Nexus One 3G Woes, Part 315

This problem just won’t go away.  Even after the latest OTA update, the Nexus One is still having 3G problems.  As you will see in the video above, 3G connectivity changes dramatically just by how the phone is being held.  Now, if you ask me, this certainly doesn’t sound like a T-Mobile 3G problem.  Also, I’m not one to point fingers at a certain Chrome and Buzz-ing company, especially since they have so much power in this world.  With that being said, this seems like a hardware problem that really needs to be addressed and fast.  Otherwise, I propose a riot (holding pitchforks and phones, with a certain lighter app, in the air).  Are you still having 3G problems on the Nexus One?  If so, feel free the vent in the comments.


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  • dsim91

    wow that’s crazy looks like a hardware issue I’m glad my wife’s nexus one is not having that problem looks like they are going to have to start exchanging handsets

    • sorandkairi

      Yeah I agree. My Nexus 1 isnt and hasnt had any 3g problems here! I wonder whats wrong.

  • B

    I definitely have that same drastic change in 3G signal just by picking up the phone, but I noticed that this happens in areas where I don’t get consistent 3G signal to begin with, i.e inside my house and other buildings in T-Mobile “trouble” areas. If I’m in an area where the 3G signal is strong, not only does this not happen, but I get a full 4 bars of consistent 3G anyway. Based on my own experiences, it seems like a combination of the phone and T-Mobile’s towers. And before anyone says it’s just the Nexus One, my friend also has bad 3G connectivity in the same areas on his G1. If it is a hardware problem though, what would happen to those of us who already purchased the phone?

    • SteveG1

      Actually the problem does lie with Google. The hard fact here is that the company had its own employees do the beta testing which we all know was stupid. If this device was tested correctly, these types of problems wouldn’t even exist. Basically, when Google asked their employees how the phone was working, they were so excited just to have the phone in their hands that they overlooked all the faults that it actually has. Now the early adopters are paying the price for Google ignoranant approach to the matter. Therefore, this is not HTC’s fault and it’s not T-Mobiles fault. It is simply the final decisions Google made to release this phone earlier than it should have.

      • clietz

        HTC is absolutely responsible for QA in terms of measuring radio/signal strength with the types of materials they are using. Have you seen the Nexus videos release on YouTube? Do you think those machines stress testing the device are in some Google office next to a cube?

      • SteveG1

        Of course I’ve seen the videos. However, I believe HTC did the best they could on the Nexus. But once the phone got into Googles hands Google should’ve tested the product to make sure HTC did the job to their standards. Where Google failed was that they had their employees do this testing and they never reported problems back to HTC to get fixed. What I am saying is, HTC can’t fix a problem they never knew existed in the first place. Cell phones due to the volumes they are purchased at, need to be tested to a higher degree than what Google set forth. If Google would have tested the devices more than just having their employees play with them, maybe they would have found out about these problems sooner. And I am sure if they would have done this and reported the problems they were having to HTC, then HTC would’ve corrected it. But they didn’t.

      • B

        “Actually the problem does lie with Google.”

        I never said Google was not to blame. I just don’t see how you can clear T-Mobile and HTC of any and all fault based on…?

      • SteveG1

        Ok, let me rephrase my point. The real is issue here is QA. Although HTC made the phone and it is currently meant to be run on T-Mo’s network, it doesn’t really mean its their fault. This is technically and marketed as a Google product. Meaning that no matter who made the phone, HTC, Moto, or Donald Duck, and no matter what network it runs on, it was ultimately Googles responsibilty to make sure it was up to their standards. And this is where they failed. They shouldn’t have had their employees take the thing home and play Bonsai Blast and PACMAN so that when they were asked how the phone performed, they could all say its great! What I am trying to say here is that because its Googles phone, Google is responsible. I am not saying HTC isn’t at fault for make the phone with problems to begin with, but if HTC felt it was good enough to send to Google, then at that point it is Googles responsibility to make sure it is a quality product. And they didn’t. Then once all the kinks are worked out and it still doesn’t perform well on T-Mobiles network, then maybe the problem lies there. But I highly doubt the problem is with T-Mobiles muti-billion dollar network and not HTC/Google’s $700 phone. Just Sayin.

      • dsim91

        htc designed and built the phones so they are at fault that the problem exist hardware issues are htc software issues are google but ultimately they are both responsible

      • teleknEsis

        I’m sorry, but trying to blame Google for the lack of QA is just absurd. If you honestly believe Google intended for their employees to be the “beta testers” then don’t you think they would have left a little more than just a month between giving their employees the phone and starting distribution? You really think if a serious issue emerged that would give them enough time to not only fix the issue, but pump out more phones in time to sell Jan 5th? No. Absolutely not. If this is indeed a hardware problem then HTC is to blame. Seriously, it’s laughable to think you honestly believe a company like Google would leave QA up to their employees rather than cell phone manufacturing PROFESSIONALS. Let’s be real…

      • SteveG1

        @teleknEsis: Again, I am not saying HTC didn’t screw up, but I highly doubt they sent the phones to Google knowing there was an issue. And because it is ultimately Google’s product, and their responsibility to make sure the phone works (which also will make sure their reputation stays good) then they should have pushed the release date back and given themselves and HTC more time for QA. If they actually reported the problem to HTC, it would have been corrected. No matter what, Google is responsible for Googles product. Not sure why you don’t understand that.

        Example: If you hire a carpenter to make kitchen tables for your comapany to sell, are you not going to look at the quality of the table before you sell them in your store? The correct answer is no. You’re definately going to check the quality. Because no matter who built the table, your company is still responsible if the quality isn’t present. Sure, the carpenter is the one who built it, but you as the “seller” is ultimately responsible.

      • teleknEsis

        @SteveG1: I didn’t say that Google is free of fault here. Obviously it’s their product, their problem. HOWEVER, you made it sound as if Google handed out the phones to their employees to be the “beta testers” to make sure no hardware problems existed. This idea is simply laughable. If anything, Google was merely trying to flush out any existing software bugs before beginning sales. 1 month from the time they gave their employees the phones and when they started sales is not enough time to flush out hardware problems and rebuild a new batch of phones. I can guarantee you that the contract between HTC and Google clearly states and HTC is responsible for all hardware QA of the product.

  • Zapote21

    Amazing how with a small percentage of the population experiencing this issue, it gets all blown up like everyone is having it…
    I have never had this issue, and of all the people I know with one, its about 1 in 10 before the update, even less after the update.

    • Marco

      How do you know that it is a small percetage? Do you work for HTC and you have a statistic? I doesn’t matter if 5% have a problem or 20% they have to fix it that’s all what I want. 1% of Toyota cars with a bad gas pedal are 1% too much.

    • teleknEsis

      I’d be willing to bet there are a lot of uninformed (and quite honestly unintelligent) people out there who have no idea they are even experiencing a “problem”. Not to mention I really doubt a large enough percent of people experiencing the problem are savvy enough to find the different forums to go complain about their problem. I for one am experiencing the 3G boogie but only when in places where 3G signal is weak (tends to be indoors) and only when I cover the back of the phone with my hand. I did some tests earlier and when the signal is strong covering the back of the phone with your hand has little to no impact. I think the RF chip and maybe even the software is having a hard time negotiating and hanging onto the 3G signal once it drops below a certain strength (around -105 dBm)

  • Washout

    I have had the same problem with my G1 since it came out. Sounds like poor reception capabilities coupled with T-mobile’s less then stellar 3G band performance.

    • SteveG1

      You really should have exchanged your phone once you experienced that problem. I live in the middle of nowhere in NH and my G1 has never given me 3G problems, no matter how I hold the phone to my ear.

  • joe d

    Yeah it still fluctuates. In the same place its 2 g and 3g up and down all day. Kinda lame.

  • edable88

    I have never had this problem. Nor has my friend who has a N1. I think a small amount of people have this problem but its being played like every one does. Haters!

    • jchangyy

      how do you know it’s a small number? as far as you know, you’re and few others have no problems. also, is it because you live in very good 3G area. have you tried to go to low 3G area? do you have empirical data? Neither do I, but just by the number of forum comments at various places, not to mention the one’s who write on these forums is tech savvy makes me believe it is more common than you think. I love my phone, but I complain because it does not work as it is suppose to when it flips between 3g/EDGE constantly. So, don’t call us haters, unless you’ve had the experience.

  • Marco

    Yes it is combination of a hardware issue of HTC phones (N1, MT3G, G1) and the t-mobile signal. I saw the same flipping on my MT3G in a full 3G coverage area near San Diego downtown. The N1 is slightly worse than my MT3G.

    • pfmiller

      Also in San Diego (University Heights), when I first got the Nexus One my battery life wasn’t very good and Cell Standby was taking up about 50% of the battery usage every single day. Now, even before last weeks update, my battery is lasting much longer and Cell Standby is down to %2 of battery usage. It seems that there were some real problems with the T-Mobile signal that have been corrected in some areas.

  • Will S

    A even more annoying problem that some Nexus One owners are experiencing is with the touch screen.

    The problem has a thread on the Nexus One support forums that is now over 900 posts long. See the thread at:

    The basic problem is that the phone incorrectly registers where a user touches the screen or sometimes completely locks up and doesn’t respond.

    I definitely don’t want the Nexus One phone to fail, but I do want Google to start addressing the issue and respond to people on the forum with timely updates on Google’s progress toward recreating or fixing the problem.

    Even if this is a hardware – and therefore HTC – issue, Google needs to own the issue and ensure that the right steps are being taken and that customers are satisfied with their Nexus One experience.

    Common Google… PLEASE HELP your users and make us all RAVING FANS instead of ravingly frustrated.

    • 1dott8

      This or should I say these problems are not effecting all Nexus One owners. I know a couple of people who have the N1 and we all are very happy with our purchase. This problem is being blown out of proportion.

      I have to ask 1 question, was every iphone or any other phone for that matter all 100% perfect? Nope. If 3 people have this problem that doesn’t mean it’s a bad phone. I love my Ana and have not a complaint.

    • pfmiller

      I’ve seen the touch screen stop responding before on my Nexus One a few times. Locking and then unlocking the phone always fixes it though. Seems like a software issue to me.

  • archboy69

    @zapote21: it is amazing but isn’t it always the case where it only takes one to ruin the whole lot. Where they are living in Norm, Nebraska complaining about 3G. Well, that isn’t the phone’s fault.

    I’ve never had a problem with my 3G living in NYC but then I’ve been all the way out in NJ and still get 3G service. I have friends that also own a Nexus is different part of the country and they’ve never had an issue.

    Of course, if you are in a concrete building 20′ feet inside and expect 3G connection…give me a break.

  • Drew

    My nexus has actually been switching between hspa and 3g consistently all day today… very strange

  • Marco

    Interesting that Google fanboys are becoming as religious and ignorant as Apple fanboys. Backstabbing N1 owners that have serious problems with their phones and only want to get a fix for it…By the way I live in San Diego close to downtown and have the 3G issue as well as the touchscreen issue.

  • Stephon

    I know for my case its a Nexus hardware problem. Because when I put my sim card in my Mytouch 3g it has way better signal and no dropped calls. So for my Nexus its not just a 3g problem its a reception problem in general edge/2g and 3g. Maybe some of the early batches of phones have he same problems. I just hope for Google’s sake they rectify this problem with a replacement Nexus that works.

  • mrbill

    Amazing how with a small percentage of the population NOT experiencing this issue, they act like no one is having it…

    For your information I don’t live in “Norm Nebraska”. I live in California and yesterday I sat in my car in the Google parking lot in Mountain View California and had this same issue…the same issue I have at home. If you had bothered to read the posts on the Google Forum, you would have noticed that almost all of the people having the problem in the USA are in areas that according to T-Mobile’s map are in full-3G coverage areas.

    @both of you

    I am willing to switch phones with you (my 3rd Nexus One that still doesn’t work right) and I will pay all of the shipping and throw in an extra battery. You see all I want is a phone that works!

    • Trill

      I have a G1 so do you still want to trade lol. If the G1 had a slightly better CPU, more RAM&ROM and possibly a 3.5″ screen I wouldn’t be waiting on an updated model right now but instead would be content.

    • Richard

      Okay, I’ll switch.

      I’ve got the MyTouch Fender Edition.

      Send me your Nexus One and you can have it, straight up.

      Don’t post things you don’t mean. I know you’re frustrated and that’s why I haven’t broken down and bought the Nexus yet because it seems they’re having real trouble with it, and the biggest issue is how slow Google has been to acknowledge anything or fix it.

      But I’d still take it and see how it goes.

  • Rickb

    I’m thinking this is a testing issue.

    Google is new to the phone game, so HTC and TMO had to be the ones to make sure the hardware was solid. But Google is the customer. Let’s hope they didn’t ignore good advice and rush the release.

    That said, hearing reports of specific locations having the problem of being sensitive to handset position are, sadly, anecdotal and probably define a different problem. I wonder if there is multipath phenomenon in 3G spectra…

    ps- My G1 has lately started to respond to touch in interesting and odd ways. It seems related to background processes and available RAM. I’m getting ready for a factory wipe to see if it fixes it. After that, it’s changing to Cyanogen to see how that works. I suppose it could be hardware, but my G1 is over a year old.

  • anthony

    OK now that Googles little secret is out the bag let’s get a few things straight. I love this phone but there is a big problem here. The video clearly shows a 3g problem. The touch screen also wacks out. People will get upset and defend the phone and Google and say oh its a small group with this issue. I ask this if its a small group why is it still happening after I and others did swaps. You must put a hold on your CC to do a swap and guess what shipping this sucker back again.The fact that I got two phones with the same issues mean one of two things. The phone has issues or I’m a dumb ass who can’t operate a phone.seriously this phone cost too much not to work.we the shit stirrers never would have taken it to this level but Google ignored our cries. I say this check the nexus one forum yourselves support what others are saying spotty 3g part 2. Then entertain ur self with touch screen issues thanks for my 2cents

  • alt-mobile

    Regardless of who may be at fault here, this should not be happening to a handset that some people paid over $500 for.

    • sorandkairi

      This is the smartest comment of the day! Regardless who’s to “blame” for the problem. We, some, have paid alot for their phones and really shouldnt ever have this problem if they have 3g in their area.

  • John Vehikite

    I still have 3g issues and touchscreen issues even after the ota… It’s nothing I’m totally angry about, but I do agree with Anthony… we paid way too much for a phone that doesn’t work as expected. Once I am for sure this is a hardware issue… and as soon as I’m sure HTC is shipping phones with these issues fixed, I will take advantage of the warranty. Until then, I’ll try to suck it up and keep this broke phone. I STILL LOVE MY SEXY NEXY THOUGH. :)

  • prettyboy85712

    Do you really care who’s fault it is? Or, that the issue gets fixed?

  • Josh Wahl

    I have not really had these 3G issues on my N1, inside on my MyTouch I did not get a good 3G signal, nor do I with my Nexus, but as soon as I go outside it works great on both.

    If there is a headset issue, will Google do a headset exchange, I bought mine the day it came out, and hope if something is wrong and admitted, will they replace my phone with a new one?

  • Lebron1189

    Guys Should Wait On The HD2 nd see what that’s about =) Try Winmo for once guys maybe its diff

    • nps_ca

      Your point is??

      • Lebron1189

        My point is To try something new that’s my point. We All love android but hey lets give both phones a try. Maybe when the HTC HD2 comes out people may not like it nd they’re gonna wait on the IPhone to arrive here nd try that. Jus switch it up is all im saying. If you don’t like Winmo then don’t get it. But when you see everyone on Here talking about how happy they are with there HD2 phones and your phone still doesn’t work then you’ll see my point

    • JMTS80

      I had a Shadow and it killed Winmo 4 me. But the HD2 is making me rethink my position on Winmo. Too bad the Nexus 1 did not live up to the hype…I really wanted to give Android a shot

  • erasable

    Wow. I just tried it myself and got the same results. It loses 3g as soon as I hold the bottom of the phone.

  • Chris

    I didn’t have the problem until after the OTA flashed.

  • JMTS80

    I have been waiting patiently to buy a new phone for a long time. I thought the Nexus 1 was the phone i had been dreaming about but now i just cant bite the bullet and hope i get a “good one” that wont lose signal. I want to get Android but i might have to leave t-mobile to get a quality device or wait for HD2 and go back to windows which kinda scares me. =/

  • just some d?de

    First Toyota, now a google recall. lol Plus if its happening on so many handsets, then a class action law suite may be in order. I sure am happy mine works.

  • Wilma Fllintstone

    Wow, this is definitely a first for me. Glad I didn’t buy the Nexus One. HD2, here I come, at least until the Motorola Shadow comes out.

  • Jiggin

    The Nexus One has 3G? The best I’ve seen sitting in the middle of a 3G network in the Minneapolis market is 650 kbps down. That would include not having my hand over the lower half of the phone standing outdoors 300 yards from the tower. Although 650kbps is better than EDGE it’s not living up to what a friend is getting on his 9700.

    I love the device but it has fallen short on the 3G speeds even after the update. Knowing this is a first gen product, I hope to see more updates improving the device even further.

    • branon

      Hate to say it but that is what tmobile 3g speeds are like in my area too. Both the G1 and the Blackberry Bold max out at 600kbps.

    • krfan1

      I’m in St. Paul and have the same slow speeds as Jiggins. The best I’ve gotten is 1.09Mbps outside of Rosedale Mall. I usually get around 500kbps in St. Paul/Rosedale.

  • nathan118

    What screen is he looking at, or is that an app?

  • as439726

    Still happening to me. My G1 gets 3g in a place where my nexus doesn’t. That being said, I’ve never had a phone like the nexus that everyone drools over. Even iPhone people go nuts for it.

  • fort

    I can do that same test here MD. I’m at the end of the 3g spectrum. But as I leave and outside my neighbor hood I don’t care where I hold the phone it’s all good.

  • czar

    I am defenitly have this same problem. SMH so the update was to trick us I guess

  • Trill

    The problem is one out of 1 out of 3 things and those 3 things being hardware, software, or Tmobile coverage. Im not defending tmobiles coverage but it is reliable but you have to understand that in building penetration is not promised with any carrier and due to the band Tmobile is using it covers less of an area than other bands like AT&T. 3G as it is emits a weaker signal therefore covers less area than GSM or EDGE and while tmobile still has some work ahead of them considering the timeframe its a lot better than it was not to mention other carriers have similar problems when 3G first rolled out but I guess you expected it to already be equavlient to the other top 3 in which case I’m laughing.

    Bottomline is some suffer from device issues while others just have a weaker signal then 2G which causes it to jump back and forth but there are issue that need to be addressed and should never have been present especially for 530+ S&H

  • rossi

    The n1 is definitely not the only phone to do this. My touch pro2 was also guilty of it. Sorry for all of you guys that are having problems. Mine works great! I’ve had it for almost a month, never a problem with the touchscreen or 3G. I am really surprised that I haven’t encountered the touch screen issue, but I’m knocking on wood as we speak.

  • dj brandnblaze

    SMH , I have G1 service in Oklahoma City, and since we have a pro basketball team now and Tmo sponsors the NBA you think they would try to keep the signal strong?! And let me say this I live in the heart of the 3G service and it continues to drop in and out of 3g ,EDGE since the launch date of 3G in OKC. BOOO!!!!

  • anthony

    John I love my sexy nexy as well. I say all you hyping other phones get lost. I may be experiencing problems as well as others but one thing for sure we love our sexy nexy as John said.we just want it fixed.I am weary of the who to blame contest.I will break it down. Perhaps Peter pan, snow white or Snoopy. I got it the boogie man no no. I blame one person only. Google they charged my credit card not HTC nor T-Mobile. I blame google so should you. Google can blame who they wish but us we didn’t start the fire.we are annoyed but call me faithful . I AINT GIVING UP MY N1. Fix it .u others buy what u wish its America not Afghanistan

  • jusblase02

    I’m sending this from my N1 and since I bought it I never had 3g issues. So my guess is that the early adopters had the bad batch.

  • M. Grant

    Couldn’t duplicate it here.

  • Jack Martling

    It is really helpful for the N1 owner’s not having problems to post here at all?. We need Google to address the issues that are plaguing those of us that do have problems. Why give Google a reason to believe that only a small percentage are having problems. You are not helping people. Be glad you are not having problems and post elsewhere.


  • anthony

    Jack I disagree here is why.I am glad those people are going smooth. The problem might be just a batch which is easier to recall than the entire lot. Its all good so what I do test phone fairly it it doesn’t work ship it back. People posting with no issues Congrats we want the same

  • vicki

    Idk. I have a Cliq, and I’m having 3G coverage issues. We’re supposed to have it in my city. I have excellent reception in my house, as soon as I go to my sons school to pic him up (outside in my car waiting for him) I’m right back to EDGE. School is about 5 minutes from my house… I’m starting to think something is up with Tmob. Same thing happened with my MT3G. So yeah, I can see how N1 owners are getting fed up. If that happens just by switching hands, thats just crazy.

    • Trill

      In your case it would be 3G coverage but other cases have been hardware/software and this is whats confusing people by blaming so and so. Those who have 3G get service but no matter what device they have in a specific location it drops for the reason stated in my comment above. The rest experiencing issues have a bad device which means something in the hardware of the device demonstrated in the video is wrong and since its from engadget (Apple fans till they die) there going to point out everything and be less through than they would if it was thw iphone.

      I’m not sure why everyone is not seeing the difference but just keep going on and on in an endless rant but I give up since I’m happy with my G1 minus low memory. Heck I’m even tethered to my new laptop typing this however the only issues I have with 3G is the speeds and thats because of congestion on the network but its definetly reliable and I was surprise we got it as early aas we did considering where I live.

  • Richard

    HTC makes crappy phones, T-Mo has spotty 3G service and Google completely and utterly failed on this launch and has repeatedly failed since then to acknowledge or fix anything.

    Seems like the perfect storm to me.


    • mrkhan

      Our 3G coverage actually has nothing to do with the problem, and if you weren’t foaming at the mouth to badmouth TMO, you would have researched the history of this issue. Google did not validate the hardware in a controlled, lab environment or in real world drive testing. They sent a bunch home with their Googlets and took their word for it. Thus, they’re learning a valuable lesson right now, as should you.

  • jason

    The argument that T-Mobile has spotty 3g coverage is completely irrelevant to this problem. If there were any correlation, similar “switching” issues would exist on several other T-Mobile smartphones….they don’t. This is Google thinking that their employees are so smart that they can do the job of a Field Test Engineer without any training.

  • WMisbest

    HTC makes crappy phones?? WTF UR a moron Richard.

  • mrkhan

    I know for a fact Google did not submit this phone for testing in our validation lab, unlike any other phone certified for use on our network. If they had, it would have failed spectacularly in its current form. Instead, they sent a bunch of test phones home with employees and called that a validation. TMO said “fine, since you don’t want us as a distribution channel anyway, what do we care?”. IMO, the chickens are coming home to roost for Google. Let the carriers and OEMs work out the product specs and do the testing.

    • Fort

      My mytouch3g does the same thing and a lot of other people. TMO was unable to help with those.

  • Jack Martling

    Anthony you may be right. I recant. Very frustrated here with Googles slow response

  • Fort

    I’ve used the Samsung t49, blackberry curve, mytouch 3g and the N1. All had the same problem. I was unable to make a call when holding the phone in my hand. Mytouch and N1 both have the same 3g problem until I walk about a block down the street and 3g works good but still have problems making an call.

  • anthony

    People don’t blame engadget who cares they were used as our vessel to deliver the news. We need to hear from someone in google not those mouth pieces on google forum that feed us bull then mark best answer. I hate being stroked unless oops sorry

  • soviet

    nonsense, thats an iphone in n1 wrapper

  • mpierce

    I upgrade phone’s almost every 2 to 3 months. I have had multiple phone’s including g1 and currently samsung highlight also as well as nokia 3g flip. The newer one and several others and they did not and still don’t have 3g issues. They hold 3g signal perfectly inside or out so this is a hardware issue. Force to 3g only by google it. I got no problems with 3g like this so it has to be hardware based. Friend has Cliq and keeps constant 3g also so that’s kinda odd that this phone is main one having these issues

  • mike

    from watching the video how can someone point the finger at tmobiles network for the phone switching back and forth from edge to 3g?

  • Usman

    If I were a betting man, I’d say this is really only a problem in areas where 3G signals aren’t saturating the area. I’d say it’s partially HTC’s fault, and partially due to T-mobile’s lack of network saturation.

    • john

      How so? As previously mentioned, G1 and mytouch devices hold where nexus devices failed.

    • twitch


      How can you say it is partially T-Mobile’s issue? It is really clear it is hardware as when the right portion got covered it reverts to EDGE? Come on have some common sense!

    • twitch


      How can you say it is partially T-Mobile’s issue? It is really clear it is hardware as when the right portion got covered it reverts to EDGE? Come on have some common sense! It doesn’t make any sense.

    • Usafguard

      How is -75 to -83dBm NOT signal saturation indoors???? He is likely 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile from a “tower” with signal levels that strong indoors.