” When you open it the left page is “You’re going to love the new Slide” and the right is the page above. I think this makes it very likely to be seen soon!

  • Clint Shepherd

    UTUAll the guessing games can stop: late this afternoon, I received an OTA upgrade which brought my myTouch up to 2.2. Although it seems that quite a few T-Mobile customers seem to have been frustrated by what has appeared to be the provider not getting a wide range of phone’s, while I too started to get that same “itch,” it’s reassuring to know that the roll-out wasn’t put out on the market until the developers were confdent that it was suitable to do so.

    • Cody

      Sorry, I’m calling BS.

      • Rey

        OMG OMG OMG ME TOO !!! J/k i wish tho, if that screen shot is from the magazine then im guessing the update will come after the magazine has been released.


    Seriously is it out?

  • Coiler



    At T-Mobiles offial site people start to report that the update have rolled out to random people….

    Its some kind of “public test”… Final version will be out usually 1-3 weeks after public test has been released!

    • Coiler

      ^^and by people you mean one person that has posted a total of 5 times on their forum. Don’t get me wrong I am hoping this is true.

      MyTouch Fender – just waiting to be Froyoed


    Someone at droiddog posted the same :o and one here too…

  • going_home

    Bought a Mytouch 3G Slide off contract ($429.00), had it for a week and returned it.
    Picked up a used Mytouch 3G off Craigslist ($114.00) to use till TMO comes up with a better phone.
    Was thinking about buying a used Nexus One till I saw this announcement.

    I wonder if I will get the 2.2 Froyo on the used MT3G ?

    Might be a dumb question…but can the update tell I didnt buy the MT3G from TMO ?


  • Nexus

    hey it says no phone left behind is their pledge… what about the BH2 that was a android ph that was left behind.

  • matt

    g1 users u will not be getting the update bc lack of memory. just root ur g1 with cyanogen. he does really good work.

  • Whiner

    When is this supposed to go through? T-Mob is making us wait forever

  • Don

    I just received the Summer 2010 issue of T-Mobie’s MyTouch “100% You” magazine, and the “Good News for Existing MyTouch 3G Users” article is page 3 and signed by Cole Brodman (Chief Technology Officer of T-Mobile). So this is official, but still no specific date… or word on whether it will be OTA.

  • Kevin

    I still haven’t gotten my update to 2.2 for mytouch 3g. I’m getting pretty pissed off!!!

  • Eliseo

    I bet this will be released the same day as the iPhone 4, that is this June 24th

    • Kevin

      Wrong! It’s the twenty eighth of june and still no friggin update!

  • Erg

    It’s about time!!!!!!

  • christian

    How will the upgrade come? Will we have to keep looking for it or will we be notified?

  • Jack

    I’m calling it; this rumor is bull, just like all the others. My iPhone wielding brother doesn’t have to deal with this crap. No “update Q2, 2010.” His was 11am on a specific day. Why can’t we know if it’s coming this month? If it’s not coming, tell me so I can re-root and enjoy some non-1.6 features for once.

  • julian

    its talking about mytouch phones not android phones.

  • Scoota

    I just got my T-Mobile connections book and this exact screenshot is page 2.

  • Whiner

    Mytouch phones ARE android phones.

  • Reg Ridley


  • Alicia

    It’s August 12…. Still no update…. Add I LOVE my phone!

  • Kumail

    It is said in this article that MyTouch 3G will get Froyo soon, HTC Magic is also similar to MyTouch 3G, so will HTC Magic also get Froyo soon or they both have separate OS???

  • dubya504

    The mighty G1 has fallen to the Tmobile Corporate Giants and yet to try and save it is the Mytouch 3g! The MT3g has yet to transform into the mighty giant it was claimed to be. The Tmobile monster has began it’s onslaught with blows to the MT3g still yet waiting to receive it’s SPARK to transform into the Mighty Giant it was claim to be. The MT3g received words in the form a magazine stating that the SAVIOR FROYO 2.2 was coming. Will the SPARK crumble or will it reach the Mighty MT3g so it can transform into the Real Android Telecommunication device to serve the human race and save T-mobile the saga continues…..

  • dubya504

    Hey T-maybe It’s August 19, 2010 do you know where you UPDATES are at? I Know one there ARE Not and thats my phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cbrown

    Simply put T-mobile, WTF? Obviously you can’t produce an update for the mt3g, how about just letting us all know a definitive yes or know and WHEN! Soon is not acceptable, maybe I’ll pay my bill soon! Just tell us were can handle it! !

  • William Smith

    t-Mobile LIES! either that or they have no concept of what “soon” means.

  • Gary

    tmobile lies and doesn’t care about existing customers. I called yesterday and asked them. They said NO PLAN to give myTouch 3G any 2.2 update, only for myTouch 3G slide. I told them tmobile needs to listen to our needs and really pay attention to us, or tmobile is forcing us to leave them. You know what? they didn’t care what I said at all, kind of ignore. Basically I am really going to leave tmobile soon.

  • Reg Ridley

    When there are two other cell company’s just as good as T-Mobile, It seems t/mo. is testing the loyalty of there customers with the promises and no action for so long, while coming out with a new phone every week. B/S

  • Happy @ Verizon

    I only have this stupid t-mobile phone with crappy 3g coverage because of my work. I can tell you that if/when I get a personal account again, it will be with Verizon instead.

  • tony

    Still waiting for mytouch 3g update……………..

  • Lud

    My patience has ended. I’m gone as soon as I can unload this mytouch 3g on ebay for cheap.

  • Dunky

    Still no Froyo on the myTouch3G… we’ll be farting dust by the time that damn upgrade comes.

  • BP

    It’s October and still no word. I wish they would at least tell us which month/week it will arrive. I don’t really like blind anticipation. If I know IT IS COMING THE 3RD WEEK in October, then I don’t have to blindly stand by.

    • sorandkairi

      i feel u. i wanted to let my phone get upgraded then sell it on craigslist… well without rooting it…. alot of ppl dont like that!

  • cm

    I just got a mt3g on Oct. 2, 2010 from t-mobile and they told me that this phone would only get 2.1, when I asked. They could not say. I have 14 days to take this phone back for a refund and a different one from my prefered carrier. I only went to t-mobile because, most people I know have them and I understood that it is free tmobile to tmoble calling. I also agree with the person who said “this is just a blog” and basically anything can be said, true or not. T-mobile, you have 9 more days left to do this or I will go with Verizon!

    • sorandkairi

      dude return the phone NOW and order the G2! NOW!

  • Eliseo

    I’ve had CyanogenMod 6.0.0 RC1 for a month now… I’m tired of waiting, why won’t T-Mobile just accept that they’re not going to stick to their promise?

  • Patrick

    I am moving to Simple mobile in a bit to try it out..(.Monthly pay as you go. 60 bux unlimited everything on the Tmobile network..if you have not heard of it )
    I guess the updates get pushed via TMobile.If I am at Simple Mobile while the update comes down how do I get an official update instead of a ‘mod’?

  • Rstampa

    December 15th and still no 2.2 update. T- MOBILE doesn’t know way.
    Now how about that!

  • Galahad

    Yep. Still waiting…

  • Galahad

    Yep. Still waiting…

  • Galahad

    Yep. Still waiting…

  • Neffly4u

    There is no official word as to when the my-touch slide is getting the update but the my-touch 3g fender and 3.5mm will be getting it in a couple of weeks. i have seen the confirmation text sent from t-mobile saying you will be receiving android 2.2 in the next few weeks. The t-mobile no my-touch left behind is still true…they’re just slow at it. so far they have released froyo to the G1, the original my-touch and working on the 3.5mm and the fender edition. Be patient. very patient with t-mobiles speed.