Behold 2 Gallery Bonanza

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The Behold 2 is a phone that should, by now, be familiar to our readers as Samsung’s first T-Mobile Android smartphone. We’ve seen pictures before of the device but live images have eluded bloggers everywhere–until now. While not much has seemingly changed from the Galaxy of which the Behold 2 is derived, this device looks ready to stand on its own. With the TouchWiz interface combined with Android users will get the best of both worlds, with a cube like interface capable of adding a little flair or the standard menu available to do that little thing called multitask. Arriving on November 18th with an expected street price of $249.99 the Behold 2 looks to capture Android marketshare on T-Mobile quickly and without mercy. I hope the latter is true because this looks like one sexy device and that’s exactly what Android on T-Mobile needs right now.

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  • C2002

    I just want to know whether or not the Moto Cliq will be getting an Android update to 1.6 or 2.0 soon. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants more info on this. I only have a couple of days left before I can return the Cliq. Please bring us more updates on this David and Mystic. I know we would really appreciate it. Anyone else with me on this?

  • tom

    will it require a data plan

  • sd

    153 mb MAX memory?? is this a joke? i know there isn’t a memory card in the mix for that screen shot, but you can’t run apps off the memory card anyway, so what is the point of having an android phone with no memory? why the eff does this phone suck worse than the other suckfest parade of phones??? WHY TMO, WHY??

  • sd

    oh, and for the rumored $250? this IS a joke, isn’t it!? you cheeky little R&D dept Marketing genius crafty buggers, you! you got us good!

  • sd

    aah well, i still love ya. price is why i’m here anyway.

  • BronxBebe

    Moto Cliq will get the update of the Android 2.0 when it’s unsure of but will happen.

    Any smartphone you buy will require the data plan.

    I just received an OTA update for my SKLX09 a while ago as informed me it will happen as the 1st OTA. What it do? Nothing much as far as I can see on it.

    I’m liking the Samsung Behold 2 a lot but I need to know if it has accessibilities for the deaf and disabled. Which is why I brought the SK for that reason, if not I’ll get the BB 9700 cos it’s the only other cell besides the SK. What will I do with the SK? Keep it I don’t want to sell to someone else to have the headaches like I have,lol..


    is this going to be smart phone or a dumbphone the behold 1 was a dumbphone and well you have to pay a date plan


    is this phone going to hspa date


    is it world phone or tmobile phone that u can only use in the america

  • BronxBebe

    Samsung SGH-t939 Behold II Specs
    Datasheet+Views: 3005 views since addition of datasheet (October 11, 2009)
    Datasheet;State: Incomplete specifications
    Expected;Release-Date: November, 2009
    Embedded-Operating_System: Google Android 1.6
    Browse devices running this OS
    RAM;capacity: 256 MiB
    ROM+capacity: 512 MiB
    Display;Type: color AM-OLED , 16777216 scales
    Display+Diagonal: 3.2 ”
    Display_Resolution: 320 x 480
    Microphone(s): mono
    Loudspeaker(s): Supported
    Audio_Output: 3.5mm
    Cellular;Networks: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS900, UMTS1700, UMTS2100
    Cellular:Data-Links: CSD, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA
    Call+Alert: 40 -chord melody
    Vibrating-Alert: Supported
    Speakerphone:: Supported
    Positioning:Device: Touchscreen
    Primary:Keyboard: Not supported
    Directional_Pad: 5 -way
    Scroll_Wheel: Rotary full area roller
    Expansion_Slots: microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash
    USB: USB 2.0 client, 480Mbit/s
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
    Wireless+LAN: 802.11b, 802.11g
    Infrared:Gate: Not supported
    Analog+Radio;Receiver: Not supported
    Digital+Media;Broadcast-Tuner: Not supported
    Built-in:GPS_module: Supported
    Complementary+GPS-Services: Assisted GPS, Geotagging
    Main-Camera: 4.9 MP
    Autofocus;(AF): Supported
    Optical+Zoom: 1 x
    Macro;Mode: Supported
    Built-in-Flash: mobile light (LED)
    Built-in_accelerometer: Supported
    Battery: removable

  • BronxBebe

    Samsung behold 2 (T939) Additional Features

    3D Cube Navigation Menu
    5.0 Megapixel Camera and Camcorder with Auto Focus, Flash and 8x zoom
    Full HTML Web Browser
    One-touch access to Android Market™ and Google Search™
    Full integration with Google applications
    Google Search by Voice
    Virtual QWERTY Keyboard
    Corporate Email along with multiple messaging options
    Visual Voicemail
    Multiple Messaging Options (Text Messaging, Picture Messaging, Video Messaging, Corporate Email, IM, Audio PostcardSM, XT9® Predictive Text)
    Music Player
    Assisted GPS via TeleNav® GPS Navigation
    3 distinct workspaces for better organization
    Notification Tray with status indicators, one-touch access to common applications and Recent Applications
    Proximity Sensor
    Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
    Organizer – Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, Memo, Converter, Stopwatch, Task, Timer, Voice Recorder, World Clock
    64 Note Polyphonic Ringtones
    Volume Up/Down Keys
    Graphic Format Support (PNG, JPEG, GIF)
    Audio Format Support (MP3, MIDI, AAC/AAC+)
    Video Format Support (MPEG4, WAV)

    Samsung behold 2 technical specifications Offical

    GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900; UMTS Band I, IV
    Dimensions: 4.57” x 2.2” x 0.48” (1500mAh Li-Ion standard battery)
    Weight: 4.20 ounces (standard battery)
    Display: 320 x 480 Pixels, Up to 16M AMOLED
    Active area : 1.77” X 2.66”
    Operating System: Android Platform
    Talk Time: Up to 6 hours (standard battery)
    Standby Time: Up to 400 hours (standard battery)

  • BronxBebe
  • BronxBebe

    Take your pick of which one is close enough and TMOREPS if you come here please tell us the CPU on it since they’re in the stores.

  • SocietyOne

    Our store should receive our demo tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to try it out for a few days.

  • EndGame

    I work for one of the T-Mobile stores and one of the Samsung Reps got their hands on it a few weeks back and he went around to different stores to let us play around with it. The behold 2 was disappointing. I have never hated a phone so much lol i know its weird to say but when u guys get to play with it the touch screen is not nearly as smooth as the Cliq or the G1. It has a Cube feature which is really really gay. Hated it, and i recommend the Cliq if u are going android.

  • YanivC

    I gotta give Samsung credit here. They have totally kept this one under wraps and have totally baffled everyone as to the final specs of this device.
    Ive heard everything from its a reprint of the galaxy, to its a Memento with no keyboard. Qualcomm 528 CPU, Samsung 800Mhx CPU.
    128 MB ram, 192 MB Ram, 256 MB Ram….. wow how the hell is it 2 weeks till launch of the phone and no one has solid specs yet.


    Okay, I have the Behold 1 and I was very disappointed with this phone.. There are no apps for it and I have had nothing but problems with it.. There are only a few things that I liked on this phone.. And that was the touch screen keyboard.. I have long nails and I can use my nails to type.. Does anyone know if you will be able to use a stylus or use finger nails to type on the screen? That is a buying factor for me..

  • DK

    hi i just want to ask, does it require you to log in to google before u can open the phone like the Mytouch 3g and does it have a TV Output. thanks

  • dreamer

    Coolest Ever ! I’m gonna get one of em !