T-Mobile HD2 Sold Out Online (Again)


Looks like the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 isn’t all that’s sold out on T-Mobile.com. The HTC HD2 is once again sold out. The Windows Mobile monster has received quite a few attention, and even with the lack of advertising, this bad boy sells like hotcakes! According to our sources, T-Mobile stores received an additional shipment of HD2’s today but quickly sold out within a few hours. The HD2 definitely is a winner for T-Mobile, but Magenta needs to hurry up with getting this baby back in stock! Additionally, T-Mobile has decreased the price on the HTC Touch Pro2. For those that can’t live without a physical keyboard and love WinMo, the Touch Pro2 is now $199.99 with a 2 year contract.

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  • Wyatt

    Back in stock this morning – just placed my order over the phone! :-)

  • analog spirit

    I just went to T-Mo on the way to work, and they’re STILL sold out. They said they have no idea when they’ll get another shipment of them.

  • J.C.

    I just placed an order too. The lady claims that the store should get more by the end of the week. Fingers Crossed?

  • Damia

    Calling T-Mobile now to confirm purchase. Can’t wait to have this phone!!!! :-D

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It’s worth the wait. I got mine in the mail on March 27. I still marvel at its feel, quality and the software (I’m loving the large screen to play movies and I really love MobiTV because I can play MSNBC, which is one of only two live broadcast TV stations on MobiTV).

      Check out my videos on movie player and MobiTV:



      This is the best phone I have ever owned and I have had maybe 300 over time. So that’s saying a lot.

  • http://www.jonfolse.blogspot.com JonFolse

    Seems like stock is back up. Ordered mine last night

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I was walking past a T-Mobile store and an employee was smoking. He saw my HD2 so we struck up a conversation. Some interesting news in light of these shortages, etc.

    1. I have seen three different employees in that store. ALL THREE have an HD2. So not sure how come these employees have them yet others do not because they are being given to customers.

    2. He said that they are getting two to three at a time, BUT HERE’S WHY!

    3. He said, and I’ll try to quote so you can interpret it as you want:

    Me: So are you back ordered like others?

    EE (Employee): Yes.

    Me: Guess this surprised T-Mobile, it’s popularity.

    EE: Not really, it’s because of the defect.

    Me: Defect?

    EE: Yes, a lot of screens were defective, they would crack too easy. So HTC had to recall them and issue us new ones. The displays did not pass the drop test and T-Mobile has to send them back. HTC is covering the defects but we are only getting two to three phones at a time.

    Me: I got mine on the phone, shipped from Georgia, is mine defective?

    EE: Oh no, yours is fine, it’s only the ones that were shipped to the stores recently. It was a batch that were bad, so they had to be recalled and new ones sent out by HTC.

    Me: Well, that’s good to hear, I don’t want a screen that will crack easy.

    EE: You have no worry, like I said, the one’s sent back did not pass our drop test. Yours passed so that’s why you were able to get one. Like anything, this was just a bad batch and the company has your back.

    I then showed him my “mods” and he asked if I had installed a ROM yet. Told him I wait two weeks for that. LOL. He then asked if I had any games. I was able to give him 40MB in free games that I had on my HD2’s chip.

    So all in all a very interesting conversation.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So hey TMoNews, maybe that’s a scoop you better get on (investigate and report), a batch of HD2’s had too easy to crack glass screens and there was a “secret recall.”

    Get on it, that will give TMoNews national attention.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Hmmm interesting, let me do a little poking around, see if I can’t confirm it?! Unfortunately I sometimes think this is just employees blowing smoke but I’ll dig around?!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Could be, but he said it matter of factly and was very detailed, indicators that he knew what he was talking about. (Having been the recipient of smoke blowing, IMHO he was telling the truth. Moreover, why make up that story, kind of boring and there was no need to impress me with his inside info).

        By the way, it was a San Francisco company store, so that would be the region or area to check. (And knowing what stores pay for space in the Embarcadero Center, I suspect that the store is a major one. Seems the employees would know what’s going on, over some remote T-Mobile outpost.)

        And just why did three line employees in that store have HD2s? Well connected with corporate?

        What I like about this is that it shows T-Mobile is looking out for us and is a demanding carrier. It’s impressive they caught the issue and demanded a fix.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      David, check these out. These links are not related to the defect/shortage I am talking about (that the guy at the store mentioned), but these do show the screen can crack (that we all know).




      This confirms that the screen is glass (in case anyone was wondering).

      Does T-Mobile do the same tests as in this video of Google on the N1?


      Bonus comment: I ordered insurance through T-Mobile, especially since I paid full retail for the phone (Even More Plus plan).

      So any of you buying the HD2, or who have it, get insurance.

  • weezy

    T-mobile is out of the HTC again tried calling last night=(

  • weezy

    T-mobile is out of the HTC again tried calling last night=(