Bad Move For Motorola, T-Mobile And Android In General

Let me just start by saying that I’ve been a little out of the loop these past few days, so if I haven’t responded to your email, tweet or smoke signal, my apologies. So many of you have written in regarding the delayed announcement by Motorola regarding the Cliq update, and for very good reason. You are upset, no upset would not be the right word, livid would probably be a better explanation for how you are feeling. I’m going to keep this short, but if there is one problem I have with Android, this is it. You are at the mercy of not one, but two powers to make sure your phone is as update to date as your neighbors. Buying these phones on good faith from T-Mobile and Motorola is something you did without the precondition of an update, but when one is promised, it should be honored. More to the point, when one is promised prior to a certain date, how about Motorola and T-Mobile not wait until the last possible minute to comment on it? Bad form guys, bad form…a lot of you have asked me to use the power of the website to make this happen and while I love the sentiment, I think we are all at the mercy of powers that will simply only answer with press released, legally approved snippets, exactly as they posted just a day ago.

Look, the bottom line is this sucks, no way around that and no sense in sugar coating it. However, I do not know what else we can do but sit and wait. A lawsuit, or threats of a Better Business Bureau complaint etc., will not make the update come any faster. It might give you a sense of personal satisfaction, but your phone still won’t look any different. That being said, after the Samsung Behold 2 debacle, Google likely needs to step in here and make something happen. This is ridiculous and is a major setback to Android advancement in the marketplace. Android diehards and apologetics aside, if I were a new customer and I was considering this phone, I would not buy it any more having read about all the unhappy people with the lack of an update. No chance, no way, no how would I buy a phone that has this many upset people.

Let’s be honest, there is no nice way to say this to either T-Mobile or Motorola, so I will just say it. You dropped the ball and while you may not do more than just give us the approved comments, you should do yourselves a favor and listen to my readers and become better organized, or fear making the same mistake Samsung did or worse, watching customers leave.

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  • keyboardxbully

    my life will go on just the same with out an update to 2.1 when it was promised, i still love my phone just the same

    • Andrew

      What a great attitude to have!

  • Doctorpooper

    i couldn’t agree with you more on this

    • 2FR35H

      So how much you think that bugatti is gonna go for now?

  • keyboardxbully

    my life will go on just the same with out an update to 2.1 when it was promised, i still love my phone

  • keyboardxbully

    sorry for the double post :/

  • nathan118

    A little overboard for a delay, no?

  • TMOprophet

    Well at least the update to 2.1 will eventually happen for cliq owners, the BH2 got left in the trash, half the owners still dont have their 1.6 update yet, and those who do are likely dealing with bad battery life and decreased phone storage, Hopefully this problem will start to get better once Android 3.0 goes out, I heard that manufacturers wont be able to put custom skins over the android UI, so it should make pushing out updates much easier and faster, however you will have to have a high end phone to run 3.0

  • andrewa

    this is why i wont to go to verizon or sprint

  • TMOprophet

    Just wanted to comment on the photo up top..too funny…big facepalm, a million dollar car in the drink..haha

  • stevve

    I love my updates ASAP too, thats why i got my nexus, just updated to 2.2 and loving all the cool new features!!! :)

  • watbetch

    I’m super happy with 1.5 (KBSQI or something like that) rom on my CLIQ, it will tide me over until 2.1 or the Vibrant.

    Motorola should take this extra time to get it RIGHT, because I can wait for a good update..

    • Kathrin

      I agree with you. I think they had an option to throw the bad update for us, but they didn’t.

      • Bobert

        Grown men owning a Cliq?
        well at least it fits nicely in your fanny pack!

    • Keebler02

      I totally agree. While my main phone isn’t the CLIQ, I do agree that Motorola should do what most don’t and get it right. While all issues Cannot be predicted, most can be avoided, thus causing less dissatisfaction.

    • Bruce Banner

      Go back to the Teddy bear, not feeling the new pic.

    • The Trendaholic

      So let me get this right… Your happy with being the only phone in the Android universe that is on a prehistoric OS (1.5) and your happy with not being able to use at least half of the new and cool apps like Swype and Kindle for Android. Better yet your saying your still happy with the fact that you can’t use Google navigation through Google Maps?

      If this is correct, you might as well buy a Blackberry or Nokia phone (E73) because it sounds as if you prefer simplicity over advancement. I’m just saying…

      • watbetch

        Um, I have Swype. I’ve used Google Navigation and it’s nice but I manage with just getting the directions.

        And the crackwhore is staying.

  • yin

    I was at a google tech meetup today and an android advocate from mountain view told us that the wait is because they can’t go to version 2.x w/o overriding user data (because of the limited flash memory space) when doing it as an OTA update. They could have done it as a tethered update (to backup to the pc while updating, blah blah blah) but thought the user experience was not good enough. (they being motorola)

    • yin

      on an unrelated note, i’m not sure how i feel about my gravatar being shown and directly linked to the gravatar url because it’s possible for someone to retrieve my email from the gravatar hash.

  • red420

    I left for this exact reason to sprint for the evo…i have been with tmobile for years but was tired of promised next big phone to be let down with a mid range phone that was not bad enough they then never get updates had the mytouch and cliq both stuck on 1.6 or less…on other hand im lovin my evo best phone ever

    • Frank

      Bet you love your Evo so much that you lovingly caress it while it is being bricked by your precious Sprint double update.

  • Adnan

    GET myTouch then root and install Cyanogen ROM (Works better then stock and it is 2.1).Also Cyanogen team is releasing 2.2 rom by next week……

  • Tj
    • 2FR35H

      I know that is pitiful on how it was just gone into that lake. This is why people can’t have great things they always fucc it up somehow.

  • JackRussell

    I have to say that I am not all that upset. But what surprises me the most are the tantrums that people are throwing – it reminds me of a 2-year old crying in order to get mom to buy a toy.

    Grow up people.

  • tmobilepphoneking

    yes there will be a update soon as aug 1 i beeen working on this for bit talk to some ppl work for motorola they say yes

  • TMOprophet

    Anyone notice they finally got Android up and running on the HD2, only a matter of time before they have a final build version ready! :)

    • phonegeek

      i was happy about that now depending on which version it is ill get an hd2 to play with but as far as the cliq goes rooting it seems exceptionally easy so for all of you who arent happy about this ( i am too but i have a first gen mt3g) root it. i mean for the cliq its not THAT hard at all just follow the directions so it can hold you over till the update rolls out

  • RCorn

    David, in your opinion, do you think the “powers that be” are aware of the backlash, as well as any other issues, that its subscribers have? Do you know if they visit this site? Just curious…

  • Mitch Lantana

    Hey! That Bugatti pic was taken right down the road from me, near Galveston TX. An idiot wrecked it on purpose; it’s his job to re-sell supercars. Lame.

    Anyway, here’s my stance on the whole fiasco… I bought the Cliq, and while I loved it, had many hardware issues. Between that and the software woes (All I want is Google Navigation!), I said screw it and bought a MyTouch Slide. The HTC device is easily rootable thanks to XDA. Samsung sucks for not following through on the Behold 2, so I won’t be getting a Galaxy S. Looks like it’s HTC until another decent phone manufacturer steps up!

  • Bradley

    Google should have stepped up during the Samsung Behold garbage, Cliq owners will still be getting their 2.x update. Its hard for me to feel sympathetic of the Cliq owners. Behold owners were told they would receive an update by both Samsung and T-mobile but then they take it back and keep having the upset owners go back and forth because neither Samsuck or T-blow will accept that they dropped the ball. If google even cared about their android users they would have stepped up during the Behold mess.

  • wojax2

    MY MAN DAVID!! whoa!! YOU SAID WHAT NEEDED TO BE SAID ,to t-mo and motorola. one word my man. BRAVO!!

  • Allen K

    All this bitching and moaning about 2.1 upgrade is getting very old. It’s not like they’re holding out on us because they feel like pissing people off. They’re making it better and unless you’d rather get it sooner and be stuck with a buggy software and less features – BE PATIENT!

    I will say, however, one thing that is VERY annoying is that both Cliq and Droid were introduced at $199 upgrade price point, yet the Droid is far better. Grrr…

    • wojax2

      ummm. thats pretty much been t-mo’s pattern. clik<droid ,samsung vibrant<samsung epic,HD2<EVO…you get the point,still love ya t-mo!

    • Bradley

      Be patient? Samsung has said they will never update the Behold to past 1.6 even though the,main thing,they said when advertising the B2 was that we would get 2.x ota.

  • 2cents

    First things first. I am not a fan boy in any way shape or form. So hopefully this will divert the comments.

    But one thing that will keep the iphone #1 for at least a little while is its consistency. I know its only one device (at a time) but they made that one phone. Made it right and went with it… sans the antenna issue. If only android would take cue from that and standardize it a little, then we would have a slew of happier forums. I know theres going to be a low – high end tier, but if they could just get some centralization out of it, we would have less mutt devices.

  • dennis p

    Moto sucks and so does my wifes cliq. Im ready to throw this thing in the garbage

  • RayMatthew

    Yea, I love my cliq and all. and I want 2.1 but I guess I can have to wait and all. But its chill.

    I am thinking about get the Samsung Vibrant ‘cos 2.2 in the summer. But there is always going to be a better phone out on TMO. So I have to wait to get 3.0 on the HTC Vison. On paper it seems AMAZINGG phone but, I guess if I want to renew my contract with TMO, I would want a phone to be awesome, and upated. So I guess I will have the cliq till the hoilday season. (:

  • SoonerSaint12

    Without 2.1 you can not use some of the newer (and better) apps. You are also stuck with the slow and laggy OS known as 1.5 with motoblur.

  • dethduck

    Ok, for one, this has NOTHING to do with either T-Mobile or Android..specifically Google. This is all to do with Motorola. And secondly, at least Motorola communicates with their customers. Outside of nothing but unsubstantiated rumors flying around since november, till the latest 100% You magazine, original myTouch owners have had NO official word about when and/or if they would get any kind of update. And that’s all we’ve heard. Nothing more or less. So, how exactly is this a “bad move”? Seriously?

  • douche

    how do we know that this is entirely motorolas and T-Mobiles fault? Is there a possibility that the delay could be partly googles fault too? I’m pissed off as everyone else and want my updatesoon. I just wanna know why without the speculation of the “experts” online that posture about things but don’t really know… does anyone work for motorola able to weigh in on this?

    • Mardenator

      it’s not Google’s fault.. they released the source code for 2.1 months ago.. it’s up to the manufacturers to take that source code and format it to match their devices. and the way i see it, it’s not Tmo’s fault at all.. they just release the update when it’s given to them. Moto hasn’t given the update to Tmo to release.. Ergo, it’s Motorola’s fault

  • mark

    I am extremely disappointed with this situation. I work for t mobile and have sold this piece of crap out of date phone to 3 family members and a close friend with the expectation of android 2.1 before the end of the 2nd quarter. This goes to show when you add your crappy ui over android we all lose. Samsung and now Motorola with motoblur. The behold II is the least sold and least recomended phone in my store now followed by the Cliq and Cliq xt. And our store sells the most smart phones in my region ( consitantly above 85% smart phone mix) I’m sure Cliq and xt have taken the back burner with the new Droid x over at the competitions store soon to be released. Motorola, keep your crap phones, we will continue to sell the HTC hand sets. I wish Cliq was at e.o.l. and we still sold the g1, at least that phone had android 1.6. Motorola you guys dropped the ball big time. Keep selling your stripped down non Google friendly lame excuse of an android phone to at&t a.k.a. backflip. Anyone want a brand new outdated Cliq? By brother in law is selling his and can’t even get $150.00 for it. Epic fail Motorola! Epic fail!

  • DannOfThurs

    Oto put things in perspective, this post is not about whining on the lack of 2.x update but rather their handling of it.TMO has unfortunately felt that it should keep quiet on this issue instead of assuring its customers. Motorola has made promises that fail time after time and their timing on the cliq statements always seem to coincide with something affecting their droid line. It just does not show issues with their internal process, it might also show how important – or not important – tmobile is.

    If tmobile reads this, please step up and say something. Also, make sure that Motorola is treating us with the same priority that everyone else gets.

  • mac

    Look at the Droid.. it has received many updates and still one more to come (2.2)… I wouldn’t dare to say that its moto’s fault…

    Anyways.. if you guys are so worried about updates just get a nexus one =P and problem solved..

    Also, no meter of you bought your cliq today or tomorrow… please be advice that it has not the best specs in the world, therefore it might not be able to handle the latest software.

  • iBustcherries

    There is a simple yet difficult solution to this problem… Either google, the carrier or the maker of the phone needs to make all android phones rooted and let the user decide when they can update the phone make the rom flashing process a bit simpler for those who aren’t tech savvy and when the updates are delayed the user can decide okay, I’m tired of waiting on party x/y/z to puch out an update I want to go and get a cooked rom by Cyanogen or MoDaCo or whoever. or give them the option to take it to the store after the phone hasn’t received a promised update after so long and have the store flash it for them that way the can insure the integrity of the warranty by having their own professionals do it.

  • jmts80

    I own a Cliq XT and am impatiently waiting for the update. I personally like the Motoblur skin and the HTC Sense but with all the delays I have decided to never buy another Android phone unless it comes with stock vanilla Android. I agree Google really needs to step up and do something.

  • Jay

    And you guys thought Samsung was bad.

    • Mardenator

      at least the cliq is GETTING 2.1.. the Behold 2 is stuck on Donut forever

  • William

    My guess is that the problem isn’t with 2.1, but with motoblur/ninjablur. I’m wondering if we would already had the upgrade if Motorola didn’t insist on putting its own spin on the OS? At least Google sees the problem there.

  • Dan

    Didn’t sift through all the comments, but as a My Touch 3G owner I wish I had an update delay to complain about.

    • 2FR35H

      Don’t worry according to rumours mytouches are getting 2.2 but that’ll be the last update due to android 3.0 gingerbread requiring a 1ghz processor and a 3.5 inch screen.

  • Ken

    In my opinion it seems as if MAJORITY of the android phones with TMOBILE suffer with any OTA updates. Ive had the G1 and i now have the MT3G and both ran on 1.6- its a shame that the Cliq STILL runs on 1.5 and the cliq xt is a 2010 phone.

    Motorola is showing that they are only concerned with the latest DROIDS. Thats there priority… the Moto Cliq & XT are forgotten options.

    You telling me a company can not tell its users a more accurate time of when it will receive updates… saying quarter 2 or 3 is VERY broad. The service provider-T-Mobile- should have stepped in and forced there hand. The outcome of this will be negative for both Motorola and T-Mobile… somewhere iphone users are laughing at this

  • niididy

    Well said, David. Where is the “like” button when u need one?!? :)

  • K. Ray

    So I guess you guys that call us complainers will tell those stuck in the Motorola limbo to stop complaining and wait 4ever. Now do you see why people are cautious and wait for the right phone that fits. The question I have is what does this mean when 3.0 comes out and people are on a contract from Fathers day and can not upgrade? This is a warning to new android users. If you buy the entry level phones you could be in a position to be left out in the wind. I guess that line of questioning will be labeled as a wiener…. I will make a purchase with extreme caution.

  • MichMan

    Well, you know. Maybe they WERE going to release the update this week. But they found this bug. This bug that loses all your data and contacts. And they though – hey, lets fix this first. THEN we can release the update.

    I’m just sayin. It’s probably not too far from the truth.

  • john

    what is the big deal, android 1.6 or 2.1. Neither are that different, a few tweeks and features. Have tried them all and dislike the onscreen keyboards entirely. just my opinion, onscreen keyboards suck! android is nice OS but enough of this all touch screen crap and quit whining about updates. Too many updates have come done rushed to satisfy the whiny masses and caused so many issues with devices, so just chill and lets the bugs get ironed out and take it when they offer it.

  • john

    ibustcherries, why the hell would they do that, it is in way in the interest of either of them to do this. rooting is hacking and thus against all warranties: real, imaginary or implied.

  • Mr.Crabz

    Motorola u guys should stop with da Droid can…..and fix this cliq can’t…….tha thing is 1.5…come on….we want froyo…what is 2.1 giving? I wanna know. Cuz I know 2.2 is getting tha adobe 10.1 flash player.

  • john

    this article is the primary reason why carriers and manufacturers keep silent, to keep secrets secret. These site while nice to try getting info, are the key reason why makers and carriers don’t openly offer info as competitors get info that is nit intended for public ears until released. I can understand the desire to get the latest and greatest, but at what cost?do you something that is crap or great? Do you want info or great devices with little or no advance notice? Personally give me great stuff with no notice!!

  • QDOG8

    this is the EXACT reason why I’m getting a Nexus One

  • Chuy

    whoa everybody needs to relax I’m also waiting for the update but i still have a life to attend too along with oher inmportant things chill people

  • RockyLew22

    I’ve been saying this for months. Moto has dropped the ball bad. The Cliq is an aweful phone. I’ve had so maqny problems / returns it’s ridiculous. I’m nervice about getting the Vibrant. As far as I’m concerned, Tmobile is on probation with regard to trusting them to provide a quality product.

  • RockyLew22

    I’ve been saying this for months. Moto has dropped the ball bad. The Cliq is an aweful phone. I’ve had so many problems / returns it’s ridiculous. I’m nervice about getting the Vibrant. As far as I’m concerned, Tmobile is on probation with regard to trusting them to provide a quality product.

  • Negtne

    Anybody think that this is the exact reason google is worried about fragmentation? You start skinning android and all that is gonna happen is your gonna have to wait for an update. Why can’t oem’s just leave android the way it is? Let google build it, let google update it. They come out with 2.2 it’s gonna take a while for them to take it and add all these crap add ons and skins and get the update out. I really hope they take gingerbread and make it a once a hear update. Let the developers build stuff for it. Let it mature and grow without oem’s making it harder. You may all give apple and palm crap but there os are better. I love android it’s just getting ridiculous with custom tmobile/motoblur/touchwiz/sense add ons. My opinion let google build it, let google update it.

    • Negtne

      Sorry i meant I really hope they take gingerbread and make it a once a year update

  • @twiddajones

    Well Said David. Thank you!

    I am tired of Moto fanboys making excuses for motorola, if you feel so bad fill out an application to work there. We all spent hard earned money on this device and we are fed up. Its not like motorola has been forthcoming with information or answering any of our questions. They wait until the last possible moment and then release some bs statement. I am sorry, but myself along with many others refuse to lay down and get screwed.

    PS: Motorola customers did not set the release date for 2.1…Motorola did that. So excuse me for expecting them to meet a self imposed deadline.

    Companies should be held accountable for their poor products/ customer service.
    It is not our problem that they have trouble with project management.

    Everyone please continue to voice your discontentment. This is beyond ridiculous.