T-Mobile Trouble In California?


Word coming out of the TmoNews twitter as well a steady flow of emails indicates a T-Mobile outage in either the LA area, Northern California area or both.  Early reports indicate troubles with making phone calls.  We have yet to confirm this report, however at least one individual on twitter says T-Mobile customer service did confirm a problem in the Northern Los Angeles market.  If you’re in Cali, are  you having trouble with magenta tonight?


  • Creighton

    Haha not surprised another Tmobile coverage prob go figure. Go Sprint!

    • shane

      LMFAO You didn’t just compare T Mobile to Sprint,,,,,,Verizon or at&t understandable but Sprint is the laughing stock of phone carriers…..

  • Creighton

    No surprise thats why I dumped them

    • jkspike3

      so then why are you still on this site?

  • Daniel

    My Blackberry is working perfectly no reception problems.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well here is apparently how T-Mobile intends to fix the problem… throttling!

    If this was mentioned elsewhere, pardon.

    One article below:

    “T-Mobile Axes Data Overage Fees, Throttles Speeds Instead

    April 28th, 2010 by Marc Flores

    You must be one heck of a power user if you’re using your phone or data stick on any carrier and regularly hitting well over 5GB of data usage per month. And how about those overage fees?

    We’re sure that it could cause a little stinging pain in the chest when you realize just how much it costs after the fact. Luckily, and yet not so luckily, T-Mobile has come up with some kind of solution.

    If you exceed 5GB of data usage on your laptop’s data stick, or your smartphone, instead of charging you overage fees T-Mobile will simply slow down your data speeds.

    How much slower we don’t know but it’s better than 20 cents per MB, which we calculated as $23 for a Hulu episode.”



    And Google on the news:


  • sonicmoon

    My data was completely down from 7pm to 12am tonight… turns out 2 APNs in provisioning weren’t selected (turned on) and was told this might be related to the outage that took place on Monday the 26th that took place across CA?
    Quickly losing faith in the consistency of technical support from T-Mobile.

  • Joe Smith

    Outage in Orange County for T MObile between 5 and 7 pm on 4/29

  • Nick

    I’ve had zero service since yesterday, I noticed it around 5:30pm and as of right now 8:52am still have nothing. I’m in L.A.

  • Barbie

    I’ve Had No Services Since Friday Around 12:35 &&. My Phone Still Has No Service and Its Sunday!!! Oh Yeah I Live In The Bay Area.

  • Steve

    I’ve also had zero internet/mail service since Friday. My BB Curve reads ‘edge’ (lowercase) but I still have no internet/mail. I can still send and receive calls, though there are periods where they are continually dropped to the point that I have to tell the person I’m speaking with “we’ll have to talk later”. I hope they extend a credit, because have both unlimited voice and data plans and it ain’t cheap.


    I live in LA and my 3G service has been out since April 27th, but my ability to make calls has not been effected. So far T-Mobile has given me a $5 credit and supposedly there’ll be more automatic credits if the outage continues. We’ll see….

  • Ev

    My whole family hasn’t had service for like four days now. We can’t sent or receive texts nor can we make calls much less receive incoming calls. Seriously considering switching carriers.