Project Dark Is A Go!


After all the speculating, “Project Dark” is officially a go. The pricing is up on the T-Mobile website and it is exactly what we hoped feared. At first glance I’m not seeing any changes whatsoever from all the leaks, which may be a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know if anyone can really make that determination yet. Marketing is of course going to be the key factor here and we look forward to whatever T-Mobile brings to the table as they ramp up advertisements to the rumored tune of 40% this holiday season. Regardless of whatever marketing may come, we’re still super happy to see a new standard in the wireless industry with a no contract offering. It’s about time that the European style way of doing business made it over to US shores. Love it or hate it, it works quite well everywhere else in the world. So without further ado, we present to you, Project Dark. Time will tell today, as it’s just barely 9am in South Florida, if there are any more surprises in store–handsets, 3G, 4G or otherwise. We aren’t holding out hope for anything but we do love surprises!



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  • Axeaholic

    What happened to the Phones we Crave. I tried that POS MyTouch and the only thing I carved was the return policy. If T-mobile wants to be the “low cost carrier”, this doesn’t do get them there. If these beta phones from HTC. We get the Cliq and they get the Droid? The G1, Really? I’m looking for the best, not the cheapest. I count on my mobile phone and associated services as a critical tool for business.


    @ raeyne…lol its not never you just cant use the same phone number. has tha even been proven n e ways?

  • niididy

    YES! I truly, really get to save big bucks with my family plan. Heading to the TMO store now!!! Sorry…those who can’t save!

  • Joey

    Just spent a while on the phone h a customer sales rep. She was the NICEST person I’ve ever spoken to, even for T Mobile standards. She told me I need to wait until I have less than 365 days left on my contract to switch over without paying the $200 fee. She even fudged some stuff so it would be in 2 weeks so I have “time to think, but not too much time” since my records wee wrong.
    Tomorrow, I will be buying the n900 and switching over to even more plus, unilimited everything, for $5 more than I pay now. A damn fine deal if you ask me. And with the N900 for $560, that isnt much more at all than an unsubsidized myTouch..

  • sleebus.jones

    Much, much better than the alternative I’ve got now. 500 more minutes for $20/mo less.

  • mikeeeee

    the phone i crave is a UMA android.

    that aint asking for too much considering all the crackberries offered.

    don’t care who makes it but, it better be on line and running by next may or a verizon droid with a verizon network extender box get my bucks.

  • Artiepants

    why is the “N Postpaid Family” chart up there showing $49/$59/89 when the site shows $49/$69/$109?

    that first set of prices, THAT would have been what you call a ‘game changer”

  • Nick

    im so mad ive had a broken G1 for months now and with all the “project dark” hype i was hoping theyd at least release something today…wth now im assed out till xmas for the htc hd2

  • josh

    hey anyone that has a g1 or a mytouch 3g with a 40 dollar myfaves plan and the 34 unlimited data and text. Here’s what i suggest’s you do since you can’t switch to anything cheaper you might want to hack your myfaves and use google voice i’ve been doing this since google voice came out and have never gone over my mins since. and my site has a step by step way of doing it.

  • Wicked1

    So, unlimited everything is $80 for contract people or non contract people? Let me go look

  • telos104

    Maybe us existing family plan guys can rally and get Tmo to listen to us…”keep your existing plan” don’t cut it!

  • Beastly

    I’m curious to see the price breakdown. Which plans do Verizon and Sprint offer that would save you $130 to add unlimited data? Everything I’ve looked at on their sites shows dramatically higher prices across the board for Verizon, and somewhat higher prices for Sprint.

    Here’s the question: Why on Earth would anyone pay normal prices for Verizon service when they could get their CDMA phone activated on TracPhone and save over a hundred bucks a month? The answer is that StraightTalk service and coverage is not the same as normal Verizon service and coverage.

  • Beastly

    I’m with you. The perfect phone would run Android and have UMA and WiFi capability. Also, what about bluetooth file transfer protocols? Is there any reason these were left out of the HTC Android phones? Better internal memory and processor wouldn’t hurt, either. Not that I’ve seen the perfect phone on another carrier (or I’d have bought and unlocked it) but it shouldn’t be that hard to make one, right?

  • Wicked1

    It’s for non contract people. What if you already have a phone, and just want to switch to non-contract, can u still get unlimited everything for $80? And it won’t just be $80, it’ll be $80 + your monthly payment for the phone + insurance + taxes/fee + any other services you have. And if you choose the 1000 whenever Even More Plus Plan, is the text & web unlimited, even though your minutes are not?

    Well I’ll still be paying less, the plan I renewed yesterday, I’ll be paying like $75 a month for 1000 whenever and unlimited text and web including insurance, and all the other charges, it’ll be like $75. I don’t need unlimited talk so, that wasn’t really important

  • mp05

    I just change to EM+ 750min shared min for 3 lines:
    $109.99+$5(txt+data included)=114.99
    one time $35×2 migration fee (applies only for 2 lines.
    Nothing like 24.99+5. I tried new customer with 3 BB and same result from TMO website.

  • ali

    The cost for international sms has gone up from 20cents per message to 35cents !!! My mom is glad she switched to prepaid at&t where its free its included in the plan.

  • newspeak

    Well i would actually switch to the 1000 min talk+text+web even more+

    if it wasn’t for a the 35 dollar migration fee…i just dropped my handset protection because my phone already bit the dust and craigslist is cheaper then the insurance deductible…in the end for me at least its not worth paying $35 dollars for the exact same situation i have now

    the only advantage being that texting only through the google voice app is really annoying

    they have sort of gutted the middle in a way…i talked to a rep and asked if there was any way to say just get voice min and data and he said no …i might try to call again just to see if i get a diff response

  • 30014

    @Beastly…u should work for tmo’s marketing department with all the spin u are trying to put on this. For the most part these plans benefit new customers more than current ones. And to everyone in shock that the majority of this blog find project dark/black a big disappointment, shut the hell up. Tmo won’t be catching sprint any time soon. I called customer service this morning and asked about the “handsets we crave”, and the rep excitedly told me about the tap, the behold 2, and the blackberry 9700. I told her none of those phones impress me. She then said that tmo’s phone selection was getting better all the time and I replied that I don’t see it and ended the call.

  • Anthony

    If you have the 5.99 tzones plan and upgrade to the newer plans, the 5.99 tzones will be removed. That’s just a heads up.


    I went to the T-Mobile site this morning really hoping there was something that hadn’t been leaked…like some killer new phone (‘I Crave’). After being greeted by the new ho-hum add about what they think I wanted….I went to look for new phones. Oh I hope there are some. NADA…..NADA DamN Thing.

    My question for T-Mobile. WHERE ARE THE PHONES WE CRAVE??

    The plans really aren’t that great. I see early contract termination in my near future.

    Take about having the best customer service…the lack of offerings from T-Mobile is a huge disservice to the customer base.

  • Kershon

    I just switched from $89.99 family plan plus unlimited text plus bis on one line. 3 lines including 1 hotspot@home. I went to the evenmore plus unlimited plan with bis on one line and I am saving $15 bucks a month. I will have to pay $35 migration fee x 2 on the next bill. After I finish out my contract I will be contract free. So in the long run I will be saving $.

  • Mike

    @Maximus…it might be cool if you go for the even more plus plan to get out of your contract. and then leave tmobile to avoid the ETF

  • -ray

    I really do hope that they come out with some good phones because I am ready to bolt for the Droid..

  • Chris

    I switched to the everything plus 500 minutes, which is fine for me. I switched online, and nothing was mentioned about a $35 migration fee?

    I just switched a single line, and I have less than a year left on my contract. Where are you guys seeing this migration fee info at?

  • Ritchie

    Why does it say limited time offer???

    Limited time offer; subject to change. Taxes and fees additional. Unlimited features are only for direct communication between two people. $35 per line activation fee may be required. If you switch plans you may be bound by existing contract term (and related $200/line early contract termination fee) and $35/line Even More Plus plan activation fee may apply. You may be unable to switch to some plans. Premiere and other business/association discounts may not be available.

  • rockerolla

    The phones we crave? OK, so does that mean we can buy a Droid or a Nokia 900 from T-Mobile? I am not craving any of the phones they have right now.

  • Justin

    WOOT!!!! Just switched me and my Girl to the 119 per month plan! love this!

  • dan

    @30014,so what handsets DO “impress” you?

  • Kickstar13


  • Reginald Stinson

    What doesn’t make sense to me is the fact that they are giving people who come in without a contract better rates than us people who are currently under contract. What’s the point of still offering contracts if prepay customers get better deals. I will happily pay full price for a phone if it’s going to save me money. Dumb move T-Mobile. They should let us out our contracts.

  • Cracker

    I see a lot of complaints about “phones you crave”. Ponder this, have you ever heard of a project where all the stages were unveiled at once? Besides, if stage 3 is the hardware and a holiday is just around the corner, don’t you think there may be some strategy in the release of the new devices?

  • Simon Cabron

    LOL, according to T-mobile, the phones we crave are the mytouch and the cliq. Not one mention of any of the rumored/upcoming phones, not one mention of an aggressive 3G rollout, and the plan pricing is so far off from the originally speculated $50 all-you-can-eat plan. This news was definitely not worth the wait.

  • rossi

    @ beastly

    Look at both the Connect and the premium family plans. I am specifically looking at the connect plan though because I don’t need vcast. Yes, that’s 1400 minutes, unlimited minutes to 10 numbers (would work well for myfaves replacement in my case), unlimited text, and unlimited data. 5 lines is $199. Tmobile would charge me $150 to add data to my current plan (155 after taxes plus 150 plus taxes= >$300). Then I look at the new plans, 1500 minutes would not be enough in my case… so I would need to go unlimited… I’d pay more or nearly as much as verizon’s price in additional lines alone. ($70 x 3 or $55 x 3). Yeah, that’s unlimited calling on tmobile’s plan. However, like I have said a million times, I don’t need unlimited calling but need more than 1500 minutes a month … Where is the answer for people like me? Verizon and sprint offer something. Tmobile does not. Spin away buddy, but I can do the math as well as anyone else.

  • SDS

    BlackBerry Unlimited Web + Unlimited Messages rates actually went UP from $34.99 to $40 per line, per month.

  • Paul

    I think this program is a total disappointment if you have a family plan. Their web site is so deceptive. Just try to find on their web site how much it costs to add another line to the “two” in an unlimited family plan. Secondly, try to find how much data costs in the Even More. You have to search far and wide to find this information and it is reminiscent of Verizon’s plan. The way I see it, if you cannot post the most obvious questions in a conspicuous place on the page, then you don’t want them to find it. I have been with T-Mobile since 2000 when they were Voicestream. I have four phones on the 1800 minute plan with unlimited text. I have one Blackberry with data and I am seeing nothing on this new plan that looks appealing at all. I am on contract for another year and a half but I must say that anytime someone tries to hide something from me, then they are betraying my trust. T-Mobile has just become AT&T and Verizon as far as I am concerned.

  • IceCreamPaintJob

    @ Axeholic don’t take potshots at htc for the G1. It was the first Android device running the first build of Android. Would I be stoked to have a 3.7 in touch screen and dual led flash to go along with the 5.0 mp on my cliq? YES, totally, that said companies don’t get phones they don’t think they have a market for and with all the droid phones Tmo is/is going to have, there’s an android phone for everyone… plus don’t you think a 3.7 screen would require a large battery, making the droid excessively heavy? Hard to imagine you’d be for that considering your ire for the G1.

    @ Mikeeeee why would you need built in UMA for an Android phone when you could just use skype lite or google voice? I understand you may want to be able to make the call using your tmo number but really, wouldn’t using google voice just be better off an android phone? Besides, the tmo blackberries have uma if that’s your one feature you really need.

  • Northern Claw

    I’m still in the dark about switching. I tried as a new customer and every plan wanted me to pick a phone. I’m a customer about out of contract and I have a phone. I don’t want a new one. Plus the 35 for add a line to unlimited talk only seems kind of unreal. I have 4 lines. I’m not sure that 1500 minutes would be enough at times. We already dropped our landline and I don’t want a single line and an answering machine again. I have devices that can connect via wifi (free) already so why should I pay extra for text and web if I don’t need it.

  • Todd1234

    does unlimited network mean unlimited data? because if that does, IM SOLD with these promotional plan!?

  • Sebastiaan

    Does the Unlimited plans (regular and plus) included BIS for the first two lines?

  • Quasar

    I could care less if there is a contract or not with my phone service. What I want is a plan that will give me the most of everything (voice/messaging/data) for the lowest monthly cost ($70 or less before tax) and still allow me to purchase a subsidized phone. T-Mobile is NOT the company that can offer me that with these new plans so it is time to make a change.

  • pecoy

    is it true that corporate discounts will not work anymore on any of these plans?

  • Sebastiaan

    I agree with Paul, all the information is REALLY hard to find…

  • Roger

    Not only have they dropped myfaves, but UMA is no longer listed as an option when selecting phones or as an additional service. This is one feature that distinguished tmobile from the other carriers and also allows me to get service where tmobile is weak or non-existent, such as my house.

    Well they had the opportunity to get me to use my phone more. They could have made it worthwhile to pay for text and data. But the pricing is far too ridiculous for family plans. And now they have me looking at what their competitors offer and realising that maybe I should give AT&T/Verizon a shot when the contract expires.

  • IceCreamPaintJob

    @ Roger

    You can still make wifi calls using your wifi calling enabled handset, such as a blackberry. The difference is you can’t have a separate pool of “uma minutes, or wifi calling minutes”… it will deduct from your rate plan included minutes.

  • Ritchie

    No BUll, If you dont believe me check out the info. My current Plan is 1000 MyFavs family for $59.99, plus $9.99 3rd line, plus $24.95 unlimited txt family, plus my smart phone data $24.99 i pay $119.92 w/o taxes, now with the new plan, EM+ 1500 family unlimited txt and web $119.99 plus $5 for 3rd line plus $25 for android data???? so i have to pay the web plan plus the adnroid plan for a total of $149.99. Ok ill go for that, let me check sprint. On sprint 1500 everything data txt family for $129.99 plus $19.99 for the 3rd line, thats a total of $149.98 w/o taxes. So for a penny less i get gps included, tv included, radio included, call any mobile number w/o using your min. i get all these for a penny less then the plan on TMo….Ill be leaving TMO when my contract is up.

  • jmts80

    I tried not getting my hopes up because T-mo has let me down b4 but i couldn’t help it and i got really excited for this but yet again… This was the game changer, the event that would make us no longer 4th place??? The plans sound good but The Cliq and the MyTouch are not the phones I crave, and 3G is anything but nationwide. My contract is up in April and I will probably be leaving. :(

  • cockpitinferno

    While I like the new plans–and I’ll be switching from my grandfathered one to a new one soon–is that all to Project Dark? Will we be seeing some better high-end phones and better coverage before the end of the year?

  • rockerolla

    Actually, the plans are probably break even- gain low customers and loose high end customers to Verizon’s Droid. Wait, I guess long-term that is not break even.

  • YS

    Data plan went up from $35 to $40, $40 can buy you 500 now instead of 600 before? What’s up with that “game changing strategy”? Yes you get cheaper plan on non contracted phones and you can switch providers at any time but do you have another carrier using the same 3G frequency?? So your phone is worthless. It works for Europe becuase most of their carriers use the same 3g bands but here it’s a mess. Not sure if that move was such a good idea.

  • Jason

    Can we use our own phones for even more plus? I tried adding even more plus family unlimited everything for 109.99 and T mobile’s web site keep asking me to chose 2 phones at full price. I wanted to use my own phones.