Samsung Behold 2 Giveaway Courtesy Of Samsung


Maybe the Android packing, Touchwiz touting Behold 2’s price tag just wasn’t doing it for you, even if your mouth was watering over all the Android and Samsung goodness.  Well, now you have a shot at winning one for that oh so special price of free.  Samsung is running a promotion to giveaway a Behold 2 every hour, on the hour, until December 23rd, and a LED TV every day.  Sounds like a sweet deal to me, and all it will cost is a moment of your time, and maybe an email or two.  If my math is correct, they have a total of 840 Behold 2s for the whole promotion (and 36 TVs).  So why don’t you head on over and try to snatch yourself up a holiday gift!

Samsung’s Be A Winner Giveaway

Update – for some reason, I keep seeing people doubting that this is a legitimate promotion.  Let me solve this problem and direct you to Samsung’s Twitter post.  Thank you very much, but please stay away, I want a Behold 2 just like the rest of you.

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  • Bill48105

    Still letting me enter. The person is charge of it must be off on Xmas vacation & forgot to shut it off. lol

    • 2FR35H

      Lol maybe you will win lmao haha xD

      • Bill48105

        LOL I doubt it considering the thing keeps showing the same winner ever hour now.

  • tron20

    Hey Bill48105 watch you be a winner an they try to take back you winnings. That would be funny. Merry Christmas.

    • Bill48105

      Super mean! But I think I’d know if I had won.. Then again that is giving their system too much credit. lol Merry Xmas

  • Bill48105

    It’s still letting me enter.. You can’t tell me that’s not jacked up. Seriously how do we trust it was run legitimately & fairly? Granted it was free to enter but still many of us spent a lot of time entering & we have no idea if our entries were even accepted all along. How can we trust they were when it keeps saying I’m entered now even when it’s over?

  • kershon

    Big congratulations to all the winners out there. @Bill48105 I have had the same thing happen-contest over, still letting me “enter”. Gotta be some shenanigans somewhere, but we will never know. It is discouraging to think that after entering so often that it was never any use because of some “secret disqualification” or whatever. Anyway Happy New Year Everybody!

    • sneakn

      I think something is definately up. How many ppl left their pc on and your power bill went up? Not to mention they gave away phones to people with very similiar user names.. Wonder how many ppl cheated

      • Bill48105

        Yeah real fishy names. I realize sometimes people need to be creative to come up with a unique name to register but some are way too close to be just a coincidence. Makes you think people figured out a way to cheat & win a bunch. Look for em on ebay & craigslist and they rake in the $ while many of us never really stood a chance. ;(

    • Bill48105

      Yeah congrats to those who won but wow their F’d up system is STILL letting me enter! And it happily reports that I *am* entered, even a week after it ended! Makes me think all those 1000 or so times I entered they weren’t even registered and maybe I had 0 chance so it was all for nothing.

  • Bill48105

    So a week after the contest ended they FINALLY stopped me from entering. When I click the Enter to Win button it says that due to server maintenance the browser needs to be refreshed to enter this hour’s drawing. As if it’s still going on.. I wondered how long it’d take for them to realize people were still entering & block it. What a cheesy way to do it though. Still doesn’t ease my concerns any that all the prior entries were actually accepted.

  • Bill48105

    LOL WTF, it let me enter Samsung giveaway again! After I set the date back on my computer it happily let me enter again even though the contest ended on the 23rd. It must have some kind of expiration date built in that it checks but stupid it lets me bypass it by changing the computer’s date.

    Am I the only one who finds it troublesome that it blindly lets me enter still? (Up until today I didn’t have to change the computer’s date or any sort of finagling, it just let me enter as if the contest was still going so don’t say I was tricking it) I certainly don’t trust 1 bit that it was properly registering my entries that’s for sure!

    • kershon

      Me thinks we have been on one hulluva wild goose chase. It was letting me enter after the contest ended also, so I just deleted the bookmark out of my favorites. I’m getting more sleep now though. LOL As for me, lesson learned.

  • Stuffacan

    I won a Behold II on Dec 18. The contest is legit… Just letting you all know :)

    • Bill48105

      Congrats but I think we all moved passed questioning if it was legit weeks ago. ;) My problem with it is if it was run fairly and if each of our entries was actually being entered correctly. The fact that it was letting me enter over & over AFTER the contest ended is proof to me that their method is crap. It was actually still letting me enter as of Jan 4th, 11 days after it ended! (Although I had to set the date back on my computer to Dec 28th for it to work) I ended up needing to reboot to fix another problem so odds are we’ll never know how long it would have let me enter. I’m betting forever. Tell me that lets all us losers rest easy.

      So yeah congrats on winning, it’s nice to know some people actually won. But it is still frustrating as hell to enter 100’s of times over many weeks and not win especially when for all I know none of my entries might have been registered. I guess I’ll chock it up to a learning experience & a waste of time but I am surprised more people aren’t outraged over how it was run though. Except those who won of course. lol

  • The Observer

    the led tv came today!

    • Bill48105

      Cool! Bet that thing looks nice. Let me guess, you have analog cable. lol We recently replaced our 32″ that died with a 42″ that was on sale and we were excited to find our cable sends some digital channels unencrypted (even a handful of HD ones!) & the digital tuner found them so free bonus for us since we’re too cheap to spend $30 more per month. Hopefully you have BlueRay or HD cable/sat to make use of that awesome tv. :)

  • Lyn

    WOW…my T-Mobile contract is up.
    I would love to have one of these
    for my new phone!!!!!!

    I have been with T-Mobile for
    ten years. They are definitely
    the BEST!!!!

    I plan of being with them for as
    long as they are around

  • atul0002

    You should get the Nexas ONe

  • ericktrejo390

    i won on december 23rd and im BARELY getting the phone in the mail early next week.

    but its a free phone so i guess i cant complain :)

  • Michelle

    Here are my impressions about Samsung Behold II phone:
    Well equipped with multimedia facilities, use of AMOLED screen gives quite sharp and brighter colors. Use of android on this phone is arguably is the highlight.
    There are many positive features about this phone, but a few
    potential pitfalls for power users as well , Tech Wiz is not that great. The major concern is about the virtual keyboard using it in portrait made causes difficulties, so the only option left is using it in landscape mode.

  • Paulningeonga

    cool samsunge phone