Dell Lightning Dropping On T-Mobile?


Those fine boys at Engadget managed to get their hands on quite a doozy tonight with a leaked slideshow offering up images of a future Dell Windows 7 phone.  The best part?  T-Mobile 3G!  T-Mobile 3G!  The part that’s better than that? The specs: 1GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon processor, WVGA 4.1-inch OLED display, five megapixel autofocus camera, 1GB of flash with 512MB RAM plus 8GB of storage on a MicroSD card (non-user-replaceable, we’re assuming), GPS, accelerometer, compass, FM radio, and full Flash support including video playback.  Um, yes please, may I have another?  With a release date slated for the 4th quarter, Engadget is betting on a Windows 7 launch phone and we tend to agree with their thinking.  We also tend to agree that this thing looks pretty damn slick.  HTC HD2, eat your heart out.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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  • infamousbird

    Very nice. Dell and Microsoft products usually don’t excite me but this could be nice I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  • Uchenna

    Good job tmobile!!

    • 2FR35H


      • namo

        YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally !!!!!

  • jmts80

    I just had a major nerdgasm!Woo I need a cigarette…Plz be true

  • Manny

    So when should I put my HD2 on ebay?


      10 days before it comes out. You list it for 7 days, and allow 4 days for shipping. Once you get the dell Lightning in your hands, you ship off your hd2!

      • Manny

        yeah I hope that I get enough to buy this or maybe another wp7 device that’s better off contract.

  • HD2/Nexus One user

    5inch screen please. this 4.3in is just not big enough

  • Chris

    Wait, isn’t there something missing from this picture such as the 1700 band that is required to run on T-Mobile’s 3G network?

    • Andrew

      AWS is 1700

      • Chris

        Ok, it just looks odd because manufacturers usually list the 1700 band for T-Mobile’s 3G network.

      • Galen20K

        yes a lot of times they’ll list AWS instead of the number 1700 which is FINE with me, in fact I prefer it! I like using the letters AWS better, its special.

  • lacandela

    It sounds too good to be true. Good memory lots of goodies like a real radio? How big would it be. Like an iPad?

  • rushmore

    Nice device, IF not stuck with just 8gb. What is the point of the nice video codec support with such small media storage. Spec shows microsd slot- hope for the best.

  • InfamousBird

    Just hit up Engadget, why can’t we get any of those nice android handsets??? T-Mobile please here my cry for a top of the line android handset!!!


    So only high end Windows Mobile phones from Tmo lmao. I see where this is going and I will be leaving for Verizon one day soon and seeing how I’m not in contract don’t push me tmobile I’m growing impatient

  • Claudio

    windows? come on Tmo, windows? ask them to put android on there

    • Ryan

      Tmobile already offers the MyTouch 3G if you want Android. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA jk, i don’t even know what to say when i read this fucking news. Windows 7? Really? Really? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    • Peter

      You Android fanboys now can go back to your holes. We don’t need your stupid, garbage comments here.

      So sad to see these Trolls in every single Windows Phone related post.

      Get a life!

      • 2FR35H


        You can take your upity windows mobile ass and go some where else if you don’t like us disliking the many crap phones on t-mobile.

      • Smith


        WOW you are really polite and know how to reply in public forum specially if someone not agree with you. Your post and the way you comment in this post shows what kind of person you are.

        You sound like someone we knew here “Just Some Dude”…Sorry but I have no respect for people like you.

        This is a place to get information and news from T-Mobile and their new handset. Not a place to spam and advertise your Craproid taste in every single post.

        Mods really have to ban people like you from here to keep this website professional.

        Now let me use your own language so you undrestand thing better and perhaps more clear:

        You can take your upity Android ass and go some where else and troll and spam there if you don’t like others disliking the many crap Android phones on t-mobile.

      • sorandkairi

        @Smith You sound just like 2FRE35H! You just come off more “preachy”! I take offense because of that fact. Its like when religious organizations (choose your fav) preach humanity and humility then those leaders of said oganizations spew hatred. You could’ve left it alone at …” Mods really have to ban people like you from here to keep this website professional.” But you didn’t. Which makes you exactly the same and if you cant see that then you are probably worse!

        Being said, I like both platforms I still currently have a working Mytouch (original), HTC Touch Pro 2, T mobile Wing, T-Mobile Shadow(original), T-Mobile Dash, Htc HD2, Behold 2 and the Nexus 1, so I have seen the progression of both platforms and have realized that they are both great in their own ways!

        What kills me is why do you, not really talking just to you at this point, care that everyone else in the world knows or cares about which platform you like the most. I sure as hell dont, and probably no one else does either. It seems almost politcal in these types of blogs. Playstation or Xbox, PSP or DS, Android/Apple/Palm/Windows,……dude, just do you!

        Now back to you, when peter made his comment, you smith didnt comment on him. And as a matter of fact the second of the blog shows that he, @fr35h, was excited about this phone. So really, what is your problem? I think that you are just an amazing hipocrit. Your posts have nothing to do with the phone or T-Mobile at all, they are just “fan-boy” bashing which in turn in “fan-boyism” So please, if you want to keep fan-boys from posting inappropriate comments from “your type of news”, then please just go to another site. Matter of fact, try Engagdet and see if you like there! See Smith, that was “preachy” but did I show a baised to either platform,…no!

      • Alex V

        great you have a million phones. nobody cares.

      • sorandkairi

        @ alex v
        And who are you again… and what does that have anything to do with any of my other comments. Alex, please refrain from responding to any of my comments if you are going to speak to me like a 2nd grade student. The next to I have a response from you like that, I’ll just let my son and you have that conversation because you two are approximately on the same level.

        But really what amazes me it the boldness of people when they are online now. Things they KNOW not to say in someone face they do so online now under the shroud of the internet. You sir seem like one of those people, a coward!

      • Alex V

        @sorandkairi get a life. If you told me in person that you have all those phones I would tell you that nobody cares. because really.. nobody cares. its people like you that are dragged into a cycle where if you dont have the latest and greatest things you are worthless and you should feel bad if you dont have it because everybody else does. great, another reason the USA is drowning id debt. irresponsible people like you make me sick. I bet you also have 20 inch rims on your car while your house is in ruin and your baby is running around in 5 day old diapers. suck one.

  • Omeer

    Woo-hoo about time T-mobile. This is reassurance that T-Mo will deliver high end phones by the end of the year. I just hope their HSPA+ super phone promised by the CEO comes from HTC and runs android :)

    • Ryan

      It’s already confirmed. Tom Dodson, CEO of tmobile, has Bill Gates’ dick in his mouth. The HSPA+ phone will feature Windows Mobile 6.0. Enjoy!

      • Otto

        It’s Robert Dotson ya twit. If you’re going to be a proper troll at least get it right.

      • Ryan

        I think it’s funny you don’t argue about the dick in the mouth, just the name. ROFL

      • sorandkairi

        @ Ryan He didnt have to disagree, the person that you referenced, Tom Dodson, isnt the CEO of T-Mobile USA so… in turn your comment lost its validity, thus not being funny! Hope that clears it up for you!

  • wasup

    looks good, all thats missing is 720p video recording and front facing camera, and apps for windows

  • TG

    OUCH! I don’t understand(Yes I do) Android launched on T-MO but now that Android is “Cool” we the T-MO faithful get shafted with winmo devices… Seriously T-Mobile I feel this may be a year of change. I change TV service providers already may be time for this voicstream to T-mobile customer to go where the devices are.

    • Shannon

      I gotta agree. I’d love to see a high end Android device soon. I love my myTouch but the screen’s a bit small next to what’s been coming out and I’d like something a bit more powerful. I’m semi interested in the myTouch Slide (prolly more for Android 2.x) but it’s a little too “young” looking. Something like the Incredible, HD2 or this Dell (with Android instead of Windows) would be pretty slick.

      If I didn’t have another year and a half left on my contract and two other lines, I’d be getting close to jumpin’ ship. I dig T-mobile but I’d like to have something nicer than what I have to choose from without having to pay $500 for a Nexus One…

  • alex

    boooo, the thunder would have been a better phone.

  • Omeer

    Lmao looks like I spoke too soon. At&t is getting all the android powered goodies from Dell and T-mo is on the me too list for this phone after At&t. Nice T-mo NICE!

  • VDubb

    Aside from the screen size, the phone is minimum-spec’ed for a Windows Phone 7 device. Nothing to really get too excited about.

    • vHatch

      +1 Especially if 8GB cap is real(wtffail?) and I’m over needing a hardware keyboard after using swype, now it’s just wasted space. I am not excited about this phone at all.

  • Alex

    If it only ran froyo…

  • Andy

    I really think t-mo is going to get the iPhone HD.

  • 30014

    So tmobile is placing their chips on a dying mobile os while literally everyone else is betting on android. Robert Dotson must have smoked the good stuff this time.

    • chaoscentral


      Wait wait wait wait… dying mobile os??? Since when has a not yet released mobile OS a dying mobile OS? Didn’t see people saying that about Android or iPhone… Oh well guess when you a fanboy you’re a fanboy.

      • 2FR35H


        Windows Mobile OS in itself is a dying mobile OS…

      • John


        Since these Android fanboys (trolls) being idiot even more than Apple fanboys. So sad I Know!

        They just spam every Windows Phone related post with their lies and nonsense comments.

      • sorandkairi

        @ John

        Although I agree that most of these posts have little to do with the actual device, the fact is that some people that were strickly window mobile users have left that platform, see the market share comparison! Their market share has decrease and android’s has increased, those of facts. So if one, wanted to, one could use that as the platform is “dying”! Althought another fact is that All platforms are is a state of “dying”!

        None the less, the components on both sides should refrain really from such rhetoric as it is clearly a waste of time!


      Obviously you’re misinformed because its NEW! And its Windows Phone 7, completely different OS. Even Windows Mobile is not dying yet. But of course as a fan boy you have nothing else to say about WinMo, you just stick to the cliche “it’s a dying OS”. For the record, I am not a “fan boy” of any operating system. I just represent the truth! =]

      • 30014

        So you really believe that by trying to imitate apple that windows 7 will be successful. People like to talk about fanboys, yet you’re too stupid to see that only fanboys call out other fanboys. You can kiss my android loving ass.

  • nerd lust

    nerds just relax tmob is on a roll with high end device releases. This is great news. I heard today from a software engineer that win 7 will be super easy to develop for because it will use a lot of familiar development tools. He’s an iphone user but he says the winmo 7 will be a monster with all the top apps being available soon as release date, plus excellent specs. first time a die hard iphone fan said something nice about something other then an iphone.
    BTW im a BB8900 user and addict! The engineer I got the info from is die hard iphone user with 2 ipod touches(don’t understand why, maybe to test on?)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thank you for posting this, saves me from saying it.

      Sheesh… this is fantastic news and proof that 2010 is going to be a fantastic year for T-Mobile faithful, but the same ol ranters are on here dissing with the same old, tired, boring comments.

      If anyone dissing the company or its products is a T-Mobile customer, you should be happy.

      Quit complaining or go hang at Sprint or Verizon. After all, I don’t think there’s anything happening at T-Mobile that will interest you.

      Now regarding this device, as I said, I am enjoying my HD2 immensely, but this Dell confirms that in August/Sept. I will be selling my HD2 on eBay to get ready to buy a Win Phone 7 Series handset.

      I can hardly wait to see what HTC comes up with. You just know it’s going to be an awesome device(s).

    • 2FR35H

      Windows will never be better than android on a mobile platform. Windows mobile has been awhile for a long time what makes you think they are going to get it right now and or get a bigger app store with great apps?

      • John

        Are you “just some dude” or you are another idiot!?

        What makes you think you are qualify to give say these nonsense things in your posts?

        To me you are just another fanboy and comments from people like you worth nothing.

        You don’t like it don’t buy it and don’t comment here. You are angry T-Mobile doesn’t get the Craproid phones you want just switch to another carrier. That simple!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You could be right. JustSomeDud hasn’t been around, but the style of that comment gives him away. For example he says:

        “Windows mobile has been awhile for a long time…” That’s exactly how JustSomeDud talks, with the same poor word choice and grammar/punctuation errors.

        And of course, the same canned statements dissing anything Microsoft, T-Mobile and WinMo.

        Plus he did boast in here that he had something like 10 screen names, as if that was something we should be impressed about.

      • sorandkairi

        @ 2fr35h Come on man, I defended you dont let me down with those types of comments!

  • Bobert

    LOL! A dell phone? Seriously? All right all right whose pulling a fast one?
    Odd that it is listed as,”windows mobile 7″.
    They couldn’t get the name of the OS right?
    I think TMO execs are smoking crack

  • Jshin

    Looks interesting =) don’t think I could downgrade screen size however.

  • Dan

    Wow you have got to be kidding me…So At&t get’s the 8 megapixel Dell Thunder WITH ANDROID! And we get another low-performance Windows phone. WTF?! Where is the Android phones?

    T-mobile started with Android first and now all they get are low-tech mytouch remakes.

    • Smith

      @ Dan

      “we get another low-performance Windows phone”

      The OS is not even out and you know already it is a low-performance!?

      I think what we got is another comment from a person with low-performance brain(You).

    • namo

      Yup! Thats how they like to play the game.

    • Ryan

      The MyTouch 3G is the cutting edge android phone you’ve been waiting for. Go out and pick one up today!

  • trife

    A slider? WEAK. Of course this is personal preference, but I personally loathe sliders. That alone will keep me away from this one.

  • Marcelo L

    I’ll believe it when someone has it to show in their hot little hands.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Why is Tmobile teasing us like this!?!? We had what… one smartphone a year MDA then the Wing… now that Android came out it seems like the smartphones have taken off and so has Windows Mobile. Its all because of Android IMO and now it seems as though all the REALLY nice Tmobile phones are only Windows Mobile based. First the HD2 and now this…. how come there isn’t any high end Android phones yet for Tmobile (well the Nexus One but Google sells it). The MyTouch Slide looks promising but its still not as high end as what’s out or is coming. I really hope the Slide will have a 1Ghz processor because I want flash… I have been waiting for Flash since I heard it was coming to my G1 and now it never will because its not powerful enough. It seems like if I do upgrade I won’t be upgrading to much. Yes I want a 3.5mm jack for my music…. yes I want the latest and greatest Android o/s… and yes I want a phone with a good camera. But I am still missing out on Flash player as well as HSPA+. Maybe I will wait until I get a phone with all my needs and wants… that or jump ship which I don’t want to do because I do like Tmobiles customer care not to mention my plan. It just seems like Android has taken off with all carriers and yet Tmobile isn’t taking advantage of it but rather putting out high end Windows Mobile phones which have never been really popular. What does Tmobile start the trends and other carriers continue with it? If Tmobile helps Windows take off does that mean other carriers will follow? Stop teasing us Tmobile and announce a true high end Android device soon because so far they have middle to low end offerings. Hopefully 3rd times a charm and their 3rd phone with a snapdragon processor will be running Android… and with everything I mentioned above and then some. Bring it on and let the HSPA+ be the iceing on the top.

    • Bobert

      The Cliq is a high end chick phone

    • Bobert

      The Cliq is a high end chick phone

  • Housetek

    I have to agree with the majority of the people here, what the F is Tmobile thinking? They need to seriously push out some high end Android phones.

  • LSxChevelle

    T-Mo has a lot more Android devices launching this year…be patient. I know it sucks as I am waiting too but there will be some high end devices!

    • D

      How do u no?

  • JBLmobileG1

    And to futher prove my trend theory with Tmobile…. MyFavs… then Verizon and AT&T bring on their own versions of pretty much the same thing. But what do you know… Tmobile gets rid of MyFavs (which I still feel was a bad idea and is why I want to keep my old plan). Let’s hope Tmobile doesn’t do the same with Android phones. If these high end Windows phones start selling well for them and the so so Android phones don’t… well who knows maybe Android will wind up extinct on Tmobile while other carriers like Verizon and Sprint suck in the benefits. Who knows maybe the EVO for Sprint will be like the iphone and keep the carrier afloat. Now I am not trying to be a Windows Mobile hater… I had the MDA and liked it… however I know the Android is a better o/s for me and offers me more especially if I need to shell out $25 for the data plan. I own the G1 now and I have always said how much I liked Android (minus a few flaws that can and will hopefully one day be fixed). Please Tmobile let us get an Android phone that will be the powerhouse that we crave. How about the Motorola Motoroi? Now THAT is an Android phone.

  • JBLmobileG1

    One final note from me…. with this Dell phone coming I wouldn’t be surprised if its only sold through Dell themselves sorta like how Google only sells the Nexus One. Of course then why would they want to make a mistake like that? Then again maybe they would be more fair on the upgrades for single and family plans. Who knows… I am out.

  • jp2dj1

    Can you explain to me. What does windows 7 have that android doesn’t? Anyone? At least 10 things! Ok ok 9… no no 6 things better than android. If convinced I’ll buy it!!! LOL

  • StarfishPrime

    Why do the people who write these articles sound like children?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Hmmmm, wasn’t aware the writing was that bad, fear not the next article shall sound Shakespearean.

      • Smith

        @ David

        LOL David…

        Please do something about these Android fanboys here. Saying opinion is not what we have here from these guys. They clearly try to spam and post lies as much as they can in every single Windows Mobile posts.

        You really need to be more restrict about approving comments in Windows Mobile posts. These people comments lots of crap here but they have no comments on Android related posts!

        If someone want this phone with another OS, or doesn’t like this phone design that is not we care or interested to know.

        I undrestand people like different things and stuff like that but what these Android fanboys do here in every single posts is trolling.

        Please do something about this to keep this website more professional and informative.

      • mad dog

        @Smith…just listen to yourself. If you really wanted to offer David some suggestions on how to improve the site emailing him would be the proper route. So you’re hoping he sees your comment and says to himself “he’s right I should start moderating the site “. Think before you speak dude.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    JBL… all great points and food for thought. So much better than people who post rants and flames, an echo of stuff that’s been said last year. LOL.

    Some responses:

    I don’t think Dell will sell the handset (it may sell it on its website, but that will be in conjunction with carriers who will be the primary sellers).

    Word is out that the N1 sold poorly because Google did not allow T-Mobile to sell the handset. I agree with that. If a manufacturer wants to sell lots of handsets it has to do that through a traditional carrier. (Albeit Dell has way more experience selling and servicing hardware than most companies out there, so it certainly could handle direct sales of cell phones.)

    But most people are used to buying phones through carriers. People like “one stop shopping,” getting both the phone and service at the same time.

    As to phones, like LSxChevelle said, be patient. There’s lots of wonderful things coming up. The downer for me will be having to decide which phones to get. I am lucky we have two lines. Getting new phones every 6 months, that allows me to get four phones a year.

    Personally, I am hoping for the Galaxy S in June.

    And in November I want a Windows Phone 7 Series handset with an HDMI port and the upcoming Qualcomm dual-core, each core clocked at 1.5 GHz! And it will decode at 1080p, 30 frames, and play 5.1 channel audio and have 12 megapixel camera support!

    That’s what my dreams are made of. And you can bet I will be selling my HD2 before these phones are announced. Can you imagine. Once these phones show up in the news an HD2 will be worth as little as a prepaid phone. :(

    Ambien kicking in. No time to spell check or look over this post. Sorry for mistakes. Night.

    • mad dog

      SHUT THE FUCK UP. Every time I read the comments you are always there trying to correct someone. You offer your opinion and then turn around and trash others for offering theirs. You and your opinions are no more important than anyone else and their opinions. If you want people to stop posting dumb comments you should take the first step and stop posting comments yourself.

  • andrew

    Its a beautiful phone. I think the real hurdle will be having people willing to try WM7

  • efjay

    Here we go again with the spydroid fanboys, much the same as they spammed the HD2 threads and guess what? Selling like hotcakes for T-Mo, why wouldnt they go with WP7 on such a hot device?

    However it remains to be seen if this will actually be sold direct by Dell or T-Mo so you android fanboys can hold your breath and hope it wont be in stores (and wipe the floor with your crapdroids). Xbox Live, ’nuff said!!

    • Ryan

      efjay, 6 months from now, let’s compare the HD2 sales vz HTC Incredible sales and see who sold more units. We won’t even take into account the HD2 getting a 1 month head start.

      I know what you’re going to say “wahhhh verizon is bigger, that’s why i lost!”. Well guess what? I bet a ton of people jumped ship from all different carriers for the Incredible and very few left a place like Verizon to go buy an HD2.

      • Ryan’s BFF

        You can not compare Verizon handset to T-mobile. Verizon has many more customers.

  • Dan

    ^Because Android is the OS that is getting a huge boost in popularity and where is WP7 going? Nowhere. It will just be a “oh look that’s cool…” Then that’s it. Android is where it’s at and I sure hope T-mobile has some high-end Android phones coming out or else I’m leaving them.

    • efjay

      So I guess in your eyes everything should run android, with no choice for consumers who may actually be able to think for themselves and not just want to go with what’s popular? Thanks but no thanks.

      You android fanboys are even worse than iphone fanboys, at least they are not in every Windows Phone post screaming for thier OS to be on every new device announced. Maybe they are a bit more secure in the capabilities of their phones and dont feel the need to force it on others.

    • Smith

      @ Dan

      I hope you leave T-Mobile network as soon as possible. At least other people here will not see those lies and nonsense comments from you anymore and one less troll here.

      So please leave T-Mobile network as soon as you can and make us happy. Thanks!

  • rushmore

    WP7 is no different for iPhone, since exact same lock down and app restrictions. Only good thing is more video codecs, but if there is only 8gb on this device and no way to expand media, this device will be an epic FAIL for bringing in media geeks.

  • J

    I want pay two dimes for another windows mobile device. I like having the office capabilities, but the freeze ups are ridiculous.

  • T1 Connect

    If htc Doesn’t drop something like more powerful or equal to this thing then it mine..those are some pretty impressive specs…just makes me drool looking at it.

  • Reece

    And THIS folks, is why I never took the HD2 seriously as an upgrade option.

    I really REALLY wish the Android equivilant to this thing would drop instead but AT&T got dibs on that, besides Windows Mobile 7 is quite intriguing + Dell might handle our concerns with the Mini 5

    Must say I’m quite impressed

  • vlad

    guess we STILL have to wait for our android superphone to come save us… is it just me or does windows 7 look too blah and over complicated?

  • Dave

    YESSSS. I’M GETTING IT. I’M HAPPY U ALL RELEASED THIS. BECAUSE I was gonna get the MyTouch Slide, even thou it may be pushed back to June 2nd. But, this is wayyy better, & just gave me so many more better options in more ways to one. This will workout well in my budget & with the device I have now (handset exchange), because if I waited to trade the one I have in later, i’ll get less for it, but the Cliq I have now is seriously urking me with the update. So, imma just go ahead & exchange this, get the multiple handset exchange choices, get another phone. Save until this releases!

  • JBLmobileG1

    My question is WHAT is an Android fanboy? I mean seriously? So I amoung others talk about Android quite offten and why shouldn’t we… if you are complaining about it maybe you should try it too (not for a day, not for a couples of days… heck not even for a few weeks, but a few months) and you will grow to Love it. As for all the mentions of the Android O/S (yes some are in posts that are Windows Mobile based but not ALL… look at the MyTouch slide postings) why not? Why shouldn’t we let our feelings out and ask why this HIGH end device uses Windows and not the Android O/S? Don’t get me wrong its not a bad o/s its just not as open as Android not to mention all the high end phones coming to Tmobile seem to always be Windows based while its the other way around with the competition. I know the reason for me to post things in here is so hopefully someone higher up with Tmobile or Google will read this and realize that yes We do need a better Android experience on Tmobile. Forgive my writing skills but I am writing this from my phone (with its itsy bitsy screen). Maybe Tmobile should start offering choice of O/S on a phone (sorta like their color lines of Blackberrys). And I’d hate to say it…. while the Windows Mobile phones would sell to some I would almost guarantee the Android would outsell it 3 to 1.

    • efjay

      On the contrary, I am pretty sure that ALL Windows Phone based posts on this blog have been invaded by “why doesnt it have android” posts, particularly anything HD2 related. Having a preferred OS is not the issue here, even being a “fanboy” is acceptable, rather the mindless bashing of one OS in favour of another, is in no uncertain terms trolling.

      And on the flip side, how many android device posts have the same level of bile and hatred towards android from Windows Mobile/Phone fans? And unless you are a mindless drone, just because something is popular among some people doesnt mean eveyone will or must like it (eg iphone).

      Yes we know, android is popular but unless I am mistaken not everybody has the same tastes so trying to force your choice of mobile OS on everyone is not going to be appreciated by those who dont share your opinion.

      • Ryan

        I think the amount of bashing one way or another is indicative of that particular OS’s popularity and market share. If you see less people supporting windows and even less people supporting symbian, i don’t think you should be too surprised. I see a lot of xbox and ps3 bashing going back and forth but I don’t see anyone yelling ATARI at the top of their lungs.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Here is a little poll that I would like to take on this possible upcoming Dell phone. If you want to participate just post (respond) with one of the following:

    A.) Windows Mobile 7

    B.) Android

    C.) Who cares what O/S it has, bring this bad boy on.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Here is a little poll that I would like to take on this possible upcoming Dell phone. If you want to participate just post (respond) with one of the following:

    A.) Windows Mobile 7

    B.) Android 2.1

    C.) Who cares what O/S it has, bring this bad boy on.

    • mad dog

      B) android. Is there any doubt.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Sorry for the mutiple posts… can someone from TMOnews delete one for me please?

  • clocinnorcal

    Cool phone! Still waiting for a high end Android handset “IN STORES”

  • Joe Pa

    This looks friggin sweet!

  • Davidohio

    I don’t much care for slider phones, nor windows mobile. I had a Dell computer once…it had nothing but problems.