Comparison Chart, T-Mobile Vs iPhone 4

It’s not uncommon for carriers to release a bullet point comparison sheet when a competitor is about to drop a major device onto the scene. Considering it doesn’t get any bigger than iPhone 4, the fact that T-Mobile has a comparison chart available for its employees is hardly news. We think its well beyond safe to say that Sprint and Verizon have either posted their own or will do so in the coming days. What’s interesting about this picture and please don’t think we’re reading any more into it than what can be taken at face value is that it really doesn’t highlight the strengths of other devices over the iPhone’s. To be sure, the myTouch Slide, HTC HD2 and Garminfone all have their highlights, strengths and weaknesses when compared to each other, never mind the iPhone. So this is less of a comparison chart and more of an “I have no idea what the intended goal here is.” Not to mention, does anyone realize that for the iPhone 4, pictured is the 3GS?

Lets keep the comments civil shall we?

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  • AndroTMO

    I can confirm that this is indeed a “Grab and Go” posted on the corporate intranet.

  • SteveBerman

    I have a very trusted source, common sense, that has told me the iphone is never coming to T-mobile. It’s a 4th rate carrier for a reason. They could not handle Apple or the data that would be consumed by iphones with appropriate 3G bands.

    • going_home

      That would explain why TMO has had the Iphone in Europe since it was released huh ?
      Not that I care anything about the Iphone.
      No one cares about the Iphone, no one.
      Move along people, nothing to see here.


      • JL

        @ Going_Home; Good comeback

      • B

        no one cares about iphone. you have no idea what your talking about. The numbers prove that. 600,000 iphone 4’s pre-ordered on day one. The HD2 sold a whopping 21,700 units on day one. You can eat it talking out of your ass.

    • God

      That’s like saying an Interstate Highway can’t handle truck traffic.

      Are you stupid?


      Are you serious? Here’s something you should know. Tmobile owns all their equipment, hence more speed for android users over ATT iphone/Never once did any Tmobile state or city has had loss of 3g coverage due to a device.. IE San Fran and NY for ATT. Please leave childish info to no bodies, and walk away.

      • B

        Fact last quarter’t tmo LOST 77,000 customers. And tmo doesn’t sell as many devices as AT&T AND has a ton LESS customers. Tmo is ranked 4th and falling

    • aquarius

      All i can say is that as an employee for tmobile, you might want to check your sources before you make wild claims!HSPA+ is faster than any 4g so i am pretty sure the network can handle it!

  • Ty

    Iphone is already with T-Mobile in the UK.

    • B

      so Vodafone in the UK has it and thats Verizon’s parent company

  • Khaltz

    I think it is for reference to tell customers what these phones in stores offer rather then compare.

  • James

    Did anyone know the T-Mobile in Europe is getting the new iphone?!? why can’t T-Mobile in America catch up…anyone who has in T-Mobile in America would be angry is they checked out the phones that are available for T-Mobile in the UK! This is BS…Im just sayin…

  • AaronDGL

    The only reason the phone companies in Europe have the iPhone is because there is a law against any one phone company having a monopoly over the other. There is no law for that here.

  • Chris

    Seems to me like B needs a hug. Someone obviously didn’t have their coffee that morning. If B hates TMO so much, why waste the time on a website all about TMO? Brainless soul…I pity you.

  • Exec4Future

    @steveberman : interesting comment. what was it like the day u graduated from special ed? T-mobile actually has the fastest network. yes, faster than AT&T’s. do some research before u open ur mouth and look even dumber.