Project Dark, Again


Sunday is a big day in T-Mobileland, and while the company is trying to keep things from leaking, that is very hard to do in today’s world.  What we have here is further, clearer and more detailed confirmation of the rate plans accompanying Project Dark.  As it is, though, we are considering these rumors, so have your daily dose of salt.  Of course, maybe T-Mobile is trying to keep people in the dark by printing out false information sheets (we have our doubts that any company would do this, but what a genius move to keep people in the dark (if that is what they are trying to do)).  Either way, head on past the break for a full, and much easier to read, peak at the rate plans (including a family plan breakdown).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!



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  • jelly

    my question is what about the blackberry enterprise.
    I would switch to this if it was included in the unlimited plan but my guess is since I need this, I can’t go with any of these plans

  • Mark

    Since the 2 year agreement is subsidizing a phone, does that mean it doesn’t mattter what phone you want? It would suck if you only want a basic cheap phone, but a smartphone would be morre attractive to many people. Might not be a bad way to get more people on smartphones and get more data subscriptions.

  • ps

    Did anyone notice that the Smartphone web pricing is actually going up???? From $25 to $30 WTF

  • 30014

    @vikingsfan45….prices have nothing to do with people choosing at&t or verizon over t-mobile. Phone selection and coverage are just as important as price. And with no killer exclusive phone to offer, t-mobile doesn’t have much of a bone to chew on. Sprint and verizon have the big boy android phones and at&t has the iphone while we get the isuck 3g and the tween friendly cliq. Tmo has always been price competitive so I don’t know why they think that is an area that needs fixing. Agree with me or not, but I say it would take landing the iphone to overtake sprint. I know that’s not gonna happen before anyone bothers bashing me. Be honest with yourselves though, the iphone is the current be all end all in the mobile industry at the moment.

  • wagonis

    Okay, so let me understand this…and I’m sure it’s been asked somewhere in the 102 responses…if I wanted to get the $139.99 unlimited family plan and add a line, that’s an additional $30 but only for minutes. Then if I wanted data for that 3rd line it would be either $10 or $30 depending if it’s a smart or dumb phone…is that correct?

    Can someone confirm this for me please?

  • Mark

    Wagonis, I think it would be included in the unlimited plan or the price jump from unlimited Voice and text to unlimited web would not be so high.

  • watbetch

    There is an unprecedented amount of Sprint trolling going on here, and it’s probably all by the same person.

  • Bobby

    R.I.P. Sprint lol

  • rossi

    I’ll admit I have been talking about sprint’s plans. ONLY because I am disappointed with tmobile. Btw, as far as I know the other guys are not the same. If you have been reading NiiDiddy’s posts you will see that he has done a 180 from TMO all the way to wow, sprint’s plan is better than project dark.

    I am not trying to troll, but I suppose it comes off that way because I am simply venting my frustration that tmobile didn’t deliver…

    Sure, I guess you don’t have to believe me.

  • RWWackoStu

    So let me get this right – I can take my current contract (59.99 FP, 2 lines @ 4.99 text 80/mth ) with 1 year left and move it to the even more plus (for a fee Im sure) not have a contract, add data on both Berries (750 FP + text+data 110 mth) and will that be a pre-pay or still a monthly bill? Since I have no contract, Could I make the switch on Sunday, and in November when the 9700 comes out, change phones and start the 22 mth finance? Is this right based on what we know right now? The only way I will change is if this is possible. IF I add data right now I am @ 130 mth. Am I totally confused??

  • RWWackoStu

    Should have read Could I make the switch on Sunday, and since I have no contract, in November when the 9700 comes out, change phones and start the 22 mth finance?

  • RolloC84

    I’m not a Sprint troll either. The fact of the matter is the plans are just better. Straight from sprints website for a 2 line family plan:

    This plan includes
    -Any Mobile, Anytime: Unlimited domestic calls from the Sprint network to and from ANY U.S. mobile phone regardless of carrier. Any network, any time.
    -Unlimited data: Web surfing, email, BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS), GPS Navigation, Music Premier, TV Premier, NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM
    -Unlimited messaging: Text, pictures and video
    -Talk: Night calling and weekends starting at 7 p.m., nationwide long distance and no roaming charges. Lines 1-2 included. Lines 3-5 are $19.99/mo./line.
    Featured services for Nextel Direct Connect® capable phones: Direct Connect and Group Connect® $5/mo./line (Look for this on the Services page prior to checkout.)

    Take note of not only the any mobile, but their data plan also comes with GPS navigation (right now $10 a month extra on TMobile and you have a data plan) NFL and NASCAR live right on your phone. And you still have 1500 anytime minutes to split to call landlines (any cell phone is free) all for $130.00 a month. The new prices from TMobile can’t compete with that and Sprint is already in 3rd place ahead of us. How do we expect to pass them offering sub-par plans? Now I highly doubt TMobile is going to sit back and lose customers so I’m not ready to jump ship just yet. Lets be patient and see what unfolds during the coming weeks. Even if these prices are officially the new ones (and I called CS, they are), I’m sure they will offer existing customers a deal before they will let a bunch of people walk away. And don’t be afraid to call CS and express your concerns. If enough of us complain about the new pricing structure, they will have no choice but to listen to us. We are they’re paycheck.

  • RolloC84

    *totally used the wrong form of they. meant to say “their”*

  • RolloC84

    *totally used the wrong form of they. needs to be “their”*

  • jose gomez

    i been reading alot about project dark and have a few things to say personally i don’t believe this will save tmo they need to improve their network first and foremost then get much better phones.

  • http://tmotoday dannydarko

    no service is perfect one will always have what the other doesn’t marketing 101 So you are either with us or not so be a poser on someone elses network This post is to all the whiny bitches

  • fmh

    the plans seem aimed for lower end users, those who dont want data, just talk… that will eventually lead to overburden of the network. i wont be surprised if they gained “even more” customers and got “even more plus” dropped calls…

    all that hype about myfaves this, myfaves that…down the drain… sprint is holding its position, even with their “issues”. they might lose the higher end users for network quality and data speeds.

    WHAT… tmobile is buying sprint…and this was all a cover up…lmao

  • fmh

    they(tmobile) might lose the higher end users for network quality and data speeds.

  • Stanly

    A though seems to have gone through my head. Isn’t it possible that by simply re-arranging and simplifying its plans, but not reducing the price, that T-Mobile intends to set its self at truly competing with the S, ATT, and VZW? If T-Mobile were to cut all their rates down extremely low, wouldn’t some consumers wonder WHY their prices were so low?
    I know in my area Sprint was HORRIBLE for the 3 weeks I tried them. Bad customer service, horrible coverage. I only have one dead spot in the entire cleveland metro area. Go to Sprint to get there 69.99 plan, I dare you. Then deal with Sprint. You’ll find out why it’s so cheap.

  • rossi

    @ Dannydarko

    punctuation is your friend because if i were to keep writing without it you would have no idea what i am talking about marketing 101 does not state that no service is ever perfect nor does it state that each service offers something that others do not have stating that you are either with us or you are not is simple minded and not helpful to the cause as i would like to see tmobile as a larger force in the market through gaining more handset exclusives offering better plans and offering wider coverage to more subscribers across their network tmobile has always had the value pricing and their new pricing scheme does not seem to cater to the mid level customers for me unlimited is overkill and would raise my bill by a large margin while the 750 and 1500 minute plans do not offer me enough so call me a “whiny bitch” but i know i am not the only one that thinks these plans are not going to gain our favorite carrier a larger share of the market i hope i am wrong you have no idea how much i hope i am pleasantly surprised on sunday as far as being a poser i have a guy with the name dannydarko calling me a poser wow just wow

  • JBLmobileG1

    Well…. this is REAL. These plans are legit. Although most people may just want to stick with their older plans… come Sunday new customers are only allowed to choose from above. No more MyFavs (BOO!). At least the older plans are grandfathered. As for this being a big thing to help boost Tmobile to 3rd place… I doubt it. These plans are simplified but not anything to WOW over…. atleast IMO.

  • 30014


  • helloo

    @Dannydarko-ya vete a dormir!

  • tmos

    I find it funny how people love to jump to conclusions. Why don’t you wait until Sunday when it’s officially released and see how you like it then. We don’t even know if these are real yet. Something tells me though that some people on here would complain regardless.

  • wilkes

    Ugghh Project Dark is looking darker and darker and even more darker (in a bad way) I will honestly pay the $200 termination fee and go for the most expensive AT&T plan and get the iPhone. Because I can barely get service in my own home. I expected the htc dragon an iPhone or and iPhone killer or how about a slew of kick ass android devices and of course the n900. Honestly, I don’t care if I will create a dent in my wallet by paying a $200 termination fee. Because in these rough times the best thing you can have is family and friends and if I can barely get the service to talk with them. Well than I dont know what the hell is important anymore.

  • Dia

    I would also guess H@H phones will no longer be coming out. Shame, cause I use mine when I go overseas so I don’t pay any international roaming charges. Of course I’m only guessing.

  • htc hero

    i talked to a dude at t mobile today and it comes out on monday cant wate

  • John

    Guys, quit speculating. I don’t know if I’ve seen any posts here that didn’t jump to conclusions. And to clear something up, TMobile’s 3G network covers over 200 million people. I daresay it’s better than ATTs. The network is capable of going to HSDPA at any time and jumping to ultrafast speed. It’s already live in Philly. And if I could digitally smack all the iPhone groupies on here I would. The Android OS is so much more flexible and open that Apple’s it’s no wonder that in just over a year, the OS has spread to all the major carriers. And in case most of you haven’t done your homework on the tech specs for Android phones(and most on here have not), all the current Android phones except for the aging G1 are within spitting distance of each other. The only differences are form factor and some brand specific software tweaks(ala the Cliq). Android has gone from obscurity to mainstream in no time. I really shouldn’t even have to point these things out but we got some haterade drinking trolls running around here and I just couldn’t keep quiet anymore. Don’t assume anything about Project Dark. If you have questions, go to your local TMobile on Sunday and get it straight from them before popping off at the mouth about what you THINK you know.

  • Crazytmo

    @RWWackoStu—the answer to your question is no. After the “migration fee” ($35) you will need to finish the remainder of your contract before officially being a “no contracct” customer.

    However, yes, you will be able to purchase the 9700 on the 20 month payment plan at any time after 11/11 (the release date)