Project Dark Mini Breakdown


Well, if your comments have been any indication, reviews on Project Dark pricing have been, in a word, mixed. From one perspective, it seems as though T-Mobile is going after the higher dollar, unlimited plans and merely competing on the lower level minute plans. We’ve already seen one breakdown courtesy of AndroidGuys and yet we know not everyone will benefit–customers coming from other carriers might. Why are we saying that? Well T-Mobile has been kind enough to produce a training sheet for their reps, breaking down at least a few of the pricing guidelines we will begin seeing tomorrow. Reactions are sure to be mixed and that’s ok, only feedback can force a company to make changes; and while we are pulling for T-Mobile, again we ask is this enough? Hit the jump and sound off in the comments!




  • dave

    The way i see it is that att wireless has the new 69.00 unlimited prepaid phone that includes unlimited voice and text and u add 20 more to get unlimited data whch equals 89.99 a month with a bigger footpring of the 3g network. att has the better plan if u compare the 2 yr contract or even on the no contract plan with t-mobile.

  • Mark

    I came to T-Mo strictly for Android… I’ve got another year on my contract. But I don’t like what this says about T-Mo. If this is all there is to a plan that’s supposed to make them number 3, I think they are doomed… unless their German overseers pull the trigger on buying Sprint.

    If the Droid is what we think it is… and VZW doesn’t screw with it, well, I might be tempted to jump ship and let T-mo have my ETF.

  • sfabian85

    Well this is a hit or miss. My current plan is (with 3 memoirs) ror 1000 min and unlimited family text and 2 lines with unlimited web is 150 before taxes and fees. Which ithe the even more talk and text comes out to be the same. But I’m not feeling the talk text

  • Steven

    My current family plan is 130, after tax, for 1000 minutes and unlimited texts. So, none of these really appeal to me. My individual plan, however… Not too shabby to drop down $5 a month and be out of contract.

  • braveXheart

    this is depressing… but the big question for me is, are data plans still required for android devices?

  • aquaitious

    I think I’ll stick with what I have. If I switched I’d pay more than double with the current offering. So much for getting things cheaper…

  • DimSum

    T-mobile will be done if they are going to roll out this UNTHINKABLE Plans.. it just suck in the ball for them.

    MY Plan >

    600 Mins family plan > $50
    Unlimited Nights/Weekends
    My Fav 5
    Free MObile to mobile
    1 extra line > $10
    Unlimited Family Text > $10
    2 TmobileWeb(T-zone) > @12

    Total > $82 – 12% monthly discount off

    Grand total around $72 + Tax\fees

    And yes, I have Iphones on 2 lines with TmobileWeb.

    If T-mobile can beat this, Then they would be ON TOP OF THE GAME.

  • Ralph

    I am going to stick with my current plan I already have the unlimited talk and text family plan and with the $24.99 data plan with insurance on my phones I still pay only $133.00 with tax. This is on a loyalty plan, not a regular customer plan. My question is when is Tmobile going to step up their game and stop being second best to Sprint and getting top shelf phones and stop settling for the second string phones. Tmobile needs to do more for loyal customers that have been with them for years and give us better unlimited plans. I don’t care if tmobile never acquire an Iphone because that device is overated anyway. The Iphone doesn’t give you the freedom of a 32 GB SD card expansion, it doesn’t have a flash on any of their Iphones, it has tons of problems with it’s software freezing up on you and you pay alot of money just to join the hype to think your cool because you have an Iphone. The android market and android software just keeps getting better and will soon dominate the phone industry with the software capabilities. So Tmobile step it up.

  • Kurt

    I don’t see how matching sprints pricing is going to make it BEAT sprint! sprints 3g/4g network is well in place and they have actually better phone coverage. I am amazed by this (and I’m a tmo customer!). Who was doing market research on this plan?

    AND you can only get stuff from the $80 everything plan if you buy your own $500 smart phone (no discounts from tmo). There are no phones included or discounted in the last two pictured (lower priced) plans.

    If you tmo was serious, they would have lowered EVERYTHING to $80 WITH phones! And an immediate game changer would be to get the Iphone WITH AT&T. The Iphone needs little adjustment to come to T-mobile. AT&T uses the same GSM technology. Voice is on the same frequency (use can even you an unlocked Iphone right on Tmobile BUT the 3g is on a different frequency.) If they wanted a game changer they should have talked to Apple. They would have been Sprint within one quarter with lower price than AT&T AND the Iphone!

    This plan just stinks!

  • d

    if all this is true, i’m going prepaid. tmo’s strength was their low monthly plans. i don’t know anyone who needs unlimited minutes, i barely use my phone. eff you tmo, you really screwed yourself.

  • Taj

    Both plans, EM and EM+ subsidize ths phones: EM provides immediate cash discounts and EM+ provides 20 months of interest free financing.

    Since the dealer network cannot offer the installment plan, if the EM+ takes off, the dealer network will be gasping for customers.

  • cj

    I hope these plans are just to keep us n the dark of whts really n store…I dnt use a lot of minutes and dnt care to have them ultd…I hope these are just options n addition to whts already avail or imma b stuck w/ my current plan for forever lol.

  • pecoy

    Well even though all these leaked photos are coming out..I don’t think that all this is true pricing
    The leaked posters and photos just does not seem logical..I think tmo and their marketing team realized and learned from their experience when they were going to release the myfaves and they lost the punch due to the leaks and I think that this time they are playing it safe..I think all this is not the right pricing..I think tmo is being really secretive and carefull to not release anything early..with the economy in bad shape tmo is gonna give way better prices than these leaked info..all those NDA’s and the request for all employees to work seems like a big deal…and I don’t think tmo would do that to just basicly simplify and raise the prices on plans if these prices are actually true…these prices are definitely not game changing and are not gonna bring subscribers…I’m already out of contract with tmo so I been waiting for this project black to see if they give better handsets and better pricing so I’m hoping they do..if not then I’m gonna cancel my lines and get the sprint htc hero and connect it on BOOST CDMA here in california (which runs on spring cdma 3g) and get unlimited everything for $50..and yes it is possible to connect sprint phones with boost unlimites u just have to do some tricks and tips and its possible..even the pre,tp2,and other phones… TMOBILE U HAVE THE BALL IN YOUR HANDS DON’T DROP IT

  • tmobile rep

    this is the dumbest thing that tmobile has ever done it all they have done is throw their smaller retail stores under the bus they are going to regret ever making this big of a stink over a rate plan change look out guys theirs a new CRICKET mobile in town

  • Carlos


    I’m putting my ‘Go buy Sprint’ hat on!!! Everything is in position!

  • Jeremy

    These don’t seem to include the 1500 and 750 minute plans. Only the unlimited.

  • Carlos

    I don’t understand the mix.

    T-mobile is basically saying…
    1) if you want minutes, I will give you 500 a month for 40 dollars
    2) if you want unlimited data, I gotcha…Truly unlimited for 70 bucks..

    For my lines….it’s a $50 dollar drop…$50..

    I luv Tmobile…

  • Adam

    I can’t believe T-Mobile is doing this to us! I am shocked with these prices and not a good shocked…

    The question is: who do you like screwing you T-Mobile or another carrier that don’t care about you?

    What will I do?

  • alt-mobile

    I hate to sound like a broken record but these plans are not that great…

    I think I’ll stick with my current family plan that has 4 lines, unlimited texting on 2 lines and I have T-Zones which lets me use the internet…and every month I pay about $170-190…

  • Keebler

    Most of you are missing the point. TMO is not making you drop your current price plan. Those will be grandfathered, period. This is a change in the right direction. People hate contracts, companies abroad know this and offer similar deals. How is not a great idea to get a new device and interest free finance it and have no contract? Don’t like the device after a few months……sell it and pay it off. All I seem to see is people whining because it doesn’t help them. It may not, but those of us that like the idea of no contract and not having to pay the full cost of a phone up front love it. Told my mother-inlaw about how for the same 29.99 she pays for 300 minutes(grandfathered) she could get what looks like to be 500 minutes, not be on contract and a new device where she doesn’t have to spring the cost of the phone. She is 65 and loved the idea. Again these plans wont be for everyone from what has been leaked, but will definitely appeal to the the masses who want top and phone but no contracts

  • tmouser

    Where is the Talk + Web Plans
    with no text plan

  • Pat

    I’m with Keebleer–some of you dudes just like to whine, whine, instead of waiting to see what is really there. I feel there is more to this as when I try too see the numbers, my screen tells me rate plan 6 and when I scroll to see the next one it says rate plan 7!
    So I’m believing that there is more to all this, what meets the eye. Especially after talking to a T-Mo Rep this morning and she tells me that for my family plan tomorrow will be great. Don’t know what that means but she just said to read the website in the AM
    Asked her if it will be better for me and the family–she said definitely. So I’m waiting, was also told won’t take affect till next billing cycle anyway. Good luck everyone and just be patient!

  • matt_TX

    I have been a very vocal T-Mobile subscriber and really thought they would pull thru. I talk them and Android up to everyone I know and I really fell like this is a personal let down. T-Mobile’s marketing SUCKS they have never given their Android phones their due. For the first time, I am thinking of terminating my plan and going to a diffrent carrier. Currently I get 1000 anytime minutes, my faves, 400 text messages, and my touch web and only pay around $75 dollars a month. I really don’t see how they could not package this up with phones people REALLY WANT and sell it too the masses. I absolutly hate a company that dosen’t listen to its customers. Game Changing? I think not. If T-Mobile continues to only release phones aimed at teens and the low end with this kind of new pricing they will indeed fail. WAKE THE HELL UP T-MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    **ARE ALL OF YOU STUPID???? This is the best deal out there hands down!!!!! These rates are for the unlimited plan only! If you want less minutes then try the 750/1000/1500 plans for even less money!! This is a win/win situation no matter how you look at it!! No other carrier can even begin to compare. T-mobile is spreading their 3G coverage faster than swine flu, so you can’t complain about that for long. You can bet that T-mobile will upgrade their phones along with all these new plans. The only negative to this whole thing is that you would have to pay full price for your phone, but with the interest free payments, how could you complain?? AND NO CONTRACT!!!!!! No longer do you have to deal with the devil for great wireless service!! T-mobile’s biz model will be copied soon-enough by sprint/verizon/at&t. ***Prediction: t-mobile will dominate in q4 & ’10 q1 new customer activations.

  • Mark

    Hopefully someone will leak the comparison charts showing Individual Plan 500 and 1000 minutes with unlimited text and unlimited data for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile Even More Plus. I’d like to see an across the board comparison for non-unlimited voice minute Individual Plans from all the carriers. I sure hope there’s more to Project Dark than what’s been leaked.


  • Keebler

    @matt_TX…. Seriously? Again with my point, if you are on a plan, don’t change it. It doesn’t seem they are going to make you. From what it seems like, keep your plan and you can upgrade your device. Since when had TMO ever stopped you from having your current price plan and upgrading besides the new Data Required with certain devices?
    Device people really want? People want Andriod and the DRIOD( will admit it looks cool but suckage in design)…..go get raped price wise with VZW with all the required stuff. Enjoy have certain features of your phone being locked out. Enjoy knowing that you cannot buy an awesome phone from over seas that isn’t sold here and cannot use it because you are with a carrier who is a world wide minority in cell standards. Again ignorance and failure to see the larger picture

  • sprinter

    I am a current sprint family plan guy…am out of contract and was upset by Sprint forcing everyone into the everything plans to get the cool new phones. When I heard the rumors of the new plans I was for sure moving to Tmobile and started phone shopping. Now that the reality of the rates are our, I find that I will be paying more for T mobile especially on the add a lines since I am not unlimited now. Will have to check pricing on minute plans…also having to pay a huge data fee for each line sucks..with sprint all additional lines cost 20 bucks and share your minutes and have unlimited texting and web included. I figure using the AAA 13% discount that Tmobile is offering, I can just about match my old sprint plan if I go for fewer minutes. Unfortunately we have limited 3G in my area, and the phone selection is not as good. I was at the Tmobile store today playing with the phones, and the Hero is a better Android phone then what T mobile has. Can’t think of any reason to leave sprint and have to buy a bunch of new phones to get same price, worse 3G coverage, and way worse phone selection. One thing T Mobile has done with this plan has made me realize how good I have it on Sprint – I bet Sprint gets the Iphone before Tmobile too!!

  • mattymatt72

    The reason many people are upset about what we have seen up to this point is that T-Mobile used terms like game changing. What we have seen is not game changing. In some cases( like mine) the prices are either the same or higher. I will not be changing to any of these plans. But the anger that is being seen on this and other forms is due to the fact that as customers of T-Mobile, we feel let down. I will keep my service, with t-mobile, but due feel that a shake up at the top is necessary. They are over promising and under delivering. That is the worst thing you can do in business.

  • queensnewbie

    The Droid phone looks cool but the whole slide Qwerty is dying off honestly. It isnt quite as necessary with a phone not running Windows Mobile.

  • Artiepants

    i still can’t believe they are charging $60 for data on family plans. it’s asinine.

  • Achilles

    The chart is wrong. AT&T: 2 Iphones on a family plan with unlimited everything, is $289. Verizon: 1 Blackberry Storm, and 1 Samsung Omnia on a family plan with unlimited voice, data, and text= $289 per month.

  • AlexW

    Rule of Thumb: Don’t use semi-colons if you don’t know the proper usage.

    Reactions are sure to be mixed and that’s ok, only feedback can force a company to make changes; and while we are pulling for T-Mobile, again we ask is this enough?

    Should be:

    Reactions are sure to be mixed, and that’s okay. Only feedback can force a company to make changes. While we are pulling for T-Mobile, again we ask; is this enough?

    You’re effin welcome.

  • abi

    guys stop crying they still have the 500 1000 1500 mins also those are just the unlimited plans they are trying to make people change to tmo from sprint AT&T and verizon over that’s all lower unlimited then there plans and no contracts. And this isnt only project dark there’s more to it from the hspa and new phones. I mean has the leak sheet for the N900 but they dont wanna say the date yet so just relax tmobile cant afford to lose people if they do then there parent company steps in and merges/buys out a lower phone company

  • Moblow55

    I wonder if these leaked prices are for new customers? Maybe current cust. will have a different price. I hope at least!!! If not, Sprint here i come!!!

  • johnkzin


    At AT&T, “unlimited talk” does not mean “unlimited talk to anyone on any phone on any network at any time of day”. It means “unlimited N&W and Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (on AT&T mobiles)”.

    T-Mobile’s “unlimited talk” is to anyone on any network at any time of day.

    That’s a big difference, IMO.

  • Mark

    I checked out AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon last night for a family plan with 3 lines with unlimited texting and unlimited data on 1 phone. The only one that came close to TMo was Sprint and it was still $20/month mor than TMo. I am currently paying $109.99 for that plan now, and if I read the other posts with the other plans correctly, that will drop to $99 with Project Dark and no contract. The others can’t touch that.

  • Joe

    Why does each card say “unlimited” according to that card there is no difference in the names of each plan, but there sure are a lot of prices…. am I missing something????

  • Joe

    Ugh, nvm, just had to open my eyes a bit more…

  • Rochester

    Hey Mr and Mrs Whiners.

    *If you find a better deal than this then switch carriers.
    *If you expected T-Mobile to offer you all unlimited for $50 then sweet dreams.
    * What T-Mobile offered is at least $10/month than any other carrier.That makes it a better deal than any other deal out there. Plain and simple. If you have some info to contradict this please go ahead. Otherwise for Gods sake stop whining.

  • Traveler

    I would have rather seen the $50 or even $60 for everything. I would have kept both of my lines if this would have happened. But considering T-Mobile lacks a lot of coverage where I travel, I got myself one of the prepaid tracfones, and their coverage is remarkable. Will be cancelling one on my T-Mobile lines next week and going to the $45 plan for unlimited talk, text, and web the the straighttalk phone from walmart and tracfone.

  • sprinter

    no problem Rochester..will wait for the announcement tomorrow morning and if this is it I will continue with sprint, and not think about T Mobile again. T-mobile is not 10 bucks less…what they have done is strip out the phone subsidy…tell you what give me 250 bucks and I will give you a 10 buck a month discount on your phone for 20 months! that is what they are doing….you guys know this sucks, at least be honest. This is not game changing, did not require a non-disclosure or any such nonsense. they just decided to price match…they have inferior coverage though, and will continue to bleed with this plan.

  • Rochester

    @Sprinter. In my post I requested someone to show me a single comparable plan with any other carrier that is cheaper than what T-Mobile offered.

    But I will point out couple of obvious facts here. First, you are here to sing for Sprint not to consider a switch. Secondly, T-Mobile does NOT need to out price anyone by $100 . They need to out price competitors by $1. And they are out pricing Sprint by at least $10 ( all comparable plans) even with the Even More ( the margin is even more with Even More Plus) plan that includes subsidy.

    T-Mobile’s 3G is one year old. Whereas Sprint’s 3G is over 4 years old. So, T-Mobile’s 3G coverage will only get better.And they are rolling out HSPA+ which will be faster than WIMAX.I will point you to the following link if you need some unbiased proof for that,2817,2353304,00.asp

    I will specially draw your attention to this paragarph of the article

    Sprint’s 4G WiMAX can compare with the speeds I saw, but not with what I expect to see from future HSPA+ devices. 3.6 megabits down is a decent WiMAX speed. If T-Mobile hits 10 megabits down, as I expect they will, they’ll overpower any WiMAX device I’ve seen so far.

    And as for call quality, customer service Sprint was never anywhere near T-Mobile. Dude there is a reason T-Mobile with weaker results adds couple of hundred thousand customers every quarter and Sprint looses about a million. If Sprint were as great as you Sprint trolls tell us, people would not live in droves.

    As for Even More plan it is targeted for Boost, Metro PCS and others. You can check out the Sprint’s Q1 2010 result to see whether T-Mobile’s new plans are game changer or not. I bet Sprint and Boost is going to take a hit.

  • Angry TMO REP

    I just finished remodeling our TMO store with all the new Plan-o materials. The pricing is pretty much accurate… And, wow to all you whiners. Most of you are already TMO customers, who are just spoiled with your grandfathered plans and will never be greatful about you already discounted rates, but that’s the same reason you can’t leave TMO, because you know VZ, ATT, and Sprint will eat you up and chew you out. If your a SMART Consumer, you would easily assess these plans as competitive, At At&t, fork up $29.99 and you’ll get 200 minutes and 500 Night and Weekend, then on top of that, they will discriminate against you can call in the “Senior Plan”. SHOP AROUND, only an idiot can look these prices and be left discontent. NO ONE is offering DECENT NETWORK and SERVICE for a lower rate. These offers should not appeal to grandfathered customers, your already taken care off. You are not going anywhere, unless you simply want to pay more and lose JDPOWER’s preferred customer service, that’s right. You think ATT cares about you after you already signed the contract, Sprint is in the hole a few billions of dollars. MetroPCS isn’t a real company, has a 1990’s network, and absolutely, at most, bottom of the barrel customer service. Boost is ok, if you like sprint repackage and resold to you. And for the IDIOTS who feel ATT’s prepaid coverage is equivalent to there Post-paid coverage, you’ve been sold. ATT believes they can convince customers that they can actually save money with rollover, by keeping the minutes purchase with the money that has already been spent, they know your dumb. They know that if your not going to use em one month, your most likely to let em rollover again. Ask them if your minutes are refundable. Do you prefer to pay for a plan you will actually use? or one that you won’t and hope to – later on? The call is clear. T-Mobile is not as big and fancy as verizon or Att, but we sure as hell are the better company. DO the actual research.


    Is T-Mobile serious? They have the smallest 3G coverage, the worst lineup of handsets and they think by offering these plans to their last place network is what will thrust them in third or second place. What a bunch of turds.

    They told to turn the company around and instead they’re flipping the company upside down. It saddens me to see a carrier I once loved and admired continually poisoning itself. The company’s direction is diseased with staff of executives that don’t have a clue about being competitive, listening to the customer base or capitalizing on a product of any type. This is seriously disturbing that Deutsch Telecom has allowed this to go on for as long as it has.

    I don’t like corporate bailouts and I’m glad there’s none in store for the stupidity T-Mobile execs coming to display. This is painfully humorous.

  • helloo

    ***this was posted before*** is there a plan for VOICE+DATA only or do you have to get the VOICE+TEXT+DATA? Also does the 750 VOICE+TEXT give you unlimited text? Is DATA unlimited on all options or just the total unlimited?

  • cockpitinferno

    I getting the feeling Project Dark will be a letdown. New pricing–is that it? How about some new phones and better coverage? Anyway back to the new plans: what does this all mean for FlexPay? Are they dropping it?

  • newspeak

    the plans are cheaper then the competition…but as what has been pointed out many times before the lack of a subsidy on the phone means that there is no difference in price

    add to that the lack of 3g coverage compared to every other network and it starts to look like alot less value

    to me if a plan can give me what effectively amounts to unlimited minutes (simply everything) then its a good value…the 450 min simply everything plan with unlimited mobile to mobile is the same price point as the coming 1000 min even more+….in may experience with the my favs plan more then half of my min usage is covered under my favs…i can only assume that there would be an even larger portion of my minutes covered under the sprint plan

    alltho i will say in my case they would pretty much be even because my usage is prolly covered by 1000 minutes…even in that case tho the sprint plan would give me a phone subsidy and alot better coverage

    I hope to see some good news in the morning

  • OMG

    Well first off, they launch tomorrow and I look forward to seeing all the Verizon and AT&T customers jumping ship. (come bring your wonderful iPhones over to T-Mobile. We’ll be glad to charge you 50% less and still let you have all the fun features your used to.) MetroPCS/Cricket etc are shaking in their boots with these rates coming out. I’ve talked to a few reps at the competition and the ones that knew about the plans are scared about their paychecks so you know it’s good if the competition is worried. To those of you complaining, Keebler has 100% said the right stuff. If you like your plan, Keep it!! When T-mobile took over Suncom, guess what they let them keep their suncom plans!!! (exception being anyone trying to go to an android phone that requires a feature that suncom didn’t have and doesn’t work with anything but t-mobile rates) but such is the price for progress. Ask any Alltel customer if they got to keep their rates when they went to Verizon?!? How many of them do you think will be standing outside a T-mobile when they hear about these rate plans?!? 3G coverage you say? T-mobile is launching 3g in about 2 to 3 cities per week!! if you don’t have it now, wait a month and you probably will. Either way T-Mobiles EDGE network speeds are almost as fast as Sprints 3G. Check their 4G coverage (which is such a made up name for a network, Seriously AT&T has faster speeds on their 3G than Sprints 4G but whatever) Just wait for HSPA+ 10mbps on your cellphone!!! Crazy!

  • OMG

    To answer the voice/data no text yes. These plans are FULLY customizable to fit exactly what you want/need. For easy explanation they have the 3 features with 3 prices (9 plans) but everything is adjustable down to the line/feature so you can have 1 line with unlimited text/data and one line with just unlimited text. You can even have a split ban having 1 line with even more and the second on even more plus if you want to keep the subsidy. the contract version will get the discount with 4 month installment the no contract one would use the 20month installment.

  • andrew

    but att sprint and verizen has more 3g then tmobile and the 3g is to slow and plus most of the time im on 2g