N900 On Sale Over At Dell Small Business


If you didn’t want to spend $1,000,000 dollars on your next device, perhaps purchasing an unlocked N900 is more to your liking. Dell is currently unloading the N900 unlocked with all their usual coupon offerings for a low price of $442 + Free Shipping + Tax. This deal comes courtesy of the fine folks at Slickdeals who know a thing or two about bargain hunting. If you’re looking to treat yourself to the super device that is the N900, and do it soon, this might be the best way to get it done.



  • al

    I called dell Coupon not available anyomore.

  • Drew

    You were suppose to be able to use that coupon for longer than just today. I’m seriously on the fence with this phone. I’m wondering if I will be able to make installments on this….

  • TravMobile

    dead coupon dead deal, dell guy was like “i’ve been dealing with this BS all afternoon!”

    i felt bad for him, but thats what happens when dell has these “coupon codes” instead of just extending deals to everyone.

    congrats on everyone who got in, unfortunately the party is over. $520 + tax = $550 .. still not bad.

  • David

    There is a website out there that says they have the n900 for 350. I doubt its a legit deal.

  • TmobileFAn

    Rossi my grammer is not bad i am just simply not wanting to spell everything and explain everything in detail if u cant understand what i am saying then i dont know what to say and which you are the only person who commmented on that seems like everyone else had np but to ur response about comparing bills some might be the same some might not be maybe ur friend or w/e is on a older plan on virizon im not sure Most of the time though Verizon Screws ppl over they have worst costumer service and never give ur breaks i have been with Tmobile and i have been late on few bills and went over my minutes few times and every time they give me leniency Verizon WOULD never ever do that and i am not spouting out any lies i have been in costumer care and selling phones for a while i know it doesnt make me some special person or some shit but i mean i def have some experience and personally i have sold every carrier and Tmobile is the best …. TO PROVE MY POINT ABOUT SOMETHING when i worked for verizon i had a dealer line which means they give u certain min and txt and internet for very low price right well once i quit They called me and said u have 2 choices u can keep service and have regular plan or B cancel and pay early termination FEW NOW HOW IN THE F@CK should i pay that i dont have a contract LOL they are worthless!!!

  • rossi

    @ TMOfanboy,

    I don’t remember addressing you. However, we will agree to disagree as you have anecdotal evidence, and I only have what is listed in the terms of verizon’s contract. I hope your rant helps you sleep tonight.

    For the record, the plan my friend’s family has was the current 1400 min plan with 10 unlimited numbers and unlimited text which I, and others, have written about in these comments before (so no, it was not some older/cheaper verizon plan). Regardless, any overage fees and “hidden costs” would have to be nearly double the cost of the monthly bill to equal the cost of the unlimited plan tmobile’s new plans would force my family to have…. Interesting.

    In other news, I am sad this deal is passed because unfortunately the n900 is the best thing going on tmobile’s 3g right now, and I bet it wouldn’t be much cheaper to get it from tmobile on a subsidy anyway (if that would ever happen). That said, I hope the HD2 makes its way too these shores sooner rather than later. If it truly does come to tmobile I will thank god everyday that I can keep my myfaves plan.

  • watbetch

    That’s too bad about the Even More Family plans, they’ve obviously been pushing the Even More Plus plans. T-Mobile doesn’t even have a comparable plan anymore.

    Unlimited everything for 3 smartphones and 2 Samsung comeback phones is in under $254 with NO contract and that’s unlimited to everyone and everything without any 10 number limits – Not comparable but the closest thing. Get it with Flexpay and you’ll have no activation fee. Buy the phones yourself via Craigslist, or eBay and you’ll save a bundle. $150 for an 8550. $200-250 for a MyTouch. These are both devices you might not be interested in but these are EXAMPLES. You’ve already saved $1200 over a 2 year period by using this plan. Because you have to pay for activation with Verizon it’s more like $1350+. Add in the price of equipment through Verizon and the savings is decreased but the point is, T-Mobile can be cheaper and offer you way more. You just have to not be a lazy SOB and get the devices yourself and not from T-Mobile.

  • watbetch

    Buying the devices unsubsidized for T-Mobile will cost another $500 over getting them discounted through Verizon but this comes with No contract, No ETF, and no requirement to pay your bill every month if you can’t or don’t want to and you’re still saving money. I don’t see the problem.

  • watbetch

    I wish you could edit posts but anyway…

    If you have a line that doesn’t talk at all, you can also cut costs down by getting a 200 minute line.

  • rushmore

    The hand in the picture for this thread headline must have a big meaty paw! The N900 is not small, but looks like it in this person’s hand.

  • Stan

    I contacted them via Phone, w/ business phone telling them to honor it.
    I was able to get another code and get it switched by a top manager to down to 468.

  • rossi

    I’ll show you the math to make my point:

    *Verizon: 4 lines 1400 minutes, unlimited text, 10 unlimited numbers, 1 line droid data = 169.99 monthly + fees, Equipment= 1 droid + 3 LG enV Touch (what is tmobile’s comparable phone selection?) = 499.99 + Tax (no activation fees, yes, I actually looked)

    2 years= $169.99 x 24 = 4079.76 + 499.99 = 4579.75 + tax & fees (4 brand new phones)

    *Tmobile: 4 lines Even More PLUS Unlimited talk + text, one line unlimited smartphone data = 184.00 monthly + fees. I’ll even use my family’s current phones, but I would have to pay $105 migration fee (140 activation fees if I was a new costumer)

    2 years= $184.00 x 24 = 4416 + 105 = 4521 + tax & fees, and I would be using old phones! Even if I bought 4 of the above phones for $80 on ebay it’s only adding insult to injury!

    Now obviously the Unlimited plans are nice if that’s what you need. However, my situation allows me to cover my usage with my current myfaves plan, and I could also use the verizon plan. Unfortunately, the new 1500 minutes plan is not enough. Also, yes, each of my lines uses more than 200 minutes. 3 of the 4 lines are used by people going to college who rely on their mobile as their only phone… By the way, I don’t need more than 5gb of data to check my email, update my schedule, and do casual browsing because I would be within wifi areas most of the time. I also do not need tethering abilities… The no contract, no etf is a perk, but is not necessary for my situation. Regardless, tmobile’s $200 etf has one of the worst prorated etfs in the business as it is not even prorated until 18 months of your contract have passed…

    Your mileage is obviously going to vary depending on your usage, but I am merely pointing out the fact that tmobile’s new plans have a gaping hole in the midrange. I know I am not the only one that sees this.

    That said, I am happy with my myfaves plan, and I will stay if they give me some phones that I crave. T-mobile has approximately 6 months to deliver…

    *all of the prices were taken from my.t-mobile.com, tmobile.com, and verizonwireless.com.

  • Bill48105

    Sounds like we are long lost twins as my situation is pretty much the same. As I’ve said on here a bunch of times and sounds like you agree TMobile needs to close that gaping hole for those of us who don’t need unlimited (and the available unlimited line options don’t work out) and the 1500 minutes just isn’t enough. Anyone who goes to tmobile’s site & prices out a 4 or 5 line family plan where the family uses say 1700 minutes a month (broken down something like 500+600+300+300 for example where you’d pay $80 in overages on 1500 plan, $80 in overages if you did 2 unlimited line plan with 2 200 min lines or $70 more per month making all lines unlimited even though they are hardly used..) & you’ll see you get totally screwed with nasty overages or being forced to go unlimited. [And if someone tells me to change to a better plan rather than go over minutes or stick with what I got one more time I’ll strangle them!]

    TMobile should done one or more of the following:
    1. Bring back Unlimited MyFaves & WiFi UMA calling for something reasonable like $10/m

    2. Have a 3000 minute family plan for $10 more per month (can’t be much more than that or people will get confused as to why 3000 is same as unlimited when they don’t realize the add a lines are what kill you)

    3. More minutes for some lines in unlimited plans.. Either tiered like 300, 750, 1500 per line *or* how about pooling the non-unlimited lines like on non-unlimited family plans where there are like 750, 1500 minutes to share..

    4. LOWER overage minutes to something more reasonable so people stuck on 1500 plan can afford to go over every now & then. Better yet, have a way for users to bank up minutes similar to ATT Rollover from unused minutes or minutes purchased for a reasonable fee or maybe earned through rewards. (IE. 100 bonus minutes for every month you are a customer up to a maximum of 1000, or whatever.) Granted that wouldn’t help you at first if you started out at 0 but they go do it as a credit system that starts out at 1000 and if you cancel before you earn your credits you pay $10/month or whatever. Just brainstorming the way TMobile should be. ;)

    On a side note:
    5. BRING BACK NON UNLIMITED DATA/TEXT ADD-ONS. Someone like my family who does a total of no more than 40 texts per month gets screwed. We either pay per use & pay $10 or pay $0.50 each on unlimited plan. On the months where we do like 10 texts it ends up being $2 PER TEXT. And no I’m not saying $5 for 300 text messages per line is best solution either but hell $5 for 300 to share would be great & I’d gladly pay it. While they are at it have a $10 one that is 1000 shared.

    5. The way the cell companies rip off on data plans requiring data plans on certain phones and that they have to be unlimited even if you rarely use it is enough to put me over the edge so I’ll leave that for another day. But that is something else that should be addressed by TMobile if they are serious about not only attracting more customers but retaining the ones they currently have.

    I do not think it is asking too much for TMobile to be reasonable with their pricing so that there are not people with certain circumstances who get totally screwed over because those are the people who’ll like head on over to another carrier & take their 4-5 lines with them.

  • rossi

    @ Bill48105

    I knew I wasn’t alone!

    I also forgot to add that I qualify for a 15% discount from verizon so 4079.76 x .85 = 3467.80. Granted that discount would work on the Even More plans, it does not work on plus plans…. This also means that any additional data add ons would cost the same from verizon as it would to add them to the even more plus plans. (well $.50 more a month) Therefore, I can rack up over $1000 of overages over the life of my contract just to (or nearly pay all of my etf fees should I decide to leave) reach the price of the plan tmobile forces me in to. Or, you know, I could just put that money elsewhere since I wouldn’t be accumulating the overages anyway! Tmobile must have either overlooked these aspects of the new plans, or they knew it and thought we wouldn’t catch them. Given the size of verizon’s 3g network and voice coverage, what exactly does tmobile’s plan offer for me? They used to be cheaper on the plans, and we all knew we sacrificed coverage and phone selection for that. I guess we’ll cling to that costumer service!

  • Grr

    You probably won’t see MyFaves return at least in its current form. The MyFaves software is one of the things that keeps manufacturers from making phones for T-Mobile. UMA is another. It is difficult fo get phone manufacturers to put the money into developing software and/or hardware for these two items. That is why you see less and less of it. Now you have T-Mobile to T-Mobile free. That could very well eventually turn into Mobile to Mobile. There is actually a lot of working happing in cooperation between all the carriers that will likely make free Mobile to Mobile calling a more common thing. Basicly what is happening is instead of calls from one mobile to another being routed through a phone landline phone company, the carriers are connecting circuits directly between them. Like T-Mobile will have direct connection to Cricket, AT&T, Verizon, etc and vice versa. This results in much cheaper calls. This is probably boring info for most, but the result could be free mobile to mobile as a standard in the near future.

  • rossi

    @ Grr

    That’s all very interesting. Thanks. You know what else I would like to see is some sort of Family data plan. Like $50 for a hard cap of like 10 gb or something. I would gladly pay that. Shoot make it $50 for 5 gb. It’s darn expensive to add “unlimited” data for smartphones that will only be used casually to browse the net. Again, if you need unlimited I think you should have that option, but if you don’t, why pay as much as the data hog?

    I have thought about the myfaves software thing. My solution, although not perfect, would be to make updating and changing your myfaves contacts only possible through the internet or costumer service. Therefore, the software would not have to be developed. Actually, we already do that for two of our phones…

    By the way, I really can not wait for this thing (see link) to show its face on american soil! Look at the web page loading speeds as compared to the n900. I just hope it doesn’t go to AT&T!


  • TomCruise

    @Grr, there’s no need for myfaves software on the phone for the feature to work.

    thats a lame excuse.

    as long as the feature is set up on the backend, who cares if its available on the phones.

    there are so many users without myfaves app on the phone but the feature on their account and its working fine for them.

  • Grr

    Did you see the outrage due to paperless billing? You would see the same thing if you tried to make myFaves an internet only deal. If you did it via customer service, you would have issues with call congestion to the CS reps. You can’t make it T-Zones because not everyone wants a data plan.

  • hi!

    wow, check out this article guys. I just clicked on it from the twitter feed on the main page. When you get off tmobile cheerleading webpages things look bleak…..very bleak. I hope this is discussed as a story on the main page


  • Grr

    Whoever wrote that is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. If WiMax is so great, why is no other wireless carrier picking it up? How well has Sprint handled mergers in the past? At least T-Mobile has a net gain in customers for the year and Sprint does not. You want to say T-Moble, USA execs have failed? I’ll buy that. Just don’t tell me Sprint has done any better with more to work with. They are the only carrier that had a megamerger that failed. They have bled customers ever since. If anything, T-Mobile should buy Sprint instead of Sprint buying T-Mobile. T-Moblie, as a whole, is still very strong. T-Mobile USA can be strong with the correct leadership.

  • IsThataJoke

    I Started 2 Think That a Super Android Phone For T-mobile Is not coming Anytime Soon so we Should All who can Support The N900 Which is a more Powerful and Better Phone then Droid anyway because if we don’t nokia might not make us another high end phone like this on our 3G band i think we should support nokia and t mobile and the Mamemo Platform which has potential to be better then Android it won’t be though if we don’t support the one phone that we have whether its unlocked or not it was made for us to use so lets use it and make sure it does not fail google is already talking about making turn by turn navigation as a app and putting it on app stores like the iphone and if the nokia phone does well they will put it on that also i say we all stop complaining and get the N900!

  • IsThataJoke

    Check out This Cool Videos I hope U Reading David

    If you are reading this david which i hope u are check out this link to a real in depth n900 video we need 2 get our fellow t-mobile people exicted about the n900