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When everything is said and done, we should all be able to admit when a mistake was made. Taking the high road was a poor move on my part and I should not have done it. Its not my job to protect info, its my job to leak it. Its my job to be a fan site, build buzz and critique when necessary. I will listen to the readers when they speak out. I have heard you loud and clear and rest assured, mistakes only happen once. With that said and (hopefully out of the way) if you scroll up, you’ll find more exciting info on Project Dark and again more leaks that continue to build excitement for this weekends news.

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  • CO_Yeti

    My two cents: AT&T/Verizon/Cricket/Sprint knew what “Project Dark” was about a long time ago, it is not a surprise to them and they are already working on a response IF it is successful. Lets not kid ourselves into thinking the CEOs of these companies are trolling the forums to figure out information.

  • JBLmobileG1

    CO… I doubt they had a clue about ProjectDark. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the CEO of SPRINT. LOL. If they did know about this I am sure they would have their plans already and would be ready to counter attack… but I honestly doubt it. My AT&T rep or Verizon rep who’ve been in the biz for years never even heard about it. Who knows… they might not even counter attack at all or even be able to…. or maybe not even want to in fear they might lose and risk to much to what they already have. Verizon probably needs all the money they can get just to keep their network up. As for AT&T… if it wasn’t for their rolll over and iphone they wouldn’t have much and after project black is fully revealed they might have less than they have now. We shall see soon… real soon.

  • Dennis

    why did t-mobile even announce project black was coming? They should of just kept it secret and dropped it whenever it was ready to hit the streets. Project was announced what almost a month ago so of course the enemies found out and got skeptical themselves.

  • MobilePaddy

    Can someone explain exactly what the secret is since these types of plan are already available in europe? The only thing that is important is the pricing and no-one has posted that yet.

  • timmyjoe42

    I don’t know about everyone else, but prices falls a distant third to service and devices.

  • bruce

    While I agree with your standpoint, this quote bothers me:

    “I have vested interests in T-Mobile’s success and if that means holding back on intel for a few days, then so be it.”

    As a blogger who provides news on T-Mobile, what will you do if you have news that is bad to T-Mobile’s image? Will you not post that either, or spin it in a way that makes it less hurtful? I’m hopeful that this isn’t the case, but that statement would make readers who don’t read you on a regular basis think about this.

  • cockpitinferno

    Good on David’s part for taking it down (a threat of a lawsuit/subpoena would trigger a crisis of conscience for a guy), but the damage has already been done. @MobilePaddy: I thought the same thing, but this is something new as opposed to heavily subsidizing phones the way companies do here in North America.

  • FILA

    If you dont post, other sites will anyways, althou i can see your point, but thats what a Tmo blog is all about. You’ll get the rep for the most leaks and up to date info, you’ll become a reliable source, but yet get your thunder stolen from another t-mobile blog? choice is yours, althou im a hard core t-mobile fan, i can see the business side of why releasing leaks would hurt.

  • Betito

    David, you are showing true journalistic integrity. Kudos to you!!!

  • Observer

    @Betito: If the guy had any “journalistic integrity,” he’d have never posted the story in the first place.

  • TheViper


    The story that was removed was not written by David. It was written by someone else who posts stuff on here – I clearly remember seeing some other name on there that was longer than “David” So no, he didn’t post it in the first place.

  • TheViper


    since when did t-mobile “announce” anything? all this stuff has been done via leaks and word of mouth.

  • tmo-ney

    IF the other 3 knew what we were doing they would freak, oh wait, is that the others jocking our lead on android, and trying to take the value leader place. 9 time straight J.D. Powers, we own the experience, this is just proof we listen to our customers AND RESPOND with what they ask for. Magenta already has 4g hardware in place, just waiting for FCC Ok to turn it on.

  • hockeyguy99

    All these posters playing the morality card: get over yourselves! There’s no integrity in leaking company info, then removing it from a site a few hours later because an editor had a crisis of conscience (or a threat of a lawsuit). We all want stuff to leak and get posted here and on other tech blogs. All of them are in business to be “first” and leak sensitive info. It’s all about readership, page views, and site traffic. Now pretty much everything has been made public, was that really worth somebody damn near losing their job over?

  • MagentaMagic

    Guys, guys, guys (and girls)… it’s all tit for tat. One carrier does this magic trick, another pulls that one. Remember myFaves? Verizon has Friends & Family, Alltel got the circle. Big deal.

    From what I can gather, Dark is going to be a launch of new rate plans, very simplified and very straightforward. For better or worse, the Magenta T needs that — simplicity. Will this rock the world of wireless, sure. But it won’t be long until someone else throws the glitter and dazzle and then all focus will be off T-Mobile.

    So don’t sweat it. Millions of people are not going to come flooding the TMo stores next week. But they will come… and then be drawn away again.

    Circle of life… or myFaves of life… or something.

  • JBLmobileG1

    MagentaMagic… don’t forget AT&Ts a-list. Its like a copy of MyFavs and Verizons Friends and Family. Funny though… my guess about Project Black was right. Sorta like how they have it in Europe…. let’s just hope the prices are similar.

  • lol

    i like how tmotoday has a flame post on their front page. seriously, pathetic. people will do what they want. thats why a site like this gets advertised through some of the biggest technology blogs out there, and tmotoday well. didnt know it existed until about a week ago.

    *note i vaguely remember hearing someone talk about tmotoday a long time ago because it’s a couple of disgruntled former tmonews users.

  • Tvrkish

    cheers mate!

  • weave

    Ah, the deleted article is still in your RSS feed….

  • MikeKStar

    This is a BIG deal inside Tmo right now. People are getting fired for leaking inside information.

    The public will have all the details soon so it’s best to keep whatever you know – or what you think you know – to yourself for now.

  • Grr

    As a T-Mobile employee, I don’t really blame tmonews for printing what they had. The employee that leaked it deserves anything they get for it. I don’t really consider device leaks or a date of a future 3G launch a big deal. However, this leak is a bit bigger than that. I don’t believe the full scope of whats going on has been leaked, but this type of leak only hurts the company. T-Mobile is in a tough position right now, and employees should stay a bit more tight-lipped to keep things going in the right direction. A lot of people’s jobs are depending on T-Mobile succeeding in the near future. I know I don’t want to be looking for a new job right now.

  • Troy

    A T-Mobile gossip/news site that is all of a sudden taking a moral highground on one of the largest news/rumors yet. I’m just a little confused is all, considering thats all your page seems to be about anyway and the fact that other sites are covering leaks and screens because thats their actual job- moral ambiguity or not. Is now really the time to get on your high-horse?

  • alex

    So now that David has reposted the leak, I guess all of the people who praised him earlier for taking it down will now come back and tell him how he made the wrong decision to post it back up, right?

  • MichaelSF

    Alex… LOL. Personally I wish some people would get the hint when some of us posted the correct grammatical term “conscience.” It’s not, for example, “I had a crisis of conscious.” Unless, I guess they mean they were awake and alert when thinking about something, because that is what “conscious” means.

    People retorted to my post saying I was single minded and incorrect in my opinion.

    Whatever, I still maintain that the biggest threat to a blog or forum is when they self-censor or censor others.

    While free speech is a concept that technically ONLY applies to govt. action curtailing private citizens from speaking their minds, the term has morphed to apply to anyone posting on “public” forums and blogs. (Albeit forums and blogs are still private clubs where members can be tossed on to the street on the whims of clubhouse regulars, so so speak.)

    There were some excellent comments in here that members took the time to post and that the site owner better take to heart.

    I liked the one that mentioned the conflict between a supposed allegiance to T-Mobile while at the same time implying that this is a news site. Well it’s not a news site if the news is filtered out of support for the T-Mobile. That certainly seems to be an inconsistency. Calling one a news site is improper if it’s really a T-Mo fan site. If T-MoNews is the place to come for filtered information, then it should be renamed to something with the word “propaganda” in it.

    And of course, I like the post that agreed with me that people want information. They will go where it resides. An example of how this works is TMZ (a site started by a fellow lawyer). That site knows the value of inside information, leaks and being the first to post information. Of recent I recall they were the absolute first media/site who posted in bold headlines that Michael Jackson was dead. They were the first who said that Howard Stern was going to be charged with giving drugs to Anna Nicole Smith.

  • MichaelSF

    This is the second half of my long-winded post. I broke it up in parts because it was not posting, so thought maybe it was too long:

    TMZ illustrates how a site becomes successful because of scoops and leaks. (Another example, Deep Throat/Watergate/Woodward/Bernstein. Or how about the Pentagon Papers.)

    So to me, and apparently others too, saying “I am censoring myself, taking down the posts, because it hurts T-Mobile” took TmoNews out of the journalistic world and makes it similar to those fan sites for has-been rock stars.

    Worse, however, is that the Site owner would post that he was taking down the info, make a “political” statement about why he is taking it down, then later put it back up.

    That does not speak well of one’s conscience, convictions and principles. Matter of fact, journalistic integrity mandates that one post and publish all information regardless of which way the chips might fall. As one member in here alluded, TMoNews should publish stories (leaks) without regard to the affect such has on T-Mobile. Yes, you can take down stories or choose not to post material if it will, in YOUR opinion, hurt T-Mobile. But if you choose to do that, you are not a news site.

    In law we would never do that. Take a position one day, argue it to the court, then do a 180 the next day. In the journalistic realm (assuming we want to elevate T-MoNews to a… well… news site) you would never see media do this.

    Sidenote: The definition of “news” is “a report of previously unknown information.” To me that necessarily includes leaks, scoops, and fresh info.

    To be sure, the focus of media and journalists is getting the scoop any which way one can. BGR and Engadget know this. That’s why they publish leaked information.

    Filtering or censoring information because one feels a crisis of conscious (sic) has no place on a real news site. Since the Site owner said he was not contacted by lawyers or served with a subpoena from T-Mo, the somewhat comical thing is that it appears T-Mo does not care about what has been posted on T-MoNews. This tells me that one’s crisis of conscience was misplaced, giving significance to the leaked information when there was none.

    And I agree with the one comment, T-Mo wants the discussion, speculations, rumors and gossip. In fact, it’s well known that companies feed these leaks to the public, just as is done in Washington, D.C.

    Perhaps the master at this is Apple, building excitement and reducing people to gyrating blobs of gel or chickens with their heads cut off, looking forward to whatever Apple might come out with. I am sure T-Mo wishes they knew how to build excitement like Apple does.

  • MichaelSF

    Sidenote: I really like this site compared to others, that is why I choose to post here instead of places that want me to post on their sites.

    This is a pleasant place to hang out and that’s what matters most. Yes, there are members who talk smack or whose style is to insult and ridicule, but they are the exception.

    If the Site owner wants T-MoNews to become the number one place to go for scoops, leaks and exclusives, the owner better get posting. LOL.

  • http://edsoto.com ED

    If so, why do you continue to mis-represent the FreeBSD mascot in this thread ( http://www.tmonews.com/2009/10/sidekick-users-start-seeing-data-return)?

    YOU are implying that FreeBSD had something to do with the Sidekick data fiasco, which is not the case.

    Where is the integrity in that?