Quick Look At The T-Mobile HTC HD2

You guys asked, and we delivered. Yup, that’s right. We’ve got some more exclusive T-Mobile HTC HD2 goodness. Above you will see a quick look at some of the HD2’s multimedia features on a huge 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Sidenote: The video above was taken with another T-Mobile HTC HD2. Definitely shows how good the video quality is.

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  • tato22

    good job guys thanks again

  • archie

    nice vid guys might even change my mind about this phone

  • Yaniv

    Thanks … been waiting for some new stuff.
    can’t wait to get this phone, tired of the Nexus One and all the issues it has.
    Just yesterday my N1 decided it didn’t want to make any calls, and HTC support said… no problem, we will send you a new one… but we need to charge your credit card $530 first … you know…. just in case. what a scam!

    HD2 … you be mine.

    • matt

      You mean to say that you’re going to leave 1 htc device for another, when your problem is with htc support.

      • T

        At least if he’s got the HD2 he can get better support for it through T-Mobile customer care than the Nexus 1. amiright?

    • Mockerfab4

      @yaniv. Feel your pain. Had an HTC MyTouch and crashed all the time. Fortunately had returned it in the grace period to get a full refund!

  • andrew

    really wish it had a kick stand

    • TehAndroid

      Purchase the extended battery comes with a kickstand

  • Jonathan

    Anybody know if there is a zune app for this? My zune just died yesterday(still rockin the 30gig) and I really cant afford a new phone and zune. May have to wait for some lame windows 7 phone after all :(

  • http://twitter.com/mingilicious Mingilicious

    So is Swype not going to be on the device by default?

    • coloradogray

      It’s not the default keyboard, but it is easy to turn on.

    • TmoNinja

      No, it is NOT default, but it is a few clicks away.

  • vic

    Swype is on the phone but you have to go into settings and change the keyboard to the swype keyboard. Nice video and the cam on this bad boy is better than I thought.

  • http://tmonews Chris

    Why does every make such a big deal on the HD2. I rather have the N1.. i already do, but don’t enjoy it to much cause it needs a qwerty keyboard 5 rows :). but noo every phone company is gay and wont make a good phone!? why cant they remake the G1 better with a snapdragon and better design and touch screen!!?

    • Blah.Android–

      THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • Trill

      I agree although I like the HD2 and currently coming around to Android but still perfer Android and the G1 you speak of would be GOD like and would generate a lot of money.

  • bigc17

    Good video guys. In my opinion, it’s still too short. The HD2 is a great phone and we all know it but like I said in my last comment about the HD2 videos, I’m getting sick of watching videos, I just want to get the phone now and know that you guys agree with me. After I get this phone, if bu don’t like the full os or just want to see how far this phone can go, I’ll download android for a dull boot rom…………10 – 11 more days and this bad boy will be mine.

  • Bobomo

    Where was this taken? Has anybody on the west coast seen this phone in store yet. I keep seeing these videos and reading about people messing around with the phone in store, and yet when I call all 5 of the stores around me (So Cal) I get nothing.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The weather on the home page says “Fairway.” That could be in Maryland?

      Not sure, but I thought someone in Washington (state) saw the HD2 in a store.

      No sightings here in San Francisco.

      • http://www.dredg.com nick2k

        nope. its fairway

      • TmoFOSho

        xxx area code listen to the people in the background there in a tmo store.

    • beej

      I got to play with it in the Seattle area. Sweet phone! Getting it the day it comes out.

      In related news, I just posted my G1 on craigslist. Sell baby, sell!

    • Davidohio

      My friend is a manager for a t-mobile retail store and he said they got their live demo in but were told my upper management NOT to have it on the sales floor or in customers hands until launch date. So I am pretty sure most or all stores have the but are saying they don’t because of the huge interest from customers to go to the stores and play with it. My friend said he has let a couple customers see it but keeps it in the back of the store because he does not want to get in trouble if someone is watching the cameras in the store lol!

      • Oce

        Been to my local store twice to play with HD2 and they were very cool about it. Played with it for about 30 mins. Idk, guess some stores are more cool with customers handling the demo units.

  • Kevin

    Why you trying to make your fingers look so good?

  • Ringo

    played with the phone yesterday an truly fell in luv with it. can’t wait til the 24th to get my hands on this wonderful piece of device.

  • sortamad

    wow a fingerprint magnet… but i guess there comes a price to pay for all great things!! i really cant wait for this phone!! and RINGO where did you get to play with it??

    • Duck Dodgers

      Actually it is not that bad with finger prints. My Tough Pro 2 is a whole lot worse. The coating on the screen seems to resist a lot of your finger prints.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So a video demo of the HD2 taken with an HD2. That’s killing two birds with one stone.

    Great video.

    Also, you apparently have three HD2 videos up. Great.

  • Joe Pa

    Same here, I ve had no luck trying one out here in San Diego. I’m not dying to try it out though……I feel like it would suck to only get to mess with it for a few mins and have to give it back.

    • beej

      Yeah, that was rough. I’m torn. I’m glad I got to play with it, but now I really want it. Ugh.

    • Double U Dee

      I live in San Marcos and tried calling around our area with no luck on a demo. It would really be nice to actually see this phone in person but i’m getting it either way. Can’t wait!

  • ghost

    Swipe is on the phone you hit one button and it comes on… and since you can dual boot it its practically tha same as the n1 plus some.

    • Guerrilla

      you can’t dual boot. because there is not a working andrioid rom for the HD2 yet…some devs over at xda are working on it. there probably won’t be a working rom for months.

  • http://Tmonews.com Lee

    @ Joe Pa Yeah I’d be tempted to run!!!! lol

    • Joe Pa

      LoL….good call

      • Ricardo

        An android version of the HD2 is coming out on another carrier so that rom will not take so long.

  • TmoFOSho

    As always someone complaining about us checking id to go into there account…WTF…lol great phone though!

  • chrisrj28

    Yeah I am in Sacramento, CA and the store near my house got theirs Thursday, I went by yesterday to check it out and other than the lack of keyboard it blows away my TP2.

    It is a fingerprint magnet though, I can see myself constantly having to wipe that sucker but a small price to pay.

    Oh and the video quality is as good as the video shows, I was thoroughly impressed, and from what I read the Camera drivers for the Tmo HD2 are better than the Europe version’s, go figure right!

  • rushmore

    I do not have small hands and the HD2 is like a slab when I hold it. The dude in this video must have some seriously large hands, since he makes the HD2 seem like a 3.2″ device. Funny.

  • manushka

    AARRGGGHHH!!!! Would they just give us a “NO” and get it over with!


  • Ozz

    Does anyone know how to get the wifi router app for the phone cuzz I dont think it comes pre loaded I played with one at my local store and it didnt have that application and I also didnt see a way to use or start using swype text input!

    • DavidB

      T-Mobile USA cripples the tethering and use as router for virtually all their phones now. They are selling the webconnect USB units for that purpose.

      Getting the HD2 to that state would involve stripping the phone’s features to a Euro-spec version. Or some sort of future XDA-devs mod (that was one of the nice things about the G1 – a very good tethering app for Android – worked great in a pinch).

      • NewGuy

        Before you decide to bitch, do your homework. Tmo doesn’t cripple anything. Windows phones have tethering built in, unlike any other phones on the market. My TP2 and Wing tether with nothing more than a few clicks and a USB cable, as well as the ability on the TP2 to use the phone as a hotspot like Mifi. The only unfortunate thing is that Tmo doesn’t advertise any of this, but if you have any clue what you are talking about, you know what the phones can do.
        So DavidB, work on not looking so ignorant, mmKay?

      • DavidB

        Bull. Sony Equinox tethers everywhere else but with T-Mo USA. Same with G1 unless you use a specialty app. Same with SDA. Lack of tethering on T-Mo phones is only one of the biggest gripes on most boards. Wise up.

      • Oreo

        Um actually they do have you owned a wm device my T-mobile dash not the 3g but the first one did have internet sharing they never took the app off

      • Dan

        DavidB, sorry to inform you that you are incorrect, but NewGuy is telling the truth. My girlfriend owned a T-Mobile Wing with windows mobile that allowed her to tether it to her laptop very easily, and she was able to do it at no additional charge from T-mobile, as with the data plan on her Wing.
        And I am also able to use tethering feature that my T-mobile Blackberry Bold 9700 came with very easily.

      • TehAndroid

        Blackberrys and Windows Mobile devices support tethering. Android does not support tether, at least through the standard way. Android is the only platform that T-mobile says doesn’t support tethering but even then they don’t really enforce it.

  • bigc17

    This phone is great and I’m getting it either way but, does anybody know if T-Mobile fixed the speaker phone because a few people told me it was bad(worse than touch pro 2 speaker), hope so but, I’m still getting it.

  • Davidohio

    One word. Amazing. I have had my G1 since it came out and am due for an upgrade. I WAS going to get the Motorola Cliq XT because I really like Android. I used to have the Dash with T-mobile when I lived in Munich Germany and did not care for Windows because it gave me so many problems but I think back then it was like Windows 5 or something. Windows 6.5 looks better and not to bad and I think I could like it. That being said I am getting the HD2 because it is amazing quality wise, I am a impressed with the quality of HTC products and have had no problems with my
    G1. The HD2 has a great kamera, video and screen. It is my new favourite mobile.

  • HD2 = Heavenly Device 2

    So I went to a T-mo store and asked about the phone. The salesman instantly got a smile on his phone and called the demo phone “his” because he loved it so much. I can’t lie, when he handed me the phone and I got to see it I just wanted to haul ass with the damn phone!!! I was one of the ones saying I was going to wait for WP7 but this Sense UI looks so much better than all those tiles that I’ve seen on the WP7S phones. That’s just my opinion. This phone is beautiful! I really can’t wait to get it. The wait is just killing me right now!

  • HD2 = Heavenly Device 2

    A smile on his face***

  • Johny

    I got a family plan with two sidekicks bow do I do this: http://www.tmonews.com/2010/03/double-the-pleasure-double-the-fun/ ?

    • TmoNinja

      You would have to add two new lines. No upgrades on this deal, sorry.

      • lala

        can i add atleast 1 more?

    • Davidohio

      Sorry, new activations only.

    • David

      If your two lines already out of contract:

      Add Two new lines first then cancel your old two lines and ask customer service to port your old numbers to this new two lines.

  • Ozz

    @NewGuy How would you set up the wifi tethering I would figure its the same ways as the TP2 since they are both running WM6.5. How is it done on your phone I have a Iphone 3gs on tmo and love to tether but I am extremely intrigued by this phone and would like to know how to use it to its full potential. I know that windows mobile is just a power house for power users and would like to use it for nothing less.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      There are a few ways to setup tethering… the easiest is to use either the built-in HTC WiFi sharing app or the 3rd party WMWifIRouter (which isn’t free, but well worth it). There is also PDANet (who have been in the tethering game for about 5 or 6 years now). PDANet (AFAIK and remember) is limited freeware. Finally, there is the Internet Sharing app that is built into WinMo. The limitation here is that you have to use USB or BT to make it work.

      Also, with all the talk about TMO disabling tethering on the HD2… yes, the attempt has been made, however, with apps like PDANet, you can get around it easily without having to load a custom ROM on the device (which I would recommend doing just to get all the bloatware of the device to begin with).

  • Nepear

    This is one beautiful phone. I will be retiring my HTC Touch HD when this one comes out. I can’t wait!

  • PT

    Saw this phone today at my nearest tmobile. THAT THING IS HUUUGE! (no homo) just sold my old unlocked iphone 2g on craigslist for $200 bucks… add on another $250 to that and im on it. Tmobile sales associate says the battery life sucks though since u have that big azz screen. I hope they have some kind of case cause if that bad boy hits the ground its a wrap! i will be getting this phone… i just bought a blackberry 9700 for $129 when i renewed my 2year contract smh so looks like the blackberry will be the back up. :-)

  • just some d?de

    throughout the whole video it looks like it unresponsive and laggy, and when he fast forwarded that video it took a sec to start playing again. All i know is my Nexus One functions way faster. Lets see how this plays out.

    • Alex

      It’s the camera not the HD2.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Hey Just Some Dude, where were you in the Android on Touch Pro 2 thread? I thought you’d be all over that thread with praises. So I take it by this that you only invade HD2 threads because you feel like annoying people that like things other than what you like. Hmmm, interesting indeed.

      I like Android, maybe even more than you and think it’s an awesome OS with alot of great programs but I realize that the HD2 is a great device and I’ve demoed it PERSONALLY at my local Maggy store and know that it is a super fast device and get this, I’ll be buying it, doesn’t that just make you cringe? I may even buy it, oh don’t say it Wilma Flintstone, don’t say the “U” word, unlocked. Don’t you just hate that? Man, every time I feel that haptic feedback on that virtual keyboard on “MY GORGEOUS” HD2, I’ll think of your face wrinkling with disgust. I’ll even start posting on these threads from it, doesn’t that just make you sick Just Some Dude? What’s that, do I see barf? I’ll go get you a bag, hold on, *Goes to get Barf Bag, comes back with bag with “Tmobile HD2” on it*, here you go.

      Anyway, back onto the off topic, what you say can fly into a happy hornet’s nest. K, Ciao.

      Now, on topic, The HD2 is an awesome phone. I’ll be getting it the second they release it and open the doors at my local Maggy Store. I hope they release a Tego template for it so I can make a custom skin. That was a good double KO from Tmonews video department. Great looking video, great quality, great phone, great nibblets these days are going soooo slow!!!!

      • Oce

        Ha!!!!! just some dud got totally pwned!!!! Ha!!! LMAO!!!!

      • beej


      • DotNetCoderAZ

        LMFAO!!! Classic! (and this coming from an Android developer too!)

  • Awatt

    After playing with it I can tell you one thing many people will be disappointed with the Transformers movies. The audio quality is muffled. But that screen moves like butter! Can’t wait till I get my own!

    • Twitch110

      I think i’d be more disappointed by the mere fact that transformers are even ON the phone. It’s not the audio that’s muffled. It’s the plot and acting that’s muffled. I’m sure it’s just the quality of the speaker that’s making it sound muffled. I hear it’s not the best quality speaker. Put some ear buds in, and i bet it’ll sound much better.

    • Oce

      I also thought it sounded a little muffled and attributed it to the speaker, but then I wathced some youtube vids and sound was loud and clear. So I figured it must be the movies.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You are correct, it’s the movies. I have sophisticated DVD conversion software and it takes a bit of adjusting if one wants to get the audio to sound like one is in the theater.

        I suspect that T-Mo did not order the best conversions possible for these movies, especially since they are only on there to show off the video, not the audio.

        Moreover, most cell phones have lousy speakers. They play well enough, but the true test is to put on a set of headphones and listen to how good the audio sounds, or how bad.

        One way to determine what T-Mo ordered is to look at the file size. A good to very good conversion of a two hour movie should be about 1GB. Anything in the 300MB to 600MB range means that T-Mo opted to go the budget route.

        Considering how many licenses T-Mo had to pay for (or that it shared the cost with Blockbuster if BB wanted to market its movie download service) I’d go the 300 – 500MB route.

        Lastly, they also would want to go with a low file size since people will be complaining 1) They don’t like the Transformer movies; and 2) How dare T-Mobile force these large file movies on HD2 purchasers (unless, of course the purchaser likes the movies included).

        In a sense T-Mo can’t win. They provide an unheard of two free movies, people complain. They would have been better off simply not putting the movies on the chip and avoid subjecting themselves to criticism.

      • Duck Dodgers

        @ItsMichaelNotMike, The file size are around 1.3MB. I looked at them yesterday when playing with the phone.

      • Duck Dodgers

        @ItsMichaelNotMike, Opps Sorry. That should be 1.3GB.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Thanks Duck for looking into that. “Surround sound” multi-channel audio quality usually adds about 100MB to a movie conversion, so 1.3GB tells me that T-Mo (and HTC?) made sure the movies would impress.

        This also tells me that there’s nothing wrong with the HD2 audio “system.” Especially since this is a cell phone video of a movie being played on a cell phone’s external speaker. That degrades playback quality similar to a 1950s portable reel-to-reel tape recorder capturing events on a windy day at the beach. :)

        (By the way, while others have trashed the Transformers movies, I like em, but like most things Hollywood, I liked the first Transformers movie better. The real crime here instead of talking about HD2 speaker or video quality is that not-yet-a-big-star Shia LaBeouf was paid less than $500,000 to do the first Transformers, a movie that made over $800 million. Those Hollywood sums of beeches… Oh wait, this is T-Mo News, forgive my digression).

        Almost Out-of-Context Bonus Comment: IMHO complaining about “little engine that couldn’t” cell phone speakers is akin to complaining about smartphone battery life. It’s a fact of life that no smartphone gets great battery life because of the demands put on this dinky power source (backlit display, WiFi, BT, talk, GPS, audio, video, Net browsing, e-mail, texting, camera, camcorder, and games). For now the only solution is a bigger battery, but users don’t want that. So manufacturers are left to resorting to misrepresentations, puffing, complex/unrealistic power saving procedures, and exaggeration when advertising or talking about battery life.

        Audio is the same. People complain about their expensive smartphones sounding tinny or unable to play MP3 files at a friend’s dance party (so instead of being the life of the party the HD2 user turns out to be just some dud).

        But like the battery, handset manufacturers can only do so much with the speakers, especially considering the space constraints within which to place audio.

        I have not heard the HD2 “sound system” since I have yet to see or hear an HD2. :( When I do get to see one what will NOT be on my checklist is how the speaker(s) sound. I just don’t care really. I know HTC makes top quality products. Therefore I am confident that HTC put the best audio the HD2 could accommodate (notwithstanding HTC’s failed USB audio port “experiment”).

  • Photoman

    I went to my local store and played with the HD2. One thing that no one mention is that the camera has a nice image stablizer in the stills and video.

    • Oce

      Yeah, it was also a nice surprise to find that it has touch focus like the iphone 3gs.

  • chrisrj28

    Wilma Flintstone you’re awesome, it deos get irritating to see the Android fanboys clogging these posts with their nonsense, like you said Android is awesome and I myself am a huge fan. My frined has a N1 and it’s one of the nicest phones I have ever played with. I had a G1 before my TP2 and I would still have it rooted with Hero and all if it had not been stolen. That’s what prompted me to get the TP2 as it was the best other than a G1.

    Now the HD2 is on par with the N1 and has it’s own highlights that make it quite nice to use, I will have to take an early lunch on the 24th so I can go pick this up when my local store opens, and I will also post from the phone as I am sure it will be insanely easy to do so.

    So @Just Some Dude, no hating against your tastes and preferences but when you get the urge to come into an HD2 post and spout garbage follow these steps first:
    1. Raise your right hand until it is parallel with your face
    2. Close your eyes and count to five slowly
    3. At five move your hand to your face real fast
    4. Enjoy the affect of what many of us would like to do to you any time you make your presence known

    • just some d?de

      MODs please let chrisrj28 explain his comment, it sounded like a threat to me. Are you “Tmonews” in on the threat? By blocking my question it sounds like you are, And may be subject to and be liable to legal action.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Really? Legal action? I’m not responsible for the comments posted on this site…and you know it! Do yourself a favor and stop inciting problems with useless comments and we can all get along and sing around the campfire.

      • beej

        Thanks, David ME, perfect response.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        JustSumDud you are an embarrassment to the Internet and human race albeit I confess I now look forward to your entertaining comments.

        I think that’s why David leaves them up, they are a laugh riot.

        So please, keep it up (despite what David says, although he is right, you bring the bitch slaps on yourself).

        Sidenote: Please spare the threats of legal action. I was guessing your IQ was about 75, but with this recent post of yours where you say TMoNews “may be subject to and be liable to legal action” I am now guessing it’s in the high fifties.

        Query: What exactly is “be liable to legal action?” Is that ebonics or dudspeak?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Oh by the way JustSumDud, David is correct. There’s a line of cases that went up to the SCOTUS that said websites cannot be held liable for the actions of individual members.

        The cases that went up on appeal had to do with defamation where the Plaintiffs attempted to hold the websites liable for leaving defamatory material on the websites.

        And there were those two famous cases where the plaintiffs tried to hold MySpace responsible for letting whack jobs post inflammatory material and for not policing the site.

        So you are SOL Dud. You will have to continue to flip burgers rather than rely on a lawsuit to make you money.

        And David… rather than singing I’ll bring the marshmallows (because I can’t sing for sheet and small critters have been known to die in fright when I have sung around the campfire).

        • David, Managing Editor

          Listen man, I’m no American Idol, thats for damn sure!

        • Davidohio

          Dave, I have to thank you. I was going to upgrade to the Motorola Cliq XT because I have a G1 and really like Android, however, after all the posts on the HD2 I have been convinced to give it a shot and will upgrade to a Windowa device, despite problems a couple years back with a windowa device. I am excited about this device and can’t wait to get it! Keep up the good work.

      • Davidohio

        Oh my god shut up justsomedousche. Legal action lol. Idiot.

    • just some d?de

      So Chris Johnson, would you like to apologize for you comment.

      • just some d?de

        Lets go Mr Chris Johnson of Sacramento CA, im waiting for my apology please. Should i start plastering your address and email all over too? Will that get you to apologize. All im asking is for a sorry.

      • Twitch110

        Haha you were just getting butt hurt about him supposedly “threatening you”, and now you’re threatening him? Make sense much? I really hope you post his info. Man, i bet so many people on this site are going to send him the MEANEST letters. I can’t wait to forward my junk mail to him. WAHOOOO!!!

      • beej

        Wow, you’ve got some issues. Your comments never really bothered me, but this is ridiculous.

      • Chad

        Quit being a bitch.


    IF this phone dosent come out soon I’m going to start punching babies in the face.

    • http://Tmonews Wojax2

      How dare you .. You cruel.. Wait.. That was funny as hell!!!

  • chrisrj28

    LMAO @Nexus One User

  • johny

    @ TmoNinja
    can i add jus 1 more line?

  • johny

    @ TmoNinja
    i thought there was a early upgrade can i do tht?with jus one line of my family plan?

    • TmoNinja

      You can early upgrade to any phone you’d like, but the BOGO doesn’t count for upgrades.

  • Trblteeroy

    Just went to tmobile store in seattle wa and it is sweet. I was surprised how light it was. I cant wait.

  • DavidB

    Cajoled my local store into letting me see their dummy display unit today. Compared to my G1 it’s just a bit wider, a tiny bit longer, weighed about the same and a LOT thinner. The curved back adds a real touch of class to it compared to the clunkiness of the G1. No where near huge (I had an old T-Mo Pocket PC Phone Edition, THAT was huge), just a nice size for average man hands. Hoping for a new design of back cover that would include a kickstand (I know they have the extended battery…I just want the stand).

    I’m first on the list, will call the evening of 23rd to verify they have the phones ready to sell. Then comes 9am. Jack frickin’ pot!

  • Ruiner

    They already have the kickstand/battery combo in the UK. It won’t be long before it makes it here to the states:


  • Lebron1189

    Wow I can’t believe places in california haven’t gotten to Demo the phone. I Live in Elyria Ohio nd I went in to the store nd asked for the demo phone and he was like sure do. That’s the Most beautiful phone I ever seen I swear lol people say its not that Big in person but it seemed bigger to me in person. I jus though elyria ohio wouldn’t even get the phone but we do nd I can’t wait until the 24th =) oh by the way the guy at the store says he has no clue when its coming out. He said they haven’t gotten any information on the HD2 lol but he said the Motorola XT will be out next week nd I said nahh ill wait

    • Joe Pa

      Yeah, we are pretty much get screwed over here in Cali….

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        And that’s why I moved to AZ… TMO kicks a$$ down here… ;-)

  • OlegTMO

    Seriously, quit it with the updates of this phone, how many unboxings and reviews is it going to take for you to start publishing some real news about things everyone wants to read about?
    Like was there a power outage during the storm? Will even more 1.5 kick into the effect March 20th? Will the useless Cliq XT drive Motorola to bankruptcy and why the F*CK did att get dibs on backflip?!

    I mean guys, this phone isn’t all that great, I’ve had it in my store for a while now, it lags, the screen isn’t as bright as iphone’s, it’s HUGE, I mean seriously huge, the only good thing about it is graphics and camera, other than that I’d say this phone would be hot in 2009, not 2010

  • just some d?de

    @chrisrj28 Chris Johnson Sacramento, CA im still waiting for my apology sir. I would be embarrassing for you in lite of your wifes recent illness for her to find out about your postings of Naked women on other forums. All im asking for is for a sorry.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Dude seriously, give it a rest, its an internet forum and everyone is a tough guy. Try contributing.

      • just some d?de

        I will Dave, when I get my apology. All im asking this guy is to say sorry thats all. Its the principal of the thing.

      • David

        @just some d?de

        Would you say sorry to all people here for all craps you posted in this website for trashing Windows Mobile?

        Would you say sorry to all people here for all saying many lies about Windows Mobile?

        Would you say sorry to all people here for making them sick of seeing you in Windows Mobile related posts and advertising CRAPROID (Android)?

        Would you say sorry to all people here for insulting them in this website in your previous comments?

        Would you say sorry to all people here for being spam, troll, tool?

        I think you should follow Chris instruction.

    • Oce

      just some “DUD”, you seriously need to “GET A LIFE”!

    • Twitch110

      You really are a sad child, “just some douche”. Keep the trench coat off your back for awhile. It’ll clear your head.

      • just some d?de

        dont get me started on your punk music loving A55.

      • Twitch110

        Hahaha way to use google dude!! I’m impressed! Now tell me something about you. I feel like you know me too well already. What’s your sign?

      • just some d?de

        I know a little bit about you i did some digging here and there, as for me sorry dude you can only guess.

    • jon


    • Davidohio

      Justsomeidiot you are a loser. Post somethin contsuctive and on topic. Knock it off.

    • Davidohio

      Just let it go justsomedud…be the bigger man.

    • Chad

      Stop acting like a bitch.

  • curr_fuze_owner

    Wonder if the pink hue in the camera is fixed in the us version

    • Oreo

      The camera has been upgrade and fixed or that is what I have heard and read

    • Oce

      There was a hotfix posted for the Euro version, I don’t think it will b an issue with the US version.

  • Stargate

    You can get the “WiFi Router” app here http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704&page=1 … Go down to post #1 at the bottom of the post to “WiFi Router” By Tom Gordon… This one was extracted off of the Euro HD2 version…..

  • Joe Pa

    So I called my local Magenta store tonight (I’m in Northern San Diego) and they said they had a demo in store that I could check out. So I drive over there and they acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. I wasn’t too pissed, because I was going over to shopping center to pick up a take out order….but still. I thought it was very unprofessional to state they had one over the phone and either not really have one, or have one and not show it( which they said they would when I talked to them). Either way, I’m probably done trying to find a demo until it releases now…not much longer of a wait now. It was still weak though…

  • chrisrj28


    You will receive no apology from me buddy, you freely post your nonsense on these boards but get your feelings hurt when someone responds in kind. I was saying mine in the interest of being funny but I was serious when I said stop hating on people that enjoy this phone.

    So post my information if you like, talk about my wife being sick, even make up a silly lie about me posting nude pictures. If you are able to sleep tonight then I feel I have done something well by allowing you to get your rocks off with your comments. I know for a fact that if you really knew me you would not be making your comments.

    But it’s whatever, take what I said to heart, does that mean you really tried it? Is that why you are mad? Realized that slapping yourself was maybe a bad idea?

    • just some d?de

      That does not sound like an apology Mr Johnson, too bad bro. All I wanted was a sorry.

      • David

        @just some d?de

        Would you say sorry to all people here for all craps you posted in this website for trashing Windows Mobile?

        Would you say sorry to all people here for saying lies about Windows Mobile?

        Would you say sorry to all people here for making them sick of seeing you in Windows Mobile related posts and advertising CRAPROID (Android)?

        Would you say sorry to all people here for insulting them in this website in your previous comments?

        Would you say sorry to all people here for being spam, troll, tool?

        I think you should follow Chris instruction.

        You don’t get sory from us but we feel really sorry for you!

  • chrisrj28

    Better yet justsomedude I will beat you to it, I am a 30 year old father of two, my wife has cancer but it is in remission and she will live a long happy life. I live in Sacramento, CA, Im a mod at allshadow.com and a regular poster at the Tmo forums.

    I enjoy long walks on the beach and spending time with my kids and wife. I have a great job and a great life.

    So justsomedude, did I miss anything?

    • just some d?de

      Nothing i did not already post or knew about you my friend, I am truly happy to hear your wife is in remission. But like i said all im looking for is a simple sorry. And we can put all this behind us. If not well ill take it from there.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Dude, if you continue to harass other members regardless of what they posted which for the record you bring on yourself I’ll ban you from this board forever. You can change your IP and we’ll play the game all over again. This is not somewhere you handle your personal vendetta and play tough guy. You want to do that, http://chatroulette.com/

        It ends here, either you end it or I do. Enough is enough. This board has been hijacked far too many times with your wanton garbage.

        So either you apologize to me, or you’re gone.

        For the record, I’m well within my rights to ban you for whatever reason I so choose.

      • just some d?de

        David this has nothing to do with you. You can ban all the IPs you want. Im still on these forums with multiple user names and IPs simultaneously. And as I recall a member first started with physical threats not I. If he thought it was funny or not is on him, im just looking for an apology.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Listen and understand something well and I will not repeat myself. What happens here is my concern as you have a tendency to hijack threads with garbage like this. It derails the very purpose of these discussions and might stop people who would otherwise post here from doing so. When that occurs, it is my business as this is site IS my business. So dude, I’m done with this discussion so you have one more chance, otherwise I’ll get rid of you and NOBODY will miss you. I have no further interest in letting you hijack this board with your wasteful and inciting posts. You can try all the IP’s you want, I’m more than willing to play cat and mouse with you on this board.

          Let me recap, when you mess with my business, it is my business so I don’t care who started what. This isn’t recess and nobody goes to detention. His comment was posted in a sarcastic manner meant to showcase the very irritation you cause to many on this board.

          Last chance, otherwise you will be the very first person in the history of this website to meet the wordpress blacklist.

      • jon
  • JBLmobileG1

    I find it hard to believe that this video was shot using another HD2. It seems to have a zoom feature much like a video camera and the clarity is above any phones video recorder that I’ve ever seen not to mention super smooth and sharp. If another HD2 was used I am impressed…. only draw back for me is no Android. I really wish Tmobile would release an Android version of it. Unlike the Windows Mobile and it NOT getting 7.0 when its released you know darn well it would be upgraded if it had Android considering it has similar specs as the Nexus One. True one could load a Android rom on it but it still wouldn’t be the same… plus you’d be taking a risk and possibly bricking it not to mention you’d void the warrenty. When you think Tmobile has it going for them they mess up somewhere. I would almost guarentee if this phone had Android it would outsell almost every other Android device out there and that’s including other carriers. Who knows… maybe that’s why they chose to use Windows Mobile. True HTC made the device but I am sure they could have put whatever o/s they wanted unless Microsoft paid them lots of money to use Windows… which makes sense because they want their mobile o/s to start selling before 7 comes out… and what better way to do it then to put the older…or current… o/s on a killer phone.