December Upcoming 3G Launches


Finally, Cincinnati residents, you can stop wondering when T-Mobile will grace you with all the goodness that is 3G service. December 10th is the day, that’s right this Thursday is the big day for Cincinnati T-Mobile customers who have been waiting so very very patiently. Not to be outdone however, are residents of Savannah, GA who can expect 3G services starting today!! Fort Wayne, Indiana residents, your wait ends Wednesday, December 9th and finally, Fort Collins, Co, Louisville, KY, and Longview and Tyler Texas all go live this Friday, December 11th. That’s all for now but we know T-Mobile is working toward that 200 million POP goal by the end of the month and with these launches, and currently hits 180 million so they have plenty of work to do before year’s end!


  • Mike

    Does the 3G coverage seem solid in Cincy so far?

    • justinhub2003

      Seems pretty solid to me.. I have been in Dayton Ky in northern Kentucky all the way up to Sharonville and I have had a solid 3g network.. Im even pulling it inside my work which barely let me pull a data signal at all….

      Does seem that my mytouch pulls a 3g signal better than my Touch Pro2

    • Wojo

      No 3G around Hamilton yet….only 4 miles away from I-275. I’m hoping the coverage will improve

  • Davcole

    I’ve not been outside work in Downtown Cincy but i’m getting indoor coverage I usually haven’t been able to.

  • RegularJoe

    Looks like 3G has been turned on in Bentonville, AR…home of Walmart. I don’t yet know how expansive the 3G is though.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to you citizens of Cincinnati, OH — Home of the Reds, Bengals, Kit Kittredge, & WKRP! (-:

  • Andrew

    5 past 6 AM on the 11th in Louisville, still EDGE.

  • Ed

    6 AM – and NO 3G in Louisville. What happened? I thought today the 11th was our day??

    • justme

      It’s the 11th in Louisville, and no 3g as of yet :{

      • Chris

        Looky! Louisville CONTINUES to be completely screwed by T-Mobile!


  • shane thomas

    I live off Zorn Ave in the Ville, no 3g for me as of 730am.

  • Mark

    I live by the Zoo and work on Main St. No 3g. The tower is about 50 feet from my office window. I’m looking, cursing at it right now.

  • chris

    Yay, woke up this morning and noticed a little 3g! 130k/sec downloads w/ 2bars of service! Thanks tmobile!

    • Chris

      Where are you at?

  • Max

    On market street downtown in louisville and still no 3G and its almost 9am

  • Ron

    Drove all the way through the ‘ville, from 65 across the river out to Blankenbaker and 64, and no 3G! Come on T-Mobile!

  • Lee

    3G is here in FTC now…so glad it’s finally here!

    anywhere from .5-.9 Mbps download and .4-.6 upload

    It’s a lot faster then it previously was but thought it was supposed to be faster

  • Zack

    9am and I’m crying because no 3g.

  • Max

    10AM in louisville, downtown, still no 3G

  • Zack

    Called multiple stores and they know nothing.

  • Armous

    Damn that T-mobile…. it gets Louisville excited over nothing everytime…

  • Transmission3000

    Almost noon and no 3G in Louisville. T-mobile: Disappointment wrapped in lies.

    • shaner

      tmobile is like the dead beat dad who promises to take his son to a baseball game and never shows up.. i need therapy.

  • RuleNumber1

    I am an anxious Louisvillian who, like many on this board, are very disappointed by this turn of events. I am usually the first to say that tmobile dropped the ball and that they suck, etc.

    However, everyone needs to keep in mind that T-Mobile never told any of us they would be launching 3G in our area today. This website, did that. If you notice, the title of this site is “The Unofficial T-Mobile Blog”. You may also notice the fact that the word “Unofficial” is a different, brighter color, which implies emphasis on the word.

    The proprietor of this site did not name any sources when he stated that Louisville would have 3G today, so we can only assume that it was a guess, or a complete fabrication. The fact that all of the other cities on the list (as far as I know), went live exactly when he said they would, is either merely a coincidence (no matter how unlikely), or his (unnamed/unmentioned)source was 85% correct.

    Now that the fact are out of the way, let me direct a message to Louisvillians (myself included). Firstly, Friday December 11th is still not over. There are roughly 12 hours left for 3G to magically appear. So until that happens, there is still hope. If the entire day comes and goes without 3G, just shut your face, and quit your belly aching.

    You aren’t going to another carrier, because, even though it is hard to admit, t-mobile is still the best. Verizon is an expensive monster, whose CDMA technology doesn’t allow data connections while talking, plus CDMA takes a larger toll on the battery of a phone. AT&T has coverage problems, and their 3G network is not that much bigger than TMO’s. Sure, AT&T has the Jesus phone, but you must sacrifice your satisfaction in other areas to use it. Sprint is Sprint, no further explanation required. Criket and Boost I have no experience with, but there is something shady about how they operate. Bottom line, making idle threats to leave is dumb, and everyone else knows it.


    • RuleNumber1

      Anyone want to take bets on which one launches first? 5010 or 3G?

    • yawn

      Whatev, go back to your master lap dog of satan

      • RuleNumber1


    • ed

      ONLY advantage Tmobile over Verizon is price. Same (or inferior on Tmobile) phones. In fact Verizon has higher J D Powers customer satisfaction. If Tmobile is not offering 3G in Louisville for expensive 3G phone I paid full price for (BB 9700) then I believe Tmobile is offering a different product than Verizon and should charge less and also should stop selling the 3G phones for this area or at least sell them for 2G prices. Truthfully I’m getting a little tired of the Tmobile 611 customer representatives’ happy talk about “we sure you will love our great, fast 3G when you get it” but then their absolutely total inability to tell me at all when it will be offered. Someone must know.

      • Bill48105

        @ed Would you be less bitter if you only paid $10/m for your data vs $30? The beauty of doing away with unlimited data plans & doing tiered pricing of data blocks is you would likely end up paying less for EDGE vs 3G because odds are you’d transmit less data. Instead you pay a premium for your smartphone device but don’t get the full benefit because TMo doesn’t offer 3G in your area. How fair is that? Plus the network would be faster & less overloaded since people would be more careful of wasting bandwidth. An additional benefit to tiered pricing vs unlimited is no more required data plans plus the pricing is the same for ALL phones so it doesn’t matter if you have a BB, G1, WM or basic Nokia. The biggest obstacle is the marketability of ‘unlimited’ and people’s reluctance to need to keep track of their data usage to have an idea of how much their bill will be. If enough people pressure their carriers maybe they’ll give us better options. How about we ask everyone we know to call CS once a week asking? Think that’d get their attention? :D

      • Ed

        Seems to me the whole situation would be much better understood if Tmobile would publicize the dates of turning on 3G service – and then give a discount if you buy that 3G device and have to live with 2G (or at least take the big 3G sign off the door of the shop). Again, like any other business just good communication with the customer would solve a lot (and not promising more than you can deliver).

  • Ron

    Well, what it comes down to, if Tmobile doesn’t have 3G in Louisville before the end of this month, I’m canceling my contract. The only reason I bought my G1 when I did (13 months ago) was because I was guaranteed 3G service in 2009, by both the store clerk, and the phone customer service rep where I finally ordered the phone. According to RuleNumber1, Verizon may not be a viable alternative, but if Tmobile don’t get busy and get 3G turned on here, they will be getting my business.

  • Armous

    And obviously, if we pay for the expensive phones like the G1 or the new MyTouch, money is not a problem when it comes to phones and service. So more than likely, the people who are wanting the G3 in the Louisville area don’t mind paying more and going to another company. I got the G1 delieved the day it came out (actually a week before) and I just bought a MyTouch. If they don’t get things rolling I will stop investing my money in a fancy phone and use it to go to another carrier.

    • RuleNumber1

      Sorry Richie Rich, but most of us don’t like to pay extra just because we can. I understand it is a pain in the ass, but I think you will find that 3G, once turned on, will be a bit of a let down for you. 3G is not the end-all thing that should make or break your descision. This is coming from a person (me) who actually left t-mobile in early 2009 for Verizon. The 3G was neat, but the fact that I dropped calls, had horrible battery-life, worse customer support, crippled phones (read about the GPS on virtually every phone they sell), made Verizon the worst carrier ever. I switched back to t-mobile (and was able to argue my way out of the ETF @ Verizon) and have had a great experience so far. If only 3G were here, then I would have nothing to complain about…. If you look really close, you will see you’re in the same boat.

  • steve

    i ben having 3g in louisvile for two weeks now go over by smryna by the expressway were l&n credit union and the signa is strong

  • steve

    a little g pops up by the signal bar instead of the little e i have a touch pro 2 im not kidding i know for sure its in the smryna area

    • Matthew

      @steve G does not mean 3G. It means GPRS, which is even worse than Edge. It’s pretty sad that there are parts of louisville that don’t even have Edge. If you get a 3G signal, it will say 3G.

  • Matthew

    It’s 10pm on the 11th. No 3G. Not expecting it. I bought the G1 in October 2008 when it first came out (on preorder). Was told 3G was coming in March 2009. Didn’t happen. Then we were told summer. Didn’t happen. Then later I was told before Thanksgiving. Didn’t happen. Then December 1st. Didn’t happen. Then December 11th. Hasn’t happened. I am reading now that it will be the 18th… but I’m starting to think that Sprint will have 4G in Louisville before T-Mobile even has 3G. I might go back to Sprint if they get some better phones because their coverage is GREAT and their pricing is awesome. Pre is very nice but I can’t live without an Android phone.

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get out of your contract without paying the early termination fee because the company did not live up to their promise of 3G in a city of 1.3 million people?

    • watbetch

      lololololololololololololololol, no.

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  • steve

    thanx mathew for correcting me :( i thought i was really getting 3g i work over that way and never saw the g come on my phone until a couple weeks ago sorry everybody for the wrong info

    • Zack

      Where I work half they building is on edge and the other half is on GPRS. T-mobile really needs to do some sort of reimbursement for us because my 30 dollar data plan is worthless to me right now.

    • justme

      i had the same thing happen to me, so don’t feel bad. i’d never ever seen a ‘g’ on my phone, so i mistakenly assumed it meant 3g. live and learn.

  • Mike

    Another week, another promise of 3g service in Louisville broken.

  • HH

    I am over in the Middletown area and about 3 weeks ago I had a 3G signal for about 5 minutes at 6:00am. A friend of mine works for Tmobile as a site technician in the Akron Ohio area and 2 months ago he was suprised to learn we didn’t have 3G yet. Apparently even the people inside Tmobile don’t have a clue as to when and where 3G is to start up.

    If 3G isn’t here when my contract is up I’ll be going to another carrier. By the time Tmo gets 3G rolled out all their competition will be on 4G.

  • claudia

    When will the 3G be coming to Waco, Tx. I am so upset the my-touch t-mobile phone is slow. I now wish I had got an I-phone. Hurry up 3g network.

  • claudia


  • claudia


  • NCole

    Yo! I had 3G this morning @ around 3am & was totally stoked! However, when I looked at work around 7:30 GONE!!! ME NO LIKEY!! I’m in Tulsa, Ok. Please give me some explanation. OOOh and one more thing, when is the next google phone coming out? Not the KIDDY ISuck!!

    • josh

      On my way home from work in Louisville and 3g is live! And thank God it reaches to my house in clarksville

  • Rudy

    1:30 am on dec 16 – 3g is working in Louisville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cain2152

    Louisville has 3G!!!!!!!

  • Armous

    Louisville Downtown is 3G STRONG!!!

  • Matthew

    I’m in blankenbaker and we have 3G out here. Tonight I’ll drive out towards simpsonville (east) on Shelbyville Rd and see how far it extends out.

  • elgabe

    Its official, Boise,ID has finally seen the flipping of the 3G switch. Seeing some great speeds.