Are You Taking Advantage Of Today’s Father’s Day Sale?

Update: If anyone has pictures today taken from their stores, send them to and I’ll get them posted!!

So the day is finally here, the big one day only Fathers Day Sale Extravaganza! All phones are free for new customers or existing customers adding a line and we want to know if you are taking advantage of this offer. T-Mobile stores are stocked, staffed and ready to roll but you are taking advantage of the offer? We want to know here at TmoNews so we’ve put up a handy little poll for you to vote in and hopefully one of the choices fits your feelings. We’ll be looking forward to the results!

Don’t forget for those of you who want to upgrade and haven’t done so in 22 months, last minute news has come in to help you out!!

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  • Y314K

    Well… Been waiting for TMobile to get a real Android phone for over a year now…

    Decided to stop by a couple of T-Store’s on Friday just to see if there was any chance for the Nexus One on TMobile today… None

    Everybody was very nice… But I think TMobile should make TMoNews & PhoneDog’s & a few other blogs part of their weekly training cause I knew more about future phones then the rep’s.. But hey.. It’s my hobby…

    Run the numbers over night and decided I couldn’t pass this sale up….

    So I went back to the closest TMobile & hooked the dude that I had chatted the day before with some commissions & switched from ATT(Out of contract) to TMobile(2 Year contract)…

    3 Family Lines (750 Mins)/ 2 SmartPhone Data Sub’s + Unlimited Messaging for everybody…

    Got a MyTouch3G Slide for my sister/ She loves the keyboard going from a ATT LG VU… Nice Android Starter phone…

    A Nokia Nuron (Will be my TMobile phone till I get a Nexus One or Dell Streak or other Awesome TMobile Android Device… Really hope HTC SideKick project is real)…

    & a HD2.. Which will be going on eBay shortly… Need it to build my Nexus One or Dell Streak nest egg…

    So I am ready to learn to like/love Magenta…. I just hope one or two of the dozens of rumors we hear about Android on magenta finally turn to gold…

    (Some thing I learn today… All 3 of my lines should be upgradable next June/July as long as the upgrade phone is a SmartPhone that isn’t free… Free phones are not part of the early upgrade prog…)

  • Josh

    I love how half the comments were “call and threaten to cancel a line and get a deal”… cry babies much? i am on an EM+ plan..converted last month. I have about 10 months left under my old contract. I realize i missed out big time with the sale but that’s just the way the ball bounces. I bet half the people here don’t look in the mirror, realize their life sucks, then decide to try to threaten to cancel to get a new one??

    If policy and big business is the enemy, why live in America?

  • SoutheastTMORep

    GOT A HTC HD2 FOR SELL!!!!!!!!!!

    • Seth


  • Ben

    So it seems that there was an argument in one of the last posts ( not on this thread) about a Anony Mouse and TmoRep i read yesterday saying that rebates were for bogo well i live in Spokane Wa and i had no rebate to fill out and neither did any of the people in the store today. Now that was for me i dont know about everyone else.

  • Ben

    oh and i asked the rep and he told me and i Quote “no i do not have a record of any rebate to turn in it may be other stores but not in washington” like i said maybe it was just in spokane but i didnt have one, and i am really sorry for those who did i hate rebates with a passion

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Ben… you can look at the flier I posted with my comment in that thread.

      It mentioned rebates in three spots.

      “Mail-in rebate may apply”

      “Mail in rebate may be required”


      “Must remain on account at time rebate is processed.”

      So regardless of your experience, the promo did mention rebates. However, by saying “may” T-Mobile was saying that it may not apply in certain stores or in specific situations.

  • Brian

    I was a tmo customer for years and mostly pretty happy with them. But 2 or 3 years ago they stopped getting competitive with their phone offerings. It’s like they just gave up when the iPhone came.

    G1 and MyTouch = cheap, plastic-y and underpowered. If you want a blackberry you’re probably good, but other than that – just crap on selection. I finally left last summer and because of their great customer service and low rates I really want to come back, but not until they get phones comparable to HTC EVO, iPhone, Droid, heck even the Hero. C’mon TMO. Whats the problem?

    • big poppa

      Dude?! Whats ur problem??? They were not competitive until 2 to 3 years ago! If u want a high end device get a HD2, looking for Android n dont like the MTSlide? Get a N1! Cant afford it? Put it on a credit card n u can use the money u will save by switching over to make ur CC payments.

      Sheesh… there are so many whiners on this site.

  • mr Sassafrass joe

    Yeah, T-Mobile this was an amazing project you pulled off, just imagine how much you undercut the competition. As for you people that are upset it was not available for upgrading. I am tired that you just want everything free and for a deal all the time. Its this simple, T-Mobile is doing you a favor by discounting an expensive phone. the “contract” is for 2 years. Once it is over, you can re-sign again or not. There should be no discounts until that time, and if you dont like it you shouldn’t have signed up in the first place.

    I use t-mobile and signed a contract and you know what, i dont b*tch and complain about discounts like the rest of you. Its just business. Get over it. You got your discount, let new customers get theirs.

    sorry im just venting.

  • jimbo

    Thanks for the last post I’m a tmo rep and all I heard today was btching and moaning over no free phone when you buy a house/rent and sign a commitment do they go o you have this but imma give you a free month of rent f that a contract is a commitment tmobile honers it gives are end now stop btching folks

    • Ben

      to be honest im not trying to diss you in any way, but i did get two months rent when i leased my apartment and released this year

  • sudan sam

    I work at a core store and we sold over 60phones 50 post!!!!!

    • timmyjoe42

      Is that a good number?

  • Bill

    I’ve been with T-Mobile when it was PowerTel, VoiceStream and today, T-Mobile. We have Family My Faves 1800, Family Unlimited Text, T-Mobile Web (aka Unlimited T-Zones) – all grandfathered. I’m not upset or pissed about yesterday’s free phone giveaway to upgrade to a family plan. We all have Touch Pro 2s and 1 HD2 and 5 lines of service for $169.86 before taxes & fees. That’s a pretty good deal and I’m not willing to give it up no matter how sweet the deal. Don’t get me wrong I’d kill for an HD2, but neither will I trade the keyboard on my TP2 but I can dream of an HD2 with a keyboard!

  • mike

    sudan sam- i also work a corporate store that did 50 posts, which seems like a lot but really isnt. i work in south florida, and the average store in miami did 100 post activations.

  • mr Sassafrass joe

    Im a tmo rep too and our store was around 100-115. For the big sale, 50 is kind of mid-range for what stores were able to pull off.

  • Speedo

    Went to Radio Shack and the girl said I was not eligible for a new phone until October even though I have not renewed since May 2008. Tmobile bought out Suncom around October 2008 so I guess that is why the computer showed I was not eligible. The MTslide was $99 with a contract renewal at Radio Shack. I called customer service and they gave me the MTslide for free while I was standing in the store. I did have to wait 20 minutes for CC to call me back, but it saved me $100. I still have a line available for upgrade if they ever get the N1 or something better.