Touch Pro 2 Reviews Galore


The time has finally come to see some great reviews of the much anticipated (and frankly, past due) Windows Mobile device.  The Touch Pro 2 is hitting the shelves Wednesday August 12th and more people will be camping out for it than the iPhone 3GS (okay, maybe not).  Everyone’s favorite tech blogs (Engadget, Gizmodo, SlashGear and PhoneDog) have all had their time with the Touch Pro 2 and written typed out their opinions for all to ogle see.  It seems like everyone loves the keyboard (saying that it is one of the best, ever), the huge 3.6 inch WVGA touch screen, the speaker phone and TouchFlo 3D (honestly, who doesn’t? It hides Windows Mobile so well).  They didn’t like that there is no 3.5 mm headphone jack (an adapter is included), there is no UMA calling, HTC decided to make Internet Explorer the default browser (WHAT?! Opera Mobile is included, but kind of hidden, you should find it though), that it doesn’t have a capacitive touch screen (though the resistive touchscreen works beautifully) and that T-Mobile capped conference calling at three people.  There were mixed opinions on the size of the device; some are calling it bulky while others agree that it is manageable for a phone of its stature.  Still having mixed opinions on this device?  Check out the reviews for yourself, or go experience this phone at a local T-Mobile store, it is well worth it.  Oh, and two last things.  The Touch Pro 2 is on the website and will cost $550, um… $279.99? $349.99 with a two year contract and will have a full retail price of $213,487.23 $549.99.  Leave your celebratory comments, thoughts and opinions!  Official photos after the break (not like you didn’t know what it looked like already).











  • SB7785


    Walmart/Letstalk has it for $199 – NEW Customers; $299 Existing

    I am not sure how the upgrade works, but when I tried to do it, I assume you had to choose one of the plans listed. My family plan was not on the list, and the last thing we need is more minutes. Sorry I haven’t tested if it works, but just thought I’d share.

  • Mike P.

    Newegg too now. 199/299. Seems like you only get reamed if you buy it FROM tmo. Maybe this is their way of forcing you out of the corporate stores and into 3rd party vendors?

  • g-man

    Talked to CS jessica. She said to upgrade it would be 350 for the TP2. But the lowest unlimited text is 1is $14. She did not mention of any data plan. I have been tmo for close to 5yrs now., and they still can’t give me a good price. Thanks for being loyal

  • miguelino

    thats really a high price. i will wait for a drop. viva mexico

  • Justin

    I got my phone last night. Only the main store had it here in Tallahassee until Friday when all the stores will get it. I got the last one so it was good timing for me. I was told 279.99 as well by the store on the parkway. Even after calling customer service twice and the store that quoted me the price, I was still told $349. I’ve been with t-mobile for 10 years but that didnt help either. So i sucked it up got the phone and the bundle with the gel case and car charger. I used my account credit to lessen the blow. The guy next to me paid 445 all at once! I go back and forth about liking it because its so big and bulky. So far its cool. The features are fun. I hooked it up to my wireless at home and that worked pretty well. The more I play with it the more I like it. Just have to get used to WinMo.

  • AlexW

    I played around with a demo at a corporate store(had to ask them to get from the back-no signage, nothing on display) last night for about 20 minutes, left feeling kind of ‘meh’. The resistive touch-screen has a learning curve to it(figure on whipping out the stylus for WinMo’s finger-unfriendly icons), navigating the menus and opening programs just didn’t feel ’350.00 on a 2 year contract’ snappy. Although it is changeable in myfaves settings, big thumbs down to TMO for putting myfaves as homescreen. Terrible first impression being it’s supposed to be a high-powered business class phone. The keyboard is as nice as everyone says, no doubt about that. After months of hype and anticipation, I was pretty unimpressed. I Highly recommend people try before buying.

  • Elrich

    F*CK the TP2!

    It’s all about the iPhone, baby! Better service, better phone, better price! It’s a no brainer!

  • f@@ it

    I just got off the phone
    With rep lol
    It.s $479.00
    With a two year
    Their st8 out their mind
    I can.t get a unlock one
    With a full 6.5 wm
    For half that price

    Unlock here I come lol

  • Rorison Meadows

    I just got this phone yesterday and it truly is unbelievable. Pretty much every review I had read had something completely wrong about the phone and I’m sure to find many more. I even fixed one of the “complaints” a review discussed on the floor model in the mall store. This is truly a top-notch quality phone. Yeah, yeah, it better be for $350, but even still nowadays, the best Wmo pocket-PCs are going to cost that much. I’ve been thoroughly impressed and continue to be.

  • Jackson

    Just got off the phone with a t-mo rep. She said the price is a firm
    $349.99. Although, when I questioned her about all this $279 talk, she was a little flustered and unsure, put me on hold, and came back with this story about some sheet the employees were using on release day that had the $279 price which was a typo. I also told her about people being told by other reps about the price being changed to $279 on the t-mo website within a few days of the release date (which has yet to happen) and she said that if the price does drop, it will only be after some months, as they see how well the phone does or doesn’t sell, but as of now, they’re selling out the stores at $350.

  • http://tmonews Rick

    well I bought da phone in da store n 2 all those wondering it iz 349/2 years. I still say costumer reps neva kno wat da f**k dey B talkin bout. I juz like 2 say dat t-mo is really gay n dey suk balls. all dat hype bout da pro2 n besides da flo 3d aint much diff dan da wing…N itz nothin like da phones I saw on da review wich look alot better. N wassup wit da home screen….I dont want no gay myfaves ass my home screen N doesnt let me change it. T-mo shudve left da phone as it waz. Very disapointed wit da phone….will return N go bak 2 my G1 wich was very satisfied wit….or might even upgrade 2 da mytouch 3g, wich I hear iz better dan da G1 cept has no Qwerty but I can deal wit dat.

  • http://tmonews Rick

    well I bought da phone in da store n 2 all those wondering it iz 349/2 years. I still say costumer reps neva kno wat da f**k dey B talkin bout. I juz like 2 say dat t-mo is really g.ay n dey suk balls. all dat hype bout da pro2 n besides da flo 3d aint much diff dan da wing…N itz nothin like da phones I saw on da review wich look alot better. N wassup wit da home screen….I dont want no g.ay myfaves on my home screen N doesnt let me change it. T-mo shudve left da phone as it waz. Very disapointed wit da phone….will return N go bak 2 my G1 wich was very satisfied wit….or might even upgrade 2 da mytouch 3g, wich I hear iz better dan da G1 cept has no Qwerty but I can deal wit dat.

  • G-MAN

    Just got of the with CS…still no luck trying to get the TP2 under 300. still 350…anybody can help?

  • johnd01

    I bought the TP2 yesterday. I just noticed tonight that when you flip it upside down, it hangs up instead of going into speakerphone mode. Other than that the phone works as advertised.

  • 1stdc02

    So is it $349? coz i just looked online and its $349 for a new contract.

  • hi

    i guess everyone is too busy with their new touch pro2 to comment on it

  • Jarell

    Call the tmobile business line, select option 3, use promo code ‘windows mobile’. I have the TP2 $213 – that is after shipping (20), tax, and the $18 for the activation.

  • kevin

    Got mine on Friday:( I’ve been using the iphone 3gs while I waited for the TP2 to come in. I have to say, I have been a Win mobile fan for about 2 years, sold my Touch HD then got the iphone, just until my Touch Pro2 came in!
    Hell I even switched to Tmobile about two months ago just so I could get it.
    I’m no fan boy, but after using the Iphone for the past weeks I’m sold. Took the touch pro back and decided to keep the 3GS
    Take it for what it’s worth but the iphone just works near perfect for me. The TP2 is a great looking phone but after using the fruit phone I’m sold.
    I thought I would keep the TP2 and wait for a cooked ROM but I feel like to lay out $400 bones for something that I need to cook?
    Not being a hater but come on Microsoft your getting your ass handed to you. I’m also a senior member of XDA Developers and I’m very hopeful that WM7 comes out and works as advertised.
    I’ve been using Win mobile 6.5 for about a month and I would say that Touchflo 2.5 is far and away a better UI.
    Microsoft needs to hook up with the software engineers at HTC and start over.
    I have heard a lot of talk about Microsoft pulling the plug on windows mobile so I guess we will see soon enough.
    Listen to the latest podcast over at They have a ten minute discussion about Microsoft pulling the plug on Win mobile.
    Just my two cents worth.

  • James friend’s girl works for Tmo and I asked about why wasn’t the TP2 promoted more and she said they were told to push the MY3G because of it likeness to the iPhone. They were basically told to keep quiet about the TP2. Real weak on Tmo’s part and her location has sold out of it’s TP2′s. Now I love my android and will never go back to Winmo phones, but why would Tmo purposely hurt sales on a device? To push the MT3G? (a rebadged HTC magic and they pass on the Hero WTF?) bad business on Tmo’s part..just like they prices they’ve been asking on there phones. Tons of people where I work are rocking BB 8520..that they purchased at Walmart for $49!! Tmo wants $129 ha ha just like $169 for 3G Dash. Riiight. Just my $0.02

  • molten83

    i bought mine for $349.99 for a two year agreement but i had call on the 11th to ask their csr and was told upon second thought i called them and told them that and was transfered to “retention” and ended up getting $90.00 credit,so i guess that works for me bcos i was ready to return i can rock my tp2!!


    my signal for 3g is always lower than edge…with edge i am always at 4 bars and 3g is like at 2 maybe even 3…i called tmo and they said 3g with one bar is better than edge and its 4 bars cuz its like the next level compared to 4 bars and edge…is this true??? anyone know??

    so in this case is 3g with one bar better than edge and 4 bars??? someone please help!!!!


    my signal for 3g is always lower than edge…with edge i am always at 4 bars and 3g is like at 2 maybe even 3…i called tmo and they said 3g with one bar is better than edge and its 4 bars cuz its like the next level compared to 4 bars and edge…is this true??? anyone know??

    so in this case is 3g with one bar better than edge and 4 bars??? someone please help!!!!

    email me …

  • saw1976

    I purchased the touch pro2 the day it came out. The price was a bit high but I figured it was okay since it was actually less the my wing was. I was highly anticipating this new phone but disappointed in the end. I tried getting accustomed to it but just 2 days shy of my 14 days expiring, I sent it back. I loved the huge screen and keyboard but not having signal most of the time is the main reason I returned it. I live within 1 block of a cell tower and never have had this issue before.

  • Tmorep1234

    well im a rep with TMO and everyone complaining about the upgrade fee can get over it. AT&T and every other company is going to charge you something similar and you’ll more than likely have a deposit to activate with them. so go ahead and complain about the upgrade fee, that’s fine. but when you have to spend THAT much money to start up service with another company and you finally realize that you’re stupid for being beligerant over 18 measley bucks then you can get the hell over it. i know the upgrade fee may seem ridiculous to some, but for the love of god dont take it out on the rep in front of you whenever its tmo that’s doing it. the rep has to enforce it and there is nothing we can do about it. people that are with AT&T pay a $300 deposit and act like they have no problem with it, so get off your high horse and realize that tmo still is the cheapest phone servic even though they did recently raise prices a bit. do i agree that the required feature that just started with internet phones is ridiculous? yes, but that means you shouldn’t have shared your upgrade with someone else on your account.

  • jprlz80

    so many comments, so many complaints about prices and comparisons with t mobiles prices and outside sources or authorized dealers or as some call 3rd party vendors. prices can not be compared to t mobiles price of the phone….majority of authorized dealers or 3rd party vendors, have there policies aside from t mobile which his something that is obvious and asking questions with them will get you answers. an authorized dealer or 3rd party vendor may price phones as they wish, but look at the fine print and ask questions about there policies they could have ontop of t-mobiles. as far as the upgrade fee goes..this is actually something that t mobile has had for a great amount of time and shouldn’t be compared to ACTIVATION FEE…there’s no comparison. if people were to do a little investigating, and comparison before complaining, you would see, all top 4 providers polices are something alike but people refuse to accept it or act as if they don’t know, just to see what they can get away with, acting as if they’ve never has service with any other service provider and didn’t know there was such fees, c’mon people, get real. TP2 is an awesome phone, with great features and services to offer, i say a phone very well worth the price.

  • TmoRep3380

    well hello everyone…i am a t-mobile rep, i see so many complains about different things going on as for the first one i saw about hating the myfaves on your home screen…to begin with remember thats what tmobile is known for..the MYFAVES so thats on myfaves capable phones, also the phones having the ability for you to hide the myfaves icons if you wish not to have them on your home screen..theres a manual included with your purchase, just takes a little reading. 2nd..prices —prices for new activations will always differ from an existing customer..existing customers have there discount eligibility based on there contract which majority know and fail to accept or recognize, if you have service with another provider and want to upgrade as some do every so many month..are you eligible for a full discount that can be offered to you NO YOUR NOT !!! But people are sneaky to see what they can get away with, unfortunately theres only so much that may be done. 3rd, complains about service being so expensive, but customers never take the time to realize they additional services they keep adding to there plan until we explain it to them in details, then come back with..ohhhhh okay..i c ..or something. as for the required data i think thats something a lil crazy or ridiculous… yes i do..but i also agree with it for the simple reason being..we know what we are buying, yes its our money so spend as we wish..but do you have other service providers trying to save you money??? maybe you do maybe you dont..but WE ARE, if your purchasing a DATA PHONE..obiviously ur buying it because you have some sort of use for the features it has to offer and know the use of the phone is what we say, we do it to help you the consumer save money, and avoid the calls of why is my bill so high, why am i being charged this..then we look to see what phone you have..EXPLAINS EVERYTHING…so in other words..YOUR PURCHASING A DATA PHONE, KNOW THE CAPABILITIES OF IT, WHAT IT HAS TO OFFER, THEN YOUR BUYING TO FOR THAT REASON…OR NOT???? thats where the data plan comes in hand for the phone. it all about getting you into a phone that fits your lifestyle and use of a cell phone, yes alot of US have such fancy phone, modern phones full of technology…ask yourself……….DO I HAVE REALLY HAVE USE FOR THIS TYPE OF PHONE…most will answer NO, but i like it..or so and so has it and i wanted one….just think about it my people…it might sound ridiculous but at the all makes sense and comes together….THIS IS ALL FOR NOW….more clarifications will come in the upcoming days as i visit the site..take care my customers

  • AMS

    T-mobile CSR’s lets not all chime in at once. First off I’d like to say that people shouldn’t take their issues out on the CSR’s. These are T-Mo corporate’s mistakes and they are responsible for the flood of complaints and customers lost from these issues.

    For those of us that have been with T-mobile since it was Voicestream, we have seen this provider go from the absolute best in the industry to just a little better than most. I dont care if everyone else charges this fee or that fee, would you jump off a cliff just because everyone else was? No you wouldn’t, and if you would then hurry up Darwin is waiting for you.

    The Fact is that T-Mobile didn’t used to charge all these fee’s and they used to be very flexible with plans and changes. Now all I hear from the the CSR’s is T-Mo changed the policies in June for this and now were not allow to do that. It’s bullocks and frankly it pisses people off. So they are leaving on priciple not over a “measly $18 bucks” and some other fees.

    Now I agree that when buying a data phone you should have data, but I do not agree with this nonsense that requires those of us with the grandfathered total internet plan to switch to a Google internet plan just because its “required”. If no ports are being blocked then the phone will work on the grandfathered plan, in fact its been tested IRL. I have used many different Windows Mobile and Symbian PDAs on T-Mobiles network, most of which were ATT phones, and I never had any issues. People use rooted G1s on the total internet plan every day but the CSRs I’ve informed say that its impossible. Shows what they know.

    I will stay with t-mobile only because they are the lesser of all evils. It used to be that T-Mobile was flying high while every other provider was looking up at the gutter. Now every other provider is looking up and seeing T-mobile look up at the gutter. Its really too bad.

  • http://Touchpro2 Bee

    Do you know if tmobile is going to drop the price on the touch pro 2 since verizon and sprint are offering it for $200?

  • Cori

    Gosh. Well..its October much does this baby cost!?

  • arthur

    I and my sister just did that advertisement to get the tp2 for $49.99, and believe me when i say it was the real deal. Now im just waiting on my phone to arrive.

  • Andrew

    It isn’t their flagship, it is just an amazing WM phone for business users. It will still be bought though. I am surprised with the lack of advertisement though.

  • Kai

    If t-mobile has any sense they wont sell this thing for 350 when their customer service people have been telling everybody that it will be 280.

    Doesnt measure up to those commercials advertising best customer service by JD power and associates blah blah blah

  • Doughboy


  • Rhage


  • Mooose

    The phone has wifi :-)

  • Kat

    I was just looking for that too… since its supposed to have it i wonder y its not mentioned =/

  • JK

    I still doubt that, if it has wifi then it should listed in the Features! I know sometimes the branded phone take away some features!

  • ineversl33p

    it does have a touchflo home screen. ive seen it.

  • Teko

    The ‘Programs” window is open in those screen shots, that’s not the “home view”. :D

  • J5

    No kidding, why the hell would I want myfaves as my homescreen.

    I want my damn clock!!

  • ineversl33p

    its $349 w/ a 2 year and $549 no contract. 100% positive.

  • Nick

    My Favs is a tab on the touch-flo, just like the clock, messages, stocks, weather, music, etc. etc.

    You have your damn clock.

  • J-Hop2o6

    u can do that in the options

  • kevin

    Go to XDA you cant get the clock! Have to use a cooked rom.

  • Simone

    can’t you hide the my faves and just save the the home screen

  • tiron

    was that over the phone? cuz the rep keep tellin me i cant upgrade to a my touch3g over te phone yet

  • Mike

    Got to love the Seinfeld moment.

  • kclmns

    Maybe because Walmart has it listed as $199.99/new 2yr., $299.99 upgrade, and $499.99 no contract.

  • Chris

    CSR just quoted me the 279/329 price too.

  • Chris

    Thats LetsTalk. You have to get a base plan of $99.99 or higher for that. Ripoff.

  • luis

    yes after 10am pacific time you will be able to upgrade

  • WSE

    Haven’t look for it myself, but if it is advertised it makes sense to be in places like the WSJ, Golf Channel, etc — not prime time television.

  • Chris

    Been a sprint customer for a few years now. Their CSRs are hit and miss. They made a mistake and added hundreds of dollars of charges to my bill, then gave me trouble when I asked them to fix it. It took 3 phone calls. On the other hand their coverage is much better than AT&T, and their plans are cheaper.

  • http://T-Mobile Jesse

    I’m pretty sure they planned on charging $350.00 got all the negative feedback and changed their mind at the last minute. i mean who would sell and unadvertised phone @ that price? doesnt make much sense.

  • Teko

    Well….it’s 10:33 AM EST, everything looks the same. This is a mess. And I still can’t upgrade!! LOL

  • max

    er 10 pst

  • WheresMy3g?

    Jesse, I appreciate the TMo reps and insiders coming on here to to try to give us the straight scoop, even if things seem a bit murky at times. Thanks, and keep it up.

  • http://t-mbobile Jesse

    NP I’m not a T-Mo rep just a customer. but i have been anticipating this phone from the moment i heard of it and havent had any solid information from T-Mobile so I feel for everyone on here.

  • Tmobile Customer

    How much did you get your touch pro 2 for and from which store?

  • neiltoe

    Great to hear it all worked out for you I can’t wait for mine to arrive. The data plan thing is interesting with this device as the rep told me some off the wall stuff about locking the data plan to the TP2′s IMEI. Didn’t know that was possible but you just proved that it was a ploy to get me to give up my grandfathered plan up I guess.

  • Tmobile Customer

    for how much?

  • Tmobile Customer

    can you help me please how did they give you it for 280?

  • Tmobile Customer

    Tmobile is just really ****ing up too much with a top of the line phone like this. It pisses me off.

  • turbotim21

    What is the upgrade fee about? Free money for T-Mobile, that’s what. Because they can.

    It’s no work on their part for you to move your SIM card to another phone. But snagging $18 from each upgrading customer, well, do the math. That’s a lot of money, for doing nothing. Pure profit! So it’s no surprise they’re doing it!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m just sayin’ “why” they do it. It most certainly does suck though.

  • Rhino

    My conversation with the TMo rep went like this:

    Me: So is the “upgrade fee” something you only charge existing customers?

    Her: Yes

    Me: So you are penalizing existing customers for staying with T-Mo?

    Her: Well, we charge new customers a $35 activation fee.

    Me: yeah, but I paid that when I joined TMo.

    Her: Yes, but for the upgrade we only charge $18 instead of a new activation fee.

    Me: Yes, but the original activation fee was to activate my SIM card, which is already activated.

    Her: We charge an $18 upgrade fee.

    Me: OK, this is going to make my decision whether or not to stay with TMo more interesting…

  • http://t-mbobile Jesse

    its a long story. I basically explained in detail the fact that my g1 was a lackluster phone and that i had been researching the phone thru blog sites on my own and that i was amazed at how much advertising and promoting they did for the G1 and MyTouch 3G. that I had been one of the first to preorder that i am a loyal customer of 5 years that i had spoke to 4 different reps and they all quoted me at $279.99 and all assured me even after i expressed my skepticism that i did not want to jump ship for an iPhone or Pre because i think t-mo is excellent that i was up since 8 ready to be one of the first to preorder the phone and that due to the fact that i had been given the run around since 8am and it was now 2pm that I didnt know what to think and that I still hadnt even ordered. the incovenience. they went thru the records. saw that in the convos with the reps i was quoted 279.99 and voila. i got it at that price. ::RAISES HAND IN VICTORY:: UR WELCOME UR WELCOME. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @ TWITTER.COM/TeFLoN3o5

  • Joseph

    here’s the link:

  • Str8fromHellsKitchen

    it definitely will not be $279… i have been w/t mobile contract free now for 2 full years purchasing unlocked phones left and right… i am definitely eligible for the a full upgrade. i called in today and the best they could do for me is offer the phone for $299.99, waive the $18 upgrade fee, waive the express shipping fee (will receive by fri, 8/14/09) and agree to a 2yr 8(

    done 8)

  • Str8fromHellsKitchen

    good deal, i got mine for $3 w/a 2yr and free express shipping, no plan required due to a grandfathered $20 unlimited plan…

  • WheresMy3g?

    Anybody know what the catch is with wirefly? I can keep the exact plan I currently have and upgrade both phones for $229 each. If that’s true, why would I pay $349 to go through TMo and do the same thing? There has to be a catch- if anyone knows, please fill us in, b/c after all this pricing garbage with TMo I’m thinking of just renewing through wirefly.

  • Galen20K

    I Picked mine up in Novi, Michigan. I payed for it OutRight to save my Upgrade for another device in the Future so I payed Full Price but I have it in installments. It DOES have Touch Flo 3D, it DOES have Wifi, and you CAN Use it with the Android Web Plan. Don’t listen to the Haters. I just have to get used to Windows Mobile again since I’ve been so used to Android for so long and I plan on getting Android again in the Future, even Possibly Installing the Rom on my TP2.

    @neiltoe yeah sounds like the rep you had talked to didn’t really know what they were talking about. It is in no way tied to your phone’s IMEI at all. So don’t change your Plan. I had stayed in the T-Mobile store for a good 45 minutes to make sure my Internet worked on it fully with the Android plan and it did so I was Very Happy!

  • Tmobile Customer

    Who is the loyalty department? please help i need this phone but do not have 350 dollars plus shipping plus updgrade fee plus tax and a bunch of other shit tmobile makes you pay

  • Tmobile Customer

    Can you please tell me which store does this?

  • Tmobile Customer

    You paid too much dumbass

  • Teko

    How did you get the $50 rebate? If I can get that I’ll get the phone right now. But I’m not paying $349.99 w/ fee’s & taxes putting it over $400, that’s insane. How do they plan to sell a $400 phone that’s had ZERO advertising?

  • Elrich

    Like I’ve been saying all along, TMOUSA execs have sh*t for brains! They got their MBAs out of Cracker Jacks boxes. A smart high school senior could run the business better than those clowns. They are a great example of business stupidity!

    It’s all about the iPhone, baby! F*ck the TP2!

  • Yori

    dude you got owned,

    i went to tmobile earlier and picked up tp2 as well, 349.99

    18.00$ upgrade activation fee

    but i ended up opting for 1 year contract, makes no sense to sign for 2 years when its only 50$ more

    the dude gave me the carrying case/extra film covers for free

    grand total 444.12$

    an arm and a leg =/

  • nkog

    letstalk has those funny rebates to that price, you cant send in for 3 months but they do work just a bunch of games.

  • Pahnie

    I just ordered mine through wirefly as an upgrade. The plan that they associate with my contract extension isn’t the same as my actual plan, but I called T-mobile and they assured me that if wirefly messes up my plan, they can fix it back to include my existing discounts. Nice deal 229 and free shipping.

    The only catch that I am aware of is that you are suppose to keep the phone you buy from with that line for 6 months or something.

  • AlexW

    I saw that deal too…bundled with a 39.99 plan with 600 minutes and unlimited nights and weekends(I’m sure the 25.00 data plan is compulsory). Is it possible to keep your existing plan? Do you need to actually call wirefly to do so?

  • Jeff

    I didn’t get a rebate. They told me there was one, and then after signing, told me there wasn’t one. I completely cancelled the order. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Nobody at the stores has been educated about the product or the pricing.

  • michealmye

    hi, i live in chicgo, IL..i just ordered the TP2 for $350+ the smartphone unlimited web data plan…i was just wondering if i want to use one of my other smartphones, do i have to set up the phone in the settings, or do i just put the sim card in

  • Ricardo

    I got the money dumbass. I know what i want, saved the cash and sold my blackberry 8900. With the 300 i got for the 8900, i only spent 172 out of pocket for this phone. Gotta love that craig list.

  • Ricardo

    Don’t try the internet explorer browser. Try opera instead, works much faster. And don’t forget this is a windows mobile phone. Use that task manager in the top right corner to close unused programs.

  • FILA

    Ima Go Harder Than Baltimore!

    hey man, read my post below

  • Red

    I know, the same thing happened with me today except the dumbass employees said the phone was “pushed back” to the end of the month. This is bullshit, and their 3G coverage is a complete joke. Just sit back and watch because this company is falling. The TP2 will be out on Sept 3rd for Sprint. I’ll switch to them.

  • SB7785

    Well, I’ll jump in here as no one else has.

    In Finance, we calculate something called the Net Present Value (NPV); and that is essentially what you need to determine. Of course using numbers its easier, but you’re not using quantifiable means.

    So, what is the value of having the phone today vs. 3 months from now perhaps? That is what you need to decide. Is it worth your happiness today, or is it worth more POSSIBLY saving some money down the line? Only you can place a value on these variables. Good luck.

  • JLawson

    It’s not tied to the IMEI, however the data plan is supposed to be switched to the coinciding Required data feature that fits the upgrade phone.

  • Galen20K

    well I’m Still on my Android Web Plan and its Working PErfectly on my Touch Pro2 so its all Fine by me.

  • Chris

    I have the phone. It has wifi.

  • shawn

    I had a similar scenario. Was quoted $279 3 times by customer service but store wouldn’t honor it. Called CS back to order the phone – 1st time they told me I couldn’t use my Total Internet plan, had to upgrade to the $24.99 plan. “No thanx” Called back and then some Case Manager ordered the phone for me and verified that I could use my current data plan. He credited me back the $70 and the waived the upgrade fee. Said I could track it on UPS’s site. I saw the credit on my account in like 10min after I talked to him.

    I’ve heard at least 3 stories like this already. They’re playing games with people. I think they’re trying to figure out how much to charge for the phone based on customer reaction. I just wasn’t going to upgrade my data plan nor pay more for the phone when they said it was $279, 3 times. Also wirefly is selling it for $229 with a contract extension. I’m happy I’m getting my phone but this game they’re playing is shameful. I suspect they’ll officially lower the price shortly though. And I’ve been a customer since Powertel, 1998.

  • Teko

    Effin sweet, I ordeded from WireFly for $229.99 a few hours ago. But now that NewEgg offers the same deal (via as well) I’m feeling more confident about the offer being legit.

  • Elrich

    On the fence too, the iPhone is looking better and better, and is surprisingly very business friendly with full MS Exchange support. I need a business phone because we don’t allow BB due to it’s fees and it being a non-US company.

    It’s all about the iPhone 3GS, baby!!! $199 with a 2-year contract for a phone just as good if not superior.

  • Teko

    Extra mandatory services are either:

    $34.99 for (smart phone data + unlimited text)
    $24.99 for (smart phone data)

    Hmmmmmm, bump up the data plan $5 & take $5 off the unlimited txt msg plan when bundled for a total savings of * drum roll * ZERO DOLLARS!! I already had these 2 services so the price is the same, but sucks for anyone who only had data plans, because now you pay an extra $5

  • Big S

    i would call and ask, they said that 3g handset dont work as a modem im not sure if thats the same thing but if its then you might be able to use it that way

  • Mike

    Dead serious about the upgrade fee waived and the reduced data plan cost. Be sure to get beyond the front-end TMO reps and ask to speak to someone in the retentions department. They have the ability to deal with you more that the front-end reps.

  • Mike

    Your posts have been killing me Elrich, but they have been comical. It was all aout the TP2, before it was all about the iPhone. You’re not Senator John Kerry are you?

    Bottom line, I think the TP2 is a great phone. Others disagree, but it’s an opinion thing. Best of luck with your iPhone and AT&T. In the end it’s all in what satisfies your needs and makes you happy with your decision.


  • Mike

    “This is truly a top-notch quality phone. Yeah, yeah, it better be for $350, but even still nowadays, the best Wmo pocket-PCs are going to cost that much. I’ve been thoroughly impressed and continue to be”.

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Elrich

    WEAK! You figure for all that cash they’re extorting you they’d get something simple like that right. And, no 3.5mm jack for the price of that phone, WTF? And mandatory data plan? WTF? What about the $9.99 Tzones Pro I have? So weak!

  • Elrich

    Really??? Option 3 is to port a number over to T-Mobile??? Will that really work for an existing customer? Thank you!

  • Elrich

    Yep, like I’ve been saying since they raised the price, F*CK the TP2!!!

    It’s all about the iPhone, baby!!!