• Barry

    @Bill P I guarantee after reading the link you posted ppl will find something to bitch about and I’m sure it’ll be espresso ui.

  • socalfrank

    T-Mobile’s marketing is horrible. The Free phones for Father’s day was lame. What father wants a gift that keeps on costing…for 2 years?
    I grew bored of this stupid Twitter guessing game on clue #2.
    If there was a great cool phone coming out, BoyGenius or Engadget would have already uncovered it, so just like others have said…get ready for a Big disappointment.

    • 2FR35H

      Umm they DID uncover the Samsung Galaxy S

    • Frank

      They didn’t force anyone to buy them, so go bitch somewhere else

  • g

    why cant tmobile get a flagship device with their new network? They should start with the 10mbps motorola xt720 with hd 8mp camera. What father wants some fisher price android offering? REALLY?

  • soon2TMO

    i still think it’s the galaxy s… HD2 is not slim! LOL..
    the galaxy s is slim..

    it will have sims3 preloaded on it.. with avatar movie (16gb internal storage).. moviTV..

    that’s my bet..

    • 2FR35H

      I searched MoviTV and it costs $10 a month.

  • ziggy

    …obviously plenty since t-mobile posted record sales for its one day Father’s Day sale with over 100,000 new subscribers

  • HowdyDoody

    While T Mob plays a guessing game, lallygagging and pondering on the mortality or a fly, Verizon is DELIVERING a GREAT PHONE this week. NO GUESSING, every one knows.

    And T Mob will offer the Galaxy S, which every carrier will also have. Then why choose T Mob when Verizon offers the same and a better line up of phones. Cause their network is the fastest. Maybe if you live your life in a metropolitan area. But if you live in the outskirts (where most people do) rrr.. Verizon / Sprint is a better choice.

    Download speeds with T mob are great 4.4 steady on my G1, but surfing the NET, the Samsung Moment with Sprint is easier to use, even easier than the MyTouch Slide cause of the great screen (and Spring barely maintians 1Mbps download). The difference.. the phone.

    TMob, stop the lallygagging and get some one with some vision in your marketing department.

    • erik

      bahahaha… Most people DO NOT live in the country son… 85% of this country lives in urban development… no offense, I could add up every single person in the entire middle of this country and it would not come close to Boston, NYC, Miami, Houston, LA, San Diego etc etc etc…

      And Sprints coverage isn’t nearly that of T-mobile, Verizon has them both beat but doesn’t matter… you ever see the ATT commericals, we cover 97% of Americans, but they cover barely any of the map, gee golly, bet that means more people live in the city than in the country…. light bulb…

  • John

    The tmobile fathers day sale was a good idea to bring in customers but a screw job for existing customers. But hey i took advantage of Radio Shacks father day sale and got the slide for 100 bux. thats 100 less then what tmo was asking or offering.

    Anyway, ive seen people knocking the mytouch slide essentially from day 1.. And my response is well get over it. Stat wise it might not compete with the droids. But performance wise its close. The 600 processors doesn’t operate like one its better. I am happy to have the slide.. Now i am working on getting it rooted..

    • pimpstrong

      Get over deez n@#ts. The slide is the 16 year old sibling of a 21 year old.

  • Alex

    Nokia 8 or htc Vision. Tmobile would know that they would be the laughing stock for the next decade of this turns out to be the Samsung galaxy S or something less. I know I would die from laughter. The N8 might not be as powerful as a htc vision, but its still a great spec-wise phone. Another note, what lends more weight to this being an android phone, the name itself-project emerald, the same color as the droid robot.

  • G-Money

    Seems the SGS has been named for T-Mo…hopefully this is Project Emerald and it is NOT the SGS.


  • pimpstrong

    T-Mobile is getting Vcast

  • stickywicket

    via Twitter… “@TMobile_USA We have a surprise tomorrow, but in the meantime…Clue 4: It’s easy to be a bookworm with this library at your fingertips. #TMobileClue”

    SGS (aka Vibrant?) has Amazon’s Kindle, soooo…

  • G-Money

    yup, def. the SGS

  • pimpstrong

    We have a surprise tomorrow, but in the meantime…Clue 4: It’s easy to be a bookworm with this library at your fingertips.

  • Rilesman

    Shouldn’t the new Sidekick be called “MyTouch Sidekick” to keep with the mytouch branding? With a month out from launch it would it still be possible to get through FCC? There is also the Streak out there. I think this is a fun little tool to keep up communication within the community. Obviously T-Mobile has to have the rights to use the logos for SIMS and MobiTV….so they will be involved with this “next” promo.

    I wish I could trust Samsung with updates….my personal taste has settled on a 3.8 to 4 inch screen which Galaxy Vibrant fits the bill….4.3 is just to big for me until I jump to a tablet 7 inches or more. I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be some super-lame tablet that sucks.

  • TheBrandon

    Seriously, the big Announcement is a phone that has already been announced for another large US carrier (although one that super sucks!). That is a colossal fail imo.