“Major” Samsung Launch Coming In July?

While Samsung may be in the dog house right now with T-Mobile Behold 2 customers, that isn’t stopping them from bringing more goodness to magenta. BoyGenius is reporting that Samsung and T-Mobile are working on a “major” product launch for the month of July. While they aren’t taking guesses as to what it might be, it falls conspicuously within the time frame of a one, Samsung Galaxy S launch in the US. Is that signed, sealed, delivered? Of course not, we’re taking a guess based on rumors, but we’d like to think it’s an educated guess. That and we can see the future.

I’m hard pressed to come up with another Samsung phone that we are aware of, that would qualify for a “major” launch. I’m drawing a blank. Bada? I think not. Well, July is less than 5 weeks away, we’ll find out soon enough if this pans out.


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  • Bryan


  • Bryan


  • Corejam

    I am really turned off by Samsung with the recent news, but if they don’t let me get a Nexus One with my family plan for the discounted price, this may be the only way to get a high-end android phone for a reasonable price on T-Mobile.

    • umaluver

      If its Android, you will be stuck on 2.1 for ever. Not that there is anything wrong with 2.1.

      • Dashi

        My Touch Slide xD The Phones Not Even Out To General Populance And They Are Roleing Out The 2.2 Upgrades Already :) At Least Thats What Tech Support Said

  • Kevin

    Hope its not a Bada phone. …. Galaxy S would be good.

    • seebo

      The bada os looks pretty bad ass

  • Nick

    Two words and a letter:


  • 30014

    I hope it’s the sgs. I’m personally getting the n1 but it’ll be nice to have another high end phone in the lineup.

  • damien

    It is the Galaxy, the samsung rep at the store confirmed it

    • Steve Jobless

      Oh Damien, thank you for that lol.

      • http://pryvateid.tumblr.com Dave

        YESSSSSSSS! :D Can’t wait, I think I can hold on to this upgrade phone money until then :)

  • Kevin
  • Vinny

    That is what I call some good news. That is a power phone with bells and whistles. T-Mobile pulls the trigger and snags that phone they will increase their customers and their name as being a company with just crap phones will change. They need a phone like that to start their push as a major carrier in the USA. I want that phone. I have tried to go through other companies to buy that phone, hearing this news had just made my day.

    • Whoa

      lol, their reputation will not change one bit. You know, and I know that IF TMobile releases the Galaxy S then every other carrier will be releasing it as well.

    • getting tired of waiting 4 tmo

      get ready for disapointment…

  • Elias

    The Behold 3!

    • Wilma Flintstone


    • andrew

      that would be a FAIL for tmobile and samsung

    • timmyjoe42

      Remember when they were giving away the Behold 2’s every hour for a month and we all wanted to win one so badly? hahaha

  • ag

    If I am unable to get a Nexus One in store on my family contract, then I may have to consider jumping ship. I’ve been with t-0mobile for about 7 years now but they are not catering to my high end phone needs. My wife loves the my touch slide which is a good indicator that it is not for me. I don’t want a HD2, I don’t want a Samsung phone and if it wasn’t for Cyanogen mod and running Android 2.1 on my G1 I would of chucked it out the window by now.

    • john

      So if tmo can’t get you the nexus, (only using the exact, explicit phone you mentioned) then you will jump ship to another company, that won’t have nexus at all? Not trying to stir the pot, but being mad at tmo for the nexus (which is the google baby) is like being pissed at target for a sale that mcdonalds is running.

      • ag

        If T-mobile sells ANY Nexus One type device other than the Samsung Galaxy S and I am able to get some kind of discount on my family plan, then I will be happy to stay. I’ve been waiting for a very long time. The g1 is the longest I have ever had a phone and I’ve had it since launch. Just makes me a little jealous when every other carrier has these really cool looking devices and I continually to wait and wait and wait. I also don’t want to pay $530.00 for a phone, so I am also not making it any easier on myself.

    • tomato

      +1. You could also get the Nexus on your own, you know. You actually save money if you pay for the phone upfront.

    • Matlock

      that’s a piss poor reason for jumping ship, I’m sorry. Honestly buy the phone outright and then just sign up for T-mobile Web2Go and you will have full 3G speeds on your phone and full access to Android market, while only paying $10/month, and not being tied to a contract. If you want a high-end phone than you have to pay the price of admission, and that price is $530.

      • soon2TMO

        does web2go workd for any smartphone?????

  • pimpstrong

    For this to be “Major” with Tmo specifically even though ATT is getting the same phone, I’m hoping its a simultaneous release of the SGS & SGS Pro. Lets see, Cliq – Cliq XT…myTouch – myTouch Slide…SGS(Behold 3) – SGS Pro!! yeah I like that. Maybe this we can pre order on June 19th for a July release?

    • MTC44


  • Bigg

    If it is the Galaxy S this is good, impressive hardware+android= win, but the support behind samsung cant compare to htc. Htc always get the newest software update, even if not from HTC themselves. This is why I haven’t own any smartphone from samsung in the past 3 years.

  • Jay

    After the Behold 2 upgrade debacle, why would anyone buy a Samsung Android phone? They’re clearly not that committed on keeping their android phones up-to-date.

    Then again, the myTouch hasn’t been updated since 1.6, so maybe it’s more
    T-mobile’s fault?

  • Shannon

    I can go either way with Samsung. They have good phones and they have crappy phones. But aren’t ALL manufacturers like that?

    I loved the original Behold (as a basic phone) and upgraded to a myTouch (loved it and still do). I thought the Behold 2 was crap so I didn’t buy it. Would I buy a Galaxy S? Hell yeah. It looks like an amazing phone!

    I dunno, this whole Behold 2 update thing doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve had good Samsungs and bad (cheap) Samsungs. But I’m looking forward to having a kick ass phone that doesn’t look like something Fisher Price made and if it’s made by Samsung, then whatever.

  • SheShe

    Sounds like the galaxy to me!! which is music to my ears…. its time to retired my G1

  • SKA

    It’s Samsung, I am not excited since that past few phones were so so.

  • getting tired of waiting 4 tmo

    OMG we are so getting that bada thing, hopefully that new CEO will step in and make some last minute changes and not give us that piece of crap.

  • Jazz

    Oh, thank god. But I’m really torn if I should go with the Galaxy S or the Nexus One (assuming it’ll be available in stores, and I’ll be able to keep my grandfathered plan)

  • J-Riz

    Samsung? Give me one reason to even care about a Samsung phone on T-Mobile. Their feature phones get discontinued the moment you get them home = no support. We never saw anything from the Blackjack line (which was probably a blessing in disguise). We never got the Galaxy. I won’t even discuss the Behold 2. The original Behold was sub-par, at best. Touchwiz is redundant and laggy. Did I miss anything?

    IF, the Galaxy S comes to T-mobile, I wouldn’t trust it to EVER get updated. Good luck turning off their newest version of touchwiz. Boooooooo Samsung!

    • Bobomo

      You must not have watched any of the Galaxy S videos. This phone is the opposite of laggy.

    • Scritz McGritz

      I agree with you J-Riz. Watch all these morons get this phone and 6 months later they will be on this website bitching about no upgrade.

      Though I find touch wizard appealing on the Galaxy-s I have a good feeling it will never be updated. I am surprised people still have faith in Samsung after the behold. Hopefully, Samsung won’t fumble with the Galaxy-S and they do update the os.

      If this phone is re-branded as the Behold 3… good luck with that T-mobile and Samsung.

  • SteveBerman

    Its the Samsung Disappointment. It might not do well.

  • waitingandwaiting

    was seen and played with at Google IO……………………….

  • HR

    It’s the galaxy S but will I buy anything from them knowing how much that hate updating their phones?

    All the crappy skins make it hard to update the damn OS.

  • rushmore

    Folks, unless you do not mind being stuck on the same OS version with little chance of updates, you may want to hold off to see what else is coming. Samsung is probably the worst of main OEM’s in regards to updating the OS. They treat it almost like a ROM that can never be updated.

  • Kerry

    I’m planning on getting a Slide on Wednesday but when I read this I thought “maybe I should wait…”

    Then as I’m pondering this I decided to stick to the plan… buy the Slide at full price and use it until TMO’s ‘mature’ Android phone offering settles down and I can take my pick of all the options and use my upgrade. Emerald, this new Samsung (Galaxy S?), N1 etc…

    I do want a fast, beefy Android phone running 2.1-2.2. I just can’t handle this danged G1 much longer!!!


    if it has froyo on it then its a go

  • lev

    I agree, if it does get updated, it will be last on the list, The N1 will get updated first, then the evo, then the mt3g slide, and guess what? there all htc phones, what a coincidence. I think Samsung really screwed the pooch with the Behold 2, gave everyone false hope, its tought to buy a samsung android phone knowing if it does get updated, android 3.0 will be out by then

  • Jay

    This phone has a lot going for it except one MAJOR problem…..If I wanted a phone that looked like an iphone I would simply go and buy an iphone…..Another great phone whose designers fell in love with the iphone and decided to copy the crap out of its UI….Why can’t T-Mobile get phones that differentiate them from the iphone….And what will happen if T-Mobile does get the iphone soon? ….Can you imagine these 2 phones sitting next to one another? ….I guess getting the SGS is better than not having it on T-Mobile but not by very much in my opinion…………………………………………………….NEXT! ! ! !

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Come on Jay, that’s not fair. Even thought is copying Apple, it was not Apple’s concept. Apple copied the earlier phones I have in my basement, in my the cell phone section of my electronics museum. (AKA tons of electronic crap I refuse to throw away and that I fondle every five years or so, in private so my GF does not give me sheet and mainly so I don’t end up in prison).

      One device Apple copied (in concept) was the Samsung i330! So if anyone has a beef about copying, it’s Samsung! Maybe the SGS is Samsung’s way of dishing it back to Apple. ;)

      In any event, no matter the product there’s always someone who goes first, so to speak. Soon thereafter others copy, but that’s the nature of business. Look around your house. How many things do you have that are copies of a “pioneer product?” Heck, just look at your kitchen appliances.

      For a few years all white stoves, fridges and microwaves are the must have, then it’s the metal finishes, and one time it was the all black look. And if you rent an older apartment where the owner is too cheap to upgrade, you might be unfortunate to have appliances when the monkey sheet yellow color was popular (I think they call it “almond.”)

      You get the idea. There’s nothing wrong with copying. As I said before, to Apple’s credit they did take the gamble and bring out the iPhone. (But arguably RIM was the gambler before that, when it brought out the black, chrome and metal look, with the Pearl in 2006.)

      Here is one of my old posts that addresses your copying rant, first posted on WSJ:

      If there is any copying going on it started back in 2002-03 with Apple copying Audiovox and Samsung smartphone concepts.

      To be historically accurate here is the timeline on who copied who:

      2002 – Sprint brings out a touchscreen-only, large display, PDA/smartphone called the Toshiba 2032SP (manufactured by Audiovox). The phone is WinMo based (WinCE kernel) and has a graphical user interface.

      A very attractive handset, but totally foreign to subscribers used to clamshell or candy bar devices. Plus it was priced at $600. With taxes and fees it totals close to $675 in 2003 dollars.

      It’s a big fail, IMHO because people don’t like touchscreen only phones and because of the price. And many users were not ready for a smartphone.

      2003 – Samsung brings out for Sprint its version of a touchscreen only cell phone (with basic PDA functionality and office apps). Called the i330 (Yes, in 2003 it was Samsung who came our with the first “i” phone.)

      Phone is more a novelty than anything else. People remain used to the common cell phone with physical keypad dialer. It uses Samsung’s proprietary OS which was OK but graphically boring.

      The phone is not that popular.

      2007 – iPhone debuts. It’s not revolutionary since Jobs simply copied the concepts of the 2002-03 phones. And arguably Jobs even copied the smartphones debuting that had chrome, black or metal in the look.

      To Apple’s credit the iPhone is a good design with its large display and and an easy-to-use graphical user interface (icon based).

      So Apple made improvements, a far better product, great design and gambled that the iPhone would sell. However, all said and done, the iPhone is not an Apple “invention” or “innovation.” It’s the result of five years of learning what was good and bad about the Samsung and Audiovox phones and observing what cell phones were selling well, that is, in terms of form factor, design and look.

      2009 – HTC debuts iPhone lookalikes since it appears that is what people want, the iPhone look.

      2009 – Other manufacturers jump on board since they see how well HTC handsets have been received by the buying public. (HTC is touted by many as the hottest handset maker on the planet.)

      2010 – The copying continues.

      Sidenote: Here’s the phones I mentioned:

      Toshiba 2032SP (also sold as Audiovox Thera)


      Samsung i330:


    • hi!

      we won’t get the iPhone so that won’t be a problem

  • John

    I’d get the Galaxy S because the phone hardware is amazing. XDA would be my major place to update the phone anyways so I wouldn’t wait for Samsung to get off of their butts. I have a G1 running Cyanogen 2.1 right now and even though it has some issues it is keeping me from spending way too much money that I don’t have on a Nexus One.

    • Kevin

      A Samsung device getting hacked on XDA … that would be something new … thought they were HTC only devies???

      • Kevin

        * Devices … :P

  • Green Robot

    I would get it immediately and have no qualms with signing up for another 2 years if it indeed is Galaxy S. This thing is a solid high end device that I’ve been waiting for. No arguments here.
    The only thing I would suggest to T-Mobile is that they announce this thing as soon as possible without any silly “keeping it secret” games – they need to have something solid on the horizon to stem the customer exodus.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s right. As I said in the “Dotson leaving” story, I suspect Humm will slap a few faces when questioning why the SGS is not on store shelves.

      I would assume he will see the Dotson SGS debut timeline and say:

      “You stupid som beeches, get that phone on the market. For every week you delay, I am docking your pay. Schnell… schnell…!”

      Then he will speed dial Jobs:

      “Hello Steven, how’s the liver? That’s good, now about the iPhone, I want a repeat of 2007…”


      • soon2TMO

        hahahaha that was funny! lol

  • Green Robot

    One of the things that is exciting about Galaxy S is the built in support for DivX and XviD. Finally a device where I can just copy a movie to the SD card and watch it without fighting with silly conversion software. This is a major bonus to me and I am very excited about it.

  • swoosh

    this handset will be a great device. and will definitely get 2.2. the super amoled screen is is the best display on a handset not to mention the 1ghz hummingbird processor its a win if indeed tmobile grabs this handset. ive had the nexus but the trackball just bothered me and the screen had calibration issues.

  • Reece

    ask me couple weeks ago and I would be extremely geeked

    but the recent news about the Behold 2 is a helluva debbie downer to say the least. Unless the internal space of a Behold2 is G1-status there’s really no excuse to not being able to upgrade it to 2.1 so I’m very suspect in jumping on this since the only Samsung to get any upgrade treatment was their Moment which runs plain jane Android, and THAT took eons to upgrade. The Galaxy S (please let it be a galaxy S PRO!) still sounds like a sweet deal (especially if you can kill their crappy UI enhancements without rooting) but at this point I’d need to know that something highend from HTC is coming down the pipeline for T-Mob US otherwise I’ll be considering saving up for a Nexus by soaking up some oil from the gulf of mexico

  • derrickps3

    I really dont care what they have to offer, they don’t know how much they pissed of bh2 owners. and for that, they will not succeed as a company. mark my words.

  • Anony Mouse

    Definitely going to be a rough start for samsung. I would rather see an HTC based phone come out like this. They hopefully did not mess with the UI too much, as the samsung version of android seems to be like someone tricking out a ferrari to look like an ice cream truck. However, they definitely give it a nice form factor, and while I will probably no be getting one, I am glad to see it come out.

    • Reece

      “the samsung version of android seems to be like someone tricking out a ferrari to look like an ice cream truck”

      rofl, I’m sooo stealing that

      • Scritz McGritz

        Yeah, that was good.

  • Ryan

    Let’s just hope that people are smart and stay away from Samsung. TMobile desperately needs to go bigger with HTC if they want to continue to compete in the world of Android. Samsuck is a joke.

  • joe

    am not even going to wait too see how this pans out. am out t mobile you did me wrong .

  • Garet

    who cares what Samsung does now I will never buy another product from them again.I dont want to be left with no upgrades when they want to sell another new phone or any other product.Samsung has lost many customers based on not updating the Behold 2 it can handle 2.2 and with that amazing screen it has there really would be no rush to upgrade to a Galaxy S and there is the problem they want to sell the Galaxy S. Poor decision on your part Samsung now I hope you lose a big chunk out of your customer base.

  • kcmo

    Forgive me for sounding naive, but has Samsung always had a bad name in smartphones? I’ve been a Blackberry user on TMO for years and am ready for a change. Had considered jumping to the iPhone but I’m happy with my TMO service, coverage, and prices. Had been looking forward to either the MT3G Slide or this Galaxy S. As the Galaxy S appears to offer higher specs, I was leaning towards it but am now concerned.

  • Anthony

    Why go with what you think or hope for . We know the N1 is Google’s baby and Google is android nuff said. The N1 and froyo rocks when the galaxy gets froyo ill have gingerbread it really that simple. The others b******* about T-Mobile and not getting a N1 hey cough up the cash and buy it straight out or be at the mercy of your carrier. I say if you can’t run with the big boys stay on the porch

  • rahul

    ok everyone ive been with t-mob for like 10 years now and i can’t understand how people get mad at other frustrated t-mob users like myself. sure t-mob is a bit cheaper, but the old saying ‘you pay for what you get’ is very true. t-mobile just has not delivered. i mean at&t has the iphone, verizon has the droid AND the incredible, sprint has the evo 4g and the hero and our flagship?!? the mytouch!! yay! (Sarcasm..). but in all seriousness shelling out 530 for an unlocked n1 is ridiculous. and not being able to upgrade if ur on a fam. plan is even more ludacris. t-mob seriously needs to step their game up, I MEAN THERE’S A REASON THEY ARE LAST OUT OF ALL THE FOUR MAJOR CARRIERS. “Men lie, women lie, NUMBERS DON’T.”

  • da-ku

    the only way i see ppl getting this phone after what happened with the Behold II is if the Behold II owners get some type of discount on this new phone. other than that i think its a gamble for who ever buys it. even if it is the Samsung Galaxy S it wont have any as much back up from T-mobile since they’re focusing 100% on the Mytouch slide.

  • Tim K

    You guys really think samsung is going to make that mistake again? The Galaxy s is coming to ALL US carriers. What makes you think they wont upgrade as they come out. This phone sets the new standard in android phones right now. It would be a terrible idea to get the Mytouch Slide or N1 over this! The N1 still has its touchpad issues, and is 6months old. The Mytouch slide is for begining android users.

    I have had a chance to mess around with this phone and i have to say i am very impressed. Very comparable to the Evo, and in some ways, better.

    Price is the biggest issue at the moment. Has to be $450-500 w/o contract & $200-$250 w/ contract to be competetive

  • Tim K

    Also, if all carriers have had a tough time updating the Rom as it comes out… other than the n1. If you want the updated Rom, just root your phone! It is really easy these days and pretty much idiot proof. I have had 2.1 for my mytouch since March because of this.

  • raymond

    i agree rahul tmobile is the laughing stock right now -_- im tryin hold to not go to sprint we need something big and we need it now

  • JustMeHere

    T Mobile USA just doesn’t get it. Any former user who bought a Samsung Android phone is frustrated. The Behold will only run 1.6. The Moment runs a crippled 2.1. If T Mobile wants to offer Samsung Galaxy ALL USERS SHOULD STAY AWAY, IT WILL NOT RUN Gingerbread or anything else. Samsung has a history of NOT UPGRADING THEIR phones. Until Samsung proves the contrary with existing phones this would only be wasted money. If the product was HTC based, maybe it would have a good choice if it was Motorola, Maybe, but Samsung… they can keep it.

  • soon2TMO

    it has to be the galaxy S… is there another samsung phone that was leaked somewhere that is going to tmobile? except for those feature phones?
    i think this will be the galaxy S.. as samsung has already stated, it will be updated to 2.2 froyo, it is highly likely that they will support this phone, even if they don’t, it is already a good phone with good specs and features which are enough to satisfy a customer.. stocked tethering,dvx/xiv, it is fast, there is flash lite if you want flas/skyfire for that too.

    then again, imo i can safe assume that this will be a device that samsung will definitely support as this is their flagship high-end android phone.. at least they should support it up to gingerbread.. even the samsung moment got the 2.1 update!

  • Gago

    NTY! After the Behold 2 scene. I will not even look at this no support and no flash camera phone android phone at all.

  • soon2TMO

    i feel for those behold 2 owners who were deceived by samsung.. samsung’s little ruse to harvest buyers is undoubtedly wrong.. this should be a learning lesson for the company and must now become consistent hereafter..

    thanks to the behold 2 owners’ actions, now samsung’s inefficiencies have been adressed, therefore, they would avoid to make the same mistake again..i hope!

    • Usman

      Really?! How have the “inefficiencies” been addressed? Samsung’s Behold 2 is more than capable of running Android 2.1… they were supposed to update it to 2.1. But they’re not going past Android 1.6.

  • Kerry

    I was pretty stoked when I first heard of the Galaxy S.. the pics and vids look amazing. But I recall reading that Samsung partnered with Yahoo! and planned to point the search and e-mail to Yahoo! and not Google. I like having my contacts and such synced with Google so though the specs seems awesome I’m not holding my breath for this phone.

    Just wait and see I guess…