Bad Move For Motorola, T-Mobile And Android In General

Let me just start by saying that I’ve been a little out of the loop these past few days, so if I haven’t responded to your email, tweet or smoke signal, my apologies. So many of you have written in regarding the delayed announcement by Motorola regarding the Cliq update, and for very good reason. You are upset, no upset would not be the right word, livid would probably be a better explanation for how you are feeling. I’m going to keep this short, but if there is one problem I have with Android, this is it. You are at the mercy of not one, but two powers to make sure your phone is as update to date as your neighbors. Buying these phones on good faith from T-Mobile and Motorola is something you did without the precondition of an update, but when one is promised, it should be honored. More to the point, when one is promised prior to a certain date, how about Motorola and T-Mobile not wait until the last possible minute to comment on it? Bad form guys, bad form…a lot of you have asked me to use the power of the website to make this happen and while I love the sentiment, I think we are all at the mercy of powers that will simply only answer with press released, legally approved snippets, exactly as they posted just a day ago.

Look, the bottom line is this sucks, no way around that and no sense in sugar coating it. However, I do not know what else we can do but sit and wait. A lawsuit, or threats of a Better Business Bureau complaint etc., will not make the update come any faster. It might give you a sense of personal satisfaction, but your phone still won’t look any different. That being said, after the Samsung Behold 2 debacle, Google likely needs to step in here and make something happen. This is ridiculous and is a major setback to Android advancement in the marketplace. Android diehards and apologetics aside, if I were a new customer and I was considering this phone, I would not buy it any more having read about all the unhappy people with the lack of an update. No chance, no way, no how would I buy a phone that has this many upset people.

Let’s be honest, there is no nice way to say this to either T-Mobile or Motorola, so I will just say it. You dropped the ball and while you may not do more than just give us the approved comments, you should do yourselves a favor and listen to my readers and become better organized, or fear making the same mistake Samsung did or worse, watching customers leave.

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  • Gpk

    I don’t even know the differences between 1.5 and 2.2… I am an iPhone 3G refugee. I will spare you the story but AT&T and the iPhone can burn. The cliq was my only option last december. I was super happy with it right out of the box and I am still super happy with it. Take your time moto and give us a flawless update. :D

    • Asparagus

      Word. While bummed, I would rather an update that doesn’t brick my phone past a reset….dropped in water a few times and WAY out of warranty (my phone is a champ). I will wait if it they are testing and it’s not going well until it is

      • HowdyDoody

        Wise Advice, NEVER BUY:

        – MOTOROLA phone, unless you are a Verizon customer otherwise you are just scrap meet for them.
        – SAMSUNG phone, cause Samsung never provides a full upgrade, take a look at the Moment (half baked 2.1 update) or Behold (barely goes to 1.6).
        – iPhone cause it may cause you brain damage.. please see the link below

        If you are going to buy a phone, buy one that can be rooted, go to androidspin to determine which phones have alternative roms, examples are:

        – G1
        – Mytouch
        – N1
        – Hero
        – Evo
        – Droid (if you are a Verizon customer).

        In other words just use HTC phones. Not 1 Samsung phone has a rooted room for 2.1 at Androidspin, though you can come up with one for the Moment (Sprint).

        T Mobile is releasing the Vibrant, looks nice in specs, reviews state it feels plastic like the the MyTouchSlide.

        T Mobile doesn’t get it, for a phone to be successful, it must feel good in your hands, like an Incredible or a Nexus. The MyTouch line is MAJOR JUNK. Gamin phone feels nice, but its SOO BEHIND THE CURVE its useless.

        Whom ever is in charge for phone selection at T Mob deserver something lower than an F for a grade.. Their job is not poor, its out right useless.

        I am glad with the service on my G1, the N1 would have been nice if it ran for 300 dollars or less. The Vibrant for 320 .. eh.. maybe if it shows to be a good device and can be rooted easily. The rest of the phones (INCLUDING A POSSIBLE IPHONE) as JUNK, T Mob might as well through them in the dump.

  • meanmcclean

    not to condone throwing a tantrum about an update being pushed back but still, people buy these phones because of the fact that they are customizable/upgradeable. Fragmentation is a plague for Android right now that needs to be eliminated. I was never a fan of the dealer choice UI and stayed away for good reason, (I still however am using a G1). It is rooted and upgraded to 2.1 and I am loving it. This type of situation makes me very cautious about my next purchase. Since android phones are releasing every other day it seems, you have to factor in when the next best release is avail. will i be able to download before the end of life of my unit? This can’t be all that good for business.

    • Kyle

      G1 running CyanogenMod 5 FTW!

  • Bobert

    A grown man owning a Cliq?

    • 3g rules

      That is really uncalled for

      • Bobert

        The cliq makes a great VAG scratcher

    • I Punch Babies


      • Oreos

        Nice name lmao

  • Cephas

    I really wanted to wait for the OTA 2.1 update, but after this, I am definitely more inclined to root my phone and get the 2.1 alpha5 or hopefully 6 once they get their bluetooth up and running smoothly. And as far as my next phone goes, I’m either going with the Vibrant coming the end of July, or keeping my eye out for a new HTC release. kinda missin my modded G1 right now. Fail Motorola, fail.

  • tortionist

    Negtne, I agree with you. Although I think that Android is the best OS out there, but screw the Touchwiz, Motoblur, Sense, etc. Give it stock Vanilla then let individuals decide if they want any of these skins. I have a MTS I got rid of the sense and use Open Gesture Pro. It’s a great Home alternative/replacement app that rocks. my battery lasts longer now that i’m not using Sense and am using Open Gesture Pro. There’s some things I still can’t get rid of, but they don’t drain the battery.

    • Chris

      if you don’t like skinned android, why did u get mts in the first place? lol. you should’ve gotten a nexus or a mytouch 3g… tsk tsk tsk. people complain bout decisions they made themselves… what is the world coming to?

      • Ismael

        Maybe he wanted a good hardware keyboard, the N1 and MT3G don’t have that.

      • chotpy

        one has a physical keyboard, the other two don’t. >_>

  • TMOprophet

    Firstly I want to say that I think this is more TMobile’s fault than Motorola’s, reason being that even though Moto is the one who produces the upgrade, Moto isn’t going to just develope it unless TMobile asks them to. Moto sells the cliq to TMO who then sells it to you, if TMO doesnt pursue updates for the phones they are selling its not because Moto couldnt make one, its because TMO hasnt realized the importance of supporting their Android phone lineup. One perfect example is the Moto Droid, this thing has seen it all, and only because Verzion agressively wants to market to the Android customer, so what you see is better phones, and more updates. TMO will eventually catch up..I hope, but thats the thing…TMO is always playing catch up..even though they started the Android revolution…kinda ironic. However I do think TMO can get back in the game by bringing in some quality fresh Android devices and making a committment to support them. Thats what Verzion did..and its working out great for them. I know many would disagree but having a high end, flagship Android is sometimes all it takes to put a carrier at or near the top. Version started their major android success with the Droid, and they arent the best because of the prices…cause those happen to suck, and Sprint I call them the one hit wonder. They got their hands on the Evo and it completely turned them around and now they are duking it out with the top dogs. People it only takes one phone to change everything…if you cant see that, then your blind or ignorant. TMO might have its chance to comeback when the Vision hits, mainly because they will be the first to bring a dual core Android to the market…so if they play their cards right then we might see TMO move up the ladder.

    • J

      So you seriously think that T-Mobile did not ask Moto to get an update for the Cliq and thats why there is a delay?

      • Asparagus

        It’s the upgrading with the blur that is the issue

      • TMOprophet

        Im sure they asked, however TMO was probably not being urgent or aggressive in asking for it to be done really soon. Moto Blur might be an issue, however I still think that its more TMO farting around than Moto.

    • TheLight

      Hence catch up T-Mobile needs to the Sidekick Twist to be an actual phone and not a rumor….come on Magenta…Im counting on you..

    • http://None Martin

      I want you to take a moment and consider a few things, on your PC ( Hardware ) right now the manufacturer/reseller provide support and warranty help for their defects which does not include software(Operating System), unless its a Mac. Just food for thought, phones are exactly the same way.

      Motorola decides to create their own branding to add to an Android device, I’m fairly certain Moto Blur has made it all the carriers now which is most likely why Motorola has yet to update it for their very first one. So that simple fact aside, Moto Blur is not amazing, it mostly offers services that the ORIGINAL android operating system offered out of the box so it really is pointless for an android device.

      While I understand your gripes about this I can certainly tell you that the fault for the Motorola CLIQ not being updated lies solely in the hands of Motorola, I understand your disdain for T-Mobile for selling their product, however Motorola has been in business since the very first cell phone and no one can tell them that they have to do something or invest money in something they are a big boy company, and they made the decision to delay the update T-Mobile is not involved in the development of Moto Blur especially when it comes to updating it.

      I agree though, the ball has been dropped just make sure you do your research and understand who truly dropped it, before you hate your carrier for it.

  • socalfrank

    I bought a Cliq on launch and within a week Moto introduced the Droid on Verizon with Android 2.0. The Moto Forums were full of people asking, begging, and demanding info on when Cliq would get 2.0.
    I returned my Cliq when the Nexus One was announced and bought one of those when released. No regrets.
    Here we are almost 8 months after the release of the Cliq and Moto is still without a modern Android OS for that device. I am so glad I sent mine back!
    I will never buy another Moto product again.

  • Mingilicious

    TMO has been launching a lot of lower end [see: not for the tech savvy crowd] phones, but has completely dropped the ball on the smartphone front… They hyped up the HD2, and we all know how that turned out [I tried so hard to love it, but it chose to spite me, so I disowned the bastard child]. Now they’re launching a high-end Samsung – but who cares? After the way Samsung chose to handle the Behold 2, I’ll never buy a Samsung phone, nor an Anycall phone.

    I thought TMO was on top of its game, and I’ve been with them for almost ten years [Voicestream] – – but I am seriously thinking about jumping ship. I love the customer service, I love my plans and pricing… but I’m the spoiled brat that has grown tired of his G1. Has anyone actually touched/played with an EVO? I’ve never seen a snappier/sexier Android phone.

    I’m sure that many of us loyal T-Mo users are going to hold out for a little longer, but if TMobile continues to drop the ball, I’m pretty sure their retention is going to decrease dramatically. I think that the launch of Gingerbread and the Vision are going to make or break TMobile in 2011… at least it will for me.

    • AntonioMendoza3

      I agree with you completley, I’ve got a G1, not rooted, not modded and I love it. But I’ve played with both the Evo and the Droid and it really sucks that TMO was at the forefront of the Android movement and now we’re being left in the dust by Verizon, I can’t stand them and actually left them for T-Mobile 4 years ago. I’m out of contract and waiting with baited breath for the RUMORED HTC device. I hate to say it but you’re on the mark about Samsung I know the Galaxy S AKA TMO Vibrant is suppose to be the game changer but all the major carriers are getting it in one form or another (I really like the Sprint version with a slide out keyboard) so that’s not the device that’s going to put TMO back on top , even if it comes loaded with the SIMS game and AVATAR. I just hope the Vision just doesn’t end up to be nothing but a rumor. COME ON TMO GET IT TOGETHER!

  • Quasar

    For all the folks who want to get their hands on the UI updates coming in Gingerbread for Android late this year, make sure you get an Android phone with a 1GHz pocessor, 512MB RAM and a screen no smaller than 3.5 inches. It’s going around that these will be the minimum specs to run Gingerbread. Hopefully Google will continue to add new features to 2.X for phones with lower specs though.

    I wonder if a duel core phone at 800MHz per core would be the equivalent of a 1.6GHz for running Gingerbread.

    • dank414

      no, that’s not how dual core works… it never has, even on your laptops.

    • Reece

      800Mhz dual core would destroy a 2Ghz single core

      Reference: 1.8Ghz Dual Core Intel vs 3.3Ghz Pentium 4 (single core)

      • TMOprophet

        I hope your right, if so we can all rejoice for the upcoming HTC

  • stirfry

    motorola was chicken$hit waiting until the last day to update us. No Mo’ Moto ever again. they are liars.

  • Getreal

    Like I said before, android sucks. Too fragmented and not cohesive.

    • 30014

      That’s your opinion. Coming from blackberry to android was like going from a honda to bmw for me. To each his own.

      • Cassie

        went from the cliq to a bb, much rather the bb….doesn’t piss me off with slow processing speeds =)

  • Wayne

    ONe of the disadvantages of open source is you can modify the code, which is what we are seeing with the Andriod. Phone makers can tweak the code to get features/performance they want andit bites them in the ass when a code update coes along.

  • kershon

    This kind of situation is why I have stayed away from android so far. With each manufacturer putting their own skins on it apparently causes the update delays. If the N1 would have been sold through T-Mobile I probably would have bought one. When I do jump on the android bandwagon my phone is going to be made by HTC.

    • going_home

      The Nexus One is coming to TMO so hang in there.
      Its already getting Froyo now which is another reason to buy it.


      • Robert Aitchison

        Nexus One has been available on T-Mobile for more than 6 months now.

      • Reece


        No, it is merely compatible with T-Mobile’s network. The subsidized price completely compromises a person’s current plan too much to consider it a true T-Mobile phone as say the mt3g slide, hd2, or the upcoming vibrant. Which leaves one forced to buy it for $530 which while cheap for a unsub’d phone – is not cheap for those used to buying subsidized phones in the first place.

        ..not to even mention the extra piece of mind one would get if they could at the very least play around with it at a T-Mobile store.

  • Mgoggles

    Here’s an idea…. make all Android phones Vanilla and then each phone manufacturer can put their skin (motoblur etc.) into the market as a download. Of course if you want the newest Google update, you would have to uninstall the skin (motoblur) until they release a newer version compatible with Google’s update.

    • Dissapointed

      problem with that is, 95% of android buyers dont have a clue about that kind of stuff

  • Abigorbot

    I’m disapointed as well that it was delayed but half of me is fine with waiting a month or two to see if there are any updates. I bought my cliq last november. I was undecided between the mytouch, G1 or cliq. Cnet had a great review saying that of the android phones on T-mo that the cliq was the highest rated. I do feel that Verizon has been given the priority because of how much their pushing the droid to convert iphone owners to android.

  • Hank Rearden

    I just left. Signed up with ATT at 9am. Now I have to decide if it’s ethical to sell my XT on ebay, knowing the poor guy who buys it is getting screwed. My other four lines are up next month. FU TMO!

    • DannOfThurs

      Should have gone with Sprint / VZW …ATT will rape you on data charges plus poor customer service…i’d cancel and go somewhere else. Even VZW will do a better job.

    • Jj

      Congratulations. I am planning to do the same eventhough I don’t like AT&T that much. Been with t-mobile since 2001 and never wanted to leave. Before 3G I don’t care what phones they had since I always have imported ones. Now with 3G frequency that t-mobile use and I can’t buy anyone I want anymore if I want to use 3g speed. Now I’m on iPhone running edge. I travel to oversea quite often so verizon and sprint are not my choices eventhough they have some world edition phone now. Wish I joined AT&T before the 7th so I could have unlimited data plan.

    • TMOprophet

      AT&T…..I wouldnt have switched to them…theres better

  • The Trendaholic

    Clearly Motorola DROPPED THE BALL on this device, which goes to a bigger point of why T-Mo needs to stop allowing themselves to be disrespected by this manufacturers with these lack luster follow ups (upgrades). So far Samsung and Motorola (especially) has basically shown that T-Mo is not that important and they can just wait.

    Do you honestly believe Motorola would have pulled this with Big Red (VZ)? Ofcourse not… But T-Mo should make it right with their disgruntled Cliq customers by MAKING Motorola give them a justified incentive with upgrading those angry to their new device releasing ‘The Charm’ that should set things straight.

    If I were a customer I would just continue to bi**ch until they moved me into the new upcoming Charm, I’m just saying…

  • H-Town Freak

    Haha… the picture of the Bugatti in the Lagoon… this happened right down the street from where I live… Funny!

  • rev2redlineguy

    I agree with The Trendaholic. Motorola has given TMO a bad rep with the Cliq. It’s a shame because Motorola has gone over and beyond with Verizon on the Droid and it’s simply told TMO to tell their customers “too bad so sad!” with the Cliq. I know for sure that to wait till the last day to give their customers an answer about delaying the software upgrade was so cowardly on their part. I think TMO really needs to sit back and look at the big picture…especially with the Behold 2 fiasco and now the Cliq. I mean do they really think us consumers are that dumb? Well, the last laugh will be on Motorola and TMO when their retentions start to increase dramatically. As for Motorola, I’m never going to purchase another device from them through TMO at all! You’ve lost my confidence in your products. Good riddance and hello HTC!

  • Jed T

    While I absolutely agree that (from a PR standpoint), they did drop the ball. But, just how easy do you think it is to get a custom UI dropped into a new operating system? This is inherently the problem with most of the Android devices on the market right now (and one reason I’m very excited to see Gingerbread, but I digress): Virtually every one of them features manufacturer customization to the UI in the form of Sense, TouchWiz, MotoBlur, etc. This is why you’re still not getting Android 2.1 more than a year after it was released! If you want the latest Android release as soon as it’s available, buy a vanilla Android phone like the Nexus One.

    • Aaron

      Why is HTC able to deliver 2.1 updates to their phones, while Motorola cannot? It seems like a competency issue to me.

  • jason

    Can the Cliq be rooted and install custom ROMs? CyanogenMod is the only thing keeping me from throwing my myTouch 3G out the window.

    Google definitely needs to fix the way upgrades are handled, but with it’s open nature, I’m not sure that is possible. Hence, the reason I will be seriously considering moving to iPhone when my contract runs out in 2011.

  • JH

    That’s weird, I don’t remember reading in my contract that they were required to upgrade my phone. Everyone wants everything, and now, or, or, they’ll be very mad! Grrrr.

  • Larry M

    I thought the CLIQ was an Android phone. Doesn’t do what you like change it, it can be taylored to your needs as in 60,000 apps. Problem is you can’t run them. That was and is a key sales point on the CLIQ and CLIQ XT and it is deceptive. For those folks that are happy with the phone it’s nice. Prior to buying the phone I read a lot about Android I thought I was buying an Android phone this CLIQ is not an Android phone it is a MOTOBLUR phone. I have several $400 technology devices My Garmin GPS worked perfectly out of the box, My SkyCaddie Golf GPS perfectly out of the box, ASUS Netbook (LINUX) perfectly out of the box. They are and do what they were advertised to be and do. Motorola thinks the phone is fine because it runs MOTOBLUR, Those of us that wanted an Android phone are upset because we don’t have one. So we’re both right and that’s why some of us are happy and some of us are sad and mad.

  • Larry M

    I speculate that the 2.1 update for the CLIQ was delayed or canceled because the DROID X is going to be sold as a Google Android phone and not a MOTOBLUR phone, probably because there are more than a million DROID users and a significant number of them may upgrade to the Droid X or add it as a second phone. The change to MOTOBLUR might not be well received.

  • Jr.

    Its Terrible What They Are Doing Thats Why I Upgraded To A Nexus One A Phone Made By Htc For Google Can Only Mean Good Things Enjoys All The Froyo Goodness Yummm ….. Jr.

  • JoshL

    Screw Moto for not producing the update and screw T-Mobile for not pressuring them to meet their deadline. They have had a ridiculous amount of time to update that phone and they’re still not done?? They must need to hire more people or, if they are not able to do both, they should focus solely on their current customers and not their future ones.

    And I have to say the thing that makes me the most angry about T-Mobile/ Motorola/ even Android is the complete lack of communication. Why was the delay not announced earlier? If it is not T-Mobiles fault, then they should throw Moto under the bus! Vice-versa. And Google should really pressure their constituents to do these updates faster or assist in making their updates for them; because ultimately, this reflects poorly on the Android operating system.

  • me

    never will buy a moto product again…and I like the cliq!! but not doing the upgrade is unacceptable!!

  • WXman

    I knew I should have avoided MotoBlur like the plague. Anytime you add a bunch of proprietary crap to Android it just creates trouble. If it wasn’t for the Blur junk…we could have had 2.1 a LONG time ago. I’m getting fed up with this crap.

  • Get Real

    I don’t see why people need to bash motorola or tmobile so hard for a lack of updates. sure it sucks but most phones out there never see these so called updates to begin with. I you go out and buy a blackberry and a new one comes out in 6 months with updated software most people cannot do anything but sit there because you likely wont get that same software upgrade. Same goes with most traditional phones. You werent promised an update when you bought the device so stop complaining.

    • TMOprophet

      And thats why people get Androids instead, to end that crappy business model of forcing people to spend tons of money on new devices every 6 months, and yes many were promised updates, once again this is an Android topic, if your a Blackberry user just whining then go find a blackberry forum to cry on. THis is why Android is better for the consumer, because theoretically it can save you money in the long run..But then you got stupid manufacturers such as samsung and blackberry that only try to sell huge amounts of phones as often as they can…whereas HTC will put out a phone every once in a while and make it awesome and add support for updates and in return get tons of loyal customers to buy it, and then be return customers when they are ready to upgrade to a new device.

  • cscorbin

    Actually we bought a cliq and were told by TMO that the update required to run voice nav would be sent out within a couple of weeks of our purchase date.. That was months ago and my wife is still without nav..
    The whole point of getting the cliq was for voice nav and we let tmo know that. I feel that they lied to me to make a quick sale.

  • http://tmonews dabe

    motorola has made it clear that we are at the bottom of the food chain and verizon is at the top…rot in hell motorola for being cowards

  • Phantom

    Iv been a die hard Android fan since day one, I had the G1 the day of release, and I updated to the CLIQ for the camera and other Blur features…To be quite honest im livid and just plain Pissed that they promised an update in July, way to be last minute guys (T-Mobile/Motorola) I go to my About Phone and check everyday and now I dont even want the phone anymore…I might have to go and buy something else, im just one of those many many unhappy people.

  • Bobert

    I dont know which is worse a grown man owning a Cliq or posting on a forum about a cliq? Its like a vag for a man

  • Bryan

    I’ve worked for T-Mobile for several years now and admittedly probably pay closer attention to tech companies(especially cellular equipment manufacturers) than your average joe, simply due to a vested interest in the industry, but even if you only glance at a Wall Street Journal once in a blue moon your likely to realize that Motorola’s cell division is not doing so hot. Moto’s Cell division has barely been able to tread water for the last several years. Now that it’s being split off from the rest of the company in effort to keep it alive, delays and shortfalls are likely to continue until they become viable again, if ever. From the consumers point of view, buying a Motorola product is a big gamble I don’t think is worth taking, although that is Moto’s only way out. All that said, there is no chance in hell I would pay money for a Moto-cell, and that has been the case for several years. If you are interested in what’s going on enough to be at this website, own a Cliq and are complaining about it or still thinking of buying one but would complain later if their behavior trend continues, shame on you…

  • Bobert

    Posted earlier from my WIFES cliq-toris. Now I am back to my manly NEXUS.
    There should be slot to put your balls in while a man uses a cliq

    • TMOprophet

      You got some funny ones :)

  • Bobby

    That Picture is from Galveston TX. I remember seeing it on the news..

  • remixfa

    for everyone thats wondering why motoblur is taking so long to get out while Sence is updated more frequently.

    Sence is a SKIN on top of android. MotoBlur is not just a skin, its hard wired into android. It is not the same. Motoblur uses dedicated servers to push your updates and other things to you. Taking the MTslide for example, thats sence 2.0 “lite”. Its just a skin that goes and fetches your info, just like your regular apps do. Its a pull. Thats also why the MTslide has a horrible battery life when you use friendstream compared to the cliqs battery life using Blur.

    Yea, it sucks not having access to EVERY app because we’re stuck on 1.5 but you still have acess to like 90% of the apps. Its not going to kill you.

    That said, they have 2.1 with blur on their new phones comming out, so damnit hurry up!!! lol

  • Jay Antwan

    maybe its just me… but isnt getting an update to the phone optional? back in the SK / WM5 days .. we/I didnt ‘expect’ updates.. you get the phone as is.. you may get patches to fix bugs.. but a full update/upgrade was never expected. This doesnt happen with desktop O/S’s be it Mac or PC… i think people are asking too much of their phone/manufacturers… I’m an Android fanboy to its core (still have my Dying G1 with 1.6 on it.. yes, its rooted, but it works better on the aging hardware IMO) and im not mad that its not being upgraded or worked on.. you buy a phone for what it has currently.. not what updates you expect to get. But thats my .02

  • LaNsLyDe

    I like/liked the CLIQ! Dont have it anymore. Now i’m boasting a Nexus One (best buy ever). While the CLIQ was a good phone i loved it) I got bored with it after while because there was little or no development for it in the rooting/hacking scene. Coming from a G1 before it, which seems like will always have an active dev community, spoiled me. I wanted a more powerful device…I hated leaving the keyboard behind but its all good because I have swype. Also buying a phone from Google has its perks..its going to be the first of the pack that gets updated :).
    I don’t think Google has made a promise on an update..they just suddenly emerge it and tell you when the source code is supposed to drop. I say this because it is unacceptable for a company to make a promise and not keep it. Thy’re only hurting themselves…my advice to them..stop making promises!

  • Aaron

    Motorola has failed us. I will not be buying any other Motorola products going forward if I can help it.

  • Beegeesidney

    In Dec 2009 when I PURCHASED the phone the STORE MANAGER told me that the update was coming in Feb 2010. The CLIQ and its update was misrepresented by T-mobile and Motorola. How was that for false advertising? By now I have already given up on the update and purchased a G2.