AT&T Thinks Rollover Beats Unlimited, #ATTFAIL


In an effort to draw some attention away from the persistent rumors regarding the Google Phone/Nexus One, AT&T has given us a real prize. According to this internal doc, Rollover is a better value for customers than unlimited minutes. Let that marinate for a second… rollover minutes are better than unlimited. AT&T = fail. Also begging discussion is the M2M calling community of 81 million vs. 31 million. While that’s certainly a difference of more than few people, did someone at AT&T miss the concept that unlimited minutes negates the need for M2M minutes? Somehow AT&T truly believes that they can brainwash their employees to sell A-List + Rollover as a better value than unlimited minutes. As if AT&T hasn’t had enough trouble really, they just completely suck at the math here. Not to mention I think Deutsche Telekom would like to discuss the whole “Best Coverage Worldwide” thingy.

Aside from all this, what AT&T conveniently ignored is that if you go to the Even More Plus plan, $59.99 gives you Talk + Text, while that same $59.99 on AT&T still just gives you 900 minutes. Oh yeah, A-List and Rollover as well, cause you know, that makes the whole difference.


  • alan

    this makes me want to go to the att store to see if a rep will really throw this crap at me with a straight face… hahaha 900vsunlimited FAIL! as far as coverage, i stopped worrying ever since i got my 9700 with UMA! Perfect reception where i use my phone the most so i really dont miss my iphone or att…. my daughter on the other hand has it on prepaid for tmo… GO TMO!

  • dboy

    Yeah and that’s exactly why I switch to Tmobile and left att… Lol!! funny shit ..att loves to lie…

  • dboy

    Yeah and that’s exactly why I switched to Tmobile and left att… Lol!! funny shit ..att loves to lie…

  • http://tmonews big tittied hooka

    best worldwide coverage? i know t-mobile also uses gsm just like at&t so basically a t-mobile phone also works all over the world just like at&t..

  • mmaxsooner

    If you can dig around a used bookstore or mom and dads library or if your older like me find a yearly consumer reports when at&t was still around five years ago they were always dead last in everything, coverage cs u name it dead last. Now these clowns have ruined cingular and the others they gobbled up. Just goes to show you money does not equal success. Why the hell didn’t they just die. Wonder. What in the world they are gonna do when tmob ramps up hspa+ wow I would hate to be I’m that boardroom as they all have blank stares on their faces because the iphone which has carried them for four years has now run its course. U here that? That’s at&t crying over their churn!

  • FILA


    you got to be a fucking idiot, thats just it

  • emm333arrd33

    look 2 teh 13 yr olde in the picture. thats who they’re targeting to listen to this schpeel. the kid in the picture oozes gullibility. if this is a real document, its interesting to guess how brainwashed ATT salesforce must be.

  • hoodied.hello

    Oh AT&T. /shakes head


  • frank

    Nice post. I hate marketing BS like this. The one and only reason I’m on AT&T is the iPhone. The day T-Mobile gets the iPhone or something I like better, I’m gone. I’ll happily pay the ETF just to tell them to frak off.

    • Kai

      just thought id throw this out there…companies are now unlocking iphones, and making them tmobile ready for you…..they’ll pay off ur etf on at&t too when u sign up for tmobile…..

  • Julacho

    Deutche Telekom is a huge company, the GSM has agreements all over the world, I have used it. AT&T only is a big guy in the US, outside the US is quite tiny.
    Even the Mexican Telmex is way bigger than AT&T.

  • dothack

    hahaha great idea. ill go to att store, take a tmo unlimited $59.00 talk+text flyer and see what the rep comes out with. it happen with the same att vs verizon add when comparing 3g network..att doesnt have anything against verizon for coverage or tmobile for value… cant wait when the iphone be used on other networks, i bet you att customer numbers will be dropping rapidly..horrible network performance, last on customer care, expensive..the only good thing is the iphone and even then it comes from apple..

  • mark strong

    maybe tmobile needs a new flyer that shows there mobile to mobile covers tmobile to tmobile unlimited minutes, tmobile to att (unlimited minutes) , tmobile to verizon (unlimited minutes) , and tmobile to sprint (unlimited minutes)……att doesnt have a leg to stand on!!!!

  • Margie

    This stuff is pretty hysterical!

  • rhine

    lol that att is crap its so funny how people buy phones that dont do their basic functions correctly but would rather have some eye candy. lets see how much they love their iphones when they are stuck in a valley of death with no signal. Just goes to show you how stupid people really are. And i dont want any other phone company to rush and save apple they made this bed with att and they should be forced to sleep in it. Stealing, cheating, and lying to people for their hard earned money regardless of how stupid these people are doesn’t make it ok and not to mention the horrible desperation were in. I hope apple and att get charged with crimes against humanity.

  • J

    I work for T-mobile. First off, att only has the Iphone going for them, THATS IT!!
    Second When I showed this to everyone at work the other day they were confused. Confused to as why ATT is practically advertising for us. ATT is full of idiots if they think that a 900 min price point is better than unlimited. Maybe if it came with a bag of sunchips everytime I got minutes. Then maybe…..nvm…att would still suck

  • slavio Shack employee

    As a slavio Shack (Radio The Shack) employee. The Att rep is trying to have us brain wash customers with this bullcrap and the customer asks us if we are out of our mind so i just recommend t-mo or sprint.

  • tinalooks808

    Everything mentioned above would make for a great t-mo commercial!

  • tinalooks808
  • eli_the_great89

    For At&t’s Info…T-Mobile USA doesn’t have 31 Million Subscribers, it has on or around 33 Million. That may not seem like a big difference but its millions we’re talking about, 2 million makes a difference.

    So yea 81 Million blows the T-Mo’s 33 out of the water, but since when does only At&t have best coverage world wide? last time I checked T-Mobile as a TDMA (GSM) carrier it gives its consumers the capability to travel worldwide through its many Quad-Band phones.

    Oh and I’m not the biggest fan of the uber change in T-Mobile’s new Plans, but Rollover doesn’t beat UNLIMITED. At&t seems to have it out for everyone lol.
    can’t wait to see what they do for Sprint.

  • Brian

    I have tmo and like it but I do STILL believe the more and EVEN more plus plans are confusing.

    EVEN more plus is basically: PAY AS YOU GO! with no phone added. They should have just called it a pay as you go plan.

    Even MORE and EVEN MORE PLUS dont’ make any real verbal connection or meaning.

    PS…a great deal of the time in my state…I do roam on AT&T. I have friends with AT&T who have never ROAMED on T-mobile cells. If ATT ever decides to sever the roam contracts with Tmobile…Tmobile will have a problem in MANY states….OH, if you roam? NO 3G….BUT it is about $30 cheaper to have my blackberry on Tmo…