UPDATED:Oh No–Another T-Mobile Nationwide Outage?


UPDATE 2: Via twitter, T-Mobile reports all services are restored: We are pleased to report that we have fixed the equipment malfunction. Full service has been restored. We apologize for the inconvenience

Reports are coming in of  a possible T-Mobile outage. One of our connects filled us in with the details and it looks like subscribers in the Southeastern region are mostly affected. If you can recall, the last time T-Mobile had one of these outages, both Data/Calling features were down. Most of the reports we have received include a mix of both data and calling features being affected. Could this possibly have something to do with the HSPA 7.2Mbps upgrade that T-Mobile will be rolling out before the end of this year?!? I sure hope so!

Are your calling/data features working? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE 1: T-Mobile is aware of the situation and has their “Rapid Response Teams” working on the problem. They have identified the problem as an “Equipment Malfunction”…HSPA 7.2Mbps anyone? Service has been restored to the majority of subscribers, with the exception of some customers in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia which may still be experiencing service disruptions.

Official statement from T-Mobile below:

Some T-Mobile customers in the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico experienced intermittent service degradation for voice and data services earlier today. T-Mobile has identified the equipment malfunction and service has been restored for the majority of customers. Some customers in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia may still be experiencing service disruptions while T-Mobile continues to work to restore service as quickly as possible. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience to impacted customers in the region.

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  • kysteelerja

    yep no service in Louisville, KY since about 3pm


  • http://holden615@bellsouth.net meme

    its back and running now my phoen just rung

  • PAC

    All down in Pensacola, FL

  • wundatwinpwrs

    Back in business!!!!

  • kysteelerja

    too damn bad i just renewed my contract!!!

    • texan

      yes because no service provider ever experiences any outages.

  • Garin

    Down in Huntsville, AL for almost 4 hours as well. Voice/Text out, 3G data works fine, as does MotoBlur

  • Lankster

    Service should be coming online very shortly

  • skatr24flip

    All good in MISSOURI for sure!

  • Red

    This is getting ridiculous, it seems like once a month there’s a network outage. T-Mobile is fucking up at the wrong time.

    • john doe

      Change carriers, no one is forcing u to stay

    • texan

      because the other choices are so much better right? Go to ATT and ill watch you cry with 1 in 4 dropped calls. The big V you might as well bend over and say please sir may i have another? Sprint dont make me laugh, maybe your a cricket person.

    • Think Different Is An Ironic Statment

      Apparently you missed the whole part about ‘upgrading to HSPA 7.2’, huh? Granted, those who don’t read these sites might think it’s T-mo f’n up… but isn’t the point of you coming here and reading these articles is to keep yourself in the know and not be like everyone else?

  • Michael

    My internet is working, but my calling features are not working. I am getting really tired of T-Mobile. I wish I could just cancel and not pay the $200 ETF.

    • mmaxsooner

      Gopher ittt drop that 200 and get your pocket book ready for the monetary rape that will ensue. Patience is something that should be understood as tmob works to expand to 7.2. Guess what, the engineers, software peeps will make errors here and there as it seems all parties are being pushed to bring the best they can to the market in a very tight window. First our own guvment @?cked tmob and would not vacate the freqs Needed, now they are bustin their butts to catch up and short term outages are part of the game. Sorry to bust ur chops but as whiny as ur post sounds…boot urself and Clear some bandwidth for someone else! And get ur damn iapp machine!! And pay thru ur nose. Sorry all just sick of peeps who don’t read and don’t realize there is no magic wand to cure all ills. Or maybe the guvment….

      • kershon

        Yup. You said it right mmaxsooner. Hit the nail right on the head brother.

  • watbetch

    EVERY carrier has outages, AT&T all of the time and Verizon just had an outage a few days ago, and Sprint is having an SMS outage right now.

  • Michael

    Finally all is well in the land of Biloxi, Mississippi.

  • Rachel

    It’s back up in Maryville and Chattanooga YIPPIEEEEEEE!

  • justme

    Everything came back around 8:30 eastern. Voice is up, but cuts in and out. Louisville, KY.

  • Damian Wayne

    Had no issues at all today, Orlando.

  • summer

    i think its working now in birmingham, al, but the lines are too congested to call since its been down for hours. text is working now. 3g is back up.

  • Kim

    It is still down in Huntsville for myself and wife. 7:42 PM

  • Steve-O

    Louisville, KY is still down. This blows. At least my Blackberry is with AT&T.

    • john doe

      Actually if u had a t mobile blackberry you would have wi fi calling unless u live in the stone age or in the boonies you should always have data and voice.

  • tiffany

    Still not up in Bham, AL. I can only get on the internet. Noo phone calls or text for hours.

  • http://www.fuzemobility.com Anudeep

    No issues in Orlando or Sanford, Florida.

  • Paul Merideth

    My service has been out in Louisville, KY all afternoon. Its caused me major trouble today with my work and family :(

  • Teddy

    I had no problems today here in SoCal.

  • tre

    its out in memphis urghh!!!!!!!!11

  • Kickstar13


  • luisa

    My texting was out well its still sorta going in and out most my text just now went out b/c everyone I texted just texted me back lol hope its what they are saying it is, can’t wait to go 7.2 and get Gphone aka nexus one I’m as excited as a fat little kid w/ chocolate cakes

  • sorandkairi


  • incessently_checks_network_speed

    I never noticed an outage today in Seattle, however I DID measure data speeds in the Fremont neighborhood at 2Mbps using the speedtest.net app, which is a personal best on 3G in Seattle. Unfortunately, just up the hill at my house, I still max out a 1Mbps.

  • Kickstar13

    Official statement from T-Mobile:
    We are pleased to report that we have fixed the equipment malfunction. Full service has been restored. We apologize for the inconvenience

  • b

    funny how many tmo fanboys there are here… its as if you own the company.

    • Kickstar13

      Umm maybe because this is a T-Mobile fan based website?

  • James

    Still no T-mobile service in Huntsville as of 9:12pm local time. Been down since at least 3pm today.

  • unknown

    HSPA is being tested in the PA market in a few days. No official news as to when it will launch but I’m sure more sites will get commissioned in the near future. I”m a little surprised it didn’t launch in NY first since that’s what T-Mobile did with UMTS.

  • unknown

    HSPA is being tested in the PA market in a few days. No official news as to when it will launch but I’m sure more sites will get commissioned in the near future. I”m a little surprised it didn’t launch in NY first since that’s what T-Mobile did with UMTS. I’m just glad I wasn’t at work when this happened!

  • unknown

    I’m just glad I wasn’t at work when this happened!!

  • phoneking13

    been having issues earlier in Covington, KY at work. not only does my EDGE and 3G constantly flicker between each other, but at times i wouldn’t get a signal at all. Right now its fine for now.

  • twitdogg


    • rinklighter

      Seriously?!? We’re back to this again? Yes, a service outage can be a minor inconvenience or a nightmare depending on your situation. T-Mo may give you a credit on your bill or nothing at all.

      Good luck with that lawsuit, though.

  • MemphisKev

    Voice service in Memphis restored around 7:30, data and voice mail came back slowly around 8:15. Outage started sometime in mid afternoon.

  • gcoldboy21

    I have an upgraded rom on my touchpro2 and in some areas i will get a “H” when the 3g signal strength is maxed out so i do think 4g is being put in place

  • Iasthai

    Man there are stupid people on here. Shit happens, networks can fail. I don’t care how much money telcoms throw into their networks, something is bound to fail in one way or the other. Just the other day Sprint had an SMS outage. And Verizon was down in California. AT&T is riddled with network problems directly related to the iPhone gobbling up all their bandwidth. Just look at big cities like New York and San Francisco. You’re going to run into this on any carrier. Call me a T-Mobile fanboy all you want, but I’m just being rational.

    • mitsu8

      This Man speaks the truth!

      • unknown

        I agree. You can cry as much as you want but services are not flawless. The radio frequency engineers work A LOT to prevent issues like this from happening.

    • kershon

      Agreed. And the T-Mo rapid response team makes sure the problems don’t last long. Great bunch of people. Really top-notch.

  • GreenTea

    Im in the DC area..granted its 3am but my calls keep getting dropped and I get circuits busy messsages.

  • AJ

    Dec 18 2009,I am in N.Y. there is no coverage since 1 am this morning.To make matters worse t mobile is un reachable, the tech support and customer service phone lines are not responding all you hear is an annoying beeping.

    • http://www.TMoNEWS.com TKay

      Have a Fine Nokia6600….confirms internet server connection also down. Confirming In New York –Service Still Down…(Voice n Text) :(:(
      Lucky for NorthEast Coast Customers Awaiting a Winter Snow Storm Arrival This Evening with 5-10″ snow ….AND NO DARN CELL-PHONE SERVICE IF EMERGENCY!!


  • http://TMONEWS SUGE

    There is no service…voice..data…text in Southern California….UNTRUE that there is no problem!!!

    • J

      Whatever is happening in California is 100% unrelated to the SE outage. The California area has no connection at all to the equipment that failed in the southeast.

  • http://tmonews suge

    Blackberry outage in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA…12/18/2009 2:29 am…vo VOICE DATA TEXTS!!!

  • dely

    Work in downtown Cincinnati and live on the west side of town and did not lose anything yesterday.

  • Cybersedan

    It always shocks me how people get when something breaks, these networks are man-made, the equipment is man-made, things will break. Just like there are power outages, plane crashes, trains derail… I could go on and on with things that we make that do not work 100% of the time, nothing we make is PERFECT.

    If you think the other carriers don’t have outages, then go to one of them and you’ll find out soon enough.

  • joshua

    Are people really that naive to think that hspa is gonna be rolled out by the end of the year. It’s friggin 12/18. Ain’t gonna happen!

    • J

      HSPA is mostly deployed already. You won’t notice a speed change until after new circuits are added. Most customers are on HSPA enabled sites right now. This whole “flip of the switch” thing that has been floating out there is false. Its a “flip of the switch” to enalbe HSPA on a site, but no one will know it until you add more circuits.

  • Sanjay

    Louisville 3G is not on anymore. Did we cause the nationwide outage? Surely not? Anyone in Louisville have 3G?

    • thexder

      Never lost 3G coverage throughout the entire outage period here (~4:30pm-8:15pm EST)

    • justme

      Same here – never lost it during the outage.

  • http://cutebidet.com morgan chiu

    Fort Walton Beach/Destn, FL was out for several hours yesterday afternoon. It came back, but still no 3G ;)

  • Josh

    In NM and am still having issues. Two of my 5 lines are still messing up. This is crap. With all the problems in my area lately I have seriously thought of switching (even though that sounds horrible), but I need a reliable service.

  • glendamichelle

    i’m getting my texts the day after they’re sent

  • Jeffrey

    I hate cats. Those pictures are enough to send me over to tmotoday