Some MyTouch 3G Slide Impressions

Maybe you have looking at the MyTouch 3G Slide thinking “I’d buy that, but I really wish I knew more about it.”  Well, this may be time for you to find out some more about the next MyTouch phone.  According to Android and Me, who know a guy, the screen is 3.5 inches diagonally and may, or may not, be an AMOLED screen.  Around back you will find a 5 MP camera with LED flash and autofocus.  The whole thing will be humming along with a 600 MHz ARM11 processor with 512 MB ROM and 512 MB RAM, powered by a 1300 mAH battery.  What is interesting is that this phone might be capable of running on the very fast HSPA+ speeds (or at least HSPA 7.2), and used to promote these speeds.  In addition, it will sport HTC’s newest Espresso Sense UI over Android 2.1 (so you get all those nifty benefits).  There will be a lot of apps  included, like the AppPack, My Account, myTouch Music, Quick Office, some games (one is Abduction), and Swype is the stock keyboard, though the HTC keyboard and Dragon Dictionary can be used.  It also appears that this is slimmer than the G1, which is always a good thing.  Stay tuned for future updates and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Android and Me

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  • 30014

    Seems more impressive than I first thought. Those are decent specs for a mid range phone.

    • Perno

      Yeah slightly faster cpu and double the RAM of the Moto Droid, now we wait on price.

  • mpv

    too bad it’s still ugly

    • yor papi

      So. Is yo mama lmfao frkn idiot get off this site @ least this phone doesn’t bitch yhat ur UGLY

      • umaluver

        learn to type you fuckin boob

      • BoomBoomBang

        The phone really isn’t that ugly. I think it just depends on what color you get. Certain colors can make a phone look uglier than it really is.

    • 2FR35H

      In white it looks absolutely beautiful but I don’t know if T959 would be better or not…

    • Naveed

      It’ll come in a different color color… black

  • jmts80

    I think I am now convinced!

  • RockTripod

    must… have… now.

  • Max

    Defenitely getting the black one as my graduation present next month….

  • Hurlamania

    All I need now is Money

  • JBLmobileG1

    This phone sounds like it’ll be my next Android phone if the specs hold true unless Tmobile picks up the Nexus One or Motorola desides to release (annouce) the Motoroi before its launch. While I would prefer a 1Ghz processor 600Mhz isn’t that bad (faster than my G1) and it does have plenty of ram which is a must. With a 5MP and Led flash, Swype, and an actual keyboard for those times when you need to write a lot (like now) this phone sounds like everything I am looking for in an Android device. Hopefully it’ll have a form of adobe Flash and muti touch. I may still hold out for a phone with the HSPA+ capability but if this has it I will be sold. It doesn’t look that bad to me… and the track pad is a nice feature that beats the trackball. Now let’s hope its priced around $150-$180 range. Let’s face it…. while this is a nice phone the HD2 is still the killer phone when it comes to hardware so if this phone cost the same price (if not more) it really better have HSPA+ support.

    • john

      Well, I can confirm that it has multitouch, even on the home screen.;)

  • Ace

    I can’t wait to get 1

  • DisappointMan

    I is disappoint should of came with 2.1 Android.

    • jmts80

      It does have 2.1

    • Dave

      Are u medicated? It does come with Android 2.1

    • Reece

      Reading is fundamental!

  • luis

    Here what i think, its a nice phone and i see tmobile keeping this device 2.1 then they wont update the MT3G to 2.1 so they can sell more slide units and maybe we get the 2.1 for the MT3G in the fall. other than that its looks ok! just wished it dindnt look so plasticky

  • Bobomo

    Not bad. I’m still curious about the screen resolution. 3.5″ probably implies 480×320, but one can hope. I just can’t believe there isn’t a processor in between ARM11 600Mhz and Snapdragon 1Ghz.

    Anyways, if they price it right, it could be the G1 refresh that is desperately needed. I’ll still wait until the LG and Samsung phones are revealed before I “settle” for the slide.

    • jmts80

      The Samsung Moment has an 800mhz processor if I remember correctly

      • Davidohio

        Yeah, that’s great but this is a post about the mytouch slide.

    • john

      @davidohio, there was a question as to whether there was a processor between the 600 and 1 gig…the moment comment answered the chipset question.

      • jmts80

        Thanx I am glad someone takes time to read b4 they comment and sound stupid!

    • Ktwist


      Your are quite correct sir. An email I got today laid out the screen res to be 320×480. Of course the employee with the phone said it had a “3.3inch HVGA” display but listed the screen res above. The 480×320 is 3.5 so I’m hoping that was an error on his part. He also said the processor was an ARM 11 running 600-750mhz. Also it has multi-touch on the home screen called “Leap” and has 7 different panel screens like the hero. The memory was 256mb and 512mb rom from the spec sheet. Android 2.1 and HTC sense Espresso. The Genius button lets you call, text, search thru voice commands. It even has a text to speech feature you can turn on when driving. There is also a Mymode which will let you switch from weekend phone, business phone, work phone, school phone ect. They have also put a Faves Gallery thats been redesigned, you now have 20 “fave” contacts to keep in contact with your most frequent people. Bottom line, great mid level phone but no Incredible killer. This will sell hot with the everyday users but phone geeks will want to wait till summer, ehh early fall for a “nexus Like” android device launching.

  • artiepants

    not bad, not bad at all…

    Wonder how long before they retire the G1 and original MyTouch and the rest of the weak processor phones that are giving Android a bad (aka laggy) name…

  • Monkeydroid

    It’s a step in the right direction, but still not good enough Tmo. Were still waiting on better android phones. Where is the Motoroi? Where is the Dell Streak?

    • lol

      wow, you have pretty high standards…

      this phone will do just fine with those specs.

      • Monkeydroid

        As a consumer, if you don’t ask for the best you won’t get it.

  • tmob

    Damn, I’m a little upset by the specs. I mean everything looks good (camera,screen, etc.) untill you get to the processor. Come on tmobile, 600 mhz is barely an improvement over my g1. They should’ve at the very least gave it 800mhz proc. I still hope that these aren’t the final specs and that the processor turns out to be faster.

    • Trill

      clock cycles arent everything and just because its 600mhz doesnt mean you will suffer but I to want something more. I’m only getting this phone because I’m tired of my G1 and its only good to me as a hotspot and I could always run any ROM but hopefully the Slide is the new G1 which means development will shift over to it.

    • Solar Midnight

      I think it’ll run just fine. Remember the highly reviewed HTC Legend sports a Qualcomm MSM7227 which is clocked @ 600 Mhz. Most reviews so far didn’t seem to have any trouble with lag. It’s pretty much identical to the Legend right down to the 1300 mAh battery which even with heavy use should last 8-10 hours.

      As for me, I’m still waiting on a firmware upgrade for my CLIQ and I’ll be keeping my eye out for a handset based on the Qualcomm 1.2 Ghz Scorpions. An announcement for the Desire on T-Mobile would certainly be an incentive to upgrade for me though. =D

    • BoomBoomBang

      I really don’t think it’s T-Mobiles fault that the phone has a 600mhz processor =/ , they just sale the phone, not make it.

  • Trill

    The 600mhz processor isn’t that bad considering it can run Raging Thunder 2 which is for high end android phone so this leads me to believe it has a dedicated GPU of some sort and while I hate what Tmobile has done with the look of the new home screen launcher it won’t matter after the device gets root but all in all I think I will be picking up this device and my G1 will be used just as a hotspot

  • branon

    So this is a HTC legend with a keyboard but without the sexy looks. But thats a fair tradeoff for many. I think Gizmodo had a very good review of the legend and seemed to indicate that the slower processor did not matter.

    I guess, I am looking forward to this phone then!

  • branon

    Sorry for the double post, but I think gizmodo’s review warrants a link here

    Quite positive.

    David please feel free to merge both my posts. Thanks.

  • Doyle

    Will this Phone have Flash?
    And will the Battery be up to par with my cliq.
    I refuse to Have a repeat of that g1 battery issue

    • Trill

      Flash is overated and not that big of a deal IMO and if all you guys think your gonna watch Hulu all day then your mistaken because I know something many of you don’t besides the fact they block anything other thna a desktop client which chnaging the user agent probably won’t help.

      P.S. Cortex-A8 is required for flash which only the Droid & Nexus One have.

      • john

        Hmmm…that’s funny, my hd2 isn’t a desktop, but with skyfire I can hulu to my hearts content.

      • Matlock

        Not anymore you cant go on Hulu, you can access the site but once you try to watch a video it says platform no longer supported, with Skyfire on the HD2!

    • mike

      it will have flash because sense ui includes flash u do not need a cortexA8 i have flash on my mytouch as for battery we will see

  • Mike

    I think its ugly looks like the Sprint Samsung Moment Nasty

    • Trill

      So you buy a phone because it looks good and not because it will do what you want it to? $300-$500 your wasting

      • mpv

        They’re both considerations… You’re going to be looking at your phone dozens of times a day for a few years; you gotta like how it looks

  • Galen20K

    Wow! Those specs really blew me away from what I originally was thinking for a mid-range phone NOT TOO SHABBY! – D its not my Nexus one but I LIKE IT!

  • Davidohio

    The processor is only SLIGHTLY faster than the G1, ther than that I like it, in black. This device should have a min 800mhz processor, period. This is a deal breaker for me. I guess I will wait to see what Android device is next.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Those complaining about the specs remember that this is a middle-range phone. It’s not going to have the same specs as the N1 or the uber awesome Galaxy S.

    The trade off is that you won’t be paying superphone prices for this. Just like anything, including cars, if you want something better, be prepared to open your wallet and fork over more dough. With cars you can’t complain about a car not having this or that if you are paying $25,000 for it.

    You want the latest, greatest and hottest, you are going to have to pay for it. E.g. Anyone want to venture a guess how much the EVO is going to cost people? And I can only see big dollar signs on what people will be paying for 4G data.

    If T-Mobile gets the Galaxy S (99.9% sure that will happen) it will be interesting to see how T-Mobile prices these two handsets. It would seem that the mySlide will have to be priced less than the Galaxy S in order to differentiate the middle-range phone from the premium superphone.

    Not sure what that means, maybe, unfortunately, that means the Galaxy S will be way more than what I had hoped. $250 for the mySlide on a two year deal, $350 for the Galaxy S.

    I can see $350 for the Galaxy S since the phone has way better specs than the Nexus One and IMHO the GS competes well against any competitor’s new Android superphone coming out. (Sidenote: isn’t it interesting that the Galaxy S even looks like the competitors’ Android superphones.)

    And if the myTouch Slide has these specs (including what’s now the new “mid-range” display size, 3.5″) I can see it going for $250. After all, the myTouch is selling for $150. I assume that with a keyboard and other upgraded features the mySlide will sell for more, how much more is anyone’s guess, so I say $250.

    • CO_Yeti

      It is well known in the wireless world that $150-$200 is the sweet spot for a subsidized smart phone. The issue is most people will gladly pay the extra $50 for a much higher-end phone and that higher speced phone could potentially drive A LOT more business for the company. The Mytouch is Tmo’s franchise phone. It should be the highest speced phone we carry even if it means a $199 price point.

      • joel

        You are SO right, Yeti. I understand the argument that not everyone needs a superphone, but T-Mobile doesn’t even sell a superphone. How is it that we were the first ones to market with an Android phone but STILL do not have a truly high-end Android device? Our second-generation Android phones are getting beat by the competitor’s first Android devices. T-Mobile spouts about having a great selection of Android devices, and we do have the most, but NONE of them are actually high-end! And here comes the latest device in our FLAGSHIP LINE OF PHONES and the processor is just the newer version of the processor that’s in ALL our current Android phones? Oh, but it’s cool, we got the HD2 … RUNNING WINMO 6.5 ARGH!!

        Okay, rant’s over. I’ll probably still get the damn thing anyway, it’s like a bone tossed to a starving dog. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised with the performance, or maybe there’ll be a way to overclock it eventually. For what it’s worth, the phone looks and sounds pretty nice for what it is.

  • Ace

    I wonder if it will have flash lite in the browser

    I’m happy it has multi-touch support though.

  • ms. Matrix

    To me the phone doesn’t look bad, its a nice update for anyone with a G1. If I didn’t get the cliq xt, I would have made this my new phone.

  • Cheech

    You might want to read what you just wrote Mr. Mike? You are saying that the slide is going to be a mid range phone, but going to cost $250 on contract? That makes no sence when t-mo has not priced even the high end HD2 over $199.00. This phone will come at $149.00 (if not lower cuz the mt3g was $99.00 over x-mas) and the rest will go down. I don’t think they will ever go over $200 for a device on contract, thats not t-mo’s style. Their all about price point!

  • Betong

    Looking at the specs seems to be mediocre to be a flagship phone of T-Mobile. At least they should have put a 1GHz processor in it….That’s just my opnion.

  • Omeer

    Ugh @ the idiots who say should “of” it’s should “have” you God damned dim wits. Anyway the specs sound good for the type of crowd this phone is being marketed towards. I may or may not get one depending on what other phone’s come out by the end of the year.

    • UGH

      Your inappropriate and misuse of an apostrophe “‘” leads me to think YOU are one of the “idiots” and “…damned dim wits” to which you refer! HAHAHAHAHA – MORON!

  • Aston

    sounds expensive. :o

  • remixfa

    the MOTOROI is no longer being released through Tmobile. So your gonna have to compare it to another phone soon to come out.. perhaps the Galaxy S (which will probably be the strongest android phone to date when it launches)

    Its going to have “Flash-Lite” like the cliq XT has and most of the androids will get. Basically that means it will play any flash before flash 10.

    It is running 2.1 android and a version of Sence.. its just not full Sence 2.0 thats on the incredible.

    The G1 is all but retired… the mytouch slide is supposed to officially retire it and the Sidekick (finally)

    The original Mytouch is slated to get android 2.1 as well as the cliq, cliqXT, and Behold2. The cliqs and behold are waiting on their respective manufacturers (moto and samnsung) to send the updates. Motorola is said to be shooting theirs out very shortly. Id assume the mytouch update will happen around the launch of the mytouch slide or right after.

    The Mytouch line is the “tmobile android line”. While tech geeks like us only drool for the high end stuff, the mass market doesnt give to craps if its 600mhz or 1k. They just want it to work well and do what they want. For the rest of us, there are Nexus, HD2, incredibles, and Galaxy S.

  • Namo

    When will this device be release? My G1 is such in a bad health that I need to rush her in the ER last night. LOL!

    • Omeer

      Wow just wow.

      • BoomBoomBang

        I 2nd triple that wow. Just…wow dude.

    • 30014

      This is the most ridiculous post I have ever read on this site. It gave me a good laugh though.

    • chotpy

      ironically i got mine when it was released and it still looks/works like new! :{ i wish yours luck ;-;

      i wish this would use the same battery model as the g1 so i could switch out my 1600mAH battery T-T~ don’t know if i’m gonna buy this, as my g1 still works and… 4-row keyboard.

      lets go for 2 years, g1! wooo! *runs off in the distance*

  • Djkay

    Junk phone! This phone can not even come close to the Incredible, Desire, Evo, Galaxy s or what ever else is around the corner. Don’t let T-mo sell you this junk. We deserve a top flight Android phone not this teenager styled phone. Where is the Grown up phones? I am jumping ship for the EVO 4g. T-mo’s 3g is only 2g in my home. I have to go down the street to get 3g. I’ll take Sprints 4g in my home on a MUCH better device. You guys can keep your toy phones.

    • Trill

      Let me be the first to say goodbye, its funny how you assume the grass is green on the other side but have you even check to see if 4G is avilable in your area or even at your house? Tmobiles 3G will be faster than 4G since the best you will get in theory is 10mbps but tmobile network is pushing HSPA+ 21mpbs. I could go on but I wouldn’t want you to change your mind and stick around also have fun paying more for the same thing.

      This isn’t a piece of junk phone as you call it and its aimed at a certain demographic, if its not for you then fine but do some research and the specs are pretty good although we all have some complaints your being a bit of a queen lol

      • joel

        People keep saying “This isn’t marketed to people who like high-end phones.” Fair enough. I’ll just go get T-Mobile’s high-end Android phone … OH WAIT THERE ISN’T ONE.

      • Zlozzy

        TMo DOES have a high end phone. It’s called the Nexus One. Buy it and shut the hell up.

      • joel

        The Nexus One isn’t a T-Mobile phone, dumbass. It’s compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G, but it’s not branded T-Mobile or sold by T-Mobile. So my comment about T-Mobile not having any high-end Android phones holds true. Don’t tell me to shut up when you can’t even get your facts straight.

      • UzukiC

        Tmo doesn’t really need to spend the rampant amounts of advertising money being used to sell the Nexus One, do they? Sounds to me like they have the smartphone that fits your needs, but you’re complaining simply because the selling plan isn’t to your tastes.

        Remember when Radiohead let people download In Rainbows at whatever price they wanted? It’s like saying that it isn’t music because it isn’t sold the way music usually is.

    • jabombardier

      looks good to me. i will buy it. and further more there is nothing “toy phone” about it when in the end all the android phones will be running the same operating systems and featuring the same android features save for the soon to be retired G1. and it is sad that a person lets a phone dictate which carrier you go with. it is one’s prerogative but my opinion it is bad. i.e. i go to AT&T because they have the iPhone but i know i will be paying more and getting less minutes for talking and texting. oh well, you pay for what you like.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Wow… you have some real issues. Why are you even on this Site commenting on a phone and service you despise so much.

      Your time is better spent hanging over at Sprint and drooling over the phone you covet. Don’t waste your time posting silly, moronic posts in here.

  • chris

    does it have speech-to-text ??? you know, like the nexus1,desire,and the incredible (awesome phone’s by the way) so far this phone keeps getting better and better.

    • Ace

      Yea it should since that’s a android 2.1 feature which this phone has

  • Reignzone

    Unfortunately, this device WON’T be among the first devices within the fragmentation chart to receive a future update. This is partially due to the fact that T-Mobile has YET AGAIN, requested a “tweaked” user-interface, along with Sense touches.

    Nexus One and Droid users should certainly feel privileged.
    Don’t get me wrong though, HTC Sense is gorgeous… but the firmware updates take much more time rather than when Google issues one, thus cutting out the middleman.

  • Hurlamania

    I thought I seen a tweet today saying the Galaxy S is going to AT&T someone may want to investigate.

    DJKay Good luck with sprint, tell dan hess I said hi…

  • ermac

    I personally think that those are nice specs for the phone. It IS the new G1, deal with it. Will the G1 be forgotten? No cause it was the birth of the best OS around, period. People are gonna be talking bout the G1 long after its deceased. “Hey man remember when android first came out, and they brung out that ugly ass G1? Yeah, that phone was ugly but back then it sure was killin the iPhone, OS wise”.

    • tato22

      lol good shit

  • Dan

    I want the Galaxy S but it doesn’t have a flash with camera :(

  • kismetj

    What kind of battery life does a 1300mAH have?

    I swear the WORST thing about my G1 is the battery life. The TMO stores in my area don’t even cover replacement batteries and they cost $65!#@# I got a cheap on on ebay.. but still.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Didn’t like 400 Tmobile employees get one of these phones in Las Vegas? How come no one really has solid specs on what this phone offers? Is the 600mhz processor a fact? Also is the release dates that are going around (what is it in May) also correct? My last question is for any Tmobile employee… if we upgrade to this phone from a G1 with the old Unlimited Android +400 messages plan for $24.99 will we be able to keep this plan or will we be required to upgrade to the $30 plan without text? I was told by a customer care rep over the phone that the G1 and MyTouch plans are different (which I find utter b/s) and if I wanted to upgrade to say a Cliq or Cliq XT I could keep the plan but if I upgrade to a MyTouch I would need to switch. Please anyone comment if they know this answer.

    • jordan

      they’re hosing ya. i upgraded to the mt3g fender and stayed on the same plan. i would call shenanigans. my friend also works at tmo here in vegas and he didn’t receive the mt slide. maybe he just wasn’t one of the lucky ones?

      • joel

        The phone wasn’t handed out to Vegas employees, it was handed out to the 400 or so top performers on a national level who went to a T-Mobile special event thrown for them in Vegas. T-Mobile does this event every year, usually in a different place every year.

        Anyway, the new price for unlimited smartphone internet on any plan that qualifies for a subsidized phone(grandfathered or otherwise) is 30 dollars a month. That’s policy, but not all the various systems for sales have locked out the old features, so people are still managing to get their discount for the phone and keep the 24.99 feature. This change actually happened months ago when the Even More plans started, but T-Mobile has been pretty loose in the enforcement. I suspect they’ll crack down on it a lot more for the myTouch Slide rollout.

        tl;dr: it’s supposed to be 30, but if you know how and act quick you can get 24.99.

    • jabombardier

      your plan is still valid with the plan you have. the thing is that t-mobile changed up the android plan that now it costs $25, and there isn’t 400 text messages anymore, just 1000 and unlimited. Unlimited text messages costs $10. all the plans are the same for the mentioned phones, which is the t-mobile android plan. the name of the plan changes if you get a blackberry or a winmo phone.

      there isn’t a sure thing on the specs of the phone because the actual information on the specs isn’t out yet. however usually leaked specs are always true to its information though sometimes the company surprises people when it is finally up for sale. if you want reliable information on the specs, you must wait until its on sale.

  • anthony

    if i was able to get 3G inside my house, i would go back to t mobile and get this or the desire (i need a kb though) but im still sold on my droid for now. once tmo gets 3g stronger here and through my walls then ill head back. its a nice phone and nice kb and with the sens UI i would be sold.

    • Klibitz

      Just buy a wireless router for $30. WiFi is still faster than 3G.

    • Tomato

      that’s what I do. The minute I walk in my place, the phone detects the router and I’m good to go.

  • Alex

    This phone really has gotten interesting. All those complaining about stock 2.1, on the old mytouch, just root yours now!! My biggest gripe is I prefer a HD2 type of screen. I use an archos and dream when TMO will drop a Big screen android. They are most likely getting up to speed there network. Plenty of rumored devices could be the phone used to market there HSPDA speeds- NEXUS TWO, MOTOROI, GS, or something else from TMO.

    • Max

      How do you root? Can you at least refer us to some website?

      • Alex

        xda developers, google them. Also on youtube, plenty of videos going stsp by step on how to root, load roms as well. Just follow every step and your warranty is avoided once you rooted.

  • v.rios

    I think its pretty cool considering I still have the original myTouch 3G that’s still running Android 1.6 and have been waiting for the 2.1 update and the myTouch Slide is already running 2.1 and also sports a 5MP camera w/ flash is really nice. I’m eligible for an upgrade and I’m undecided on this phone or if I should wait until new shipments arrive at my local T-Mobile store and just go for the HD2.

    • Vbol

      Dude, it’s called punctuation. Look it up.

      • namo

        OMG!!! Let me catch my breath.

    • Tomato

      I would go Android, even with a smaller screen.

  • Reece

    Should be around $150’ish which is a good price for it being a midrange phone.

    I’m gonna simmer down my bitching and hope that this phone being priced just right means a super Android phone is on the way sometime during the summer.

  • mj

    it will cost $149 on 2 year is my guess. and around $440 for em+…

  • B

    I am a sucker for the keyboard since that is indispensable on my G1. Contract runs up in May so it will be this or switch to sprint for the Evo 4G (albeit without a keyboard).

  • @imEricSmithBICH

    better than i thought… wiLL i Leave #teamblackberry for it tho… perhaps

  • Trill

    I won’t be happy till I see a hands on video but I will probably be getting this device and the processor might just be clocked at 600mhz

  • laphoneuser

    my two cents:

    This will be a solid phone. I see it as a replacement of the ancient G1, and a respectable replacement at that. Personally, I’m looking for top notch video capture, which will most likely be absent on this phone, so for me, it’s a no go.

    If the Galaxy S is releasing in the next few months on Tmo, I will most likely go for it, being that it has HD video capture. If the Galaxy S is NOT released, then (after many years on Tmo) I will be jumping to Sprint for the EVO. HD video capture, Snapdragon, big screen, Android running Sense UI, and HDMI out? I’m salivating.

    That being said, I still think that the MyTouch Slide, for most people, is going to be great.

  • anthony


    i have a router for home, but i mean im paying for 3G i should be able to use it inside lol especially the hspa+ that will kill my router’s 3mbps.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    This is a nice set of numbers for this phone bthe only thing I hate about tmo phones is that they don’t have that serious business look on it like the droid, iPhone, hero and blackberry phones posses. The HD2 is a seioud competitor and the nexus one is but it’s not offered in stores, which is not cool with mr ehebbim forking over 530 of my hard earned dollars for a toy I haven’t played with. But other wise, not a bad addition. As always we will accept it with open arms

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I’m a little drunk so I don’t know what I just typed