What Do You Want From “Project Black?”


I think it goes without saying right now that speculation for “Project Dark” or “Project Black” as we believe its mistakenly been called around the web is quite high. With that said, either everyone thinks they already know what it is, what it should be or most importantly, what they want it to be. The real question is what it would really take from T-Mobile to pole vault over Sprint to the number three spot. Is the iPhone as a number of you have come to speculate really the answer? Is the iPhone even on the table or is AT&T retaining its kung-fu like grip on the Apple relationship? Regardless of your opinion on the idevice it’s undoubtedly the key to AT&T riches right now regardless of whatever network hell their customers are enduring. So here we have it, a mighty poll for “Project Dark,” as we have read your comments but now want to see where the majority falls with their hopes for whatever it turns out to be. So vote below, if the option you like isn’t there, check other and comment below. Want to continue discussion on “Project Black?” The forums are a mighty fine place to discuss it and they look oh so good these days!

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  • twoboxen

    I could care less about the iPhone. I have one, and it’s NOT the best game in town. Let’s see something really amazing… lower prices across the board!

    free data access for all up to 512Mb, $10 more to make it unlimited?

    Surprise!!! free n900’s for existing customers!

  • trees247

    never heard of this “project”

  • matt

    I voted other, only because I really wanted to vote N900 + 4G! (not 4G on the N900, although that’d be wonderful) But 4G and the N900 separately coming to T-Mobile is enough for me!

    But who knows, maybe this Project Black is something we don’t even know about, none of the above… I’m dieing for an official announcement though from T-Mo!

  • Jose

    Iphone with T-Mobile’s Plan that are better than AT&T, COME ON PEOPLE!! that would be GREAT!!!

  • John

    I have pretty good reason to believe that this Dark Project is actually getting ready for 4 different things, one of which is a 3G equipped netbook device…

  • Smitty

    How about TMO comes out with 4G and allows new/existing TMO iPhone users the ability to connect via current 3G band. So what ever AT&T 3G band is, TMO should adopt it, let existing iPhone users and new ones access it and then roll out 4G.

  • nunyabiz


  • Nick

    The iPhone I think is possible. Everyone in Canada seems to have gotten it away from Rodgers. And telus announced, and so did bell

  • nunyabiz

    Jose, I would have agreed with you up until 3 weeks ago when I got a Mytouch. Now I think Android is much better than the Iphone.

  • watbetch

    Everything plans + iFone. 89.99 a month for unlimited everything.

  • Ricky

    This sucks.. I wanna know so bad.. Unlimited plans like what sprint did would be nice nd at a cheaper price too.. iPhone would be da same cause it can be unlocked.. Maybe it’s some kind of new phone you know maybe like an iPhone 2 dat will be exclusive to tmobile or sumthin since every other tmobile world wide has an iPhone alredy.. 4g would be greatt too nd I see a merger happenin too but with sprint I see it kinda hard since they have no sim cards but they do have black… Maybe merge with att but that wouldn’t make sense.. But still wondering why Black???

  • Ricky

    And a netbook maybe? I see evryone else doing that but I don’t think it will make them move up.. It has to be sumthin bigg

  • 30014

    Let’s be honest with ourselves the iphone is the only phone in America that is a people moving device. When it launched at&t raided all 3 major carriers for subscribers. What other phone has ever done that? I’m not a apple fanboy either(android all the way), I’m just stating the obvious. Whether u love or hate the iphone u know it would bring in a shit load of customers that want one but don’t want to deal with at&t.

  • anonymous

    Its called “project darkhorse”

  • TeflonFong

    An LTE iPhone (with a keyboard?) with an everything plan for 60.00/month…we can dream can’t we ;)

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  • face

    Well here goes nothing, I have a feeling that you will see TMO announce a merge with metro, simply for there LTE spectrum. I also think that Tmo will take a turn toward the DT parent and start to move the wireless word here in the states toward the european market. Look for 40-70 dollar unlimited plans, look for no contracts, and look for no subsidy on handsets. I think with Two N series phones on there way, Tmo will start having mostly all unlocked handsets with tons of features supported by the network which we may get from metro’s lte. I can also see us getting the iphone, there is nothing that apple is enjoying about the partnership with at&t so why would they re-up a deal with them? With the combination of the above this would defiantly make TMO into wireless kings. thats my take, only 2 weeks until we know what it really is!

  • mikeeeee

    UMA android.

    10 myfaves.

  • Jose

    Let’s be honest the myTouch screen is too small to type on, I had the myTouch and I returned it in 4 days, the G1 memory is just to little specially for me. I love the Android software because you actually could do anything with it. But with the Iphone and all the applications and games is just GREAT annnnd it doesn’t “LAG” at all…

  • Dude

    Again…it’s called the “Dark Project”

    Unlimited everything plans? Not happening… Sprint is tanking BECAUSE of their unlimited everything plans. What makes you think that TMO would want to follow that path? That setup is good for the customer, not for the company. 3G/4G networks are expensive and an all everything plan at a uber-low price point will not pay the bills. Simply not happening.

    Netbooks (N900) will definitely be part of the announcement.

  • Alex

    Smitty, thats ludicrous, you cant just “adopt” frequency.

    Im not sure that an iPhone alone would bring people to T-Mobile. Then again, Im not the biggest fan of the iPhone. Im not sure about an announcement that would solely vault T-Mobile into third place. It must be something ridiculous.

  • IwantToKnow

    ok i honestly dont think the iphone will make tmobile step up into 3rd place. att has better 3g and coverage then we do. so why would anyone switch just because are plans are cheaper yea that doesnt mean you will enjoy the phone as much. also tmbile’s flagship are androids look what they did with the touch pro 2. the only thing i can really see make tmo #3 is merging with sprint, more towers, or better 3g with more coverage wich is possible with sprint. sprint is already working on launching phones for nextel that will let them use their 3g coverage and service. so im pretty sure they can do the same with tmo

  • BDot

    In light of all the recent rumors, I gotta go with a merger of some kind.

    Even if T-Mobile got the iPhone tomorrow, it wouldn’t be enough for them to “immediately” vault Sprint as the nation’s #3 carrier. For that to happen, it’d have to be some kind of merger/buyout.

    It’s the only thing that makes sense. Though, I totally wouldn’t be mad at some kind of cheaper “everything” plans being released too.

    Who knows? Maybe we’ll see both?

  • watbetch

    Well honestly, if they just improve their coverage where it matters the most (large pop’s extending out into the suburbs) and market it as so.. people would be content with that.

  • Jimbo831


    ATT does not have better 3G and coverage than T-Mobile. Have you used the ATT 3G network? It is extremely overloaded and slow in most places. I will concede that they have more 3G areas than T-Mobile, but here in Kansas City, the T-Mobile 3G network actually expands further away form the city than ATT’s does.

    Also, T-Mobile is always rated higher in call quality and lower in dropped calls than ATT every single year by Consumer Reports and JD Power. ATT can show all the commercials about how huge their network is to convince some people like yourself, but that doesn’t make it true. Why do you think the commercial always says they have the most “worldwide” coverage? They can make that claim thanks to lots of overseas roaming agreements. Here in the states, they are really not on par with what T-Mobile offers in areas with coverage, and not that far ahead of T-Mobile in total coverage areas.

    About the announcement, I can’t imagine this is just a phone or a plan. Neither of those will help T-Mobile make up the huge gap between them and Sprint any time soon. Who knows, maybe the whole “going to #3” is just head honchos spewing and trying to sound good. Maybe it’s not even anything exciting and just more smoke signals. T-Mobile has disappointed with a lot of their big announcements in the past.

    I sure do hope this is something huge and game changing though, but I just can’t wait to find out.

  • Jesse

    I think most people are blowing it out of proportion. Theres a few things that are going into it but its not anything around new phones. The releases on the new phones tmobile has been open about.

  • branon

    No matter how many android devices Tmobile brings in, clearly the readers at Tmonews suffer from Iphone envy!

  • Luckout

    I remember back in June there was a leak of T-Mobile carrying Dell netbooks around October. Haven’t heard anything since. This may be part of it. But, overall I think there will be more than one “significant” announcement regarding “Project Black”.

  • Bob

    While there are a lot of you that say “I don’t care about the iPhone” there are MILLIONS of people that DO care about it. Android is pretty cool, and I know that people are buying Android devices because they want the iPhone experience, but in the end, it’s not an iPhone. I wish that you could sync one with iTunes. (doubletwist isn’t an option – no Mac support!)

    It’s just a reality. People love the iPhone, but they hate AT&T. A massive 3G rollout + being a US iPhone carrier would be awesome for T-Mobile.

  • Marc

    I want everything that’s on that list. LOL All of it, gimme gimme gimme

  • Jon

    My guesses:
    1. Satellite voice coverage through TerraStar
    2. iTablet.
    3. Agreement with Clear for WiMax (but while rolling out hspa+??)
    4. Massive price drop: Free SMS/MMS across the board + data price cuts + All you can eat for $99/mo
    5. Massive price reform: Go the EU route for pricing. $1 smartphones with longer contracts, more flexible rate plans (mix and match). See here: http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/ – we currently use “Combi Plan” style pricing. Maybe an intro of flext style pricing.

    The above, I believe, would need BOTH SECRECY AND EMPLOYEE TRAINING! ie, they would fit the bill.

  • http://www.cnn.com Elrich

    The iPhone is bad a$$!!! You guys have no idea what you’re missing. It’s my primary business phone and I have tossed out my TMOUSA Rizr and my corporate Blackberry for it. I’m on Day Three with it now and I love it. It is all that and a bag of chips. I left TMOUSA since being with them for 2003. I thought that the Touch Pro2 would be TMOUSA’s savior and boy was I wrong.

    Project Black will be something lame like a pay-as-you-go plan phone. TMOUSA is going down. I am a life long Apple hater who wishes Steve Jobs would die of pancreatic cancer already, so, if I could make the switch and love the iPhone, TMOUSA is in trouble. TMOUSA will be absorbed in 5 years time because Deutche Telekom won’t put up with the dumba$$ running it who got their MBAs from Cracker Jacks boxes! :)


    If T-Mobile wants to be a show stopper in this game they need a deal like getting the iPhone on their network. It would be the most disruptive think they could possibly do right now. AT&T customers have been frustrated to hell with the crappy speeds on ‘The Nation’s Fastest 3G Network’ and I think Apple is tired of sharing the blame for this. Now is the moment for T-Mobile to shine…grab the iPhone, continue to roll out 3G+ and watch you profits go through the roof. When the other handsets maker see T-Mobile soaring they’re follow suit to get a piece of the action.

    Anything else is just another ho-hum event for T-Mobile. I’m really sick and tired of those.

  • MTC44


    Better double check that. Doubletwist came out with mac compatibility this week.

    iPhone would bring people in droves. Yes, I realize iPhone can be used 2G on T-Mobile now, but most people don’t feel comfortable using an unlocked phone. Or they simply don’t know it’s an option.

    However, I don’t this is an iPhone situation, mostly due to the fact that we have heard nothing in that regard. And I’m relatively certain a TMO bandwidth iPhone would have to pass FCC (right?). We would have heard about that.

    And it can’t be a merger because that would require DOJ approval. We would have heard about this months ago. Instead, look for new pricing and perhaps a new approach to phone subsidies. Anything else wouldn’t be possible to keep a secret.

  • Dude


    You come to a TMob website/forum to pimp the iphone and talk trash? What’s your motive?

    TMo will not be ABSORBED as you think they will. You will have to dig deep, but if you do…you will find that TMob as a company is pretty healthy and will make VERY BIG strides in 2010. Don’t take my word for it…do the research or sit back and watch…either way TMob will not be ABSORBED.

  • Anthony Swift


    The iPhone is what MADE AT&T the way it is now. Mostly everyone either has one or wants one. This could be the answer to bringing T-Mobile up… not to mention how many T-Mobile customers already have an iPhone jailbroken and unlocked to the T-Mobile network. I, myself have an iPhone and I love the functionality, however, I need a physical keyboard with a touch screen…. aka the motorola cliq ;)


    Project Black could be something ENTIRELY different…. secret training….. secrets??? haha who knows whats in store for us…. it may just be the end of the year review hahahaha well, hopefully something great…. I am game! ;)

  • http://tmonews marianna

    @maximus if t-mobile were to put da iphone on its network it would mess up its network it would turn it super slow lie the at&t network. i have at&t and i live in los angeles and i have a blackberry bold and im also affected cause even when i have 5 bars of 3G just to load up google it takes like 3 minutes and to load up other websites like myspace ,yahoo etc it takes like 10 minutes … which i think its a shame cause my sista who has a g1 from t-mobile when her phone has 5 bars of 3G even we have done speed tests together and hers definetly was like 3 times faster. we were both running on 3G. heres loades up google in like 5 seconds and hers loaded myspace the desktop version in 20 seconds bam it was done and yahoo the desktop version like in 10 seconds while my stupid blackberry took like 10 minutes cause it kept on crapping out. i had to be refreshing the page a lot cause all of a sudden it would just stop loading…. so i dont think it would be good for t-mobile to get da iphone on its network … cause at da end they might loose even more customers..

  • Teresa

    The things that makes Tmo inferior to the other carriers is:
    1. T-mo is very slow about keeping up with the latest technology i.e. 3G. There are still places that dont have it. But we pay the prices for data like we do.
    2. open up the ATT towers, we have the agreement in place, stop blocking the towers so that we have more service in more places.
    3. price of phones – T-mo by far is the worst as it relates to phone costs. We may pay less in plans, but we pay more in phones…Iphone=$199 with 3G service.TP2=349.99 not necessarily 3G..
    4. REMOVE MANDATORY DATA PLANS. Go to a tier based pricing based upon max usage – like your minutes
    5. If you have a family plan with family messaging plans, why not have family
    data plans?

  • NobleTMobile

    T-Mo Netherlands just launched something interesting. Your monthly plan is one price on a 1-year agreement and a lower price on a 2-year agreement. Certainly not going to move people in mass but interesting just the same.

    I’m sure this Project Whatever is going to be multifaceted, not just a phone, or just a new plan option, some combination. I’m definitely curious….wish some news would break!

  • Dude

    So I heard from a pretty solid source that the announcement will be based upon netbooks. From what I gather Dell and HP will be the initial manufacturers. This will actually be the announcement and could have a pretty big impact on TMob, but I still believe that there will be a merger/buyout coming down the pipes with Clear & Metro PCS being the primary “targets”. WIMAX AND Netbooks would most definitely take TMob to the next level.

  • Hi!

    finally some people are starting to get it…

    It HAS to be the iPhone or TMobile has completely blown this. (I personally don’t think it will be and am already prepared for the disappointment). It doesn’t matter what you personally think of the iPhone. I don’t care if you hate it….it would be HUGE for TMobile and people would move. So many people are sick of ATT and the iPhone is all they have. If TMobile drops it and it’s at TMo prices (which are WAY below ATT) it would be huge.

    Some sort of netbook/laptop would be beyond worthless. I don’t care if they get 8g…nobody would flinch.

    and some of you people asking for $89 everything plans and $99 “all you can eat” plans are you guys literally retarded? If you want that. Go to Sprint. They have that RIGHT NOW….as in THIS SECOND…..for $70. If TMobile released what you idiots “want” they’d be 10-20 dollars OVER the competition, hahahah. Unless they released an “everything” plan for $60 nobody would blink an eye. And again…it still wouldn’t matter if they did. TMobile and Sprint are cheap…Verizon and ATT are not…who’s number one and number 2? It’s sad but cheaper rates plans would do NOTHING for TMobile. Prepare to be disappointed yet again everyone

  • raysilverstone

    I have to say a merger with Sprint. iphone i am not interested i prefer android. I want the Merger because i really want a hero. 4G is a no because i am still waiting for 3G in my town.

  • J-Hop2o6

    I wan’t tmousa to get ALL OF THOSE options :)

    Oh yea, on the poll about the mergers, you forgot to add the Clearwire agreement. And an agreement with Cricket? I haven’t heard that one.

    But the things i see that’ll really pull in loads of customers is a merger/agreement with Sprint and Clearwire + more/better coverage with HSPA+ & LTE on the horizon. And also gettin the iPhone (or atleast a new version thats in the talks right now that is LTE/HSPA+ capable WITH a keyboard)

    Even tho thats a LONG stretch, that would shake shit up like a California earthquake.

  • Bigg

    What’s with all these ppl and iphones??? Its so last summer, now if they carried the new iphone that apple havent even release yet then that’s something to be excited about but current iphone 3g and 3gs, not really worth the hype, it might be actually bad for tmobile 3g network.

  • Jon

    1. They’re not slow in keeping up with technology. THEY’RE DEPLOYING HSPA+. They didn’t have 3g spectrum before – in other words, deploying 3g late was out of their hands.
    2. You’ll pay more if you want to roam more on ATT. TMO will eventually jack up rates so they can afford to pay ATT higher transport costs.
    3. You’re comparing an iPhone to a TP2? Are you serious? The iPhone can be compared to a MT3G, but if you think a TP2 is as locked up and limited as an iphone, you’re off your rocker. They’re not even in the same league.
    4. Umm, how do mandatory data plans make TMO worse than other carriers? Every other carrier does this for smartphones too.
    5. I do wonder why they haven’t instituted family data plans (spread that 10GB cap around the entire account for all i care).

  • Jon

    @Hi! – it seems all the re-res are coming out of the woodwork. That said:

    “It HAS to be the iPhone or TMobile has completely blown this.”

    Blown what? Noone but tech-nerds even have heard anthing about this. They won’t have blown jack.

    “Some sort of netbook/laptop would be beyond worthless. I don’t care if they get 8g…nobody would flinch.”

    Beyond worthless? How would a netbook for $99 + 21mbps data speeds be worthless? That’s faster than I get at home on a physical connection.

    “and some of you people asking for $89 everything plans and $99 “all you can eat” plans are you guys literally retarded? If you want that. Go to Sprint. They have that RIGHT NOW….as in THIS SECOND…..for $70.
    If TMobile released what you idiots “want” they’d be 10-20 dollars OVER the competition, hahahah.”

    That’s a 450min plan for $70, genius. Oh, and it’s on Sprint, which practically speaks for itself.

  • http://www.cnn.com Elrich

    By the time TMOUSA has 3G fully deployed, AT&T and Verizon and Sprint will have their 4G systems deployed.

    AT&T still has exclusivity on the iPhone for another year, so, that can’t be Project Black. Merger with Sprint actually sounds reasonable.

    I just wanted to help you all TMOUSA users to get the best out of your wireless experience. I can’t believe how bad a$$ the iPhone is! It’s more than I could ever expect. A great business phone, too, with full MS Exchange support from the start.

    Bye bye TMOUSA, just like AIG.

  • Hi!

    @ Jon……

    “and some of you people asking for $89 everything plans and $99 “all you can eat” plans are you guys literally retarded? If you want that. Go to Sprint. They have that RIGHT NOW….as in THIS SECOND…..for $70.
    If TMobile released what you idiots “want” they’d be 10-20 dollars OVER the competition, hahahah.”

    That’s a 450min plan for $70, genius. Oh, and it’s on Sprint, which practically speaks for itself.

    — Dude! Wake up! Yeah, it’s 450 minutes…oh plus that little fact that you CAN CALL ANY MOBILE IN THE F’N USA!!!! So that’s like myfaves….but FOR EVERYONE EVER….EVER!!!! You just passed that dude on the street? You can call him free. Me, call me free, ANYONE…call them free! Therefore, my point is…IF it’s a plan. It would have to be an everything everything evrything plan for $50 to even matter a liiiittle bit

  • Alex

    Tmobile is declaring war on AT&T. Thats what the training is for.

    btw: ITS NOT A MERGER. Thats a dumb idea

  • epic

    WAR! Haha! Nice one Alex….