Looking To Download HTC HD2 Update Early?

Update: Looks like the secret is out and T-Mobile pulled the update link down!

It was just yesterday we offered up some info on a forthcoming HTC HD2 update but our sources went to work and discovered a link to grab it now. We cannot yet confirm if this is the “official” download link but it’s up on the T-Mobile site and available for the taking. We still don’t have a breakdown on what exactly this update entails but hey, what could go wrong? If you are feeling experimental and risky, hit the link below and get cracking on making that HD2 even better!

Software Version 2.13.531.1

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  • jamalh

    how do i update it wit a mac ….or do i jsut download it directtly to my fone

  • jamalh

    how do i download the update with a mac…or do i jsut download it to my fone

  • Francisco C.

    Update is DEFINITELY worth it! Fixed lag issues when inputing text. Text message history loads up almost instantly. Touch controls are working the same for me as before. Even playing Transformers is better; no hiccups or lagging at all!! Re-Intalled Cookie’s Home screen/tabs, BSB tweaks, all is working even better than before!

  • dbiggss

    The update works smoothly. May seem to lag at first, but after resetting and clearing the ram, it is SIGNIFICANTLY smoother. To me, there is no difference in the sensitivity of the touch screen.

    The clear differences that I noticed are:

    Swype seems better and now has haptic feedback (mine didnt before anyway)
    Messages seem to be loading instantly.
    The the new radio version seems better, but this could be my imagination.

  • eli

    this isnt a beta they just released it to employees first all the new shipments of hd2 will carry this update

  • Ruufus

    The Bad: Francisco C. said, I have to reinstall my tweaks and changes.

    The Good: At least with WinMo 6.5 I can tweak and change my phone to “Make It Mine” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • phalosopher


  • tgrantjr57

    I just installed it and it seems to be ok, lets hope it works.

  • james

    OK, Heres what i found out,

    After installing the New Rom, I had issues with Touch Performance, So i went back with Old Rom which came back the Phone, Now Guess what… After Going back to the Old Ver. New Ver Goodies stayed behind :), My Account App, Tmobile Help Widgets, Also the SMS Bug also fixed.. So i guess after installing the New Rom and Going back to the Old Does make a big changes. So Those who installed the New Ver Rom, Try the Old One Back see if you guys experiencing any Diffrence or Any Goodies Stayed Back…:) I posted a LInk where you can find the 2.10.531.1 ROM. Give it a Try and Let us know.

    • rus

      how did you go back to the old rom.. the new one giving me a lot of problems.

  • Ron

    The first time I installed the new ROM, it would not allow my HTC Sense to launch. I tried reinstalling it and for some reason it wouldn’t take. Now after the third time it seems to run smooth. I reinstalled the BBTweaks and Cookie’s Home Tab files and it is moving nicely. Want to know how to clear the RAM now. With that done, I will be in excellent shape.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Not a word of thank you to TMoNews for this scoop. Come on people.

    Thanks TMoNews for getting this. Totally awesome.

  • http://ranieufamilydental.com duperpudge

    thanks tmonews! swype is way better/ functional now…this added with the bing navigation makes the hd2 feel new again.

  • bigc17

    This seams like a legit update but, i’m still kind of scepticle about whether it is or not. If this hd2 update is legit, i’ll download it but, i dohave one question, can you download it directly to your device from your hd2 or, do you have to use a computer. Also, if you visit the the Tmo retail store, can they install the update for you with their computers at the store? Thanks.

    • InvaderJim

      it’s a legit update and no retail store will do this update for you. it has to be done through a pc because it flashes the new rom over the existing one.

  • matthew

    You do have to install it from a computer. I am not sure they will do it for you at a T-Mobile store though, liability issues, etc.

    Thanks for the heads up TMonews!

  • Ricardo

    It’s a non-legit Legit Update in terms of we as consumers were never meant to get the update this early. I waited a few hours before installing the Rom. The phone just feels different in a great way. Messaging is much approved. I have not experienced a freeze since,video plays smoothly. In the past, 5-6 mins into any video, the video would get choppy and audio and video would be out of sync. I played Transformers 2 straight through and it never happened once. I love this Rom.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Funny Ricardo… “a non-legit legit update.” Don’t confuse people. LOL.

      But it is as you describe.

  • DannOfThurs

    Quick Q to the HD2 users on here – is the phone worth it vs. future Win7 / Android 2.x phones?

    • 8r13n

      We have two iPhones, an iPod Touch and an HD2. I like the HD2 best for browsing the internet, listening to music (much better sound quality using the same $20 SkullCandy earphones). Watching movies is also much better on the HD2, because the screen is huge.

      And the HD2’s Wifi and cell reception is MUCH better than the iPod Touch and iPhone. Just yesterday my wife had to borrow my phone because her iPhone had no signal.

      …The phone does need to get reset once in a while. Hopefully this ROM fixes that. If you install BSB Tweaks videos, etc. get choppy. I learned my lesson, and haven’t re-installed BSB Tweaks since I flashed my phone last.

  • nd4spd

    This is awesome. I love the new Swype. Thanks TmoNews.

  • pedro

    damn.. do you really lose your contacts? pain getting them on through gmail and looking right.

    • Shayne Carlos

      use Microsoft MYPHONE..you can back up anything you want, contacts, videos, photos, documents, task, calender, storage card, and text messages…then once you update the rom just run MYPHONE and have all your stuff pushed back to the phone..i love MS Myphone its awsome!

    • James

      Ok those who have WM phone and wishes to back up their contact, simply copy the file name ” pim” to your SD card or to your PC and after you install the new rom go to My Device and rename the pim file that already there to “pim2” and paste the “pim”file you already backed up in to ur SD card or PC and rename them to “pim1” and paste in to Mydevice folder, then rename the “pim1” to “pim” and reset the device and you are good to go, your calling log, calender, contacts, tasks all will be backed up the way before, less head ache using third party apps to back up all these.

      good Luck.

  • Unixman2000

    I installed the new ROM last night. No problem with the ROM upgrade…so far I have not noticed any differnces. Radio performance seems the same. I did have a lot of performance tweaks set up so maybe that’s why I don’t notice a difference. BTW, I never had freezing issues before using the old ROM so maybe the new one won;t help me that much.

  • James

    Little Heads up to those who wishes to keep the old rom and have the latest futures avalible in their old rom, simply install the new rom and reinstall the old rom, you will get all the new goodies that came with the new rom also the freezing problems and other issues will be also fixed,

    for me New rom gave me Touch Response too slow, you had to Press it hard to get it work. So i went to the Old Rom now everything is Smooth and New Goodies Stayed Back.

    If anyone went back to the Old rom and Experienced this, Plz Feedback .


    • rus

      how do i go back to the old rom

  • longer

    I upgraded yesterday, worked fine until I tried to send an mms today. The messaging app is starting to get slow again after about 200 texts. I am going back to the old rom and wait for the official.

    • longer

      Oh yeah it won’t let me send an mms.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Installed last night and wow… what an improvement.

    And here is a bonus for all you EVO types:


  • wantspeedindc

    For some reason I cant access the Tmobile Help or My Account application. When I click on the image, it brings me to the app’s main screen and it says the “my account application will be downloaded shortly” and then it stays there seemingly doing nothing. Anyone else or thoughts?

  • glamaozn

    i am stuck… dont know what to do or what to download im so fustrated plz help…actice synce wont connect on my windows can i do this on mac??????

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Join the TMoNews Forums and look in the HD2 section. That’s where you can get all the help you need.

  • Anonymous

    I went to the update and it’s for the Dash not the hd2.

  • ghouse

    link doesnt work anymore

  • erod

    y cant iphone users recieve my picture messages from hd2?

  • HEMI 922

    Sooo..this download is no longer valid? (page cannot be found)


  • ricardo simeq

    Yeah, just realized that MMS does not work. That sucks.Hopefully there is a fix for that.

  • Matthew

    Man that really sucks, them taking the link down. There has got to be somewhere else we can get it, right? I was there the other day, but my internet connection was too slow so I was going to get it today, and… Does anyone know when T-Mobile will release it officially?

  • smash
    • Matthew

      Thank you!

  • ricardo sime

    I take the MMS problem back. It was the size of the photo causing problems.

  • youngmantiburon

    I want to say that the update for the HTC HD2 worked flawlessly. I also would like to say that after jumping off the ipnone bandwagon an makeing the move to WMphones was my best move, so thanks “TMONEWS” for all news and updates. Keep up the Good Work My Friends.

  • lazy lalo

    well it seems the link is no longer there… i wonder why… at least i was able to get it on the 13th and it looks like it fixes everything. the only issue i have now is that is less sensetive, anyone know how to fix it?

  • http://www.oska1.com/ oska

    I just got my HD2 so far i am happy,Just a little worried to do this and i’m having no problem,Maybe i’ll just wait until it does something stupid.
    However i did a tmobile backup of everything,but now i want to use myphone.Will one conflict with the other!?

  • Chrisrod09


    well I couldn’t do rapidshare cause I only have a free account and the file is 206.18 MB so i used this new one instead: here is the Link


    You will need winRAR to extract and build the .exe

    I split the .exe into two .rar archives on 4shared so it would be under 200mb so I could upload it, its uploading now, you will have to download both .rar files and right click .rar1 and hit extract and it will automatically extract .rar2 and create a folder with the Official .exe in it.



  • Chrisrod09


    well I couldn’t do rapidshare cause I only have a free account and the file is 206.18 MB so i used this new one instead: here is the Link


    You will need winRAR to extract and build the .exe

    I split the .exe into two .rar archives on 4shared so it would be under 200mb so I could upload it, its uploading now, you will have to download both .rar files and right click .rar1 and hit extract and it will automatically extract .rar2 and create a folder with the Official .exe in it.



  • Danny Thai

    The MR release is awesome! I’ve been running it for two days now, and so far, so good. Performance is definitely snappier than the stock ROM that came with the device. Swype has been super-improved. It makes the old version look like a beta.

    For all those people worried about putting this on your HD2, don’t worry, just do it. You won’t regret it.

  • alex

    So how do you install this? Just hook up the phone and run the exe file? Does it delete everything from the phone like a hard reset?

  • wantspeedindc

    Yep, back stuff up.

  • Mr. MultiMedia

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    The WP7 Skin is full functional, it even has a Xbox Games folder for your Xbox games, plus a Xbox Icon Games folder…

  • woj

    where is the task manager on this update?

  • Craig

    Ok, so I’ve got MacBook, and I’ve tried downloading the update from T-Mobile’s site. It does not seem to be able to run on OSX. So what the hell does a Mac user do to update his WinMo phone?? I’ve got a buddy of mine who is strictly a Windows PC user downloading the update for me so I can go to his house and do it there, but isn’t that a little ridiculous? T-Mobile MUST realize that A lot of their customers are Mac users so you’d think they’d offer a little help on this one?

    Does anyone out there know of a better way for me to do this than having to bother my friends to download stuff to THEIR computers?

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