Take 24: iPhone Headed To T-Mobile This Summer?


Here we go again… Rumor has it that Apple will be ending AT&T exclusivity soon. According to some rumors “soon” is considered Wednesday January 27th, or tomorrow. Bloomberg is reporting that T-Mobile USA will get the iPhone this summer, followed by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp. in the fall, and Clearwire Corp. in 2011, Horan wrote in a note yesterday. As you probably already know, AT&T has had a tight grip on the iPhone exclusivity since June of 2007, when the iPhone first debuted. Even though there is absolutely no confirmation of this, it could very well be possible. There has been a lot of rumors regarding a Verizon Wireless iPhone (or iTablet), but would Apple really make a brand new iPhone (because of Verizon’s CDMA network [Andrew – Let me add that there is a chip out there that does cover CDMA and GSM frequencies and Apple could add it to future iDevices]) just so they could sell it on one network in the US? On the other hand, Apple does what is wants, and anything is possible. Both Apple and T-Mobile declined to comment on the matter. Although our beloved Magenta has claimed in the past that it’s network is ready to take on the iPhone.

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    bring it on!!!

  • Rstar

    Oh here we go again. when I see it I will believe it. For now, it aint happening, you know why…tmobile doesnt even have 3g in alot of places…

    • Bill

      “Oh here we go again. when I see it I will believe it. For now, it aint happening, you know why…tmobile doesnt even have 3g in alot of places…”

      Yeah, it’s called the Alaskan wilderness, Mojave desert and other very, very scarcely populated places in the US. T-Mobile is gettin’ busy unloading one shot after another on the market. The iPhone to T-Mobile will in my opinion, substantially hurt Verizon/Sprint/AT&T.

    • TehAndroid

      AT&t isn’t much better and if it is true then the iphone will come out just in time for 3.5G

    • CO_Yeti

      So Google launched the N1 on Tmo’s network, Microsoft is bringing the most highly regarded winmo phone in years to Tmo and now Apple…. I doubt these companies would do business if Tmo really did have a crap network. Tmo does have a smaller footprint than At&t and Verizon, but where there is service (most major cities) our network is faster and more reliable.

      • sorandkairi

        I think ur right!

      • Galen20K

        I KNOW you’re Right Yeti!

    • TMoEmployee

      Neither did AT&T…

      • sorandkairi

        But for At&t it wasnt really about the network and or lack there of, rather it was about the total number of subscribers, in my opinion.

  • coca2

    let’s get it on

  • PrezBO

    But does T-Mobile have 3G in more places than AT&T?

    • sorandkairi

      No but how many Android phones does At&t have? The answer is none! The comment was relative. 3g isnt for every1. Most ppl, that i know, dont/cant tell if they have 3g in their area or not let along care what it does! It matters to us on these types of forums because we know. But regardless, ppl should choose the carrier and phone that they are comfortable with (coverage and capabiltiy). If not, then its a waste of their money.

  • Craiger

    iPhone is dead! Viva la HD2!!!

    • just some dude

      LOL,hold your horses there buddy. WM is dead too. Android rules.

      • Namo

        ANDROID will rule!!!!! Tmo should stay with Android and to forget that gayphone.

    • Peter

      Yeah iPhone is belong to the past and Craproid is just another unfinish copy cat OS with lots of problems and lack of features. We don’t need iPhone.

  • jet

    If they really have the network for it they can get it. But they are already having issues with nexus one. Apple has learned their lesson with at&t.
    T-mobile can not have any issues with it at time of activation and handling the data usage, do you think the network can take it?
    I’ve been with tmo for a very long time and use an unlocked iphone. If its announced tomorrow then will wait around, else gotta go and check out verizon’s network and see how they par with t-mobile, knowing that they are #1 in us…

    • Andrew

      I still hold that the 3g issues with the Nexus one are Hardware related, maybe not Google’s fault, but not the fault of T-mobile’s coverage since other devices get 3g just fine in the same place

      • TMoEmployee

        I will have to agree. All my 3G capable devices are strong with 3G over here in Philly. There are some spotty places but, good. Google should do a little research before the pin blame. My Cliq is a 3G monster.

    • SteveGowski

      T-Mobile isn’t having issues with the Nexus One. This is simply a software issue that Google (for some reason) is blaming 50% of it on T-Mobile. Probably because they can get away with it. I personally think this makes Google look bad. Anyone who knows anything, knows that this was all Googles fault and it is payback for their shitty pricing structure and lack of respect to early Android adoptors. Seriously, how can it be T-Mobiles fault when G1’s and MyTouch’s are not having any issues in the same areas. Hmmmmm, let me think, GOOGLE = FAIL. What’s really sad is that Google is a large, successful company and you would think at this point they would have the smarts to admit they F’d up and take responsibility, yet they still think their shit doesn’t stink…and you know what, their shit doesn’t stink, but their N1 does!

    • Galen20K

      All they need to do is push a software update to the Nexus One, there is nothing wrong with T-Mobile’s 3G at all.

  • MishkaGreen

    I just got my Android phone just a few months ago :-/

  • nyne7lac

    Lol….i just dont believe it.maybe the big T will get the first gen left overs

  • Dominick

    I keep hearing this rumor. I think the iphone is played out I’m tired of it, make something new. Oh well hurry up and get this rumor over with.

    • JakeMG

      I think this would mean the next generation iPhone with iPhone OS 4.0. Practically a new phone. I’ll totally be in after 11 months with that new upgrade structure coming… :) I’m a huge Android fan, but it would be nice to only carry one device and be able to ditch my iPod touch…

  • hmuldrow

    Long Live Android

    • Dominick

      Right on! Android Forever.

      • timmyjoe42

        Bringing the iPhone to all the other networks isn’t going to help us Android users.


    I used my unlocked iPhone on t mobile ever since they found a way to unlock the thing it got old quick iPhones are out dated they need bigger screens more processing power and removable memory and batteries for me to even consider using another one. On the other hand I’ve got a nice unlocked touch with a camera one it and cydia

  • txasbubba

    This makes sense, given the increasing popularity of Android phones. If one recent poll is accurate, then a 21% share of new smartphone buyers is very significant.

  • God

    “but would Apple really make a brand new iPhone just so they could sell it on one network in the US?”

    If the iPhone is going CDMA, they’ll probably sell it to Sprint, too. Bell and Telus in Canada would also make use of such a phone on their existing CDMA networks.

    As old as the iphone is now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally made a move to CDMA.

    • Sean

      It’s very possible that Apple is dropping in the new Motorola radio chip which supports GSM & CDMA on multiple frequencies…making it possible that all carriers would be able to get the same phone without multiple phone versions.

  • http://dragonladykitchen.com jmfos

    Alleluia!!! Finally a new 3g+ iphone on the 3g+ magenta. Currently iphone 3g is slow and so is edge.

  • efjay

    If At&t’s network couldnt handle the strain what makes anyone think this network can?

    • john

      Proper implementation of backend software and fiber at the towers…oh, and soon to be the fastest 3g network in america.

  • hanma

    Who cares, I already have the N900.

    • sorandkairi

      Me too but that’s not what this post is about!

  • just some dude

    No thanks its all about Android.

  • shawn1224

    Now all TMO needs is Palm Pre Plus and Web OS and we’re set

    You can pencil me in for an iphone thss summer.

  • artiepants

    makes sense that it would be in the Summer, when the the 4th Gen iPhone will launch. they can simply add a quad-band antenna to the new version and BOOM.

    (it’d also make sense that they’d come to the CDMA carriers later, although i’m suspicious they wouldn’t wait for Verizon’s LTE roll-out.)

  • Tgre

    efjay, AT&T may have more 3G coverage than T-Mobile but their catching up quick. Also, T-Mobiles 3g network is very reliable, more so than AT&T most definitely, and will be able to handle the congestion iPhone users would bring well. When the switch is flipped on 21mbps speeds this summer, the iPhone will rock on the big Magenta!

    As far as the HTC HD2, it looks awesome but I would not touch it without Android. The only thing that could possibly change my mind is if Microsoft steps up their game big time with Mobile 7! I still love the iPhone and am stoked for tomorrow in hopes they’ll shed some light on their upcoming plans for it.


  • Cybersedan

    This would be a good move for Apple, not just T-Mobile, when you sell a product that’s in high demand how can it make good business sense to limit it to only one carrier.

    The iPhone fan fare is dying out, it’s slowly being reduced from the phone god status to just another smart phone, if they really want to compete with Android and the other hot WinMo devices that will drop in 2010, they need to make the iPhone more available, I say put it on all the major carriers.

    I of course wouldn’t buy one until they have a true OS with real functions and not just a “glorified app launcher”, but all that’s left to be seen maybe 4.0 will be better.

    • sorandkairi

      I completely agree!!!!!

  • casey

    iphone huh….too late

  • KitPogi

    Oh please! I don’t want to experience what ATT customers have the Iphone use….ATT and other carriers can keep that Iphone, magenta should just keep moving up with out it. It’s so over rated and still yet to impress me with features. HTC is catching up really fast with Android OS. And don’t forget SE X10, if ever that happens, magenta will be bumped up from 4th to 2nd largest. At least that’s my opinion. So, ATT and other carriers can keep the iphone…

    • Namo


  • Zapote21

    I reduse to downgrade from my Nexus for that Isomething…LOL

  • Bigg

    If iphone does indeed come to Tmo, which I doubt it will. Can we at least have something better 3GS, how bout 3.5GS or 4GS, or whatever you call your next gen iphone, apple.

  • Lol

    The reason that T-Mobile’s network is going to be able to handle the iPhone is because it already is. T-Mobile already has over 1 million iPhone users on its network. Granted, they are all on EDGE right now but they are on the network.

    As for all of you that don’t feel as though Apple will release a CDMA version of the iPhone – They don’t have to. Verizon is in the process of converting to GSM. Blackberry Storm?? Verizon knows that the base technology is at a dead end and is working furiously to convert in order to make sure that they don’t fall behind T-Mobile in network technology. Also keep in mind that T-Mobile and AT&T’s 3G networks both run on WCDMA… the same as Verizon. The only thing that Verizon needs to do is make sure that their voice and sms services are up to par on the GSM side.

    • http://tmonews james

      sure why not? t-mobile in europe has the iphone why not t-mobile usa?

    • ultravision

      Tmobile and ATTs 3g networks is not the same as verizon. verizon uses EV-DO not WCDMA. EV-DO is much different than WCDMA. WCDMA uses a different Radio than GSM thats why u can talk and surf at the same time. with verizon they use the same radio for data and voice. WCDMA with some software and hardware upgrades aloows for HSPA which verizons network does not have the capability to do. WCDMA is not CDMA

  • Peter

    I hope they don’t get it. iPhone is dead (old) and belong to the past. Now there are so many other better phones (Both in term of Design and Power) out there from different companies specially from HTC.

    Plus we don’t need AT&T problems in T-Mobile network. If T-Mobile get iPhone I will switch to another carrier as soon as I can. Last thing I need is a crappy network like AT&T.

    When phones like HTC HD2 will be available in T-Mobile I don’t see any reason to even think about getting iPhone.

  • eli_the_great89

    There are many other carriers around the world with small networks that picked up the iPhone collection after it’s exclusivity ended with other carriers.
    It would be a great thing if the iPhone came to T-Mobile, maybe then I could finally stay on the affordable Magenta with an amazing phone.

  • dboy

    Who cares about the iphone anymore….? Not me for sure !! just give me the hd2!!!

  • http://cailun.info Dennis

    If Jobs’s announcing this tomorrow, he will definitely say that it’s the next gen iPhone that supports 7.2Mbps high speed 3G which T-Mobile already has in place this year!!! I bet you he also pushed T-Mobile to finish implementation ASAP as a condition for iPhone partnership! WE SHALL SEE!

  • Aaron

    “Who cares about the iphone anymore….? Not me for sure !! just give me the hd2!!!”


  • Mockerfab4

    Please let this be true! I tired of all the iHype. I was planning on getting the HD2, but if the iPhone comes to Tmo, I’ll get the new phone. I love all my iPhone apps and can’t bear to be without them!

    • efjay

      Aww bless, a true isheep!

      • Zyzzyx

        There’s an app for that.

      • Mockerfab4

        Baaaaa Baaaaaa…and damn proud of it, too! ;)

  • AgDon

    Bring it on I’ll take one.

  • Broke

    A little bit too late in the game for me. Would have loved one before my November Android purchase. Would consider in another year or two. If and only if it learns to multitask.

  • Zyzzyx

    Who cares? The iPhone sucks, and it always will. Have you ever tried to make a call on one? Call quality is horrendous. That’s a result of the phone hardware, not the network.

    Not to mention the girly design. It’s something a teenage girl wants. Paint it pink and throw some glitter on it.

  • http://i-appreciate.org alt-mobile

    Okay let me just say that the iPhone is NOT coming to T-Mobile (and I have reliable sources on this). As much as I would like to see the iPhone on T-Mobile (I think it would do wonders for the company) it isn’t happening. Why you ask?

    Well my good friend works for Motorola but specifically for Verizon based phones in that company. He is a phone tester for up and coming phones that are due out for Verizon and he has told me that a close friend of his (who works in the cell phone development/testing department for Verizon) is currently testing the iPhone and that Verizon should be the next company that gets the iPhone.

    Like I said, this is a very reliable source (unless Apple has given T-Mobile AND Verizon iPhones to test with their networks extensively, but that just doesn’t make any sense to me). Also, it doesn’t make sense to have a company that is pushing the Android OS so heavily to be able to carry the iPhone (Apple has too much pride for that to happen). I think, in the end, Verizon will be the next to get the iPhone and eventually, down the line, T-Mobile may get it. But like I said before (sorry to beat a dead horse) but from my sources, Verizon is next to offer the iPhone.

    • Delusion FTL

      I’m sorry but the most your source could possibly know given what information you’ve given is information on verizon and the iphone.

      They would have no idea as to Apple’s or tmobiles plan for release, deployment or whether or not any other wireless carrier was testing the iphone. The most they could say is “Verizon hopes to get the iphone soon we are testing it”. Which I’m pretty sure that every US carrier can say the same thing.

      The fact is that there are “sources” much more involved with apple and tmo (neither of which your source is related to). That say that the iphone is headed to tmo this summer. Combine that with the fact that tmo is GSM like the iphone, they have wcdma 3G like the iphone (just on AWS though), and they already carry about 20% of the north American iphones anyways even though they dont sell them. For tmo not to end up with an iphone it would almost be like apple going out of their way not to release it here since it’s the simplest, quickest, and easiest carrier to get it on after AT&T.

    • Alex V

      of course they could give both companies the phone. ever heard of increasing market share? why wouldnt they now that the exclusivity agreement is over?

    • Galen20K

      I’m sorry but I trust Bloomberg way more than your little “anonymous” source.

  • Robert

    iphone is outdated. i used it for awhile, went back to the blackberry, then went back to the iphone and blackberry is the way to go =D

    • 30014

      Blackberries are outdated, I used one for a while and then went to android. I haven’t went back to blackberry and never will.

  • http://www.mobilenewsnow.net josh uhlemeyer

    Hey if you want to know what I think feel free to read what I wrote at my website.

  • Mr hd2

    HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2HD2……..iPhone who? The phone is played out and over-rated. Im going to support t-mo and the phones exclusive to us!

  • Kebanyo

    i currently have an iPhone 2g 16gb on T-Mobile and i love the phone but i want the 3G data. I saw the HTC HD2 and i told myself thats gonna be my next phone but if the rumors are true that the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile then i may stick with the iphone!

    • Mockerfab4

      Same here! And I don’t have the latest upgraded OS either on my iPhone. It sucks. I just hope this is true..Could tomorrow PLEASE come soon!

  • Rickb

    I’ve been harping on this lately, in case you just joined or have been spared my rants.

    Locking and unlocking data-intensive phones is obsolete. If your phone is dependent on 3G or better service, you, as a carrier, DON’T NEED TO LOCK IT TO YOUR NETWORK!

    If your phone is an iPhone, as of today you can’t get 3G service on TMO, so you go to TMO and suffer a great penalty in performance. Most users don’t bother.

    If your phone is a Verizon-supplied phone, then you are probably not going to change without calling the new carrier and giving up your IMEI, and of course, that amounts to a lock.

    So for us GSM users, locking is lie.

    Having said that, I wonder if it possible to build a phone that is 3G comaptible with TMO and AT&T. If so, that is the phone with ‘choice’. If not, it is effectively locked by design.

    And I’m not buying an iPhone. Android has too many advantages, such as Cyanogen.

  • http://www.yahoo.com kevo97

    im a t-mo customer and check the website like everyday. If the iPhone comes out 4 tmo,t-mobile will b headed on its way up to the top with vzw and at&t. of course, at&t will probably lose some of its customers but its not really a big deal.

  • FILA

    GREAT! and i mean that as Fuck. All signs are pointing to yes, I was hoping it go the opposite way and go on Verizon, and you know, apple would make a new phone just for CDMA so thats nothing. But with T-Mobiles comments and iphone being GSM and shit, all signs are looking greater. It sucks for us ANTi, who hate the iphone culted fans and hate everything for Apple. and for the people who work at T-mobile who have to sell this trash when people ask for it. it would boom sales up for t-mobile, but really, if its gonna be on all 3 carriers what difference does it really make. keep the shit off T-mobile if i had my way

  • Joseph Singer

    Unless Apple modifies the iPhone it won’t work on 3G since the present radios don’t support T-Mobile’s HSPA frequency.

  • BKJames

    Yawnnn…I’ll stick to Android.

  • Todd

    Screw the I-PHONE!

  • Cracker

    Hehe. Which OS should I choose, Maemo or Android… Ohh wait, I can have both on the N900. lol.
    Now to load the iPhone OS in VM to piss off the Apple fanboys.

  • chris

    if this does go thru, man T-mObile is a powerhouse! HAHAHA HD2 (confirmed), Motoroi (highly likely), and if does iPhone (hopefully) THIS IS A POWERHOUSE LINE UP OF PHONES HAHAHA, more = merry :)

  • ali

    I hope t-mobile doesn’t get the iphone too. Android is the future, and we need not contribute to an exclusive, obsessive compulsive company like Apple.

    • Peter

      Agree with you except the part “Android is the future” because it is not. I don’t think any of these operating systems goes away in future. They all will have their own users and market share.

  • John

    Thank you, but I don’t want iPhone and I will not get one. I will stick to Windows Mobile and great Windows Phones that will come this year and in future.