What Is Project Emerald?

For the past few days our sources have been whispering the words: “Project Emerald”. So naturally, the BIG question is, “What Is Project Emerald?” One of our highly trusted sources hit us up and told us a few details. Our source states that it is definitely a handset launch, and that Magenta is referring to it as, a ” new Nexus One-like device”. Our initial thought is that its the HTC Desire, (you know that uber gorgeous, Snapdragon powered device, with the nice 3.7″ AMOLED display). We’ve been hearing rumors of the Desire headed Magenta’s way for awhile now,  but as you all know, we do not like to spread “unconfirmed rumors”. So yeah, while we’re thinking the Desire, we definitely aren’t removing the possibility that it could be another new “Super-phone”. We’re working on diggin’ up more info so stay tuned!

Don’t forget to leave your hopes and dreams in the comments!

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  • soon2TMO

    oh by the way, just a little correction.. samsung galaxy S will be available next month in UK/europe.. it is not a “rumor” anymore.. LOL

    hoping to get it soon!

    cant wait! =)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Since T-Mobile makes deals with HTC on a worldwide scale, I don’t know why the Desire would not come to the U.S. since T-Mobile sells it in the UK already.


    • equiskl

      dnt forget that tmo uk sells the hero

  • JP

    Watch. It’s going to be something lame, something we already know about, like the slide. I’ll be very surprised if it’s actually something worth talking about. This is probably going to be like project dark…that sure had the wow factor…not…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Couldn’t agree more. I have VERY little hope for the Mini 5, Lightning or N8 though.

      • Laz

        The only thing with the Streak (Mini5) is it will come out with 1.5 and no 2.1 update until Sept/Oct…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      To T-Mobile’s defense, the Company never said anything about a Project Dark (or any variations of such). They never trumpeted it as “coming soon,” etc.
      They did not even discuss it with the media.

      It was only bloggers and the little gossips in here who made a big deal of it, speculating this, rumoring that, gossiping there, bullsheeting everywhere.

      So don’t fault T-Mobile for this. Just follow this thread. Watch how wild and crazy some people will get. (And we will see the typical “it’s the iPhone” posts in here. We see that EVERY time.)

      • NotTrue

        That’s not true…. internally it was discussed about project dark. It was listed in several internal systems as project dark. However, T-Mobile never said anything publicly about it … doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

  • mikeeeee

    i have 2 full upgrades and i’m waiting……….

  • randy

    since the mytouch slide has been offically announced, chances are greater that Project emerald is not the slide. the slide is nothing like the nexus one and ofcourse u can not speculate. but we can hope for………..

  • James

    Probably be a crappy cousin of a good phone like the Incredible or galaxy S. Maybe the Desire mini or something we already know about. Come on T-Mobile give us something new. I like the Desire, but thats kinda old compared to the Incredible and Evo. Google said that with the N1.

  • J

    I would keep in mind that every phone T-Mobile tests has a codename/project name associated with it. There are multiple projects going on at any one time. The project you happen to get word about could be pretty much anything from a top of the line smartphone to a prepaid phone. Don’t get too caught up in a leak or rumor because it could be nothing, but it does not mean that something bigger isn’t happening.

  • Rafael

    It’s going to be the launch of the new Apple Iphone HD.

  • GreenTea

    We better get something as good as the Incredible or EVO 4G. I’m so mad Sprint got the android verson of the HTC HD2!

    • Vision77

      I TOTALLY agree….T-mobile should get the best HTC/Android devices just for the simple fact that it started initiated the Android craze. I would love to have a one on one with the CEO of T-Mo US and give him the blueprint for success…

      • http://tech.desiblogs.net A S

        I am sure the CEO of T-Mo agrees with you also. Why wouldn’t they want the best phones available on their network? Unfortunately for them and for us, the phone manufacturers like to take their best phones to the biggest networks.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        A S… don’t be moronic. T-Mobile now has close to 180 million wireless subscribers worldwide. They are the biggest in Europe (And they just entered a JV with Orange. That will create 30 million subscribers in the UK and will employ 16,500 employees. That alone creates buying power).

        Do you really think with that kind of buying power T-Mobile lets the manufacturers sell the best handsets to the “biggest networks” and T-Mobile with ignorant bliss laps up their table scraps?

        Sheesh there’s some real morons in here.

  • Rafael

    It has to be the launch of the New Iphone HD…Tmobile already dedicated a department just to IPhone. If you don’t believe me call them…

    • Kickstar13

      The reason for that is because of the large amount of iPhone users on T-Mobile’s network. And being the awesome carrier Magenta is, they want to make sure their customers are taken care of.

      • pimpstrong

        NICE! I didnt know about the section and its good to know that Tmo is doing that

  • Andy G

    Project Black ring a bell anyone??? I’m still dealing with that disappointment!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The only reason you were disappointed is because you participated in the gossip and rumors. T-Mobile didn’t tell you Project Black was something big and to stay tuned. That was all your doing. You built this up, you let yourself down.

      While it’s fun to guess and speculate in here, and to hear from people who might actually be in the know, remember that this is all speculation on OUR part.

  • Noel

    I am pretty sure it is the HTC DESIRE, a phone i have been waiting for a while now. I needed a change of phone and cudn’t w8 anymore so i got the NEXUS ONE a few weeks ago. I love the N1 but i wud’ve prefered the Desire bcz of Sense UI. Also on the other hand it maybe the new iPHONE HD…cz i think apple wud want to spread its wings more to other carriers due to the serious compitition from all the Android devices on all carriers. Magenta will be a logical next home for the iphone since it is already being sold on Tmo in europe. All in all…it will be a win win for Magenta no matter if it is the HTC DESIRE (in my view a more sexier phone than the HD2 or the Htc Incredible) or the iPHONE HD.

  • http://tmonews.com terryjohnson16

    They should skip the Desire, since it’s old news now. Nothing more/better than my Nexus One. They need to get an Evo-HSPA+ 21Mbps device.

    But, I take it they won’t get anything like that until Q3, so they can make sure the HD2 sales stay in demand.

    They already know their Q2/Q3 numbers will decline due to the iphone, unless they manage to become a launch partner.

  • Wendy

    Ok well they need to hurry up and get this “super phone” out because my contract ends in August and I am really close to switching to Verizon and getting the Droid Incredible.
    Ive been with T-Mobile since they started and they are lagging it >;(

  • Nathan

    The mytouch 3g slide is up on T-mobile’s website and says coming soon. yeah

  • Steve Jobless

    It is NOT the iPhone morons. Try reading other sites. It was announced that Apple and AT&T signed an extension for the iPhone exclusivity; maybe up to 2012, when the world ends of course.

    T-mobile has an iPhone department for the simple fact that they would rather satisfy an iPhone user on T-mo network than another.

  • http://ajgago.wordpress.com AJ

    it has to be either the Desire or a cousin of that same phone. Hopefully, it’ll come in silver or black with the non-T-Mobile Sense UI or stock Froyo. And a release in the summer would be perfect =)

  • phonegeek

    it seems tmo u.s. doesnt really get super phones we get mid range mytouch cliq mytouch slide is an improvement a big one BUT i hope we get a good one WITH a keyboard to match preferrably in my case android witha snapdragon … and i HOPE its not somethin like the Garminphone well tmo has treated me well so hopefully they up those phones the hd2 and mytouch slide are a good move so far

  • http://i-appreciate.org alt-mobile

    The Desire is an HD2 with Android on it (for the most part) right?

    • Sean

      No. The Desire is like the Nexus One with real function buttons and SenseUI.

  • quiet t-mobile

    The project emerald is not any devices. Its a new pre=paid plan!!!

  • sikkboy

    It’s probably the eyeFone XT. Gonna be SO cash!

  • sikkboy

    Or the myTouch 3G Slide XT HD! Cannot wait!

  • jp2dj1


  • Cammy

    I’m super disapointed with T-mo. I’ve been a customer for 9 years and while their progress with keeping up with the newest phone trends have always been right on or advanced (until Iphone came out) with the Sidekicks etc I am now VERY disappointed with their android choices.
    G1 was awesome for its time, my-touch disappointed me. Also recently it seems all their phones have been exactly the same. IE: Cliq, Cliq xt, Mytouch, mytouch slide. These phones to me are exactly the same. Offering the same small screens and just plus or minus a keyboard. COME ON! Look at Nexus one (which i currently have) Huge lovely screen. Droid for Verizon another good example. They should know the only thing in my opinion that’s good about the HD2 (if it was android I’d love it) is the screen.
    When are they going to offer in store Large screen phone for Android. Is this their answer? Cause 2.7 – 3.5 just isn’t doing it for me on a touch screen! I’d defiantly ditch my Nexus One if this “desire”-esk type phone came IN STORE to T-Mo and had the 2.2 update in a heart beat.

    • TMO

      t-mobile has actually stepped it up BIG time with the mytouch slide. Don’t let the spec sheet fool you, the processor on it is by far better then the moto droid for comparison. just because it isn’t a snapdragon 1ghz doesnt mean another company can’t make a computing chip to operate at 600mhz with a comparable user experience. Snapdragon is actually a very cheap processor in how it is made so don’t let the “1ghz” fool you when comparing it to the mytouch slide’s “600mhz” chip. I was fortunate enough to get this phone in last week and like you i wasn’t expecting anything great, but it has blown me away with how responsive and fast it is. A co-worker of mine uses the N1 and even he was VERY impressed with how the slide performs.

      • rushmore

        Respectfully, comparing the arm 11 to the snap is very wrong. Like comparing a Pentium 3 500 with a dual at 2X speed. Not even same planet for comparison.

      • rushmore

        Of course, I would hope that with more memory and 14% more power than the G1, it would be faster, pushing a 480X320 display ;)

        Please read the specs- same 7200 chipset, but with faster clock, slightly better 3D function and more memory.

        How many posts will there be about “why won’t the MTS” get Flash? Tmo is touting this as a flagship, but using old tech. Spinning too much can create a vortex ;)

      • TMO

        Yes the snapdragon is a better processor, but what you see on the user-end of it is not nearly as vast of a difference as this site makes it out to be. If you don’t believe me walk into your t-mobile store, ask if their mytouch representative is in, and ask if you can play with the phone a little bit. Im willing to bet you walk away wanting the phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As I said elsewhere, it’s people in here who make a big deal of all this, blowing things out of proportion, making wild assumptions, etc.

    After all, AFAIK most companies give each campaign or event a name (since they have to refer to projects as something other than simply a boring number, for example.

    Some events or actions may be significant, some annual, some trivial, others mundane, some internal, others a promotion.

    Seems to me that people need to study T-Mobile’s history in terms of naming things. Do they always name its campaigns, projects, events, and promotions? Are even the in-house projects given a name, projects that the public will never know about?

    Once knowing this, it seems only then can a good guess be made as to what emerald might be. And then ask “Why emerald?” Is that the stone or simply the color? If the color, why that? If the stone, why not the diamond or ruby? Might help to “backward engineer” this. Put yourself in the minds of the person who named the project and those who approved it, you might come up with what this is all about.

  • alex

    Let’s gather clues
    “a phone similar to the Nexus One Device”
    “Htc hosting big event in june”according to androidandme, so could be for Project Emerald

    I would say a new super-phone/or HTC Desire(which i badly hope for), if HTC is hosting a big event for this “Project Emerald” then no way can it be the Iphone, Samsung Galaxy S, or Motorola Shadow
    I just hope it comes on Froyo(2.2), or gets updated to Froyo ASAP lol

    Hpefully the Iphone, Samsung GalaxyS, and Motorola Shadow comes to tmobile as well, with the HTC Desire.

  • Vinchenzo

    I was at work yesterday and got a memo stating that all Samsung Behold Demo’s provided by Samsung would be returned by Mid June or July to receive the new Samsung demo. I think it’s gonna be called something like the Samsung Superior or something close to that… I remember it starts with an “S”. I would have listened more if I liked Samsung.

    • Max

      Get some more info please,I’m begging you sir

    • soont2TMO

      samsung galaxy S??

      this phone is available next month in europe… and on vodaphone…

      hopefully we get it too… i have a strong feeling that this may be the samsung galaxy S that will come out this june or july, or maybe august..

      crossing fingers!!!


    • soont2TMO

      or could it be the samsung SGH – T949??

      the samsung jet?

      i heard that T949 will be named “supersonic”..


      please let it be the galaxy S !!

      • Vinchenzo

        AHHHH that’s it! Supersonic!!!

  • alex

    Guys you can practically say the Nexus One is a tmo exclusive, since its only for At&t as well, but its not supported same way the Iphone is practically an AT&t exclusive so is the Nexus One for tmo=) look at it that way, tmo just needs to sell the Nexus One, in stores, and advertise with commercials. i Wish this phone is the HTC Desire, or an awesome super phone with same/better specs as/than Droid Incredible/HTC Evo 4g, since i got the cliq xt, which sadly is the best android phone tmobile currently has=(

  • yogs

    Get a good phone.
    Put the nexus one in stores!!!!!!

  • Taaars

    Galaxy S, or at least the Desire,

  • mahogany1

    Maybe this will be the way that T-Mobile can actually have a great phone. Something sexy and stylish.

  • Alex

    I will wait until the first week of June for any confirmations on any of these rumors. Then again, googles I/O conference will reveal something. This is getting annoying.

  • Green Robot

    Project Emerald? Forget that…, I’m waiting for Project Unobtanium to come along. Only then will I upgrade from my precious G1.

  • rushmore

    There is a very high chance the Desire is heading to Tmo, sometime this year. Think Nexus with better touch sensors :)

  • bigc17

    I think that the phone will be a continuation of the Evo 4G but, with more features and faster speed with this hspa+ speed being faster than sprint’s 4G speeds. The five main things i hope the phone will have is a 4.3″ to 4.5″ screen, 8 to 16GB of onboard storage w/ a 16GB micro sd included, a upgraded 1ghz processor or a 1.5 ghz processor, Android 2.2 w/ flash and a wifi router and some sort of office mobile like on windows phones. Oh yeah, a 8mp+ camera with 720p or 1080p recording. That’s my dream phone.

  • Noel

    Well i do hope it is the HTC DESIRE..or some sort of Desire or N1 look alike shaped device. Or hopefully a device of same dimensions or a slightly bigger Desire not more than 4 inch amoled or super amoled screen, 8/10 megcam w/ HD recording 720/1080p, more Rom/Ram abt 800 each or more, 1.5Ghz snapdragon processor, voice inputs on text like the N1, 32/64Gb onboard w/a micro SD card slot of 32GB or more capable, 3G and 4G switchable, very important bigger battery 1800 mAh or more and ofcz has 2be Android. Doesn’t have to be so thin considering all the stuff we are wishing for on this device..15mm thick ok. Same curves and sexiness of the N1/Desire just slightly bigger, not the regular rectangular shape of the Evo4g/HD2. A 4.0 inch screen max but smaller than that of the HD2/Evo4G…a device that will fit perfectly in ur hand like the N1/Desire. If not in the works then Tmo/Htc get cracking and bring it to life. This will be just solely a MAGENTA device…we desperately need a SUPER FLAGSHIP ANDROID PHONE w/a screen of abt 3.7 to 4.0 inches

  • Dashi

    So How Much Do You Guys Love Me?….

    I Heard A Little Birdy That Said *cough* Samsung Galaxy S *cough* No Promises On This One Guys But Thats What The Little Birdy Is Leaking

    Have Fun With These Thoughts

    The phone will be Android 2.1 but should be 2.2 when it arrives
    release the first week of July.
    the Hummingbird processor is out and the Snapdragon chip is in
    will have a camera flash

    • GDHussak

      Any chance your little birdy coughed up their information after reading from AndroidGuys? http://www.androidguys.com/2010/05/13/tmobiles-project-emerald-heard/

      From the story there:

      The phone will be Android 2.1 but should be 2.2 when it arrives.
      Sprint’s handset will arrive later than the others
      Somehow, the Hummingbird processor is out and the Snapdragon chip is in.
      All but AT&T’s model will have a camera flash

      • David

        You do realize their story is based on our story???

      • GDHussak

        David – yes, my comment was in response to Dashi – their birdy copy/pasted. :)

  • alex

    as long as it has android 2.1/2.2, has camera and flash with 720p/1080p, has a nice stylish design, and does not have a qwerty keyboard, and 1ghz/1.5ghz processor i will get it, and if it has 2.1 it gets updated to 2.2 ASAP

  • Dashi

    OR It Could Also Be The NEw Prepaid Plans From Tmobile $50 Unlimited Talk and Text OR $15 Unlimited Txt

  • chris

    Project Emerald = SGH-T959

  • jarrel

    Hoping for the Samsung Galaxy S. 16GB of internal memory beats even the Droid Incredible.

  • soon2TMO

    androidguys were predicting that samsung might change the processor to a snapdragon … i highly doubt that samsung will do that..

    SGH T959 may be named “supersonic”
    coming this july.
    hopefully with 2.2
    16 gb internal memory.

    i hope these are all true…

  • tpavey

    Was going to say the Dell Streak…but they just announced ATT will be first American carrier.

    If you were a smartphone manufacturer…why would you launch a phone on ATT? If you want a big market go to Verizon. Launching on ATT means your phone will be run on an unreliable network and be competing with the iPhone. How many smartphone users at ATT don’t have iPhones?

  • jriva

    Maybe a Scorpion 1.2GHz Processor Android phone w/ FroYo?

  • Zach

    Has no one connected these two yet?

    TMO US Getting HTC Vision
    Done and done.

    • TMoEmployee

      That’s not enough to have the stores open early. Believe me. I work there. No one really knows what the phone is. In order for a company to demand such special day be in order, it has to be a phone just about everyone would want. So your theory has to be wrong.

  • pedro

    Project E is confirmed as the Mytouch Slide.

    That is all.

  • TheLight


    and it is superphone with android and some kind of branding of Sidekick attached to it…lmao! This is a rumor that should be taking off the rumor list if that road map is a real road map…


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