Windows Mobile Still Sucks


I know there are a large number of readers who just love Windows Mobile, up to and including our own Mystictrust. Personally, I think you are all in love with the worlds worst phone based operating system. I would rather be waterboarded than have to endure a day with Windows Mobile. I’d rather the Cubs never win a world series than go back to a Windows Mobile device in its current state. Thankfully, my thoughts are echoed by Launce Ulanoff of PCMag. He chooses stronger words for his thoughts on Windows Mobile Windows Mobile is just plain awful. There. I’ve said it, and I feel pretty good. No, wait. Actually, I don’t because those words aren’t strong enough. Windows Mobile is a scourge, an embarrassment. It’s a mass of over-engineered effluvia that only serves to slow you down, get in your way, and make you miserable.” Using Windows Mobile to me is like the screeching of nails on a chalkboard in my third grade history class. I hate it, there I said it, and I hate it. I’m open to debate about it, but I’m just frustrated as hell trying to use it. I went into my local T-mobile store lately to test the TouchPro2. Mystic REALLY wants me to drop my unlocked iPhone, thinks it’s a shame that I use one and I think it’s a shame that he thinks the TP2 is the end all be all of phones.

I think it’s safe to say that we all look forward to what Windows Mobile 6.5 can bring to the table. Perhaps an operating system that doesn’t make me want to watch hours of White Sox World Series Championship videos. Few things could be more painful. Anyways, I think you should all give this a good once over, WM lover or not, it’s an interesting read.



  • Elrich

    To add insult to injury, Sprint will be getting the TP2 next week, and confirmed today THEY WILL BE GETTING THE HTC HERO in Android OS!!!

    F*CK the TP2 for being so ‘spensive. It’s all about the iPhone, baby!

  • Addicus

    The rant on PCMag seemed to me just be another it’s a Microsoft product so I hate it rant. He compliments on how the system can actually multi-task and do it well then complains about his battery. Well, the idiot knows each task he uses remains open so he should simply open the task manager that is under the START MENU and close the ones he no longer is using. The other problem he had was with how the loading symbol shows up when he opens a program. If he has a problem with how long it takes to load he may want to look at the hardware (processor). If his problem is with the loading symbol itself then he’s just being a prick to be prick because he hates MS. Once you get further down into his little article you notice his main complaint is how MS didn’t bring out WM7 yet, how they missed the boat (like with the internet) that they are idiots. He just decided to use WM6 as his intial target because he isn’t man enough to say what he wanted to upfront. He’s a little whiny baby made at Microsoft.

    No one is saying the standard WM homescreen is pretty like the newer, updated OS’s. We all know that not to be true. Truth is skins are a big part of having a WM phone and have been since WM 5. That’s what SBP Mobile Shell 3 is for. Which brings me to point that having a visually appealing and easy to use skin/shell/homescreen is quite easy to be had and the OS does actually multitask out of the box without being jailbroken, etc…. I would also like to add that 3/4’s of the reason WM sucks out of the box is the carriers (all of them) include enough bloatware that the phones run like complete crap. All the other OS’s except the Iphones (since they are anal control freaks) come optimized on the phones and that is a big plus.

    We all also know if you want real customization of all HTC made and many other WM based phones you go to and get your swerve on.

    Beyond that we all know the phones lack the proper power generators (processors) and that is a major drawback on WM phones because they do multi-task out of the box. What Microsoft needs to do is make a few phones themselves with a large WVGA screen, fast/large processor and no bloatware. Then advertise their app store. For some reason the general public has accepted that as meaning you are the end all be all for operating system creators.

    That’s my rant and if you don’t like. Suck it!

  • gar

    I currently have Android, but a back when I had my T-Mobile Dash, I upgraded to a copy of WM7. Once you try it, you’ll like it.

  • henry

    i gotta agree with the author and i think you guys who are piling on the “WM IS AWESOME OMG U DONT LIKE IT USUCK!!!!!!!111!!!

    i had an winmo phone and I fucking hated it.
    1. lag. like, every time i write a text message i just love how the input is a good 10-15 letters behind what im typing. EVERY. TIME.
    2. i love how apps crash. constantly. and not third party apps. im talking IE. Text messages. the fricking CALENDAR.
    3. i also loved discovering how IE would like to put my personal data and browsing history in about 5 different places on the phone. dont believe me? go into your system folder and start poking around. you’re gonna find a whole lot more in there than you thought. Clear out the history in IE? heh. guess what. its still there.

    i tried out a touch diamond a while back, with winmo 6 and it was still as laggy and craptastic as 5 was.
    you people just dont get it. It’s not about apple, its not about Palm, its about the fact that winmo is a crappy, bogged down, bloated OS with so many bugs and holes (hello memory leak? how is that even remotely acceptable?) that it consistently borders on unusable.

    i mean, seriously guys… even you lovers out there… how many times a day do you have to reset your phone?

    And there you have your answer right there. You shouldnt have to reset it at all. Hell, even compared to a windows desktop OS, winmo is a sad embarassment.

    take the stick out of your asses and realize its a shit OS and something needs to be done. It’s called tough love, and WinMo is in desperate need for a LOT of it. I’ll be honest, im using an iphone now, but im not a fanboy and i dont love it like a fanboy. I’d love to go back to winmo in a second if I didnt become infuriated with the device at least once a day. I think that’s part of why people like blackberries and iphones and Palm Pres… they work. you dont end up wanting to throw the thing against the wall on a daily basis.

    it has nothing to do with fanboyism of a particular OS over another. it has to do with the continuing fail on a daily basis that winmo is. sure, it has more productivity apps, but what good are they if it crashes and lags and freezes all the time?

  • jackio


  • CallawayBomber

    Just upgraded from the G1 to the TP 2 this evening. It’s for my wife who IS the IT Professional in the family. Face it, the G1 is not a professional device. Regardless of the Android Market and the vast number of programs you “have” to download just to sync with GMail so that you can sync with Outlook and Calender and Contacts….It’s just not worth the headache.

    We had the Wing as well and we all know it blew chunks.

    Within 10 minutes, I had her Pop3 Outlook, Yahoo, Outlook contacts, Calender, Photos and Music transferred. Simple enough with no errors and didn’t even have to crack the owner’s guide open.

    Don’t hate or waste your time if you’re wanting to “toy with it or mod it”, the device is sound out of the box for people who are depending on a business class device. If T-Mobile can’t win business customers with the TP2 or the 9700, just close the business division. These two devices are finally what T-Mobile needed “just” to play ball in the corporate environment.

    Paid a bunch for it to work like a field horse in a thoroughbred’s clothing.

  • Krakenbound

    In it’s Standard (non-touch screen) version, WinMo works pretty well as an advanced, moderately smart phone OS. It still syncs better with multiple instances of Outlook and multiple PC’s than anything else I’ve used, and it is pretty well supported by App developers. My three year old T-Mo Dash is still serving me well as phone. The touch screen Pro version, on the other hand, is painful to use due to interface shortcomings.

    I find my BB Storm and my friends MyTouch to be far superior modern smart phones, due primarily to their superior U.I’s. When my Dash dies, I’ll be going Blackberry or Android and shedding a little tear for end of my 15 year affair with Windows CE.