Salt Lake City, The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For


Not to be outdone by Honolulu or Philadelphia, Salt Lake City Utah will officially find itself among the ranks of 3G cities tomorrow, September 20th. That’s right, SLC residents, you have asked, asked and asked again when magenta would bestow its 3G goodness upon you and your prayers have been answered. Dramatic? A little, but you haven’t seen the emails I have begging for a release date! Happy 3G hunting Salt Lake City fans!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  • Weebler

    I am going to embarrass myself but somehow in the wireless controls/mobile networks section, the use-only-2g-networks was checked. 3G finally came back up. I don’t know how but I fixed it.

  • Aukicadeso

    Had 3G this morning in Cedar Hills, but on and off. Caught some on the way to American Fork, then lost it in the office in AF. I wonder when the T-mobile data coverage app will show 3G in SLC? It still shows Edge in the region as of today.

  • J

    The 3G coverage can lag by a week or two if I remember correctly.

  • J

    The coverage map I mean.

  • LeggNet

    I’ve been around the valley today in: Herriman, Riverton, Draper, Sandy, Murray, Midvale, Holladay, Cottonwood Heights & South Salt Lake and had 3G everytime I looked at my Android MyTouch3G. Looking good so far.

  • Josh Wahl

    I have had 3G all day today in Provo, I work a block from a T-Mobile tower and it has been awesome! I live in Mapleton, about 10 miles south of Provo or so, and I’ve had very very small coverage (1 bar at times is all) of 3G, I normally get 3-4 bars of “E” service at my house, hopefully they will have full bars of 3G in Mapleton/Springville area soon too!

  • Jim

    After have 3G, I can not sync my Gmail account, it showed “No connection” ? Have anyone has this problem?

  • Slick

    I get horrible cell phone signal at my house and it keeps on going back and forth between 3G and Edge. Thank goodness I have WiFi at home or I would be losing my mind right now.

  • gigi

    I had it downtown SLC today! When I got home (Sandy) it was back to the E — not sure if I don’t get it in Sandy, or if it quit working (temporarily of course)…

  • Vwatzisface

    So, SLC 3G on my Behold sucks… Just saying

  • Briesauce

    It’s now time for 4G!