Sidekick Data Outage

If you happen to be handling a Sidekick right now, you may have noticed a lack of data service.  The nationwide outage reportedly started late last night or very early this morning and has been recognized by T-Mobile.  In the meantime, relax and T-Mobile will have it fixed “shortly.”  If this is really hurting you, you may want to give customer care a call and try out that award winning customer service.  On a related side note, there is word that there will be an OTA update for the LX 2009 that should resolve the crashing and freezing, so you have that to look forward to. Tell us what you think in the comments, especially if you have a Sidekick.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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  • MonJackson

    Its getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!! Its been going on for a whole day. I have a Sidekick 08 and this aint the first time something like this has happened. :(

  • brooklynsfinezt

    my data service blanked out at around 4am yesterday Eastern Time .. and ever since i have no recieved no data service. its pathetic. i’d think that in 2009 we would have so much advance technology that none of this wouldve happened… its annoying!! we are paying for this and we arent getting any service.

  • brooklynsfinezt

    i forgot to mention i have the lx 2009. NOT EVEN 3G WORKS!

  • D

    I was having data issues on my G1 last night. Related?

  • sidekickuser

    this is very fustrated. either yu loose yur data or your data isn’t even existing. which doesnt sound like a big deal, but for people who email and instant message the majority of the time on their phone is a headache! as soon as that cliq goes on presale im ordering. tired of sidekicks and their bootleg service that takes 10 minutes to come when you come out the subway.

  • The Wizard

    Thanks Andrew. You’re awesome. Advise people to call customer care because that is totally going to fix the issue.

  • dave

    trending topic on twitter atm.

  • Andy, Inc.

    my sidekicks been out since yesterday morning =[
    i thought it was just a local outage but damn nationwide?
    i still love sidekicks this is the first time in a LONG time since i’ve had an outage on mine and im rockin a LX 3G now
    thank god my texts still come through aims boring now haha

  • Pedro

    Mine started losing the stuff yesterday, good thing I have all my contacts saved up to the memory car(or sim card, whatever it is). And I just called and the operator was very nice and she gave me $10 off my next bill which isn’t bad in my opinion.

  • The Observer

    thank god i got rid of my sidekick and got my mytouch 3g a few weeks ago lol

  • watbetch

    I was hoping for an update to the SK LX 09 software so that it wasn’t such a big bag of fail but I guess that isn’t happening.

    Excellent design, screen, device, but the OS is the pits. Terrible. It’s a big freaking text/IM device. The apps are worthless and overpriced, the OS is severely closed off, the browser stinks, video playback is HORRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE.. I could go on.

  • BC

    I love you guys complaining about losing a day or so of service. Just be patient. I remember losing the service for an entire WEEK back when I had my SK2. A day or two is nothing compared to that.

  • harvey clinger

    I been with the sidekick since 1st sidekick. been thru 3 outages and other problems. but stll love my sidekick.

  • J

    All calling customer care will do is create long wait times for the people that need to get through to customer care for an issue that can be fixed.

  • Margie

    I have proudly owned a prepaid Sidekick Slide for a year now. This is the only time I I have had an extensive outage. I lost my data service yesterday morning. I am glad it`s not my only web enabled phone. all in all. I do like my Sidekick. Thanks.

  • Margie

    I have had a Sidekick Slide prepaid for a year now. I lost my data usage early Friday morning. I`m not impatient. Thankfully, I have more than one phone for my mobile data needs. All in all, I like my Sidekick to fill in gaps when it works. Thanks.

  • Anamika

    still waiting patiently…..

  • uncfan1297

    god..this has been going on 4 two and a half days! do you guys have two dots and then it stops trying to get service?

  • Dan

    Mine’s been out since very early Friday morning – don’t know if it’s related but I tried clearing out all my contacts on my SIM to make room to move all my contacts saved to the phone and EVERY CONTACT is now GONE! Frigan phone….was a decent phone when I got it, but 3 months after I got it the price drops $100 and then problems with the phone (glitches really….) and I hate it. Plus my wife, who has the same phone as well, and I both cannot hear any texts coming in nor does it vibrate or light up. Can’t wait to switch to Android in Thursday – Sidekicks are soooo lame

  • Chivahn

    I use my Sidekick for business (I’m a hairstylist) and since I book a lot of my appointments via email this has really been messing with me. Before the announcement of the outage I went to my T-mobile store to see what was going on yesterday and the rep took the battery out of my phone without turning if off – causing to lose all my contacts, all my notes, all kinds of stuff I use for my business :( I’m LIVID.

  • Jimmy

    I’m very disappointed with the length of this delay. Up to this point, I had been relying on the Sidekicks for my business. An outage like this is unacceptable and it just shows that T-Mobile doesn’t have the right systems in place. I’ll be considering other options as of tonight.

  • Magenta

    I work for T-mobile and all sidekick service will be back on at noon eastern time on October 4th 2009 and if you call and speak with customer service about how much you have been upset without your service they will credit you a months service.

  • tbyron

    It started thursday evening, in case anyone feels the need to keep score on this outage. In the 6-1/2 years that I have used their various versions of Sidekicks, this is probably the 3rd or 4th outage but probably also the most serious.

  • JJO

    it is not that we are impatient, its fustrating that tmo/danger make a phone so dependent on data, when i noticed my G gone, i decided to turn the phone off to refresh the signal, and when i turned it back on everything was gone, if i had known, i wouldnt have restarted it. the phone is useless without data. im not upset that internet cant be used, stuff happens, but i cant even use the phone cause i dont know my contacts numbers by memory. if tmobile would gaurantee that data would always be working then having a phone so dependent on data would not be that bad

  • XjoshhyX

    I just spoke with a rep at about 10:40 p.m. EST and they said they had recently received an update that said that basic services will come back shortly. As of right now internet and text messaging are working on my sidekick 08′. I didn’t try IM but my address book is gone as of right now.

    The rep told me that when the “g” reappears all information, including address book will be recovered to the phone.

    So hopefully we won’t be waiting too much longer.

  • Pissedthefucoff

    Ok so its 10:18pm pacific time on Oct. 3rd and MY SHIT STILL DOESNT WORK!!! IM SO PISSED!!! I really love tmobile but this shit has got to stop!!! I know we’re all in the same boat with this foolishness and mayhem…AAAAAAHHHHHHH. I need my phone to WORK!!!!!!!

  • TRobshi

    @Chivahn, your contacts would have disappeared whether or not the phone was turned off before the battery was taken out. As a rep I would have done the exact same thing that person did.

  • JayJay

    I hate the fact that I dont know when I get a txt message because it doesn’t do anything lol. So I constantly have to look at my kick to see if I got a message. ugh. Mines been down since 12midnight on the 2nd.

  • SammySamSam

    People that have sidekicks are people that rely on texting, internet, and aim services that are provided on the phone. Not having these for 2 days is a big deal. I haven’t had internet service since Friday morning. It’s very annoying, and gives me another reason to hate Tmobile

  • MissMoe

    i called customer service they were really cool they said the same thing but they couldnt help me i have to wait on them to fix it *sigh*

  • The Observer

    i dont see why you people are blaming tmobile. its danger’s fault not tmo’s.

  • Sidekick

    Comment –

    “I personally just spent $300 switching from ATT to TMobile, and I was having fun with it until Friday, so I believe everyone has the right to be upset whether they use the phone for business or not. That incessant rant was completely unecessary, geez!” – soopremebeing

    “Complaints are quite acceptable for REAL people who pay for service they’re not getting and letting T-Mobile know that their service is REALLY horrible” – Sidekick3Jimmy

    “Of ALL cell phone carriers, T-Mobile has the WORST reputation when it comes to outages” – EHolzm3571

    The point is, we pay for something and we expect it to work, and when something goes wrong, we expect it to be fixed in a timely manner. If it isn’t we have EVERY right to be pissed off about it. – EHolzm3571

  • sally

    All your contacts, settings, etc will be restored once sk svc is restored. I was without my sidekick for 6 mos and finally got a new one. As soon as I activated the sk service all 200+ contacts were restored to my device. You guys can also go to tmobile’s website and view your contacts, pix, notes, emails, etc…

    I know it SUCKS but hopefully this info helps ease y’alls minds!

  • Carmen

    My sidekick won’t read my sim card!! SO MY CONTACTS WON’T LOAD! I don’t know who is texting me or calling me because their names aren’t coming up. My phone is telling me it’s December 31, 1999 and it keeps resetting itself to 6:00pm. WTF??? Is this happening to everyone else too?

  • USMC Wife

    Thanks to this outage I cannot speak w my husband who is overseas in Iraq. We use IM to talk when he has time. For goin on three days now I have not been able to speak w him and it has caused me to stare at my comp screen hoping he comes on while I am home. Thanks for making this deployment that much harder.

  • toolie

    @Chivahn – don’t worry! Once the outage is fixed, EVERYTHING will come right back. the sidekick puts your notes, calendar entries, phonebook, etc., on the server. so even if you run it over with your car, as soon as you replace it, your information will come back. It’s important to back up your stuff anyway. if you didn’t have a sidekick with that backup feature, and you had just a regular phone, you’d be in the same situation if you’d LOST the phone… so even though this is not your fault, and you’ll get your stuff back, it could be a hell of a lot worse. you know? :)

    i understand that it’s still super frustrating… in the end, it’ll make for an interesting story to tell people about how reliant we all have become on these relatively fragile, man-made devices.

  • 3or4outagesIamdone

    I love sidekick but not with T-mobile. In my past experince, they said they will give me the credit because of outage. I never saw one penny from my 3 or 4 outages. I am switching to Verzion

  • Derius

    Hahahahahahah.dats wat u get.sidekicks are the worse quality phones ever.I bet da only reason why half da people have it is because it freakin dats kool but da quality sucks ass.iPhone.get it now u dam dorks.

  • Derius

    Hhahahahah.Big dummys sidekicks suck ass.I bet half of u thought dry were good phones because dey do a dam cartwill or watever kinda flip it does.but u forgot da important part.da quality sucks my suggestion.get a iPhone.

  • kaykay

    talked to tmobile today they said no later then tuesday all will be fixed

  • kaykay

    hey Derius

    sidekicks are the best phone ever. guess you have not spent alot of tiem on them. f- iphones. they suck

  • The Observer

    funny how you say the sidekicks is the best phones ever yet you facin this problem with not connectin to data. im usin a mytouch 3g and it does more than a sidekick would ever do and yes i still have data lol. so once again all you people complainin about tmobile, its not a tmobile problem, its a danger/microsoft problem. their servers messed up tmobile data connection is still up and runnin

  • frustrated

    My been out on Thursday around 11:35 pm and I still do not have connection! I kept turning off my sidekick lx 2009 to hope I can get the connection which it didn’t work. Then I reset it and lost all information!!! I couldn’t believe it and to find out that it is danger server down. Tmobile should have send everyone a text message to warn us not to reset it or we lose our information. I am deaf so I cannot use phone and now can’t use text message because I don’t have my data.

    This has happen before and it was a week before it was connected again!!

  • Carissa

    lmao at Derius. at least we can spell. really what is dey ? grow up. & if you’re so objective towards sidekicks why did you bother looking at this post. haa.

  • J

    For those of you that are all upset with T-Mobile, T-Mobile has no control over this situation. It’s like blaming the grocery store because your refridgerator stopped working and all of your food went bad. I have a G1 and have no problems with my data, the data service has nothing to do with the issue. This is all Danger and Microsoft. If you hare going to be mad at anyone, be mad at them. By now we all know how flaky Microsoft is.

  • Barbara

    How will I know when service is restored? I do not want to reboot my Sidekick until I know for sure that service is back because I cannot afford to lose my calendar and contact data. I still have it on my machine. However, every time I have had issues with my Sidekick and connectivity, I have had to reboot in order to get things going again.

    There has got to be a better way! I feel as if I am only one of a handful who are experiencing real anxiety over this.

  • Magenta


  • customer

    I set my phone on the side of bed and went to sleep and woke up to only find out that the G was missing from my signal, at first i thought all i had to do was a soft reset but later found out that is was only A NATIONWIDE OUTTAGE. Keyword: Nationwide. So now i cant use the net on the go which really sucks. so im stuck using my zune hd in the bed at night.

  • frustrated

    Magenta – I have no complaint to begin with. If the server is going to be down, there should be a warning! I know when someone is fixing or upgrade their website, there is a warning with the time and so on! They were no communication about this!! If I have known, I would not have reset my sidekick and just be grateful I have text message (can’t use phone due to being deaf).

    T-mobile need to communicate instead of me finding out that my connection is gone after 10 minutes after my water tank exploded and flooded the 1st floor! As you can imagined as a deaf person, that is NOT a good things!!!! There should have been a back-up (danger) even if it is just basic, I be glad with having basic which is why I think I didn’t complain!!

    So how about a warning to allow people to use alternative email while the server is down and/or allow user to communicate all their friend or business to use alternative email.

  • customer

    so why wouldnt yall give us a heads up. i mean what happened to communication?