HD2 Gets Unboxed (Again), TmoNews Style With Extras (Updated)


Update:  A bunch of pics showing the multimedia functions of the HD2 have been added. The only missing piece here is the e-reader which our source said is just asking to be updated.

Update 2:  Thanks to Marc over at Laptop Mag, we are closer to confirming the March 24th launch date and the $199.99 price point.  It’s obviously what we’ve been expecting this whole time.  Of course, they also note that the HD2 will NOT be Windows Phone 7 compatible which clears up some of the confusion that surrounded that possibility.

As the launch of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 nears, we’ve got a few more exclusive images of the HD2 in actionfor you, our readers.  Just to recap, we’re still running with the March 24th release date, the same $199.99 2 year contract pricing, and a $449.99 retail price tag.  Hit the jump for an overload of HTC HD2 goodness!

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  • T

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I cant wait to get my hands on this device!

    • Ernest

      That’s what she said! :)

    • MoJo..HD@

      I love this phone and trust me, I’m getting one…but TMONEWS these pics are garbage…I don’t know if you guys are trying to make it a mystery or somethin by posting up blury pics…but all you guys did was increase my ENVY, but also give me a little doubt on what the video/movie part on this phone is going to look like (even though I know its going to look great because I have seen videos of the EURO ver.) If this was the first pics I have ever seen this phone I wouldn’t be to Excited …but its not,(I am not bashing this phone at all…I love it more then N1..im not an android or Iphone fan…IM WM all the way..) but TMONEWS you didn’t do anything for me with these pics..(someone please comeout with a VIDEO unbox…)

      • David, Managing Editor

        So let me reiterate the point I try and drive home every single time we post something. WE DO NOT TAKE THESE PICS so don’t blame me if they don’t meet your unusually high standards of photography!

      • Joe Pa

        Whoa dude. The chill pills are in the cabinet.

      • steven

        If you didn’t take the pictures, please change the title to reflect it. When you say stuff like “HD2 gets unoboxed, TMONEWS style”, you imply that you actually did the unboxing. In reality, however, these are just pictures that someone else gave you that you branded with Tmonews logo.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well MoJo I downloaded in HD quality the 10 minute 74 MB unboxing video that is no longer on YouTube. But I am not going to post it for you because I am concerned it won’t meet your standards. So you will have to wait until it shows up somewhere else. :)

      • Davidohio

        Seriously Mojo??? Are you really going to be THAT nit picky?? They are not that bad at all. Hats off to TMONEWS and as for you Mojo….get a life.

      • Mockerfab4

        TmoNews keep doing what you’re doing. We’re lucky to have a site to go to see ANY images at all. Kudos to you and your team for the job you do. Mojo’s comments don’t reflect what i’m sure is the majority people who visit this site daily! :)

      • poochilau

        @David, Managing Editor
        Go seek a counselour…

        • David, Managing Editor

          And why exactly should I seek counseling?? Sigh, I love comments!

      • Mojo

        “If you didn’t take the pictures, please change the title to reflect it. When you say stuff like “HD2 gets unoboxed, TMONEWS style”, you imply that you actually did the unboxing. In reality, however, these are just pictures that someone else gave you that you branded with Tmonews logo.

        @David, ME…I was not trying to offend TMONEWS at all…I love this site trust…but im glad steven posted the above statement…Im srry for accusing you guys of these good, but not great pics…and yeah sometimes my graphic design and photography background does make me get picky on pics…..WHEN I SEEN THE TITLE I REALLY Thought we were going to get the best pics ever…because i thought you guys did the unboxing…( i figure if everyone else stuff is good…TMONEWS stuff would be great!!!!!!)..see what I mean….People chill im not bashing…I just love the HD2 and its going to be prefect for what I do..once more DAVID SRRY>>>>>> just want to see everything on this phone at the best quality…

  • lp894

    im drooling right now, I can’t flippin WAIT to get this sucker lol

    • Ernest

      That’s what she said! :)

  • Ozz

    Thats rediculouse the screan is about the whole size of the iphone but yet the phone is slightly thinner thats freakin amazing!! Who needs the Ipad when you have the HD2 baby!!! I think I have finaly found what Ive been dreaming for!! Cant wait to put the 3gs back in its box and the HD2 out of its!!!!

  • Ernest


  • T

    Do a video review!

  • William

    Oh that’s just frickin’ GORGEOUS <3



  • DavidB

    See ’em while you can in local stores, folks. Just got a call from my local store. T-Mo corporate sent out a directive that NO stores are to display ANYTHING about the HD2 – including posters, banners, accessories, no NOTHING – until the launch date of March 24 at store open. Managers are encouraged to get to the stores early to put up POS advertising prior to open.

    They (probably) want this to be a huge product day-of-launch drop blitz, but they don’t want lines outside stores, so the fewer people that know about it, the more likely those who are dying for it can get it that day.

    • DavidB

      O, and I just called MobiTV, and confirmed that their service does NOT work over EDGE, so unless you are lucky enough to have T-Mo’s 3G available in your area, forget about the MobiTV app/service.

      I’ll bet Blockbuster over EDGE will be REAL fun as well!

      D*&N! Really wanted that TV app…something tells me T-Mo will always limit the high-speed stuff to major markets.

      • andrew

        or use wifi

      • Mockerfab4

        Can you use MobiTV over WiFi? Do you have to a have a 3G connection to use it?

      • DavidB

        I would assume so. I didn’t ask and the tech I spoke to at Mobi didn’t volunteer.

    • Joe Pa

      It just makes very little sense to me that the advertising starts on the day of the launch. Why? And seriously…they don’t want lines outside the stores? That makes no sense. That is like McDonalds saying they don’t want people in their drive thrus…

      • Davidohio

        No, it makes sence. I worked for T-mobile at a retail store for 5 years and they did things like that. We were not even allowed to have the dummy phones out on the sales floor. I know it is stupid and I don’t know why they do this but I think it has to do with legal/contractual agreements or something. I don’t see what the big deal is but they are funny like that.

  • Dave

    I was at Best Buy today and spoke to a salesman who said that the phone is going to go on sale on the 24th but that they may have a small amount in stock for that date. A rep had brought one to the salespeople in the last day or so to show them how to work the phone. She was very impressed. They didn’t give her a price though.

    • Joe Pa

      Best Buy will probably charge $900 for it. How they are still in business is beyond me.

      • Davidohio

        I know! Best Buy is charging $299.99 for the Sony Ericsson Equinox without contract and you can buy it online or at the T-mobile store for $159 without contract. I don’t know where they get off, or how that is a “best buy”.

  • abel

    Official word from HTC that there will be no WP7S compatibility with the TMO HD2.. Now that is just SAD. Really would it have been THAT hard to just put the right labels on the buttons and otherwise comply with the design requirements for them? I’m sure there must be little to no other incompatible areas.
    I don’t care so much about the UI, but not having the Silverlight 4, XNA 4, and Zune/Xbox compatibility apps & support is a bit of a limitation. Also no FLASH without WM7S according to Adobe. I wonder about the browser capability and upgrade options differences will be between WM 6.x and WM7S besides those plug in issues (HTML5, etc.).

    • john

      I will get one, it will be rom’d shortly there after…i have insurance for a reason.

  • DarkCloud

    i just went to my locate tmo store and one of the managers left me play with an HD2 for about 30mins that thing is freaking big man but i dont care i have to have one man or els lol. its soooooooooooOOOOo FAST MAN and texting on it is Amazingly easy and i get no mistakes thats my baby and i would ceaht on my wife for one lol and im so serious lol.

    • Chad

      You are a sad, sad man and I have pity for your wife and your life.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        That seriously is low down. No device can ever replace a human in my book. Have fun having HD2uman children. Only thing I’m wondering is, who’d be the man of the house?

    • Davidohio

      I hope your wife divorces you, and gets your HD2 in the divorce. You are just wrong. You actually love a phone more than your wife. That’s just sad.

      • john

        easy trolls, he’s just excited about an amazing phone. however, has anyone else noticed that in the comparison side by side that the HD2 looks as if it’s ready to super-punch the iphone.

        i submit the following for comedic reference/evidence

      • Chad

        No troll here, I know he said that for shock value, I just wanted him to know how it wasn’t cool or hip, and downright stupid. A junior-high level response about a piece of electronics from a full grown, married man is not funny or full of wit.

    • Fred

      Real Talk I know how you feel man. I would cheat on my wife and then sell our kids for this bad boy. lmao

  • chrisrj28

    Im wondering about the quality of the Transformers movies, I have a blu-ray rip that plays crystal clear on my TP2 so I wonder if these are DVD or HD quality? Can’t wait to Demo one

  • chrisrj28


    It’s not just the buttons on the front, the HD2 is missing a driver necessary as well. I believe that came from a HTC employee tweet for people thinking the buttons are the only holdup.

    • john

      lame…how many of us can install a driver on a pc?

  • Luis Angel

    Check this out: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Cell-Phone-Detail.aspx?cell-phone=HTC-HD2

    Scroll to the bottom of the page for Price Confirmation.

    †On approved credit. $112.50 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $112.50, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.

    ††On approved credit. $22.50 down payment, plus 19 monthly payments of $22.50, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.

  • donovan
  • zack

    Is the Europe version of this phone the same excluding the memory card? And also will the barnes and noble and mobi tv apps be avsailible for download on the European version?

    • Johnny

      i read that the US version is actually better than the European version for once lol its suppose to have more internal memory or something like that…

      with that said, i cant wait for this sucker to come out!!

  • androido

    Why would anyone go from Android to HD2? Just curious….

    • David

      I went from Winmo to Android and now I’m going back to Winmo. Nothing beats Winmo for syncing with Exchange. I tried using Touchdown with my Nexus One but like most non Winmo devices it doesn’t support calendar categories which is a major part of my information management system. After all these years Blackberry STILL does not support categories for calendar items. It supports them for everything else why not calendar?

      Plus I will be able to use Audible again. Last I checked about a week ago there wasn’t an Android Audible app.

    • http://tmonews Christian

      Androido:… Have you seen the Phone?? Are you blind or stupid?? Seriously..HD2 it’s a freaking awesome phone dude!! Most people (like me) only use the phone for you tube, facebook, web search, etc…So what a better way to do that on a Beautiful, Big Screen?? Who cares about WM7 I will enjoy this phone every single day and show it to every one!!! Can’t freaking wait!!!!!!!!

    • enjoijams


      Why would anyone go from having common sense to taking your comment seriously? Just curious…

    • Bobomo

      3 reasons: Hardware, hardware and hardware. This is simply, far and away, the best hardware available in the high-end touchscreen phone market. I’ve looked at the HD2 a lot over the last many months, and I just can’t look at any other phone – Android or otherwise – and not think “TOO MUCH BEZEL! NEED MORE SCREEN!” The only thing that comes close is the Nexus One, but even that has a smaller screen than the HD2.

      Besides the people that actually use and enjoy WinMo, there are a lot of other T-Mobile customers who want/need a high end smartphone and there just isn’t that much available right now. Nexus 1 is great, but Google and T-Mo left a whole lot of people in the dark with their pricing structure. Go search the upcoming phones thread in the forums – it’s pretty baron for people who want something more than the mid-level CLIQ or myTouch. That leaves just the HD2.

      Even though I’ve been waiting 2 years to get my hands on an Android handset, I’m going to have to seriously consider the HD2 because there just isn’t anything else like it in the pipeline for T-Mobile.

      • Davidohio

        You can always buy the sony ericsson Xperia X10 android powerhouse. It has android 2.1 and a snapdragon processor and a huge screen. It also has the T-mobile 3G band. Just a thought. Google it. It is really nice and about the same size as the HD2.

      • Mockerfab4

        My 3 reasons for me are software, software, software. Android was by far the worst OS I’ve ever used. not biz friendly at all. crashed ALL the time. lack of support from google and tmo. just a horrible experience. I’ve used wm in the past and while it’s not the best, it’s by far better then my android experience. plus the hardware and features on this thing looks sweet. SO HD2, here i come!

      • Bobomo

        @Davidohio – T-Mo bands don’t necessarily mean a T-Mo release – could be for international release. I’ve heard AT&T is getting it, but who really knows? Also, it’s launching with 1.6 (with a promised upgrade) and the timescape/mediascape/whatever looks like total garbage to me. I’m definitely interested (it’s real purrrdy), but there are still loads of question marks with that phone. Also keeping an eye on the MOTOROI or Sholes tablet, or whatever it might be. However, compared to the HD2, there is virtually no buzz for either of those phones – which leads me to believe they are far off.

    • Davidohio

      Well you see, some people like Android and some people like Windows Mobile. Its really that simple. Both are good operating systems and provide solutions for peoples different needs.

  • gargoyle999

    Engadget “reconfirming” what we already know. March 24th, $200/450 and no WP7.


  • PhocalPoint

    The HTC HD2 will most likely not receive an official update but, like windows mobile devices in the past unofficial ROMs may allow for a Windows 7 ROM. ROM leaks usually HTC side, so once HTC gets a firm ROM for their upcoming Diamond 3, a ROM leak may occur. Drivers should not be a problem, Windows CE is used as the base for both 6.5, and 6.6.

  • NoZMaN

    Does anyone know that if tmobile is ganna have pre order for this htc hd2

    • Blacksheep427

      Given all the secrecy at TMO, I’d say no.

  • Timothy

    will the HD2 include a screen protector? im gonna need one to cover that hugh jazz screen.

    • DavidB

      Why? It’s GLASS! Are you planning on putting it in frequent contact with diamonds? I had my G1 since Oct. ’08, put it in my pocket with keys, tossed it anywhere, NEVER applied a protector and when I sold it last week the screen was PERFECT.

      Be sure and get one a them antenna boosters for the inside of the phone too.

      • gargoyle999

        Antenna booster…that’s funny!

      • Bobomo

        I’m going to buy a Jupiter Jack so I can talk on the phone in my car!!

  • Joe


  • Bdar

    I got to play with one at the T-Mobile store a few minutes ago! It was just as good as all the videos led me to believe! I really like the included silicone (gel) cover that comes with it, it’s got a cool design. Barnes and Noble App was non-functional though, it said it needed to download an update, but I guess that was expected.

    Can’t wait!

  • Oce

    Did anybody get a chance to d/l the letstalk video review before they pulled it? I only got to watch part of it. =(

    • gargoyle999

      I did!

      • Oce

        FOR GOD’S SAKE MAN SHARE IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Thanks. =)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Why was the Letstalk unboxing video pulled? Says it was done by the owner, so it was not a violation.

      Luckily I downloaded it, in HD format. It’s 75MB. And it’s GREAT.

      • Matthew

        I noticed that too. I was only able to watch a second video they posted, unfortunately.

  • ahh

    Just talked to one of the tmo sale representative and he told me of a March 27 release so I’m thinking it should be the 24th because tmo representatives really don’t know as much as people in this website do.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m now thinking of buying this thing unlocked and saving my upgrade for the Dell Mini 5. Does anybody know if the Dell Mini 5 is coming to Tmobile? And if so, how much it will cost and when is the release date? I haven’t been keeping up with it since I’ve been eyeing the HD2.

  • Ronald

    Just called my local T-Mobile store, they got the demo version in today, but it’s not set-up yet! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of them!!!

  • Blacksheep427

    Great. Some more evidence why I must get the HD2! Thanks :P

  • lebron1189

    Hey I was jus thinking of the screen is like glass what happens if u drop it one time lol not good. But the screen is Glass correct??

    • DavidB

      All touchscreens are glass TTBOMK.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      This is what happens when you drop it:
      *Hint* “Absolutely Nothing”

      Not true, All CAPACITIVE touchscreens are glass, not Resistive though.

      • Lebron1189

        @ Wilma Flinston thanks For breaking it down nicer for me. Nd for correcting that douche

  • Bobert

    LOL and a few months after its release it will be obsolete.
    LOL wont upgrade to win 7?
    What a joke.

    • Davidohio

      Bobert…honestly 97% of the people that will buy the HD2 won’t really care about the OS. It will do what they want it to do and that is all they will care about. Besides, we get an upgrade every 12 months on smartphones now so…let’s see….win7 is scheduled to be released in 8 months and it may take another 4 months before all the bugs are worked out so that is 12 months…time for another upgrade to a hot new HTC device with win7. Wow. Idiot.

      • Bobert

        Boo hoo hoo

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Could you explain what actually looked good about WP7? I honestly wasn’t impressed by it. I will be using SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 on my HD2. Maybe you should look it up on youtube and be amazed. Better yet, here’s the link to the ROM I’ll be using on my HD2:

      SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3

      Thanks and Good Night fellow sir

  • Jonathan:Brazil

    i am lucky enough to live in an area where T-Mobile offers 3G and it’s very good here. i am looking forward to the MobiTV app as well as other features of this amazing device. lol =]

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The unboxing video is up through letstalkdotcom channel on YouTube.


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I watched the “repost” on Letstalkdotcom’s YouTube Channel, the one on the Channel is different than the one he first had up and took down.

    It’s the same for about the first two minutes, then he goes over the subjects in a different way. For example, in the second video he talks about how multi-touch is the best he has ever seen in a device. He did not say that in the first video.

    It’s good to have both because he goes over different things.

    I captured the second video in case it does not go on to YouTube’s main section. I will upload it to my server for you all.

    It’s not the best quality, but it’s that or nothing. Take your pick, you can criticize like Mojo did with David above or enjoy this since otherwise you will have to do without.

  • NoZMaN

    Does anyone know if there is ganna be pre order for the htc hd2

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The files are too big for my server, Comcast throttles customers like me.

    If there’s any interest in these let me know and I will reduce the file size on both and post. If no interest then I can go hang out at BGR since that is where I am supposed to be tonight.

    And TMONews, great post. I enjoyed the pics immensely.

    Update: While most of you lucked out when going to the stores, as I said before I went to the Market St. store here in San Francisco. No HD2 :(

    • Oce

      How bout uploading them to rapidshare or megaupload?

  • Michael

    When using instant messenger those it pop out or is it going to be like the iphone that you need to click the app in order to view the messages.

  • http://www.geekword.net Muhammad Ali

    Are you planning to produce the video/visual based unboxing of this little gem from HTC ?

  • steve

    If you’re looking for a vid on the Ebook reader here you go!


    cant wait to get this phone

  • HWM

    Does anyone know for sure if this US model will actually have an FM Radio?
    I have read in a few websites that it won’t…

  • Matthew

    The March 24th release date has been confirmed by letstalk.com

  • death1246

    This phone will not get OEM windows phone 7 OS

    but it will get it thanks to developers from XDA porting it from another phone with the same qulity even though other phones might not have a 4.3″ screen.

    Got to love Developer :)

    but still HTC Sense is the best so f**k windows phone 7

  • John

    I really want this phone. I currently use the G1 data plan. If I get this on a upgrade, can I keep the current data plan or will I be able to use the web2go? Or is there any kind of data required to have when purchasing this?

    • death1246

      Yes just when you upgrade you will have to set the new data plan all you have to do is call t-mobile and tell them to set your account with your grandfather plan and they will reduce the price.

      They did it for me they will for you

      • DavidB

        Exactly right. In fact, when I sold my G1 last week, I called T-Mo and they switched my Android data plan to the Smartphone plan (which is what the WM devices require), grandfathered @ 24.95/mo. So I’m GTG as soon as I put in my SIM card!

      • enr08

        DavidB and death1246…….what do you mean when you say the “grandfather plan”. Just curious to know what that is exactly.

      • DavidB

        Once you are on a plan and stay on that plan for an extended period of time, even if that plan changes or is even discontinued, T-Mo won’t force you to change plans as long as you maintain continuous service. In my case, when the G1 was released, you were required to carry the G1 data plan for 24.95. Even though the G1 plan no longer exists (it’s now simply the “Android” data plan), I still get the newer plans at the old rate. And if I am happy with my existing plan and maintain service, I’ll never pay any more for it. That’s “grandfathering”.

  • Jose

    i just went to my local tmo store and dey let me play with it because i was the first to ask….OMG phone is sick soooo fast and typing is soooo easy. it comes out the 24th just like tmonews said cant wait to get it. like i said before bye bye iphone hello HD2 :-)

  • Lebron1189

    Is that $24.95 a month with unlimited Text nd Web????

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You absolutely cannot base your rate with how much someone else is paying.

      This is because others are on rate plans that applied at the time they signed up and what promotion T-Mo was running at the time.

      For example, way back I had the $10 unlimited data plan. But with a new phone I had to give that up, needed the BlackBerry data plan that was more expensive.

      I am now on a $20.00 data with $5 for 400 text messages, end result $25. But T-Mobile does not have that $5 / 400 text plan any longer, so if someone called to order that, T-Mobile would say no can do since the promo is long gone.

      There are lots of people who have $25 plans that includes unlimited texting. But those plans are gone too.

      I think T-Mo’s current offer is $35 for unlimited data and texting.

      • lebron1189

        Yea your right because right now im still on the sidekick plan which is unlimited $19.99 but yea itll probably the extra $35 all together. Isnt Windows mobile data different than the android data plan?? pricewise

  • DM

    For those who went into a T-Mo store were you able to reserve your HD2?

    • Jose

      No i was not able to he just told me to come back the 24th call your local t-mobile stores and ask them if the store is a high volume store if they say yes most likely they will carry alot of HD2.

  • deeone

    does anyone notice that the tmobile version has both red and green colors on the call and call end buttons unlike the foreign version which is plain.

  • enr08

    DavidB and death1246…….what do you mean when you say the “grandfather plan”. Just curious to know what that is exactly.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      “Grandfathering” refers to “grandfather clause” which is an exception that allows someone to continue doing whatever despite a new rule or law that prohibits the conduct or activity.

      With carriers like T-Mobile, when they discontinue a promotion or come up with new plans, customers on old plans can continue to use whatever plan they are on. (I know some people who are still using their T-Mobile $10 unlimited data plan, that includes e-mail, a plan from 2005!) The person enjoying the old plan is said to be “grandfathered in” or using a “grandfathered plan.”

      All this said, while the U. S. Constitution addresses grandfathering and ex post facto laws, T-Mobile customers do not enjoy any such rights.

      1. T-Mobile does not use the term “grandfather.”

      2. T-Mobile can do anything it wants. Users do not have a contractual right to grandfathered plans, it’s only that T-Mo does not change plans and then impose those on existing customers. In other words, T-Mobile can contact my friends with $10 data plans and say it’s over and their new rate is $35 a month. My friends can’t say “But I have a grandfathered plan.” T-Mo will respond “There’s no such thing.”

      3. A benefit of having a two year contract with T-Mo is that does guarantee you the plan you signed up for.

      In contrast Even More + customers are month to month and T-Mobile can raise their rates with 30 days notice.


  • Mike

    So I’m currently using a My Touch, when I get the HTC HD2 will I need to do anything with my data plan? Or can I just put my sim card in and be good to go? I currently have the Android Unlimited Web and Unilmited messages….I’m guessing I need to change something when I buy the HD2 on the 24th? Is this right?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have switched phone platforms many times, here is how it works.

      1. You can insert the SIM into any phone and the phone will work… as a phone. You can make and receive calls.

      2. When I have inserted my old SIM into various phones (WinMo, BlackBerry, Android) the net connection also worked, regardless of platform. And I got 3G on all the devices. So that tells me that the data speed / SIM relationship are not related.

      3. Where one has to call T-Mobile and switch data packages is to start BlackBerry service. I have had to call and ask my package to be switched from WinMo to BlackBerry data.

      4. The data package for the HD2 will be “Windows Mobile” or whatever they call it. The other T-Mo data plans are the Google/Android and BlackBerry.

      I assume you will need to call T-Mobile and tell them to switch you to the Windows package. However, I have only now been paying attention to this.

      I am not sure that other than for BlackBerry if one needs to call T-Mobile. I don’t know what is done on T-Mobile’s end that makes the phones operate different when switching from Google/Android to Windows. Seems to me that a data connection is a data connection.

      Maybe the idea is that when switched this enables T-Mo to send update messages to the phone?

      I will experiment with this on March 24. I will insert my BlackBerry SIM, so to speak, into the HD2 and see how it all works. If it’s fine I won’t call T-Mobile, just to see what happens.

      • Joe Pa

        Thanks Michael. I was wondering this as well…..good info.

    • ahh

      you should be good to go because its unlimited everything its not just specifically for android its for all phones.

  • shawn1224

    This phone is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could get it but I’ve reached my max on new devices this year.

  • scott

    well, guess I won’t be getting one. refuse to get a Win Mo phone, and now that we know there will be no Win 7, even more so.