Project Dark Is A Go!


After all the speculating, “Project Dark” is officially a go. The pricing is up on the T-Mobile website and it is exactly what we hoped feared. At first glance I’m not seeing any changes whatsoever from all the leaks, which may be a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know if anyone can really make that determination yet. Marketing is of course going to be the key factor here and we look forward to whatever T-Mobile brings to the table as they ramp up advertisements to the rumored tune of 40% this holiday season. Regardless of whatever marketing may come, we’re still super happy to see a new standard in the wireless industry with a no contract offering. It’s about time that the European style way of doing business made it over to US shores. Love it or hate it, it works quite well everywhere else in the world. So without further ado, we present to you, Project Dark. Time will tell today, as it’s just barely 9am in South Florida, if there are any more surprises in store–handsets, 3G, 4G or otherwise. We aren’t holding out hope for anything but we do love surprises!



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  • Andrew

    Lame. This is NOT “what America wants.” Americans have repeatedly said that they are sick and tired of ridiculously high early termination fees, which most of us are already stuck in. I already bought my phones at full price but I’m in a contract because of a simple rate plan change? (I went from unlimited to 1000 minutes) That’s absurd, yet I am stuck in a contract. These new rate plans suck. More expensive than what I’m paying now, and these are absolutely no competition for Metro PCS. They give you UNLIMITED Talk/Text/DATA for $50/mo. These worthless T-Mo plans are $50/mo for talk alone.

    Project Dork indeed. And no, I’m not a Sprint shill… just a T-Mobile customer that’s looking at paying $600 just to get out of a contract that he shouldn’t even have in the first place. Disappointed with my MyTouch. Android sucks. It’s half-baked, full of bugs, lacks some really basic features, and just feels like a big unfinished shareware project. So disappointed with it. *sigh*

  • 30014

    @Dan…how about the droid, the iphone, and the n900. And don’t give me that bullshit about switching carriers. Phone selection has always been tmo’s weak point. U can’t advertise “the handsets u crave” and then not actually offer any.

  • matthew

    The rep I spoke with mentioned nothing about the $35 migration fee.

  • Mark

    Ritchie, you don’t need to add the $25 Android data if you have the web plan according to the CS rep I just spoke with.

  • userfriendlyme

    Well im going to post my thoughts becasue i happen to be not so happy about all of this. At first the thought of and unlimited pricing that was affordable was great especially if it was all inclusive. But these plans are not as cost worthy for existing customers as i thought. For one i got a bit of different information from tmobile reps as they are all not exactly sure what there talking about in regards to the terms of the new price plans.

    If i dont like any of the new plans offered im litterally stuck paying for a plan that i didnt really even like either. Now to change my family plan of 3 lines im being told a fee $35 will be charged per line to go to the new contract. On top of that the preorder i just did for my cliq and havent even been billed for yet not to mention havent had past the 14 days i can not get a installment plan on . I would have to return the phone and order the same exact one to have it spread acoross 20 installments under one of the new plans offered. This is completely ridiculous that the pre order and the new pricing were not done with each other in mind.
    I honestly got a headache trying to figure out which would save me more becasue the truth is im not really saving any more in money im just getting unlmited services for almost the same price im paying now for one of there older my fave family plans. The reps couldnt pull up pricing on the website to even help me out and not for nothing they were trying there hardest to help me as best they could.
    i feel this is a complete rip off and i honestly want to switch all three of my contracts over to the no contract plan return my phone order a new one and be done with tmobile after i pay with it all. and this is after over 5 years of service with the carrier.

  • http:/ Ian L

    @Andrew So get MetroPCS. They don’t cover anywhere I live/work though they do cover where some of my relatives live.

    Even More Plus is non-contract, and T-Mobile gives you a nice monthly-fee bonus for letting them not subsidize your phone.

  • rinklighter

    I understand that TMobile can’t release a slew of new phones all at once (like in a day or something) with the holidays upon us, but if you’re using “the handsets you crave” as a selling point, you damn well better have something to back it up. I guess “Project We’ll Make Our Rate Plans Marginally Better but in the End You’ll Be Paying More” would have been a better name.

  • Jamie

    I’ve been a subscriber for 6 years. I was hoping the rumors were incorrect, but no luck. These new plans cost more money across the board. They make no sense for families, and most disappointing to me is the $40 premium for a Android data. Now that there are options with other carriers with Android, (and better phones) I’ll be spending my money elsewhere. (Thankfully I’m off contract now) Kiss my butt, T-mo!

  • Torben

    @pecoy says:
    October 25, 2009 at 10:37 am
    is it true that corporate discounts will not work anymore on any of these plans?

    my corp rep said to call 800-375-1126 to find out, he didn’t have the info yet

  • pecoy

    ok wtf..
    i tried going as a new customer and went for the EMPLUS 500+ulntext+unlweb 59.99
    and i added a then i went to check out and it added and extra android web for $30! wtf i thought the plan already has unlimited web included!? then i cleared out everything and tried to do it again and went to checkout and this time it didnt add the extra android web for $ does this mean that the plan already does have the internet or do we have to pay another extra $30??

  • userfriendlyme

    pecoy you need to pick a plan that includes the unlimited web feature as well and thats not the $59.99 i think its $79.99. with the $59.99 plan u just get unlimted calls and text messaging.

  • Ritchie

    Mark that is what it told me when i went to tmo website i tried to change plans but not goiung to pay an additional data if im adding the min, txt, web plan

  • eli_the_great89

    I would like to believe that T-Mobile is trying to keep up with Sprint with providing Priced Plans that offer Talk Text and Web all Unlimited under ONE given low price while battling with At&t and VZW.

    But I honestly think it was the dumbest thing to ELIMINATE MyFaves and all the rest of their older plans for these. Unlimited is good but the LITTLE options they give you to choose from are rediculous. I share a plan with my Mom and Dad whom don’t use the Mobile Web (nor do they care to) and they hardly use text mesages. My dad uses the phone for talking mostly while my mom simply has a Mobile phone for MOBILE purposes. I on the other hand need unlimited Text and Web since I use smartphones and hardly ever talk on the phone.

    Together we share a MyFaves plan with:
    *** 400 whenever minutes which is $69.99 + $9.99 for the 3rd line = $79.98.
    Each of us get our own 5 Faves to choose from thus getting UNLIMITED talk with 15 Numbers in Tot.
    + Unlimited Mobile to Mobile
    + Unlimited Nights & Weekends
    + Unlimited Text for Families ($19.95 which is the older price)
    + Unlimited Smartphone Web ($24.99 which is the older price)
    + 2 Mobile Insurances ($5.99 x 2 = $11.98)
    = $136.90 (BEFORE TAXES)
    = Our bill usually comes in on or around $160 – $163 a month (AFTER TAXES)

    My point is … yes UNLIMITED is wonderful…but not for those of us that prefer more CHOICES since we don’t use UNLIMITED talk.
    I or We (speaking for my parents as well and maybe for those like us) refuse to pay for UNLIMITED talk for a HIGHER PRICE for a feature we don’t use heavily. Makes NO SENSE.

  • Curious

    Ok so tell me folks, what phones DO impress you? Verizon has crap phones, ATT has the iphone then a bunch of midlevel crap phones…..what exactly is a great phone to you?

  • http://na Tony

    These plans don’t suck at all for me. I have a family plan with 4 lines and i was able to get out of my 2 year contracts by paying $35 per line. Beats paying $200 for each. In addition i am saving money and have unlimited text and data for both my android phones.

  • smarty culottes

    I think these are good, middle-of-the-road plans. Blogsites built up hype for something that didn’t happen then all the Leap/Cricket/Boost crowd were left disappointed. T-Mobile never promised these plans. Certain snarky techblogs and TMo cheerleader blogsites and bloggers themselves built up hype themselves.

  • pecoy


    the even more plus plan 500 talk+text+web 59.99 that does include web right?

    does anyone know why the system tries to add android web for $30? when i go to checkout? is it just me or is this happening to other people?..if this is correct that would be a 500 min plan for 89.99? wtf..tmo fail!!

  • Daniel

    Ill just stay with the loyalty family plan for 110 if i switch to the unlimited txt and talk for family it would go up to 120

  • Pat

    Well I just talked to a rep and she actually saved me a 100 bucks off my myfavs plan!!!!!!! Could that even be possible??? I have 5 lines including phone@home, this was the even more + plan with unlimited text, web, and 1500 minutes, my myfavs plan was over $250.00! Not bad so I still can get new phones have no contract and have more minutes and web unlimited. There is a migration fee of one time for 35 bucks for two of the lines. We talked about phone and prices of phones and she said something was coming in about 1 hour. She wouldn’t say anything else, and laughed so stay by there is more to this than meets the eye. I’m with ya ToMo cause I’ve been with the other guys and was not treated very well. Can’t wait to see whats happening next. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!!

  • Jim

    These plans are terrible! I called a tmobile rep and not only would it not make my plan cheaper, it would make it much more expensive. I thought these plans were supposed to reduce the price not jack it up! Ridiculous!

  • Kendel

    What a waste. I think the thing that makes me angry the most is that they raised the cost of the data plans. How can they charge more for the internet than the big 3 when they don’t even have 3g coverage in most large cities yet? Why should I pay more for internet on my phone than I pay for it in my house. Unreal.

  • Ryne

    I have worked for tmo for quite a while now as a sales representative. There was obviously a lot of hype going around with “Project Dark” and my coworkers and i were all very excited. And then “this” dropped. Im absolutley furious because my customers are now completely baffled and frustrated. This was supposed to change the face of tmo and in my opinion it just ruined it. Unlimited is an awesome marketing tool because it does allow peace of mind for the customers, but like a few people have previously posted, not everyone needs unlimited. And i do agree that offering a cheaper rate plan with no contract and allowing the customers to make installments on a phone is good as well, but in the end its really all the same. your not saving as much money as you would originally think. And lets be honest, everybody in this day and age needs a phone. So what is so bad about a contract?! In my opinion as a consumer, tmo offers some of the best phones with the best service for the best price, so why the hell do they think that offering no contract is going to keep their customers around. what they should have done was revamp the 3g network, drop a bunch of awesome phones geared for all ages, and continue to offer the one thing that gave tmo their name: MY FAVES! I will continue to stick with the company that i love but damnit i really hope they are listening to the reaction of their customers, because obviously that’s what keeps a company prosperous.

  • Robert

    For me this isn’t a good deal at all. I currently pay this

    $59.95 (700 minutes shared)
    29.85 (for 3 other phones)
    25.00 (Data on the main line)
    5.00 (300 Text messages main line)
    119.80 (- 15% corp discount = 101.83)

    New Plan

    $59.95 (750 minutes shared)
    30.00 (for 3 other phones)
    30.00 (Data on the main line)
    10.00 (Unlimited Text messages main line only text option availabile)

  • DumbPeople

    Ok, why is everyone saying that data plans are now 40 dollars??? The cheapest individual plan T-Mobile offered was 300 minutes for 29.99. That same price point is being offered, but with 500 minutes!! Also If you have any plan that includes web, you do NOT have to pay extra!! Also for those that think you have to add web for the family plans that only applies for the 3rd line that needs web included. If your other 2 lines have unlimited web also, that is when the 25 dollars for unlimited web needs to be added for the additional line. That also includes unlimited text messages. From the 59.99 rate plan that gives you 500 minutes plus unlimited web and text take away the 34.99 it used to cost customers to pay for the unlimited text and web. That makes it 24.99 for just the 500 minutes per month that you are paying for just the voice portion of the plan. The old plan was 5 dollars more expensive and had LESS minutes. We are thinking of when these plans were not bundled together.

  • JK

    at TMO website, the EVEN MORE PLAN only show the 3 different price of the voice plan, it didn’t show about voice+text. voice+text+web price. I went tmo store today and they have the little brochure that list all the plan.

  • Chris


    what major cities don’t they have 3g in yet?

  • JK

    Are we still be able to buy outright the device and stay with current plan (old plan)? or we have to choose the even more plus plan?

  • rossi

    @ Ryne

    Nicely said. I still think those darn data plans are too costly… but I would agree this revamp was in the wrong area. The plans were not an issue before. Coverage, 3g, and phones were. Guess what they still are.

  • control

    no choices for people who don’t need so much

  • Vikingsfan45

    Why are you guys bitching just because its not……………..

    A. The Apple IPHONE good phone but it has its flaws
    B. $50 unlimited everything plan: Nationwide Carrier Stop Dreaming…
    C. This Plan won’t help me out… NO dippin dots its mostly for new customers you don’t have to switch

    At the end of the day Project Dark is a good step in the right direction…… If you guys complain about lack of 3G from T-mobile guess what….. YOU KNEW THAT WHEN YOU SIGNED YOUR CONTRACT…… Either you signed with t-mobile because there CHEAP Nationwide Carrier or For good Customer Service………….

  • Andy

    This is a bummer. Great prices, I will get more for the same price I pay now. Only problem I found, which I understand why, is if I got to the Even More Plus plan and have more than 12 months left on my contract I will have to pay a $200 ETF. I guess I will be waiting to get this plan.

  • watbetch

    T-Mobile did the research, you all didn’t. They wouldn’t have made the switch to pushing no contract plans more (Lower pricing) if they didn’t think it would work. In this day and age the LAST thing people need is to be obligated to a cell phone contract.

  • Brian

    The idea you could buy a phone and bring it to tmobile is a good idea. THAT IS if Tmobile used the same 3g frequency as everyone else. BUT you are stuck buying phones from tmobile to get or access THEIR 3g (or it defaults to Edge or less). This means either buying a phone through the 20 month installment plan form tmobile or being on contract. AND if you thought of it, the 20 month phone payment plan IS a contract ’cause you have to pay if off if you leave…

  • Northern Claw

    Someone said to pick new SIM cards @6.99

  • allan…atwork

    i just switched over to the 1500+ unl text + unl web for 3 lines all came out to 125 plus taxes monthly. i believe i got a great deal as i was on the $70 for 1000 min plus 40 for 2 sidekicks and 35 for the blackberry data services. that was coming to 145 plus taxes so its a win win for me.

  • ocato04

    I just called to switch my plan and the rep told me my bill would b 34.99 a month including the new phone, and she told me that I would have to go to my nearest tmobile store to pick up the phone… this a mistake somebody help me plz

  • allan…atwork

    call customer service back and get that info again

  • gamekilla

    People you make no sence the plan are all you can eat 59.99 gets you 500 mins plus unl night and weekends text and web whats not to love about that for 59.99 maybe 65.94 with tax just order my touch pro 2 if you don’t see how great these plans are go to verizon and pay 129.99

  • Matt

    T-Mobile sucks!!

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    @Chris the 21 largest US cities (yes CITIES, not Metro Areas) with no TMO 3G are:

    Louisville, KY
    Omaha, NE
    Tulsa, OK
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Anchorage, AK
    Lincoln, NE
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Madison, WI
    *** Boise, ID ***
    Montgomery, AL
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Mobile, AL
    Little Rock, AR
    Amarillo, TX
    Fayetteville, NC
    Jackson, MS
    Tallahassee, FL
    Springfield, MO
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Salinas, CA

    That’s right, I can’t wait for Boise to get 3G.

    The past 2-3 weeks we’ve heard that part of Project Dark is a rapid expansion of 3G along with a rapid expansion of HSPA+ in existing 3G areas. Why haven’t we heard anything official about that today, I wonder?

  • rockstar

    ok people im on the plan….

    im on the EVEN MORE PLAN…its everything i aready had before but just 15 bucks more and im unlimited which is ok i guess..
    after like 2 hours on the phone (cuz no one knew what i was talking about) i had the plan changed

    so i now have 2 LINES


    TOTAL OF AROUND 175 which before i had 700 mins instead of unlimited so its jus like 15 bucks difference..

    the even more plus ( no contract) is cheaper but when u thorw taxes in then its again around the 15$ difference from mine..

    MY OLD PLAN 160$ WITH 700 MINS

    i guess its kool now :)

    i knew more about the plans and new phones coming out and 3 of the reps told me wow looks like you more alot more than what we do,,,im like…. TMO NEW BABY haha

  • Florence

    I have one question, if anybody can answer me:
    Nobody seem to be interested about this.
    love u all

  • gamekilla

    @ flo

  • Dennis

    T-Mobile 3G $25-$40 (lucky is you get 2 mbps)

    My Comcast home Internet with unlimited local and long distance $50.00 ( over 20 mbps)

    T-mobile is overcharging for data plans when there 3g is not up to par with Verizon, ATT, or Sprint and Sprint now has 4G

  • gamekilla

    @ dennis data is unlitimed
    on every plan

  • Rory

    Like a fool, I logged on and switched to the unlimited plus plan. 5 minutes later, my UMA and roaming data stopped working. (I am stationed in Anchorage, but kept T-Mobile).

    They have 24 hours to fix,or I am off to join my wife’s ATT family plan.

  • WazzuKirk

    This was a very good deal for me. I had (3) phones that had 1-year left on contract. 2 weeks ago, I upgraded a 4th line which put it at a 2-year contract. I called up CS and they let me upgrade all (4) lines to the Even More Plus Unlimited Everything plan and only charged me (2) upgrade fees for a total of $70. I am now paying the same amount as I was paying but I HAVE NO CONTRACTS NOW!!

  • NightExpress

    This sucks… This is what the hype was about? I’ve been with T-mobile for ever now and I can honestly say this will get me to look elsewhere… Why hype crappy rates for families???? And… There is no phone my kids crave anywhere here.

  • BadN10Tion

    You cant please them all and if you dont wanna pay a early term fee then dont get a cell phone plan, all you do is complain bout nothing as if you didnt know it was one and if pcs got a better deal then why are you on a t-mobile forum bitching

  • I don’t get it

    any phone you purchase full price can be unlocked. Alot of people here seem to think that the data & messaging is $40 per line with the family plans. NO!!! is one $40 cost for multiple lines on your family plan. How can you go wrong with that???? You tell me another company that will let you have multi lines with unlimited data and unlimited messaging on a data device for $40???? People just like to complain. If your not happy about this go to At&t, get an couple Iphones and pay $170 a month for 2 lines that share about 1000 minutes and have fun with those additional charges for all of your applications….lol