HTC HD2 & Nexus One Smackdown, Wirefly Style

Still can’t decide between the Nexus One and the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD2?  Wirefly to the rescue!  The awesome guys over at Wirefly have done another one of their smartphone smackdowns, and this time it’s the HD2 vs the Nexus One.  The smackdown overviews the pros and cons of both handsets, including keyboard, interface, customization, and hardware specs.  Sit back, grab something to drink, and enjoy 15 minutes of snapdragon goodness.  Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments!  Is it going to be the HD2 or do you fancy the Android OS?

Wirefly – YouTube

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  • rambo6

    I’ve been using an HD2 for one month now on another network. I bought one of my employees a Nexus 1. I’ve had lots of opportunity test then both.

    I absolutely love the HD2s screen. Yes, the Nexus has the AMOLED screen. However, there are some articles that show the amoled resolution is not truly as high as they claim.

    I came from using the HTC Rhodium with a full QWERTY keyboard. It took me two weeks to be able to type quickly on it. I am typing this post on my HD2.

    I would never ever buy a Verizon or Sprint phone again. The reason is that they are both CDMA networks which cause excessive battery drain. Coupled with WimaX, the Supersonic will be kicks to last half a day.

  • David

    I think HD2 is more worth it cause it comes with its 16gb card which cost 99.99 dollars. So if you think about it, the phone only costs about 100 dollars with contract! :D