No Froyo for G1

Warning: if you are looking for good news, you should probably find a different post. It’s official, the G1 is basically dead, killed by Google themselves.  The first Android phone’s fate was decided during the fireside chat at Google IO today.  The Android team straight out said that the G1 will not see 2.2.  So, to all of those G1 users out there, you have two options.  Consider upgrading to the the MyTouch 3G Slide (or some amazing Android phone) or go the back alley way and root your phone (because cooked ROMs are the way to go).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • jcomptuerguy

    To axcell

    Lol that was hillarious… you talk as the g1 phone died lol
    I have g1 and I have 1.6 version…I’m waiting for 2.1 ..yeah right..

  • http://none carlos2g

    Haha let’s say someone wanted to take option two(Root the phone) and avoid wasting money.. how would some do that? ? :]

    • oldadam
    • Jessie

      You can find videos on the web showing exactly how to do it. I would recommend or Just make sure that when you do it, you give yourself enough time to complete it without being interupted. Its important that you follow the instructions exactly so you dont brick your phone.

  • Evan

    This is a pretty low blow coming from Google. Then want to be less controlling than Apple so why not support all original phones? Apple isn’t giving it’s 2G phones anymore OS updates so I guess Google figured they’d follow suit. Shame on you big G!

    • Agx

      Before you put shame on Google and compare them to Apple you have to understand that they did what they did for two different reasons.

      Apple stopped supporting the first gen iPhone because everytime they put out a product, they expect everyone to buy it. For the most part the two most recent iPhones aren’t so much better than the first that you would want a new one so badly so by canning the first version you have to either stick with it or buy a new one. You can say the same about the G1 but remember, Google doesn’t manufacture the phone so they don’t lose money if no one buys it. They stopped supporting the G1 due to its hardware and the fact that the phone doesn’t have enough RAM to continue to support these upgrades.

      If they put Froyo on the G1 it would probably be a horribly slow experience and nothing says bad PR than a slow experience. Even if its simply the fault of the device that an OS runs slow, the media blames it on the OS anyway and that’s not something we need.

      • jomla

        I don’t care if it’s slow just let me decide. We all have PC’s and understand how we continually need to upgrade in technology. I think it would be a great way to get everybody to move up on hardware is to let us run it and then we will say ” you know what? I want that feature” and justify our upgrade. It really is not much to ask.

  • Live to Follow

    Original G1 owner, already running 2.1. Thanks to custom ROMs. If I get a new phone, i’m leaving T-Mobile. They have nothing that interests me, beyond the Nexus, which isn’t actually supported. Hello, Sprint.

    • Mercer One

      Not sure what you are talking about when you say the Nexus One isn’t supported; it is (hell, T-Mobile is nice about helping you set up your unlocked iphone if you’d like on T-Mobile). And they are running Android 2.2 now. T-Mobile will be getting the Nexus One in stores soon (not sure of the exact date though). Plus, T-Mobile is getting the Samsung Galaxy S soon running the new hummingbird processor (3 times faster than the Snapdragon) as well as this Twist device which will basically be the HD2 running Android (I imagine since its an HTC device running the same hardware specs and screen size).

  • Just Root it

    My G1 is running the Cyanogen 5.0.7 which is Android 2.1 that is currently running on the Nexus 1. Works great. Cyanogen Rocks.

  • Dubya504

    Well no Froyo for the G1 I hate to think whats next for the MT3G original.

  • Jeff Ferguson

    We haven’t even gotten 2.1 yet. I’m still on 1.6. If we haven’t gotten 2.1 by now, despite hints that it “may be coming” in Q1 2010, then there’s no reason to expect 2.2.

  • BillStein

    Just one more reason I can’t wait to get rid of T-Mobile. I bought all the hype over the G1 barely over a year ago, and it’s about as outdated as a cassette player already.

  • CynthiaWilson

    I just got my G1 11/09, this is a Great Phone even with the outdated OS. So does anyone know how to upgrade the hardware in our phones? I am very disappointed that Google is not giving the owners a choice to upgrade the OS. Tmobile is not to blame for this change, you know S happens.They have the best phone plans, their coverage areas are getting better, now if they will do something about their CSR’s.