“Major” Samsung Launch Coming In July?

While Samsung may be in the dog house right now with T-Mobile Behold 2 customers, that isn’t stopping them from bringing more goodness to magenta. BoyGenius is reporting that Samsung and T-Mobile are working on a “major” product launch for the month of July. While they aren’t taking guesses as to what it might be, it falls conspicuously within the time frame of a one, Samsung Galaxy S launch in the US. Is that signed, sealed, delivered? Of course not, we’re taking a guess based on rumors, but we’d like to think it’s an educated guess. That and we can see the future.

I’m hard pressed to come up with another Samsung phone that we are aware of, that would qualify for a “major” launch. I’m drawing a blank. Bada? I think not. Well, July is less than 5 weeks away, we’ll find out soon enough if this pans out.


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  • RD

    So… I’m been a BB user for *ages*. With regards to SGS and Froyo. Is it critical to wait for a Samsung/TMo specific version of Froyo or can enthusiasts create a modded version of it?

    • mmaxxsooner

      No roms cause samsung does not release the kernal that is needed. I would wait on purchasing this phone until they have froyo on it as their history os horrible with updates. And yes you my have to wait six months

  • Usman

    Too bad Samsung is the worst Android phonemaker in the market. Forget about updates to software…

  • jake

    Impressive phone specs, but forget any support or updates, this thing will be lucky to ever see froyo or beyond that. just look at the behold 2, the same thing will happen again, no doubt about it. they are only interested in selling the hardware and sales volume. customer loyalty and satisfaction are not important to them despite what they say. TMO and samsung are a bad combo, I will not get this galaxy s phone, I will wait for the project emerald HTC phone instead as it is more likely to be include with updates to android, HTC has been fairly decent about giving updates as of recently. At least more reliably than samsung. Motorola is another company who have stated to agressively employ updates on their devices. I dont think samsung will adopt that buisness model mainly cause they are more committed to their Bada platform.

  • Axcell

    with all this bad press from the behold 2 and the fact that the galaxy s is getting released on all 4 major carriers, it would be android community suicide for samsung to not update the phone.

  • jake

    I dont think samsung sees it that way, they dont care. ALthough I hope that it comes back to bite them hard, they probably dont think it will..but would be funny if it did. I will stick to samsung for LED TVs thats about it, my phones will gravitate towards companies who committe to updates and support, Moto, HTC for now, sux though cause I have to pay 450 for this behold 2 thats already been abandoned.

  • wasup

    1. Samsung already stateted that the “S” will be getting froyo update. 2. LOL @ all those people who try compare the “S” with the behold, yo, this is Samsing’s “it” phone, a phone that will compete with the iphone WORLDWIDE. 3. thanks to tmonews for posting this news, you made my week. 4. I am soooo getting the “S”, really stoked. 5. cheers

    • tommy

      they stated the same thing about the behold 2 look were those guys are at and dont look for too many custom roms samsung sant realease the full source code with all the drivers so 6 months from now we will be saying i told you so

      • wasup

        ok mate, I respect your opinion, I really do, you will have your choice between the new slide and the nexus(hopefully), and I will get my “S”, choice is always good :D

    • pimpstrong

      I’m with you. I can’t possibly see the SGS NOT getting atLEAST FroYo, seeing as how this is a SUPERPOWERHOUSE of a phone that yeah CAN match up with if not beat the iPhone. Custom Roms!? who needs them? A VERY small percentage of smartphone owners actually want to hack it. Behold II!? Cmon! Its an over priced 1st gen 1.5 Android phone. They Fail on the 2.x promise and you Fail for buying THAT phone. Next.

    • jake

      I agree, they said that the behold would see 2.0, guess what not happening, and while the SGS might very well get froyo, I wouldnt be shocked if the SGS never got an update. Samsung has a bad history of following through on promises. And while that is my opinion, there is some fact to it as well. I hope that the SGS does satisfy those who choose to buy it, however I wont be one of them.

    • jake

      I agree, they said that the behold would see 2.0, guess what not happening, and while the SGS might very well get froyo, I wouldnt be shocked if the SGS never got an update. Samsung has a bad history of following through on promises. And while that is my opinion, there is some fact to it as well. I hope that the SGS does satisfy those who choose to buy it, however I wont be one of them.

  • Jshin

    HTC for me, all other manufacturers suck ass.

  • Will

    Yeah I would have been interested if my brother didn’t just get burned on his intro to Android (behold 2).

    As far as people saying the Galaxy will see Froyo. Or this is Samsung’s baby and they’re going to take care of it. Sounds alot like the same things that were said about every other phone they’ve abandoned after getting a few hundred bones for it. Galaxy looks to be a nice phone. I personally have the Nexus. I was considering giving the Galaxy a try but at this point I know for a fact I’ll be downgrading on software, possibly permanently. No thanks. Hardware isn’t everything.

  • Andrew

    I just got off the phone with a tmobile rep about the nexus 1 and she said not to worry, the nexus one will be coming to tmobile sometime this summer and to just watch tmobile.com for information. Not sure if this has something to do with this launch in July.

    • sami

      No, they said there will be a major “samsung” launch in July. N1 isn’t samsung

  • jordan

    Samsung is the worst. Im never buying one again. i hope touchwiz dies

  • swoosh

    samsung galaxy s = win for me …. the specs are amazing and it runs android forget about wiz idc for that . 4″ super amoled screen divix support internal memory 5mp hd camera . only flaw is no flash other than that its perfect

    • Jesse

      This is why the mytouch slide is a far better choice. I’ve been using it for two weeks and even though it doesn’t have a 1 ghz processor its still fast and have had no sluggish issues. The 5 megapixel camera with flash is a thing of beauty. I’ve gone from the HD2 to this and I must say, people are wasting there money on windows mobile phones.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    IMHO you should all give Philipp Humm time to straighten things out. From what I have found out about him he is a take charge guy, super competent, aggressive and the kind of CEO TMOUS needs at this critical juncture of do or die.

    You will see some HUGE changes in TMOUS in the coming months. Standby for the sheet hitting the fan.

  • JBLmobileG1

    If I purchased a Behold II I would never buy another Samsung phone again. Like someone posted earlier… its HTC for me too. I just ordered the Nexus One and I can’t wait to get it. I have owned an MDA, G1, and soon to be Nexus. All have been pretty good (except for the G1… although thats because the O/S was still new). Froyo however makes Android the best O/S system thus far IMO. Even though I love Samsung TVs I don’t think I will ever see their Samsung brand of phone the same way again. Poor support and false hopes is bad for their image. So sorry Samsung… so sorry.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have an old Toshiba notebook from 2005. The warranty ran out in 2006. Soon thereafter the display died. Turns out the unit had a bad integrated graphics chip. Toshiba fixed it on subsequent units.

      I was busy and could not attend to having it checked out so it sat on a shelf until May 2009 when I decided to check around. People on forums said to contact Toshiba directly because they were still fixing units even though at the time mine was four years old and three years beyond warranty.

      Called Toshiba, they sent me a prepaid UPS shipping box, sent them the unit, they sent it back in five days, with a new motherboard and upgraded graphics card. All at no charge to me.

      I mention this story because my Toshiba experience is how a company is supposed to deal with problems. They owned up to the issue and even four years later is still repairing the units.

      What does Samsung do, tear down the video that contained the promise that B2 owners will get the Android upgrade and tell customers to take a hike.

      The most idiotic thing about Samsung’s conduct is that the damage to its reputation far exceeds the money it thinks it is saving by not providing a fair resolution to B2 owners.

      The B2 story is all over the Net now. I question if anyone at Samsung realizes just how bad this is, the bad publicity.

  • Ben

    I honestly hope its the galaxy s. Hummingbird processor is 3x better then any processor on any phone as of right now. Sucks it kind of looks like the iphone. But I’m willing to
    switch from BB to this. Been a Bb user since 06.

  • soon2TMO

    samsung touchwiz = customers can only rely and wait for OS updates from this manufacturer, samsung can not provide the source to developers due to confidential issues.. without the source, developers can not work around the custom UI/touchwiz..

    sony xperia x10 = customers can only rely and wait for OS updates from this manufacturer, this device is not easy to root due to timescape UI.. and it does not apply to the masses..

    HTC nexus one = this is easy to update obviously because it is running stock android (no custom UI) and developers has access to the source , so developers can root this device anyway they want..

    HTC sense = this is not as easy to update due to the sense UI, but developers has access to the source and can root it (2.2)but may take a while..(incredible/evo)

    motorola droid = this is easy to update obviously because it is running stock android (no custom UI) and developers has access to the source , so developers can root this device anyway they want..

    motoblur = this is not as easy to update due to the sense UI, but developers has access to the source and root it(2.2) but may take a while..

    samsung can not give the source to developers because they have other products too that uses similar source, this is confidential for them due to competitions…it’s probably the same reason for sony that’s why their beautiful xperia x10 can not be rooted, or it is hard to root.. not sure..

    do HTC and motorola sell other products that have similar sources on them as they do with their mobile phones? no right? hence all the rooting…

    just my 2 cents,!!
    correct me if im wrong..

  • soon2TMO

    i’ve had a feel of the mt3g and the behold, but i gotta say i like the built of the behold better.. the same with droid and incredible, the droid feels more solid..

    HTC for me is ok..

  • soon2TMO

    i’ve read somewhere that samsung will allow rooting and can have custom roms later on.. i guess after the 2.2 update?

    im not promoting samsung, i guess im just being optimistic about it.

  • DannOfThurs

    Whatever Samsung does, they need to step up and clear their support idea. If they come out and say “look, we’ll support the OS until our next big phone comes out” and is up front about it I’d be cool with it. If they come up with “we’ll keep updating the firmware” I’ll be OK as well. They need to be upfront and explain what their plans are and stick to them.

  • Scritz McGritz

    An unhappy T-mobile customer for 5 years. Making the switch to sprint Evo 4g! I would have gotten the SGS (it is bad ass!), but after Samsung’s (and T-mobile’s, yes they are to blame too) fumble with the Behold II (no update)… they should be punished by consumers. And that means not buying their products.

    • DannOfThurs

      EVO4G will turn into a ton of extra fees you might not be too happy with….not to mention the issues with the front-facing camera. They do offer a 30 day period though so I would strongly suggest going that route. Sprint is pretty good were I leave for WiMax but once I leave that area things really start to suck :(

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Wish you much happiness over at Sprint. A couple weeks ago I had had it with T-Mobile customer service and called Sprint. To switch they were going to give me two free Evos and the data plan (with 1500 shared minutes, unlimited wireless to wireless, etc.) for $150 (including the $10 additional monthly charge for 4G).

      But after signing up I scoured the Net to see if Sprint had changed it’s malicious ways. I found a lot of people still complaining.

      So I canceled my order.

      Sticking it out with T-Mobile since I knew a while ago that Dotson was on his way out.

      And as long as Philipp Humm isn’t coming here to strip mine TMOUS and sell it, I feel he will turn the Company around.

      In the interim to avoid getting frustrated I just don’t call customer service. LOL. What a solution, don’t call T-Mobile so I don’t get pissed off.

      Sidenote: I love my HD2 so I can just imagine how great that Evo will be. With no Evo on my horizon I am looking forward to the SGS. So we might be getting the Slide and the SGS as our next round of phones.

      And my HD2 might stay in the stable since it is a great WinMo phone and I need its OS abilities, something I can’t get with Android and Windows Phone 7. (WP7 will lock out XDA types from tinkering with the ROM. So I predict WinMo 6.5 will become popular because we can fool with it in so many ways.)

      • pimpstrong

        2 Free EVO’s huh?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Is there a hint of disbelief in your words? Yeah, it sounds odd, but:

        1. I don’t get pleasure from making things up.

        2. I took notes on everything he said.

        3. To motivate me to switch at the beginning I said to “get me two Evos for as low as you can go.”

        4. He was doing all kinds of things on the computer as he was talking.

        Right off the top he gave each phone a “$75 rebate.” Don’t know where he got that from.

        Then he said “Let me check something.” He came back and said something about a “$75 discount equipment.” And then he applied a “$50 credit.”

        Finally, he said I would get “one month free service.” I don’t know if that was a promo or what. I vaguely recall him saying something about because I was switching I was getting that.

        On the plan he said it was $130 a month for “Everything data” with no cap on data usage, 1500 land line talk minutes, and unlimited wireless to wireless (can be any carrier.) And finally, $10 more for each phone to use 4G. He called the 4G Sprint’s “special plan.”

        In my saying I was getting two free Evos I did NOT factor in getting $140 in free service. If I factored that into the calculation and my statement, I could say Sprint PAID ME to sign up with them. :)

        Oh, and he gave me his first and last name. He said that if I ever had questions about what was promised I could give a supervisor his name.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Dang… I mean “its malicious ways” not “it’s.” So sue me.

  • derrickps3

    i feel sorry for all you users who are getting hyped over the galaxy s hardware, what you really need to be worrying about is the software and wether there will be future updates and beyond. IMO i think this phone looks a little too much like the iphone. this phone could suffer the demise of the behold 2, be careful you guys, unless you have money to blow. don’t get this phone. think about it, what is most important to you?? hardware or software??? i say software 1st and hardware 2nd.

    another thing, why do you people assume it will be the galaxy s as the MAJOR LAUCH? lol

  • RockTripod

    I do hope Samsung does an about-face with regards to handset support on their Android devices. This phone is amazing from what I have gleaned on the webz, and it would be a shame to see it relegated to the same fate as the Behold 2. I am looking forward to seeing if it truly does come to T-Mo, and what Sammy has in store for it.

  • Nenes78

    I was at a tmobile store talking to manager about the mytouch slide(got to see a dummy model) and while talking about phones she mentioned that the new sidekick will be from Samsung. makes sense if you consider the above news about a big samsung launch.

  • Marcelo L

    New Sidekick ? From Samsung…..well..there goes the Galaxy S theory. Yet again, TMo snatches defeat from the Jaws of Victory. Way to go, TMo….looks like it’ll have to be a used Nexus for me, because this BH2 is just way too unusable at 8-9 hrs of battery usage ( with moderate usage ), and no upgrade path.

    I think 11 years is long enough of a wait for your cell carrier to GET A CLUE.

  • RCJ

    1. Iphone is the #1 selling phone for TMobile in Europe since 2007.
    2. Tmobile has devoted an iphone techinical support in call center in the U.S.
    3. Dont believe me call TMOBILE and ask.
    4. The Iphone att contract was over on may 31, 2010 this was all over the wall street journal and several other publications.
    5. The new iphone was leaked online twice and both videos show a sim card. last time I checked only att and tmobile use sim cards.
    6. T mobile USA’s CEO steps down and TMOBILE European’s CEO. May I remind you he was responsible for getting europe magneta the iphone.
    7. June 7th is the day apple reveals the new iphone hd and a new iphone carrier.
    8. All tmobile call centers to hire 400 new employees in june.
    All the signs point to an iphone release on magneta.
    The samsung galaxy s is nothing special neither is the nexus one. thats the whole reason google isn’t selling them because no one was buying them.
    Samsung has never been important enough for stores to open at 8am. and after the behold 2 no one trust samsung anymore. There are the facts. know try and deny all that.

    • rushmore

      Nope. The contract is until 2012 and Apple will not choose Tmo due to weaker than AT&T 3G coverage. VZW is not even getting is this year.

      Tmo has an iPhone dedicated CS team because a lot of iPhone users are on Tmo. It has NOTHING to do with Tmo getting the iPhone. WHy would you want it anyways? Looks like Tmo has some very good Android devices coming later this year.

      • SteveBerman

        Why wouldn’t you want the iphone? It’s what Android copied the majority of it’s OS off of. Android is literally the poor man’s iphone. Unless you are a techie, its crap. The total package of even the best android phone and latest firmware (if you can even use it on that particular device) doesn’t even come close to the iphone.

    • Cybersedan

      What planet to you spend most of your time on? The best Android phone doesn’t come close to the iPhone???

      FYI, the G1 that launched in 2008 was years ahead of the iPhone OS, proof – there are features being added to iPhone OS4.0 that were included with Android in October 2008. Let’s not even talk about the later models and software releases. Get your nonsense out of here fanboy.

      • SteveBerman

        You sound like the delusional fanboy. The G1 is garbage.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        And I did not pay attention to it much when it was announced, but didn’t the news say that Android is more popular than the iPhone OS? Or was it that they were selling more Android-based phones over Apple.

        Can’t recall, but others can chime it what it was. Regardless, that has to concern Jobs since he is big on numbers.

        But then again maybe he does not care since the announcement that Apple was a bigger company than Microsoft (by looking at market capitalization).

  • TmoAsian

    I don’t really think it would be the galaxy s, but more like a bada device, or even a terrible win mo omnia hd. Kind of predictable considering that the galaxy s is too good foir tmobile to have it…

  • Green Robot

    Hmm…, I just chatted with a Verizon rep and went through phone/plan selection in detail with him. Turns out that to get the same exact family plan I currently have (same # of line, same features, etc…) would cost me about $10 more a month than T-Mobile. This is with the Incredible on one line and the required data/messaging packages. Their plans are definitely more expensive but they do offer more generous employee discount than TMO so that offsets the price difference a bit. Me thinks if in a month or two there’s still nothing new on the horizon from TMO in the way of high end Android phone, I just might be out of here. Might come back in 2 years after Humm has a chance to clean things up around here.

  • Giga

    After looking at this review: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i9000_galaxy_s-review-478.php I want it even more…I really hope Tmo gets it!!!

    • Scritz McGritz

      Yeah, it really is a beautiful phone. It’s like do I want a beautiful screen (SGS) with no updates or do I want an ok display with the latest android updates(evo4g)?
      Decisions… decisions.

  • soon2TMO

    why do people seem to have lost faith with samsung? LOL
    even if samsung has already stated that they will update the galaxy S, some people are still doubtful towards it and are completely traumatized.. well i dont blame you guys anyway, suit yourselves but i bet most of you doubtfuls might end up getting it one later on anyway.. LOL

    .. and also , if this is not gonna be the “major launch” in july, then what else could it be? some samsung flip phone? oh ya that would be “major launch” LOL

    im crossing fingers and hoping it is the galaxy S!

    • TmoAsian

      It’s not…

      • TmoAsian

        It’ll be a crappy flip phone, and that it’ll be major cos it’ll sell alot. I dunno.

  • Malcolm

    whatever phone i buy, it has to have a slide-out keyboard and 2.2 must be pre-installed before i purchase. oh yeah, and not leaving T-Mobile. don’t trust these manufacturers with updates. galaxy s looks very nice, though.

  • iFloss

    I really would prefer a Bada OS phone on TMO than another crappy excuse of a phone from samsung. It seems as if tmo picks up what everyone else doesn’t want.

    The bada phone showed off when they introduced bada was a beautiful phone with great specs and gizmodo gave it high grades. I’d rather see that than the galaxy, but that’s just me.

  • TM

    I’ve played around with this device and I can say it’s a very fast device with a great screen that already makes this new goofy iPhone look slow and small.

  • JD

    Maybe it’ll be the Wave?