Even More Rate Plans Explained

As you may already be aware (its only been on the blog a few hundred times) T-Mobile officially launched its newest rate plans as of Sunday, October 25th 2009. T-Mobile announced a new approach to truly show itself as the cheapest carrier compared to AT&T and Verizon. Yesterday during the “So You Think You Can Dance” show, T-Mobile aired its newest T-Mobile ad to explain the Even More Rate plans. And I have to say I’m impressed with T-Mobile. I believe the ad was a very effective way to introduce and educate people with the new plans that aren’t exposed to forums like TmoNews. Enjoy the video above and feel free to express your thoughts in the comments. If you watched the ad yesterday, do you think it was effective? Why or why not?

NOTE: The video above IS NOT the new ad.

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  • Twitch110

    Am i only the only one that has benefited from “Even more”? I’m saving something like 50 bucks a month! I was paying around 130 total, now i’m paying like 80 or 90 for me and my wife. I think it’s sick! I still don’t quite understand the benefit of EM+. It seems pointless to do. I don’t know.

  • Whocares

    you know what… im so tired of these people who are like tmobile doesn’t pay that full price on the phone. Okay lets say your right (i have no idea whats true or not)… lets say tmobile pay 80 for a 400 dollar phone… so here are two options… buy it from us and let us finance it for you… or you go buy 10 to 20,000 of the same same model and im sure htc will give it to u for 100 bucks a pop… o but wait.. now u spent 100 to 200,000 dollars for the phoen u want.

    Go buy it from HTC.com… yep ur paying the same if not more for the same phone tmobile is selling at the store…

    So lets say your right… so am i… which would you rather do???

  • JB6464

    @ Whocares , but you leave out the important facts. If you buy the HTC phone somewhere else you won’t get T-mobile’s hacked version. They seem to cook up some off the wall ideas when deciding what gets put on or taken off the phones feature wise. Example(TP2), Nasty brown,no 3.5mm jack,maybe they will offer a 6.5 upgrade,and way over-priced compared to Verizon TP2.

  • NIck

    First of all if I hear T-mobile claim “a Nation-wide” 3g network one more time I might kill somebody. It is the furthest thing from nation-wide. It is the smallest 3g out of the big 4, and not even close to 3rd. Sometimes when in a 3g area (Detroit) I still wouldn’t get 3g, it just depends on the time of the day.

    @Twitch110 how are you paying 80 or 90 for you and your wife if you where paying 130 before? there is no plan that would allow you to pay 80 or 90 for a family plan.

    I think there are a lot of T-Mo fan boys on here that are just happy because T-mo told them they should be. Well Im not! I think these new plans are crap. I cant believe they got rid of the fav 5. I think that proves how weak they are. As soon as all the other carriers started offering the same thing they had to come up with a new gimic to get people excited about. Too bad this gimic blows. Give me a break no contract, really thats suppose to mean something. why would anyone get excited about paying full price on a phone ($399 for a G1) that you would probably break the payments up on over a 20 month period sure sounds like a contract to me. Or lets say you bye the phone outright, then you have a $400 phone that works on tmobile and if you want to switch carriers your options will be limited to At&t (Sprint and Verizon are cdma) and At&t doesn’t even use the same 3g bands! So like I said you would have to be a pretty big fan boy to be excited about this.


    as a rep, i think its bullshit that they got rid of myfaves, it was easy to sell, customers don’t mind being in contracts.. the new plans are hard to explain.. oo and also the installment works alittle different (not all customers just get 20 months) yes it is 20 months, but it goes by how much installment credit they have, i had a customer that wanted a mytouch and he only had 300$ installment credit so he had to pay the extra 100$ in store, its not like u just walk out with a phone and 20 installments.. there is a catch, good ole t mo………..

    • Miles Davis

      Totally agree with this. It was a big differentiator, and Tmo had invested a lot in identifying their brand with Faves. I still have my Faves 1800 family plan for $80/month.

  • Blaine

    I’d just like to point out that the EM+ style of wireless service is exactly how almost entirely all of europe handles their wireless service, and has done such for a very long time. Go take a look at the websites for Vodafone UK, T-Mobile UK, Orange UK, and O2 UK. I use those as examples since they’re in English, and you will see exactly what I’m talking about