Something Stinks With This Whole Thing


Update: Adding in an image below from internal T-Mobile systems showing that you can change the rate plan without question!


I just tweeted about this and saw Engadget already discussed it this morning, but the notion that Google is only allowing new customers the full discount price on the Nexus One sucks. I understand that customers who just bought a phone with a subsidy two months ago don’t deserve another subsidy while still paying for the first one. I get that argument and it makes sense and I take no issue with it. I take serious issue however with upgrade eligible customers not being given the full discount and it seems as though they are getting rear ended by Google. That just sucks and it’s unacceptable. On that note, the single rate plan being shuffled around is also in a word: crap. One single rate plan choice for 500 minutes, thanks but I would have used that up since the announcement yesterday.

There is a long debate on whether or not loyal customers deserve the bigger discount or do new customers deserve more incentive to switch over? That’s the case here as it seems as though only new customers are being given the benefit of a lower up front price and I think that sucks. Aside from that, the idea that only one rate plan is available drastically limits the draw of the phone in the first place and I can only wonder if Verizon will be given the same restrictions. I don’t blame T-Mobile here, I blame Google and their “open” speak seems to be “open” but only as they see fit. Perhaps I do not understand all this as well as I should as I was missing in action most of the day yesterday and only started this morning to really catch up. As I understand it though, there is one rate plan, only new customers get the discount and this phone is supposed to bring world peace. That about sum it up? While I understand there may be workarounds regarding the single rate plan, the fact that it was decided in the first place that only one limited rate plan with the least amount of limits available be enforced is lunacy. Even Apple isn’t so bold to ask for such a thing.

I want to hear your thoughts. Am I totally off my rocker or do the carriers need to step up and earn their keep by putting some pressure on Google rather than the other way around? I know it would be shocking to see the carriers be the good guys but T-Mobile needs to go to bat for their own right now.

Let the comments fly.


  • Junkington

    You should all know that once you sign up for the individual 500 minute plan you can call customer care and upgrade your plan to 1000 or unlimited minutes. The only thing you can’t change is your unlimited text and data package. If you doubt me, call tmobile customer care and ask yourself. 800-937-8997. So stop crying about the rate. As for the phone price, google set it. remember when everyone lined up and camped out overnight to buy the iphone for 699? With a two year contract?! Buy this phone outright for $530 and use it one the network that is going to be the fastest by mid 2010 and arguably is already without a contract. where is the problem?

    • Rich

      That’s right, customer care did say we could upgrade the plan as soon as we are finished signing up and activate our new phones. They also said they didn’t know if doing this would be violating Google’s Terms of Service contract for the subsidized or discounted phone. So they couldn’t guarantee that doing this wouldn’t trigger a fine for breach of contract. Any knowledge either way? I’m telling you, I like my G1, and this is just too much hassle!

      I’m not upset at TMO, but I am surprised at how poorly TMO is equipped to handle the interfacing and details of the whole thing. So what happens when something goes wrong with my Nexus One handset? What a hassle that will be. I’m spoiled by TMOs unsurpassed Customer Care Dept. After talking with “Sheniqwa the Getto Operator” at HTC, who didn’t seem to give 2 sh*ts about my purchase, I lost faith in the whole process. I still want one, but I’ll just wait. Who knows, maybe Nexus Two on Verizon?

      • B Dogg

        Verizon is not better and they are the most expensive cell company. T-Mobile is not setting the price of the phone. It was set by Google. At least T-Mobile gives you the choice of contract or no contract. You might not be aware of this fact but Verizon’s ult voice, data and text comes in at $140 for 1 line before tax. T-Mobile’s no contact is $80 for 1 line. If you buy the phone for $530 and stay with T-Mobile for 24 months you will pay, before tax $2,450. If you sign with Verizon for 24 months, pay $180 (not sure on phone price yet, just for giggles) for the phone and $140 a month for the plan you will end up paying $3,540 by the end of your 2 year contract. That is a $1,090 difference in price for what? So you tell me who is getting screwed here? And please do not reply back with bogus coverage claims because that argument is so tired it needs to take a nap.

      • Usman

        I spoke to T-mo several times today, and that included waiting for confirmation by a T-mo Business Analyst with Google… Changing up to a higher plan after the purchase is fine and dandy with Google. However, you can’t go to a lesser plan, which in this case means that you can’t change back to a grandfathered plan. Not for 120 days at least. ;) If you do within the 120 days, then Google will charge you the Equipment Recovery Fee. However after the 120 days, what you do with T-mobile is beyond Google’s purview.

      • sorandkairi

        It was cool till u said “Sheniqwa the Getto Operator”…….really man, come on, even if it was a joke…….come on!!!

      • thechemist

        I agree with this guy! I have been nothing but pleased with TMO customer care. Only complaint is sometimes they’re TOO nice! ha ha

        I am tired of companies hiring people without regard to their english education or skills. My company wouldn’t hire someone with zero knowledge of chemicals to work at my chemical plant so why would you hire someone who can’t even speak english correctly to TALK to people all day!?!?

    • Robert

      Not to bright are we?

      The BIGGEST gripe is having to pay more as a long term customer than a new one… and also that many of us are on good family plans and no you can’t just sign up for the individual plan and then call and upgrade to something else, you’re losing the great plan you had before.

      That’s the problem.

      • nathan118

        If you buy it unlocked you can keep your plan…

      • ngocalicious

        I’ve noticed that most of time, paying full price for the phone is the better option. But you have to take some time and do the math for your own personal usage.

    • mmaxsooner

      All this from money grubbin google. Adds more friggin adds, oh lets buy admob, did we fools really think google was lookin out for us? Please folks these money hungry add droppin fools deserve nothing. F them, DON’T buy this phone. Avoid it like the plague. Which is google is getting their hands in your pocket. Just get the n900 or the htc hd2 and give a really large middle finger to google and all their money hungry investors. Play us like chumps and we will send u to the bottom of the barrel. Don’t be fools there is a reason tmob is not selling this phone directly. Google is pulling the strings. Let’s all call bullshit where it is deserved. Seriously people don’t let google have any more power over us, this shows google is out for themselves, Piss on them and their advertisement lovin phone, get a phone for tmob that doesn’t screw us like this deal does.

    • bchristineb

      Well, I am due for a full upgrade in March and I have never had a smartphone. I have waiting for this phone!!! My question to you is, will I be able to get the Nexus 1 if I have 2 phone lines on my t-mobile account. My husband wants the Cliq and I would like the Nexus one, however there is no way I can afford $530 for a cell phone!! Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

      • Janey

        Yeah, I have some advice. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Just wait until you can afford it. DUH.

        Otherwise, no, you can’t just add it on. The only way to do that is to buy the full price unlocked one and use it.

  • xclntgig

    Why all the hoopla? I’ve been with T-mobile for 8 years. It would be nice to get a little more love but they don’t owe me anything, and I don’t owe them anything. This phone will be on the Verizon network shortly so I’ll wait and see what they are offering. Rates are a bit higher, true. But service is a bit better in Houston too. So, I’m actually getting some value for the extra $$ (if any). I’ve reasearched the plans to and I can get a suitable plan for my needs for around the same money anyway. I have unlimited voice now with Tmo, but I don’t use it all… Then mabey I’ll switch back to Tmo in another two years. If they reward loyal customers then I’ll be loyal, and if they don’t then I won’t stay.

  • Thanzig

    Before complaining about that TMO is shafting existing customers, ask yourself this question, Where do you have to purchase the Nexus One?

    Is it at No. Is it at a T-Mobile retail outlet or retail partner? No. There answer is you have to go to Google to by the phone. Therefore, Google sets the price point and TMO has little say on whether or not existing customers receive a discount because Google makes the rules.

    Google is merchandising the phone much in the same way is merchandising phones. Would complain that it’s T-Mobile’s fault that you didn’t get a discount if you purchased an unlocked Nokia N900 from or This is the same philosophy. Google is merchandising the phone therefore Google makes the rules.

    I could understand the outrage if TMO was selling the phone, but that is just not the case. Heck, I talked to a TMO retail rep who said that even TMO employees have to pay full price.

    • papaJohn

      I think you are missing the point.

      Correct, Google did set the price point for the device however, that is the only involvement Google should have had. Since when did Google enter into the wireless service business? No, they did not and therefore they should not have any interest in the service plans what-so-ever.

      Ask yourself this, how would Google benefit by dictating a particular minimum wireless service plan or dictate that only new customers are the special pricing. No, it is T-Mobile that is behind this, not Google. T-

      Mobile has decided to screw their out of contract, existing customers who would like to upgrade to this phone and receive the lower pricing. T-Mobile has shafted the vary customer who helped bring this company to where it is today..not the new customers!

      No, it is not an outrage as you suggest. This is clearly a screw job towards their existing customers.

      By the way, are you an existing, upgrade eligible customer?

  • taj

    If I buy it unlocked, will it work on the AT&T network?

    If not, then it is not really “without a contract” right?

    • nathan118

      It does. Just no 3G, only edge. That is UNLOCKED.

    • Durden

      I get what you’re saying, you just said it wrong. You buy the phone unlocked, who did you sign a contract with? You can’t already be in one contract and then try to say that because you have to use your new unlocked phone w/ that plan that it means the phone is under contract. As a matter of fact, I can argue that the phone you just threw in the trash to get the N1 is technically the phone under contract. The logic isn’t good there. Sorry.

      • Fromtheinside

        That’s not actually correct. You could argue that all day long if you want, but it wouldn’t make it correct. In this case Google is playing the part of an indirect dealer. If they weren’t then they wouldn’t have the ability to sell plans & contracts to go along with them. Being the indirect dealer they do have the right to set the phone price & terms of the contract as they see fit, but MUST require the customer signing the contract to also agree to the T-Mobile contract as well. ANY time you sign a contract with ANY indirect dealer you are actually signing 2 contacts & must abide by both. Read the contract from sometime. If you make any changes at all to your entire plan or features for a full 6 months after you signup you will have an ETF show up on the credit card you used to purchase from their website. Even changing your mobile # will get you a nice ETF from them. I talk to these people all the time who used an indirect dealer & didn’t read the contract terms. YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO BEFORE YOU AGREE TO ANYTHING. It’s just common sense.

        As far as the pricing goes. T-Mobile gives indirect dealers more money for signing up new activations then they do upgrades. This is why Google is charging a higher price for the current upgrades. Again it is their right to charge whatever they want for the phone as an indirect dealer.

  • TMoEmployee

    My only real issue is that as a T-Mobile emoployee, I’m getting shafted…HARD!! I lost customers today because of this “world peace” phone. No doubt, I want the phone as much as the next geek. But, as an employee I’m going to lose in store activations. And we haven’t had one meeting or training on what to even say when a Nexus One customer walks in the door. Yeah, if they have the phone bought out right I know to sign them up and keep it moving. But, what about those customers who say, I’m new to T-Mobile and I’d like to run my credit to get a Nexus One. What in the hell am I supposed to do then… Huh! Huh!

    • Durden

      “But, what about those customers who say, I’m new to T-Mobile and I’d like to run my credit to get a Nexus One. What in the hell am I supposed to do then… Huh! Huh!”

      Well, let’s think about this logically, shall we. Since the phone is NOT BEING SOLD VIA T-MOBILE and THUS NOT A TRUE PRODUCT OF T-MOBILE, I guess a salesman worth his salt would upsell an already existing handset after explaining the complications it takes to get an N1 via Google, and let the customer decide for themselves.

      Tell me what store you work at so I can walk in and say, “I’m a T-mo customer and I want you to see if I qualify for a Nokia N9700”. How would that answer differ?

      And yeah, if anyone reads my comments, I mention that Nokia quite a bit and it’s not because its a great phone, its just the perfect example of what the N1 is trying to be.

      • mmaxsooner

        Umm. U retarded? Nokia n 9700? Hell man that’s a blackberry! And they aren’t going to get the n900 either since it is not sold by tmob. Nokia phone is cool but they don’t create this big news hype like google, while they stick a big ole shaft in your nether parts. There is something that really stinks on this ggogle phone and that is screwing us and the poor tmob reps. As I said before screw google and let this phone rot in hell, something stinks here and its google. Really sucks but don’t let google lead you around by your nose like a smuck!!

  • Brent Johnson

    I wonder how many of the people posting here saying T-Mobile doesn’t owe us anything OR subsidized phones are a lousy deal OR just deal with it OR any of the other things supporting this T-Mobile/Google pricing nonsense …

    1. have received a subsidized phone in the past
    2. would have screamed bloody hell if they didn’t get that subsidy
    if it was due them
    3. did everything thing could to get a “loyalty plan”
    4. switched plans when something cheaper came out

    Most got something back for either signing up with or remaining with their carrier. Those of us disgruntled are asking for much the same thing.

    Or how many of them bought something on sale at some retail store? Do they think retailers fill our Sunday papers with weekly ads because they appreciate us and want to do us a favor or because they owe us anything?

    It’s a marketing ploy. Get you in the door with the hopes of you buying more items while you’re there.

    So in this instance, we do expect the phone on sale because we’re buying more items from the T-Mobile store (called a lucrative 2 year plan).

    T-Mobile can blow us off and spend millions on their tv marketing. Fine. But the ill will this has caused actually turns into massive negative publicity that counteracts a good part of that paid publicity. And with the recent Sidekick fiasco and all the ill-will that caused, the reputation surrounding T-Mobile’s sparce (but improving) 3G coverage, the flak they’ve received for tacking on those ridiculous “migration fees” for their recent plan changes, and on and on … it’s stupid moves like this Nexus One debacle that will keep them relegated to 4th place (if not eventually driven out of the U.S. completely).

    There is bound to be a happy medium where everyone could walk away happy. A partial-partial subsidy perhaps? 1 month of free service? Something.

    But it won’t happen. Too many have already bought their phones at full price now. THere’s now way T-Mobile is letting go of any of that cash by having to give anything back to them.

    Oh well, I call local only. Regional carriers are getting 3G here very shortly. I’ll be paying 1/2 of what I would be paying for this 500/ut/ui when I make the switch. There just comes a point, and it’s been reached.

    • Durden

      “it’s stupid moves like this Nexus One debacle that will keep them relegated to 4th place”
      So what happens when the VZW version of the N1 is released under the same conditions? I guess thats a stupid move that will keep them relegated to…um… the #2 position? What?

      Why is it you have these opinions about the N1, but not the Nokia N9700 or Sony Xperia?

      And anyone can correct me if I’m wrong… but subsidized or unlocked, you’re paying for an N1 via the site, correct? From what I can tell, T-mo isn’t getting a penny of phone sales. They get the benefit of taking your money for service, yes.

      I think some of you need to open your eyes. sells unlocked smartphones. Go there, browse, and then come back let the rest of us know if the $530 price point is still unreasonable.

      And then on top of all that… yeah, this IS the Google phone, sold by Google. Service currently provided by T-mobile. You want a discount? Then you wait for a T-mobile phone sold through T-mobile… and the last rumors I’ve read is we’re getting the HD2 and Xperia 3 (which on paper is exactly the same as the N1 but w/ physical keyboard). Then rumors of iPhone coming out… I’m glad some of you CAN’T get an N1 because at the end of 2010 you all are going to be right back here bitching about how you locked yourselves into a contract and now you really want that other “it” phone.

      Oh, and if I bought an old Ford Mustang and next year they come out with a re-design, I should expect Ford to give me some kind of great deal, shouldn’t I? And I should expect the bank to just kind of ‘cancel’ my loan since chances are I’ll owe more than what I can sell the car for… but that’s ok cause I’m a “loyal customer”. Right? Riiiiiight.

      Hmm… I’m sorry, but doesn’t loyal mean you’re dedicated through thick and thin? If you’re loyalty wavers now because of one damn phone, the truth of the matter is none of you were that loyal to begin with and it was just some rhetorical excuse to hide the real reasons you wouldn’t–or couldn’t— leave T-mobile.

      • Bugdog

        See below.

      • Brent Johnson

        Let me address that one bit at a time…

        Verizon: Chances are by the time the N1 gets there, it will be lower in price.

        Nokia N9700 or Sony Xperia: Was never interested in them because they weren’t offered WITH a T-Mobile plan (I know I could use them on TMo though). Why? Because I’m eligible for an upgrade and am simply not dumb enough to waste $250+ for a phone I can’t get when I have a substantial subsidy awaiting me.

        If T-Mo isn’t getting anything off the N1 sales. then why does it matter to T-Mobile what I pay for the phone? I cetainly don’t know the business dealings between Google & T-Mo, but there is something in play here.

        I have opened my eyes to unlocked phone channels, and that’s why I’m pretty adamant that T-Mo needs to pony up something to those of us that qualify for a subsidy.

        And when you put this little doozie in there:
        ” I’m glad some of you CAN’T get an N1 because at the end of 2010 you all are going to be right back here bitching about how you locked yourselves into a contract and now you really want that other “it” phone.”

        .. that’s when I stop responding to you. You showed your true colors. You aren’t worth it.

        And for anyone that thinks I wasn’t serious, at 8:02 tonight, I cancelled my T-Mobile account. It is effective on the 26th at which time I’ll get 2 Blackberries for the price of one and probably live to regret it. But I do speak with my wallet.

      • jduncan81

        If $530 was the only price you could buy it for I would have no problem at all! That would be the same as the N9700. But T-Mobile is clearly giving Google money to have new customers sign up on that particular plan. That complicates things and makes this it’s own special case.

    • B Dogg

      Good luck using a regional buddy. Let me know how happy you are after paying a supposed half price(metro around 55-60 ult Tmo $80 for ult not half the cost and not even close to a comparable service on any level) and dropping phone call after phone call. Also lets not forget you will not even have a chance of getting a phone like this on a regional and if you did you would be paying the exact same price because they are no contract carriers. All of their phones are bought a full price. I don’t want to be rude but please check your facts.

  • Durden

    Let’s see what happens when Apple finally unveils an unlocked, any-carrier iPhone and sells that crap for $500+ Will you all blame T-mobile then too?

    Secondly: Here’s a crazy fucking insane idea: How about you all just save some money every week and buy it when you’ve saved enough? Holy fucking shit, you mean we should actually have money IN HAND to buy products? Really? perhaps the U.S. economy wouldn’t be a melted piece of swiss cheese right now if we all did that to begin with AND were willing to pay for products based on their value and not look for handouts all the damn time. Wow.

    Shoot, if you can find $180 this month… you could probably find another $180 next month… hmmm, any of you could have an N1 by end of March. Is that so far away? Not at all. You want something bad enough, you’ll find a way. Apparently most of you complainers don’t want it bad enough because you gave up already.

    Funny thing about evolving tech: It makes everyone less and less patient. Ridiculous.

    • Bugdog

      Blow it out your ass–I’m pissed because I’m not getting what I contracted for, and I’m getting a raw deal. I’m sick of you jackass interwebs heroes talking shit. You mean people that feel ripped of get pissed? Really??? Funny thing about the interwebs–it makes tough guys out of every pimply douche. Why don’t you mind your own business and STFU.

      • jsay

        Well what raw deal did you get?

      • Bugdog

        @jsay (below)

        Longtime tmo customer, family plan with my wife, off contract (but wife is not)–no subsidy for me with this phone, b/c I would have to cancel my family plan, jack up my wife’s plan as well, so wiping out any benefit. Etc etc etc. So I should just buy it unlocked, and pay on a contract that includes subsidization costs? No–my current plan includes costs for subsidization; I would be getting ripped off. So I’m supposed to sign on for 2 more years and pay 150 for a mytouch, while new customers pay 180 for an N1? They’re gouging us. Sorry, it’s a ripoff, and I have no patience for internet heroes talking shit b/c they don’t share my concerns. Got unlimited disposable income? Not in the class of people getting screwed by this deal? You can save it.

      • Usman

        Stop whining and buy a phone FROM T-mobile! This has nothing to do with T-mobile and everything to do with Google. If you’re so pissed, talk to T-mobile and get the new HD2 when it comes out.. I’m sure you’ll get a deal.

      • jsay

        I can understand that, I had no clue that family plans consist of different start of contract dates. Have you talked to a t-mobile rep about paying unsubsidized prices since you are out of contract but your wife isn’t with your family plan? Maybe they can help to lower your cost? I would start there and not even mention the N1 to them. Now if they can help you out with lowering your monthly cost since you do not have a subsidized phone anymore, then you go out and buy the N1 at full price (or save up and buy it in a few months when the cost most likely will drop). Since customers usually pay more for the phone on a subsidized plan, you may be saving yourself some money in the long run.

        If t-mobile can’t help you out then you are screwed since you have staggered start of contract dates in your family plan which really isn’t their fault. 1. Because somehow you guys got into staggered start of contract dates and 2. because Google (not t-mobile) does nothing for current t-mobile customers, both individual lines and family plans. I’m sure if t-mobile was selling the phone, they would get you an N1 and a 2 year contract for your line.

        Yeah, it does suck and shame on google! And by the way, I don’t have disposable income, I’ll be saving and hoping for a hardware price drop to save even more monthly than getting a subsidized plan.

        Be patient, I hope t-mobile can help you out.

      • Bugdog

        jsay: That’s something I’m thinking about, thanks. I’ll see how things play out over time, but I’m pretty disappointed about this whole arrangement.

        Usman: WTF do you care if I voice my complaints, even if I’m a little off-base? It’s entirely reasonable for people in my situation to be pissed off by this set-up. It is not reasonable for you to troll comment boards looking for people to insult so you can feel a little more superior. It’s pathetic. Mind your own business.

    • hellowoutthere

      I think what people are complaining about is the fact that it ends up costing more in the long run if you get an unlocked phone. Weather or not you get the subsidy, your still pay the same monthly rate. Someone switching to t-mobile effectively gets $350, whereas someone qualified for an upgrade does not get this discount.

      • sensible

        No, Even More Plus plans are $20 less per month than subsidized, contracted Even More plans… So, you save $480 over 24 months.

        The Unlocked N1 is $529, or $350 more than a contracted T1 for a new T-Mobile customer.

        $480 – $350 is $130, or what you save over 24 months.

        If this were an investment, the $350 down would yield you $130 over 2 years or 16.9% APR. 16.9% guaranteed is a pretty good investment. Alternatively, that’s the interest rate you’re paying on the subsidized $180 phone. This is in the range of credit card interest rates.

        Google isn’t forcing anyone to buy this phone, they’re just offering options. The bottom line is, if you can’t afford to spend $350 extra for a phone, but you can afford a $80 monthly contract, then you should probably keep the phone you have. I have one, and it seems like any phone with Android 2.1 (the Cliq in the near future) would be fine, albeit a bit slower.

  • nathan118

    It has probably already been said a mess of times, but you can CHANGE your plan! You don’t HAVE to keep the single $80 plan. You can even switch to a family plan!

    This does suck for people that want to keep an old plan, like myself, but I bit the bullet and paid full price. I’ll keep my grandfathered prices thank you very much.

    • kaio

      ^ Exactly this. Buy the phone “full price” and keep your plan, or switch to Even More Plus and save a bit.

    • Ed28

      Can you really change to a family plan? Would I first have to purchase 2 single plans through Google, then go to Tmobile and ask to switch me to a family plan with these 2 lines? Would my 2 $80 plans just combine to make a single $160 plan (pointless) or could I choose one of the cheaper family plans? Thanks

      • nathan118

        I think you just say you want to transfer your line to new service (the $80 plan). So do that with both numbers. The rep I talked to said I could then switch to an Even More family plan.

        Whether you have to wait 120 days or not, I’m not sure.

  • Rich

    Google, your a bunch of friggin Baffoons. Who made this pricing plan? $179 for a new customer and $279 if your an existing customer that isn’t under contract? Why penalize me? This completely voids the open source spirit of Android, and makes Google look like a bunch of greedy bastards.

    Why do TMO and Google have different TOS and contracts? Why does Google care about my rate plan, when I change it? Are you selling a phone or phone service?

    Google, I wanted your phone, but until you ease up on the rules, you can stick your Nexus One where the sun don’t shine.

    • mmaxsooner

      Ahmen bro! Screw those greedy bastards. I see winmo and blackberry gaining fans on this news. Just hope tmob doesn’t get tainted by googles greed

  • J G

    I have been a loyal google and tmobile customer for a LONG time. I have evangelized the heck out of both companies. I have been waiting for this stupid nexus one forever…but because I am on a family plan, I have to pay the full $500+ price tag. I was going to buy two, one for myself and one for my wife. Not anymore. What a slap in the face…great job rewarding loyalty. The ironic thing is that all the tmobile customers that want this phone but can’t get a discount on it (like me) can walk right over to Verizon and get the “new customer” discount over there when the phone launches shortly.

    • nathan118

      I was in the same boat….but the thought of losing my grandfather prices made me stay. Would easily have cost me $20 more a month to switch to verizon and get a droid right now…but I’d rather pay through the nose for the nexus one, and keep my cheap plan at tmo.

      • Usman

        That’s the route I decided to take too, and I don’t regret it for even a second! I have the hottest phone out right now, an EXCELLENT grandfathered plan, AND I’m off contract!

      • ngocalicious

        Same here! Sounds like folks with grandfathered plans are pretty happy :) And we are the true Tmobile loyalists.

    • nathan118

      And actually looking at the even more plus plans, some of them are a freaking good deal. Yeah, you gotta pay full price for the phone….but man….

      2 lines
      700 (or 750?) min
      unlimited text and web



  • Stanly

    The overarching issue that most of you are missing is Google’s behavior on this matter. Why would they sell a phone where you can only purchase a 500 minute plan???? They play it up like this is soooo consumer friendly, we finally are divorced from our carriers!!!!!! But how is it consumer friendly to offer one rate plan? Sure, people can up the minutes once they call in, but why should they? It’s not like T-Mobile’s plans are a labyrinth…500, 1000, or unlimited. That’s it.

    I’m actually quite angry at the way Google is selling this phone. It is very consumer unfriendly and it makes me rethink the wisdom of the Android platform.

    • Usman

      Their process makes complete sense! If I was T-mobile, I wouldn’t want Google to have TOTAL ACCESS to my systems… and chances are my existing customers would shit themselves if I allowed it! Google wisely chose to offer the cheapest plan available through T-mobile, and if that isn’t enough for you, a 5 minute phone call to T-mo solves the issue. It’s the most streamlined process that could have existed.

      • SJH27

        I agree with Usman here to some degree. T-mo is probably the one setting the inital restrictions on which plan you can purchase the Nexus with.

        Google is setting the price of the phone Unlocked. The discount/Plan offers though, I have to think those are coming from T-mo. I think that Google, like RIM, Nokia, Moto, etc, is selling the phone to the carriers at rate $X. The carriers are making the call on how much they are willing to subsidize the phone in order to get/keep customers.

        I think the same goes with the plan. Google may have had some latitude in picking a contract, but I do not think that T-mo gave them full access. After all, as we are seeing from other posts here, Google selling the phone is costing T-mo upsells and other potential lines of revenue.

        Will the price drop? Yes. It always does. 8 Gig iPhones used to run around the $500 mark. They are now, what, $100 with contract? If the price is an issue. Wait.

        I admit it, I have lust in my heart for the Nexus and with the lack of a good subsidy, it is more financially prudent for me to get the phone unlocked, should I opt to go for it. The price break for existing customers is such that it just makes more sense to purchase the phone unlocked, keep/get better plans and pocket the savings.

  • Catsigh

    I would love to have a Nexus one, but I am very disappointed at the prices and plans. I simply cannot afford it. I have been with T mobile for some time. I would have been out of contract in November if I had not had the Samsung Beat, a model that went haywire system wide as I was told by customer service after they shipped me and billed me for 2 replacement that did exactly the same thing. Booted up, and worked until you tried to call some one. After one ring the phone powered down.

    TMobile has good to fair coverage in and around St Louis. There are several dead spots where the signal is weak or nonexistent. 3G comes and goes in and around St Louis as well.

    I took a minor upgrade when I got my final replacement Motorola Krazor and set myself up to be contracted through April 2010. After it was less than handy and hard to hear, I got a G1 used and have loved it. I am finding it has some limitations now. I suspect that the “new” will wear off in a few months and maybe they will be a bit more reasonable.

    If nothing is affordable when my contract is up, I am considering going to a cheap prepay like Criket or Boost for a while until Tmobile clears my account. Maybe then I can get a good rate if I return. I do not want the Cliq or the new Samsung. I have not had great experiences with either manufacturer.

  • Donn_l

    Subsidized or not I think the phone is a fair price. It’s no different than the TouchPro 2 ($300 WITH the subsidy). I just don’t understand why T-Mobile doesn’t come out and explain to their loyal customers WHY Google is being so selective with the subsidy. Family plans and Flexpay have to pay full hit? New customers get the cheapest phone, but longtime out-of-contract customers pay almost double? Why? I think that’s why most people are getting so mad. It looks like they are randomly giving people the finger!

  • KYLE

    I have worked for T-mobile for 4 years. I am entitled to a 65% discount on any phone T-Mobile sells. I bought the Nexus One today for $563 and change including tax. It is totally worth it. At least Google is offering a subsidized price. They sure as hell don’t have to, and you know what? they will still sell plenty of nexus ones, regardless of all the whining. In order for this jan 5th launch date to happen Google had to simplify the checkout process. YES there are people you will lose in the deal if they sign a new 2 year to get the phone ( if the have a grandfathered plan they can’t switch back to) BIG DEAL! get an unlimited plan. if its too expensive for you then there are plenty of android phones you can still have myfaves 300 with. OR keep your stupid plan and buy the damn phone. jeeeez.

  • Simone

    They should have an Android loyalty plan. If you own a android phone you should get a discounted price. Or even a T mobile loyalty plan

  • js-1

    i honestly hated that i couldn’t get the full discount on the N1. i’ve been with TMOBILE since 2003. i have stuck it out with them just cause i love the under dog in the game. it just doesn’t justify screwing over your loyal fans. this phone better be all it was hyped about. if not, i’ll be returning this phone personally to google with alot of hate.

    this goes out to the NEW customers. in this company it doesn’t pay to be loyal.

    this will be my last contract with Tmobile…

  • HoOn

    Wow! What’s with all the Whining!? Are you guys mad that Google doesn’t think that you’re special enough to get a discount? It’s sad to see all this “What’s in it for ME?” mentality. Sad.

  • Irishsaint

    This whole Nexus thing is a pain in the ass to all involved. I am a Tmo employee and I dont understand why our existing customers and employees do not get a discount, its not that hard to give Google access to our customers info to see if they have a discount or not, we already have given them a little access to that info. The only reason’s I can think that we would allow this is for these two reasons. First is that we have no gain or lose in how many of these phones are sold we provide our customers service not phone price. It could also be that 80% of the US has cell phones and this is a REALLY nice phone so much so I will be paying full price for the phone, and for the people who really want the phone Google and Tmobile know they will pay for the phone.

  • Brent Johnson

    T-Mobile might want to remove the little part about Even More plans that specifically says:


    on the Plans part of their website
    ( )
    if they aren’t going to honor it.

  • watbetch

    – Nexus One without service: $529

    – Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for new customers: $179

    – Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing T-Mobile customers who are adding data plans: $279

    – Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing T-Mobile customers who are upgrading their data plans: $379

  • Richard

    They owe you what is called for in the contract.

    However, what isn’t called for is just as important and that’s to take care of their customers since there are choices.

    That’s more of what this is about.

    For those that aren’t happy. Flood T-Mobile with your complaints. If they don’t take you seriously, then it’s time to leave for a company that you think will.

    • nathan118

      Tmobile took care of me wonderfully. I bought two unlocked N1s….went on the support chat and got my $25 for unlimited android added. THEN the lady told me about how I could get 400 free messages for each line in addition to that….all for only $25! When I told the lady I bought them unlocked so I could keep my current plan, she said “Smart.”

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Finally, people are starting to see how Google really is shafting everybody with the Nexus One. First off, you have to switch off the unlimited or whatever plan you have to legitly be allowed for a slight subsidy charge, then to kick us tmo faithful while we’re down, we’re not even entitled to the full discount, then if you terminate early, not only will you have to pay Tmo $200, but you will have to pay Google an extra $350 bringing the ETF up to $550. That’s $20 more than the phone itself. The Nexus One is a Failure of a device and now I see why Google didn’t want to reveal too much on it. Nexus One = Uber Fail due to terrible marketing.

    • Usman

      You’re so wrong, it’s almost laughable! Google doesn’t owe you anything. T-mobile isn’t selling the phone. So what’s your problem?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        No, the laughable part is how you didn’t understand any of what I said. What part of that is wrong according to your knowledge because most of that what I posted came directly from

    • eYe

      Google is not shafting anyone… $530 is a VERY reasonable price for N1 and that’s all they are getting, whether from you only or a combination of your money and T-mobile’s subsidy. If you don’t honor your contract then you pay back subsidy on the phone to Google and pay T-mobile their ETF. How’s is that stupid? It makes all the sense in the world. And, while we’re at it, let me tell you, if you don’t have anything smart to say and have to copy/paste some shady website such as well… may be you shouldn’t say anything at all.

  • Chris

    I think I get it now… This is not a Tmo phone. It’s a google phone that Tmo gets first shot at subsidizing it to get new customers. They just let Tmo get it first and then the other carriers follow. Does it make me mad that a new customer will get it for a better price than me. Yes. Do I blame Tmo. No. I’ll just wait and see how things pan out but not for long.

  • Twitchrdrm

    My only gripe is that there is nothing face-smacking available on Tmobile to upgrade from my G1 to. I like the N1 but I don’t want to pay 530 (I’d do it if I could term -it out since I switched the the contract-less plan) off the bat for it. The Cliq hasn’t really impressed me and it looks like the G1 wont get 2.0 and has pretty much hit the end of it’s product life-cyle. I wish google would have hooked up us guinea pigs who took a chance on android before it was the next big thing. Oh well looks like the HTC HD2 is coming this spring and it’s making me seriously consider flipping to winmo.

  • trav

    all this negative hype with tmobile jeez. blame google for selling it on their site only versus putting it in the stores. im sure tmobile would rather do that and use the same upgrading rules they currently have but google is being a lil punk about their first phone. calm down people you guys are ridiculous. go buy a nokia bar phone, those seem to work the best anyway.

    • trav

      oh and people need to understand its not a TMOBILE PHONE. its unlocked ready for anyone to use it. if you want an unlimited plan then you spend more money a month but get it for 180 or keep ur same plan, which im sure is cheaper or else people wouldnt be complaining, and buy it for 530. the savings over 24mos will still be cheaper anyway. did we not learn anything when tmobile was trying to get people on the Even More Plus which is month to month. im sure something will change soon because of dumb people complaining.

      • Bugdog

        Speaking of dumb people, it’s virtually meaningless that it is unlocked in the US–no 3G on ATT, nada on any other network. So the unlocked stuff is a load of crap–it is a Tmo phone.

  • Nate

    Regarding the Millionaire ‘Fail’ picture:

  • Brian

    If you’re as upset as a lot of people are, I suggest signing the petition that has been starsted about this issue. It’s almost up to 700 people already, and the more people we have, the more Google and T-Mobile will take notice:

    • watbetch

      You’re an idiot, you and those 677 people.

      • Brian

        Oooh I feel sooooo bad because you called me an idiot. What the eff is wrong with you that makes you get off on calling people names online? What a damn loser you must be.

      • Brian

        Fuck you too asshole

  • JustAPhoneUser

    Ok, so I have been putting up with the half baked G1 for over a year now, and I must say I was looking forward to the Nexus One, but they sure bungled up the offering. There is no way I or many other customers are coughing up $500+.

    Now I will wait for windows mobile 7, which I honestly believe will be great… Unless they reconsider.

  • the taxidermist

    I’ve got it! buy the unlocked phone (nexus one), keep your current plan…then when the HD2 comes out buy that at a discount (upgrade) through Tmo and then sell it on ebay after to make up for the price! ; )

    It is all a hassle and the upgrade options are super lame, as we can all see a lot of customers are not happy about this, including me! Reminds me kind of the same way with the housing thing, people who pay their bills on time get no help but people who don’t pay them get all sorts of wonderful things!

    I like the fact that my rate plan, tho not as good as some of you 8years strong, is locked because who knows where data plans are going in the future, the trend is up up and up!

  • hellowoutthere

    I was really looking forward to this phone, but the price is way to high for us existing t-mobile customers.

    Could they try any harder to make this deal seem any less attractive? It’s like they said “Lets do what ever we can to make this thing a less attractive option then an Iphone”.

  • jsay

    Man these comment crack me up!

    If you want loyalty deals and keep your current plans, it is very simple to do, go to the t-mobile website or to a t-mobile store, they will take care of you like they have always with a whole bunch of phones you can play with right in store.

    When you go to the google website to buy a phone, you are not dealing with t-mobile anymore, you are dealing with a company who is selling a phone for a specific provider. Google make the rules you have to live by, not t-mobile.

    Yes it is a crap deal google is doing to loyal t-mobile customers but what can you do? 1. Don’t deal with google and the N1. 2. Save up and buy the phone outright so you don’t have to deal with the plan google wants you in. 3. Wait to see where they go with google voice and the N1, may end up changing the mobile industry and saving you tons of money. But who knows, google may just shoot itself in both feet with the 3rd one.

  • rolo

    I have absolutely no tolerance for this. Google is great for pioneering this open source movement but their handling of this release gets a C- at best. Even though this is the age of massive mobile data usage and voip, people still reserve the right to be able to talk. After all it is A PHONE isn’t it? T-Mobile needs to lean on Google to allow current customers to purchase with the same or better discount as new customers. As it stands there would be no T-Mobile without current customers. Google and T-Mobile need to get the kinks worked out fast or their highly touted launch will be remembered as just another hoax. I noticed Google’s stock receiving a pretty big bump leading up to the launch. I know they’ve noticed the trend since. I’m hoping it continues until they get this straightened out.

    Either way, I am going to wait for the Sony Experia X10 to determine which phone to go after. So far Google and T-Mobile are making the choice easier by the day.

  • Mattlong

    This smells like a “deal” At&t would come up with. This is NOT the way to crawl outta the telecom business basement. Between this and the whole “even more/plus” and its “gamechanger” (yawn….Total BS) status, I think I can say I’m done w/Tmo.

    • watbetch

      ugh, gtfo

    • nathan118

      Haha…what about the fact that an unlimited 2-line family plan on tmobile (minutes, data, text) is about $139 without contract, and the similar plan on att is $260? Buying phones without contract seems like a GREAT idea when it costs me almost $100 more at ATT a month.

  • cDawg

    im gonna start using bing……im gonna bing the nexus one

  • Matlock

    honestly I wish people would stop bitching and complaining about this damn phone and the pricing. The freaking is being sold by Google, its not being sold by T-Mo, so STFU and get over yourselves! All I keep on hearing is “I want my handset discount, I dont want to pay full price, blah blah blah blah!!!!” “I worked so hard so I could get my Loyalty plan”, “Even More/Plus is total B.S., cry cry cry cry”! Im on a Family plan and switched to Even More Plus and ended up saving money, try almost $30/month. I know plenty of people who have switched to EM+ and have saved money, If your not gonna save money dont switch, its simple as that. From what Ive seen no one is forcing you to switch plans, well except for Google.

    Since T-Mo is not selling the phone directly, Google is, than they can price it at whatever the hell they want! I worked for Nokia, for over a year and a half, doing customer support and sales over the phone, and ill tell you this, people were more than willing to shell out $700-$900 for Nokia N-series phone when they launched. Here you are getting a phone that does a lot more shit than the N-series phones Nokia sells, well w/ the exception of the N900, and its priced @ $529, unlocked, and all of you are bitching a complaining like its the end of the world! The Iphone, with no contract costs more than this phone does, its priced @ $599, and thats for the 16GB model. If you want the phone, STFU, put some money aside and buy it when your able to.

    Im sick and tired of hearing people blame T-Mo for the pricing on the phone, Google decided the pricing,not T-Mo, so get the fuck over yourself. AND BTW, NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING, YOUR THE ONLY WHO OWES YOURSELF ANYTHING!!!!

    • Richard

      No, you’re rather the idiot for assuming that somehow Google took over T-Mobile without them knowing, went into their systems to look up people’s accounts, set prices, determined plans…. etc, etc, etc.

      Yes, THIS IS A GOOGLE PHONE. SOLD BY GOOGLE. However.. it’s SUPPORTED by T-Mobile, SUBSIDIZED by T-Mobile and they assisted Google in the pricing and the plans that would be offered.

      • http://none blazayblah

        I hope your not serious. tmo does NOT support this phone. we only provide the service for it. google dictated what they were willing to accept as a subsidy.

        if you want the goddamn phone and you want it to be simple, just buy the thing outright.

  • http://none blazayblah

    the whole thing sucks ass….because of leaks, and confidentiality and the games being played reps are left with half assed information and not quality checking on this, it is bs…..and it will be fixed and changed.

  • Scritz McGritz

    I don’t know how this phone is going to reach past the “fan boy” to the average consumer. What was google thinking. I know they wanted to have full control over their android platform but their business model is so wrong. This phone is not like the I-phone that had technology years past its time, this phone is pretty average in that it doesn’t stand out from the rest of the phone market. I don’t know what they were thinking. I was defiantly going to buy this phone until I heard about all the hoops that had to be jumped through (new tmobile customer, silly plan, no family plan…etc) and that it did not come with insurance. SMH this is a complete fail.

    • nathan118

      I’ve been a tmo customer since ’03, never had a fancy phone. An old samsung, then a cheap motorola w490. When I heard about the nexus one though, I couldn’t stop following the leaks, and purchased two of them on day one. Guess they got themselves an average consumer here.

  • JulioG

    anyone getting that “We are currently unable to process your request for service with T-Mobile” error message when you are trying to upgrade through google website???
    Fuck i am eligible to upgrade and i cant fucking seem to get passed that fucking screen. I dont care about the minutes since i dont talk much i just want to upgrade. Dont care about the 2 year contract either.
    If anyone knows how to solve this issue please let me know.
    It looks like it is happening to alot of people.
    Fucking Google fucked up on their first day, wait its the second day since the launch. Google your pissing me off. I dont understand why you dont want people’s money. Just fix that dam problem it does not take 2 days!!

  • WhoCares

    Guess what everybody? I knew this phone was coming and wasn’t able to get an upgrade, so I saved up my money and have only been a customer for a little over a year and a half, and bought me a Nexus One for $379 after UPGRADING my data plan. UPGRADING because currently I use 300 minutes, can you believe it? I actually feel like I’ve gained something here, a nice phone and more minutes? Unreal. Everyone chill out, just because you wont be the new kid on the block with a N1 doesn’t mean the phone is any less what you’ve built it up to be. Buy it or don’t, nobody is “shafting” you. So you bought a G1 on day 1 like I did, do you hate the phone? I guess not if it’s good enough. You’re mad that since you jumped on that bandwagon you don’t get a free ride on the new one. Oh well, technology is ever evolving and the sooner you figure out that the newest and best is only new and best for a few days at most, you’ll be happier with what you WANT.

  • WhoCares

    Also, to McGritz. The iPhone didn’t really have technology years ahead of it’s time, at all. It wasn’t the first touch screen phone. It wasn’t the first phone that could play music. It wasn’t the first phone to have applications downloadable. What it was, was a phone that anyone who carts around Apple products like new born babies could use and shove in the face of everyone around them. I had someone try to prove to me how awesome the phone was because “there is an update coming out and I can send picture messages.” Really? Since I had a Motorola phone with a camera 7 years ago I was sending pictures and video. Cut and paste? Really? So, maybe it looked neat, but it certainly wasn’t ahead of it’s time, it was just something that would sell tons, so that now a days you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone with an iPhone, and I’m sorry for the sake of advancement in technology that it is still that way.

  • KYLE

    every couple years I go to my car dealership and trade my car in for something a little newer. They recently got a sick new porsche but didnt advertise at alll. so I guess since I’m there customer they should just give me the car dirt cheep. its only fair right?? If they are going to sell it then I DESERVE TO HAVE IT!!!! hahahah this is just crazy people. The Nexus One is not a phone they want in every “average customers” hands. It’s exclusive. you can only buy it one place. That is what gives things value. Can’t wait to see that FEDEX truck today!!!

  • Marcelo L

    Alright. Enough.

    A) I was the first one to report this to many venues ( not just Phone/Android-Dog, but also to comment about it here ). Don’t believe me, just ask Noah who first tweeted him about why he could be excited when Google/TMo were sticking it to loyal customers over newcomers. It’s called customer Retention people !

    B) Selling an unlocked phone who’s features cannot be fully utilized on another network is tantamount to IMPLICIT locking. Who else has the funky AWS bands in North America, Wind Mobile ? Yeah, I see the canucks rushing to purchase these right away for a service that operates in the grand total of 3 Major Metropolitan areas of the Great White North.

    C) To all the haters out there telling the current customers ( whether they’re on family plans or individual plans ), you need to get a grip. If it was AT&T or Big V, doing it, you’d be bitching too, if it was your carrier.

    D) As for those who recently took the plunge to purchase an upgraded ( and subsidized ) phone within the past 6 months. Quit BITCHING. You got your deal. You chose what you got, you got your “gimme”, let others have a turn at the wheel of deals. You’ll get your turn again sooner or later, and the rest of us will have to drool over the toy you got to pick up.

    E) Now TMo is teasing us with the HD2 ( which many of us SUSPECTED was coming anyway ) as an alternative “fix” ( If you’re a regular here, don’t deny it, you’re a cell phone junkie, and you know you love it. So kwityerbitchin. ). Ever the curmudgeon, I’m going to throw a wrench at that monkey. Two words ( heck and in two languages). How much ? Cuanto cuesta ? I better see some “Ron Popeil”-ing on deals here. Somebody better not say $500. Nor $400. You better not say $349, just like some of you might be thinking. Not even $300. You can get the HD2 for just 22 payments of $13.59 a month. That’s right. Just $299. But look it’ll take Windows Mobile 7 ! But only if you promise to give word of mouth advertising.

    That my friends, is how you make a deal and get people to notice you despite having a smaller footprint network. Having people stop and say, “DAMN! TMo! You’ve got it goin’ on”. That my friends, is how you get mindshare, and then marketshare. You can only stare a Catherine Zeta-Jones for so long before you actually need to accomplish something.

    … Did I just say that ? Scratch that last statement. :)

    • Matlock

      I second what he said!!!! Stop the bitching!!

    • mrbill

      The HD2 sounds like a winner of a phone. I’m guessing T-MO will offer it to new subscribers for $99. If you are a current subscriber that is out of contract and upgrading from only a voice plan – $499, out of contract and you have a voice plan and a data plan – $649, in contract – $1299, on a “loyalty” plan – $1599, on a family plan – $2499 and you have to put your kids in foster care and divorce your wife and name T-Mobile as the beneficiary of your life insurance and your estate when you die.

  • dsim91

    Originally I was a little pissed myself because me and my wife are both eligible for upgrades but I finally said screw it and paid full price for her nexus one cause at the moment she has a blackberry POS I’m waiting for the HTC HD2 now that’s a beast of a phone

  • sorandkairi

    The pic is the funniest thing in the whole post!

    • sorandkairi

      Yall still grippin about this ish. Please yall, there is nothing that can be done about, well at least right now. I bet in a month or so the price will go down like every other device ever made. Just buy it then. And to the ppl say stfu and mind ur business and whatever,….. this is a blog site everything that u write/type/say is EVERY1’s business, duh. If u didnt want it to be then why put it out there. U wouldnt tell some1 u just met u had herpes for no reason.

      And yes i’m pissed too but, i can afford it and still choose not to buy at least right now. I can wait. And again chances are i have been with tmobile Alot longer then a good number of you so i have the “loyalty” that probably most of u will never have. I been with tmobile since i was in the sixth grade, and of course it wasnt called tmobile then! I’m 25 now and 26 on the 21st. So please ppl grow up a little bit. Its just a phone, A PHONE. Just wait till tmobile actually starts sell the device and the next version of android and come back the blog spouting how u got ur phone for $99 with no upgrade cost and clowning every1 that bought there’s for $540 so u can feel better about urself. Thank You and have a good day.

  • Petemax13

    Hi, I have been a fan of TMONEWS for years now and a tmobile customer for 6 years. I am reading this article and I dont see anything mentioned about the Google Voice. I think Google has something up their sleeve with this one because you can use your google voice number with this phone and never touch you voice plan. This would probably explain the low service plan. I use it all the time and I can text with it also. Just a thought, maybe TMONEWS needs to do a report on google voice. Also with Google voice do you really need a voice plan. I am definitely not getting the N1 but I am getting the HD2 for sure!!!!

  • beastly

    Did I mention that every day that passes makes me happier with my 9700? Paying $190 a month for two lines with unlimited everything, one 200 minute line with unlimited text and data, one line with unlimited talk and text, and one unlimited @home line. Got my 9700 for no money down and $22.50 a month. Signed an agreement to pay it off in 20 months, and walked right out of the store with it in my hands.

    Why T-Mobile and Google didn’t sell this phone the same way is beyond me. Not sure why Google wants to get into the phone retail business, but whatever. I’m sure they have their reasons. The sad part is that the only winner I see in this whole arrangement is Verizon. Google gets to spread Android, Verizon gets to steal customers left and right, and T-Mobile gets the shaft.

    • sorandkairi

      Dude when Tmobile actually starts “selling” the phone u can buy it with the Even More Plus plans at a monthly charge of about $27 amonth for 20 month, just like u have! Google is giving the chance to “play with” the phone first to Tmobile subcribers first because android came to Tmobile first. We carriers can actually carry the phone, then u will see some great deals. Hell its not a bad deal for some1 transfering to Tmobile if u look at it like that!

      U start talking about Verizon like u know something important, like how they are going to price the phone or even if it will be priced too differently then what it is now! If u do please share, and please proved proof not just ur thoughts. The Nexus One is a good phone tethered with good customer service, a ever expanding network(3g and otherwise), and the best pricing avalilably of all the biggest retailers (plans). Why are ppl acting like an A$$. Hopefully in a few months the price will go down so that the ppl that are B@tching because they cant or wont, because of principle, can then get the Nexus One.

  • Aldo

    I have been witH T-mobile since 2006 . I had the loyalty plan before and I switched to the Even More Plus plan recently . I just called T-mobile and they informed me that non only I am eligible for the upgrade but if I do get the nexus one from Google for $180.00 , I can just called the next day and change my plan again to the Even More Plus everything unlimitted for $79.00. And they will not charge me a migration fee either . I am not going to upgrade for now . I am a Nokia man . I am now using a Nokia E90 and a Nokie N96. I was planning to buy the N900 but I think Google is the future and Android is the best out there based on my reserach . So I will wait for a couple of week or maybe a month and then upgrade to the Nexus One . I do not care about the 2 year contract since I do not see myself going to Verizon or ATT . I have been with these companies before and I have to say that I am satified with Tmobile . I do not understant what the big deal is . If you cannot get it now , just wait until the price goes down as it will go down in the future . Or just do not get it . Get something else.

    • sorandkairi

      Congrats, u have common sense!!!!!! BTW I’m not joking on u, I’m glad that someone can come to a healthy conclusion without bashing their heads against the screen and crying like little 10 years girls when one of the Jonas brothers got married!

  • Sadude

    I am not sure what the problem is here and what the big deal with the discount is. I have always bought unlocked nokia phones and used them with tmobile. I just buy the phone, pop the sim in there and my $5.99 tzones plan works great. Currently I get 3g with my N900. Yes the phone cost me $515 dollars but I am not complaining as I am saving $20+/month because of my data. Add that up over a year and that is $240 right that, that is my discount.

    When you buy a phone unlocked its a great thing, fine you have no ATT 3g but still the phone works with any GSM carrier in the world. If you travel you dont want your phone locked and you dont want to use a tmobile SIM in a foreign country. You want the freedom of buying a local sim for dirt cheap and use a cheap prepaid account for the few days you are there.

    Yes I understand we all want a discount but when the phone is coming through google, they are setting the rules. Once tmobile sells this directly then you can all do your thang. Maybe it might be best to wait on the purchase for a bit and dwell on the details.

    I mean with a grandfathered plan, I am not upgrading to a new plan unless someone can show me the math that an even more + plan will save me money.

    I assume the nexus1 will be IMEI blocked and you will be forced to use an android data plan as well.

    • sorandkairi

      Its not block, confirmed it myself today and how would u use it with At&t if it was? They dont have an android plan….not yet!

      • SaDudE

        why do you need an android plan? you just need their basic internet package…i think its $15. why wouldn’t it worked?

        I honestly think the concept of unlocked is foreign to most people, they don’t understand what true mobile freedom is…i have traveled many different countries and just pop in the first GSM SIM i find and bham I get internet and full voice serice

  • rriska

    Don’t you know by now that T-mobile doesn’t really give a damn about retaining existing customers. I found that out when I bought my new ‘my touch,’ a couple of months ago. I saved over $100 by cancelling my old phone # and signing up as a new customer — even though I have used T-Mobile for almost five years. I love the new phone and would love to see the 2.01 or 2.1 upgrade – whichever is compatible – but I am not expecting it any time soon – I really don’t think T-Mobile cares — but, that is the price you pay for the lowest rates in the nation, along with pretty fair service.

  • kevin niven

    I will say Tmobile has great CS! Google can bite me. I want a new line of service and still no discount.Tmobile said i can get five lines aslong as its not with the Nexus one. Not even a CS number on the Nexus order site, tells me good luck if your phone breaks! How many other companys would you spend $500 with and not even have the option to call for support?! I think this will hurt them in the end.