All Phones Free This Saturday For Activation Of Qualifying Family Plan

Did we call it or did we call it? That’s right, this Saturday T-Mobile is going to do something that will definitely have the competition watching, sell every phone for free. Of course it’s not THAT simple, as these phones will require a “Qualifying Family Plan on a 2-year contract.” That means existing customers likely won’t get to take advantage of this deal, but sometimes we have to recognize that new customers are where its at. We want T-Mobile to grow around here and we can only hope that with just a few days before the 19th still left T-Mobile is ready to rock a massive promotional campaign.

Hopefully we’ll know more about this soon! Real soon!

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  • Mike C

    Would this apply to online sales as well? The nearest T-Mobile corporate store to me (Redwood Valley, California) is 70 miles south in Santa Rosa, I don’t feel like spending half the day to get this deal ;)

  • Junior

    I Have To Facebook This Blog

  • Negtne

    Ok so I have heard the ticket thing over and over again, not just from this site but from the reps as well but no is saying anything. On june 19th will they have a limited supply of nexus one or no? I know a lot of you reps on here know stuff and have been right on almost all of the rumors any help guys?

    • annon

      No Nexus. That is just a rumor. As of now and for a while T-Mobile is not going to carry the Nexus. I had to pay $550 bucks just like everyone else but you do get free shipping! ;)

      • Negtne

        Well that settles that!

  • NiiDiddy

    not for upgrades also??

  • David


    • Tmob

      I’m sorry, a “test ” for, what? Lol.

  • MagentaMagic

    I have not heard anything about Nexus One being in store by then… but could be wrong about that. Some/most stores have accessories in store, even if they aren’t on display. All I can say to that point is to inquire!

  • Swype The Knight

    yeah screw all us old customers and here have any new phone new customers cause you mean more then the people that have stayed with us through all the screwed up stuff that we’ve done over the years and yeah this freaking stinks as soon as we pay off my wifes cliq im going to a new carrier might just go with at&t for the iphone 4 even though i hate apple with a passion. i love android but at&t dont have many cool androids

    • rob

      Yeah you’ll show T-Mobile by leaving. They’ll be sad to see you leave to “Mr. I Want Everything Cause The World Owes Me Everything”. Have fun paying twice as much while you’re at it.

      • RBB

        HAHAHAHA!!! No kidding. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!!!

      • Negtne

        AT&T may suck but at least they have the iPhone and palm. Verizon may be expensive but they have the droid series (gonna be 5 phones next month) and palm, Sprint sucks around my area but they have palm and evo, tmobile has the hd2 and my touch slide. Great if your a windows fanboy or 16 year old kid. They cater to families. I am gonna buy the iPhone 4 and use it on tmobile. I took my buddies 3GS and my fiances mytouch slide, and here in renton on this exact forum the 3GS on edge loaded 1.1 seconds slower than the my touch slide. To have a better phone I will put up with 1.1 seconds. Tmobile won’t be getting my money for a phone. I love my service and my prices, I don’t care nor want an upgrade from tmobile right now.

      • Negtne

        Btw I have been on tmobile since voicestream, I don’t expect anything except a good phone selection.

      • rob

        Dear Negtne,
        First of all, am I the only one that realizes that Palm sucks and makes crap devices? Second, T-Mobile already has 5 Android device; myTouch, myTouch Slide, Behold 2, Cliq and Cliq XT. Can’t put the G1 in there since you can’t get that in store anymore. Also, do you not remember that T-Mobile, NOT VERIZON, was the first to carry an Android device, the G1? The iPhone 4 is an amazing device and I would love to have one also but the fact that it can’t be jailbroken makes that a ridiculous investment until that can happen. Lastly, I’m pretty sure that T_Mobie doesn’t really care that you are not spending money on the phones that they carry as long as you keep paying for your monthly service they’ll be happy.

    • Japple

      Its true Swype… us retail sales reps, we really dont care about you or any of the customers that have been around for a long time. When you come in the store and start babbling about how long you have been with t-mobile, we go into idle. and stop listening. its not our faults, i would love to put my effort towards loyalty and helping the existing customers, but Why do you think TMO is pushing 5 add a lines, and new customers. Because thats what they want, they dont care about you, and i dont either. I would love to, but your upgrade doesnt help my paycheck, only new customers do. your upgrade gives me 8 dollars, a new customer i can earn up to 100 dollars, if they go on a family plan. Sorry dude, its the beast of business

      • Big Daddy

        If you worked for me in my store I would get rid of you quick that is not the way to delight your customer it is reps like you that lose us customers. Give me your p number and I will make sure your mm knows how you feel…..

      • Mackvells

        Although what Japple is saying is disconcerting, he’s right and it’s just the way the world operates. Besides more customers hopefully means better and cheaper service. T-mobile will have more leverage when negotiating and more customers will force T-mobile to increase it’s weak reception

  • mikey_

    I hope T-mobile doesn’t think they’re going to benefit more from this promotion because of the acquisition of new customers. If I were a potential customer, interested in this promotion, the lack of interest in existing customers would leave me skeptical about T-Mobile’s interest in me once I sign my contract.

    I realize T-Mobile’s exceptional rates and plans, I have been a T-Mobile/SunCom/AT&T customer for 10+ years, but their lack of recognition in loyalty is pushing me and all 5 of the lines on my account toward termination. T-Mobile’s concentration on Customer Service has dug them out of hard times; they seem to be abandoning their Customer Service attitude for a Customer Acquisition attitude. This can’t be good for reputation and viral marketing. Maybe it’s just me…anyone?

    • common sense

      Listen. New customers means growth and revenue for the company. Which means more advantages for u.. The loyal customer. Like growth of our network, store locations, employees, and phone selection. If u been with tmobile for such a long time there are things like the “loyalty plan”. No company does that. One time tmo gave $135 credit for porting in a number from another company. BOGO btw. No Contract options. So ur just stupid dude. Go find that somehwere else

      • common sense

        And most customer all they want is a “free phone” because they are stupid and don’t care how much they pay monthly for it. That’s why they get suckered into contracts with over priced monthly costs. But with Tmobile u get choice. Contract or no contract. So what’s better for a loyal customer? A free phone or cheaper cost EVERY SINGLE MONTH? Do that math dumb ass that free phone will pay for itself if u have a grandfathered plan.

      • 30014

        What’s the point of gaining 4 new customers if you’re going to lose 4 existing customers. It’s called the “revolving door” effect. In other words this promotion won’t help tmo gain any ground on sprint. Just readind all of the tmo employee posts I can see why customer service is no longer what it was. About a year ago I was at my local tmo store and asked a employee about 3g, she didn’t know what I was talking about. I walked out of the store shaking my head.

  • aguy

    hi i read some details on this actual promotion and if im not mistaken by what i read this actually is for current customers…but as always there is a catch. it described it as follows…”this is for current single line customers who are looking to convert from a single line post paid account to a post paid family plan.” now the paper i read was a first draft so of course things might change, but just a good thing that i found out and wanted to share.

  • Anthony in Utah

    T-Mobile has EXCELLENT customer service. I’ve never had any issues with their services. The only negative side is their phone line up in comparison to their competitors. The iPhone 4 should be sold unlocked through Apple so that T-Mobile customers can have that…. but Apple of course has strict guidelines and their contract with AT&T strongly in effect.

    The deal this Saturday is pretty good, but I can’t see families jumping to T-Mobile while leaving behind their current carriers for free phones.
    AT&T may have bad customer service and or rate plans, but it has what customers WANT… an excellent phone line up… many high end android, iPhone, and windows mobile devices.

    I am waiting out for a new high end phone with T-Mobile. I bought upgraded to the HD2 thinking it was going to be the phone that fits me, however, sent it back because it proved otherwise. I am jealous of what other carriers have, but I refuse to leave T-Mobile because I get such good rates… I guess its just a matter of opinion…. Do you want great rates and a good phone line up OR do you want higher rates with an EXCELLENT phone line up?

    If only T-Mobile could get the iPhone… I am going to crave that when everyone else is carrying it haha =}

  • Lamar

    So existing customers cant do anything with this promotion then. Well that sucks.

  • Negtne

    Oh and for everybody excited about the galaxy it’s already outdated tmobile behind again

  • SteveBerman

    The “Good customer service” thing is akin to the saying “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s just how you play the game.” No matter how much I call customer service, they aren’t going to make 3G more widely available, they aren’t going to release any decent phones, and they aren’t going to cut their prices in half, which they should considering the subpar service I get with them. If they charged around $40 a month for the EM+ 500 minute + text/data plan, then just maybe it would be fair. I wouldn’t even take the Mytouch Slide for free at this point. Many of you say the “average” consumer is just fine with t-mobile’s offerings, but I am not the average consumer and I would argue the user base here in America is moving away from average. People who the carriers make the most money off of (smartphones users with data plans) definitely are better off at every other carrier, but T-mobile.

  • jdouble

    funny how everycomplaining about existing customers, funny how tmobile gave out unlimited talk for 49.99 loyalty couple years back before em and em+ tmobile does look of for existing customers but we have to realize the only way they will grow is with new customers everyday some kid turns 18 somewhere or someones contract is up with another carrier and tmobile has the most selection of phones hands down with reasonable prices and rate plans. if u want iphone go get it, droid go there, or evo go get it. but hands down best value of the major carriers and right now to a lot of struggling families that matters, if tmobile gains 1,000,000 adds and loses like 10,000 customers i think they’ll live with that for that day

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  • shawn1224

    So if I want to upgrade my single even more plus plan to a family plan, can I take advantage of this free phone offer?

    • shawn1224

      Just verified with the TMO store by my house. In order to qualify for the free phone you have to upgrade to an even more family plan. So yes it can be done.

  • bl

    as soon as my contract is up ( 2 more months ) im gone…it isnt the phones its the crappy 3g service…its just poor…where i work everyone on all the other carriers gets a great signal and can surf away…not me…no 3g signal and just all around badness…i live in vegas and this is not acceptable…

  • ecp

    FREE PHONES !!!!!!! YES

  • T-Man

    Does anyone know the limit of phones? My whole family will probably be switching to T-Mobile for this thing (4 people), and we all want the new HTC phone. Any of you think all 4 of us will be allowed to get free phones? (with a two-year contract, of course) ;)

    • T-Man

      Didn’t end up getting the free phones. My dad bought a newspaper yesterday, and to his surprise he noticed that many other small phone shops offer the same amount of free phones, albeit a tad smaller selection (HTC Touch Pro 2 and tons of Blackberries are free). Additionally, some of these give you cash rewards for getting their phones for free ($1000) and they waive the activation fee!

      Makes T-Mobile’s big free day look wimpy.